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  1. Got the exact same problem, really annoying when you're working on vehicles :/
  2. Benoit Katecpo

    SetOwner doesn't work ?

    @kylania Yes, _obj is a vehicle, I've entered in it, so the vehicle is local, but _toOwn is a vehicle which is remote
  3. Hello ! I've created a script with the "SetOwner" command. I know it can be only executed on the server, so I used remoteExecCall to call it.The call works, the file is called and it said a thing in my log (diag_log command to test). So the file is called, but objects remain remote :( My file : private ["_obj", "_toOwn"]; _obj = _this select 0; _toOwn = _this select 1; _toOwn setOwner (owner _obj); diag_log "Called"; How I called it : [_obj, _toOwn] remoteExecCall ["Server_fnc_Own", 2]; In my log I have : Called, but the object remains REMOTE. How can I own the object ? Thanks a lot !
  4. @sarogahtyp Yes I've searched here ^^ But I want to put multi background color in one string ^^ Not just one for all structured text ;)
  5. @sarogahtyp That's what I was thinking about ;) And I've another question, is there any way to put a text background color ? With parseText (It's XML, background-color='#FFFFFF' doesn't work :() Thanks in advance ;)
  6. @sarogahtyp I'll try ;) @cx64 Thanks, but I've to color certain strings, sorry for inconvinience, I've not precise this, I'll try the first response and I'll tell you if it works ;) @sarogahtyp Thanks a lot !!! It works !
  7. Hello ! I've got a problem, I want to compose a text from and array with a for or foreach structure, BUT, I wan't to put some color in my strings, and as you'll see it didn't seems to work ! Why ? I've tested 2 methods, one with the for structure, and the other one with a foreach structure, but in both cases, it didn't work ! No colors juste composed text :( Here is the 1st method : _txt = ""; for[{_i=0},{_i<(count arrayDump)},{_i=_i+1}] do { _slct = (arrayDump select _i) select 1; _slct = parseText format["<t color='#FF0000'>%1</t>",_slct]; _txt = format["%1 \n\n %2",_txt, _slct]; }; hint _txt; 2nd method : _txt = ""; { _slct = nil; _slct = (arrayDump select _foreachIndex) select 1; _slct = parseText format["<t color='#FF0000'>%1</t>",_slct]; _txt = format["%1 \n\n %2",_txt,_slct]; } forEach arrayDump; hint _txt; And arrayDump : arrayDump = [[1,"A"],[2,"B"],[3,"C"],[4,"D"],[5,"E"]]; In all case I have : A B C D E But no color :( How can I put a color ? Thanks in advance for your precious help !
  8. Benoit Katecpo

    PhysX .dll ?

    Hello everyone ! Today I have a question, I want to create a custom command with NVIDIA PhysX, and my question is : can we code a physx .dll, and then put it into ArmA 3 (like others mods which use .dll). Because I want to create custom Scripting command in order to create PhysX joint like in VBS ;) (https://resources.bisimulations.com/wiki/createJointExt http://docs.nvidia.com/gameworks/content/gameworkslibrary/physx/guide/Manual/Joints.html ) Is there a way to use PhysX commands and then build the project and use it in ArmA 3 ? Thanks in advance !
  9. Benoit Katecpo

    Thrust Pedal Animation

    @reyhard Thanks a lot ! How can I've been so stupid....
  10. Benoit Katecpo

    Thrust Pedal Animation

    I'm going to test it, maybe you're true ;) Another ideas ?
  11. Benoit Katecpo

    Thrust Pedal Animation

    Hello everyone ! Today I got a problem :( I'm making a vehicle and I wan't to do the Accelerator pedal (when you accelerate with Z the pedal move) like in the Hatchback, I've searched some ways to do it, and some informations on other vehicles like Animation Sources ... Now I know the Hatchback's animation for the Accelerator pedal is called "pedal_thrust" but... that's not what I want ! I wan't to know which source I got to put in my model.cfg, because on the Bohemia Wiki (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Model_Config), there is no Animation Source for that (just one, but for bicycle, doesn't work on car I've tested it), maybe it's a particular AnimationsSources, i've tested that : class pedal_thrust { type="rotation"; source="pedals"; selection="pedal_thrust"; axis="pedal_thrust_axis"; memory=1; minValue=0; maxValue=1; angle0="0"; angle1="rad 35"; }; So the animation with the pedals works, but the source is wrong (so the pedals don't move in-game) :( If someone knows what source I have to put in the model.cfg, I'll be glad to know it :D Regards, Benoit Katecpo.
  12. Benoit Katecpo

    Purchased Apex but says I dont own it in steam

    Restart steam ;) If it doesn't work it's maybe because it's a preorder, so you can't pre download it (In your steam library)
  13. You can use findNearestEnnemy (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/findNearestEnemy), and then execute the code with the returned array ;) Can be also used with https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/nearEntities nearEntities, it's more adapted to your demand :)
  14. Benoit Katecpo

    would you still buy any BI product ?

    Yes, because I like BI games :)
  15. Benoit Katecpo


    It looks good :D