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  1. killzone_kid

    Screamer on kill

    try in sqf does not do what you think
  2. Spawn AIs in the same group or use agents
  3. killzone_kid

    getMarkerSize for findSafePos

    getMarkerSize returns array of numbers, read wiki
  4. killzone_kid

    getMarkerSize for findSafePos

    You are not using getMarkerSize result
  5. killzone_kid

    Sleep not working after JIP

    Why did you use finishMissionInit?
  6. Try WeaponHolderSimulated_Scripted
  7. It was a joke if you didn't get it, but also a good example of how it may seem to someone unfamiliar with C++ that it might work. No need to rush with guns blazing.
  8. You lie! https://ideone.com/ar4xyn But yeah, this is not how you compare strings
  9. killzone_kid

    Switch code with no result?

    switch is case sensitive, this means the color name should match exactly, so "ColorRed" is not gonna match "colorRED", but == is not case sensitive also _marks = _marks + [_x] => _marks pushBack _x
  10. killzone_kid

    Two complex GUI questions.

    The question was more general how do you animate gui. And yes you can do magic with 3D controls
  11. killzone_kid

    Two complex GUI questions.

    No one stops anyone from providing custom radio models for a radio mod, sounds like you are looking for excuses to do things the hard way
  12. killzone_kid

    Two complex GUI questions.

    In this case you need ctrlAnimateModel which was available for at least a year
  13. killzone_kid

    Two complex GUI questions.

    ctrlSetAngle has been available for 3 years
  14. killzone_kid

    Two complex GUI questions.

    1. You can place controls group and place your buttons in it, when total height of all buttons exceeds controls group height, scroll bar will appear. 2. Provably uses ctrlSetAngle to rotate knobs
  15. killzone_kid

    Help with Syntax

    Look in .rpt and post the error, without knowing what it says difficult to guess