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  1. Your question mark key is jammed, maybe thats the problem.
  2. sarogahtyp

    How to delete mods?

    1. goto your steam library 2. on left side click on "Arma 3" 3.on the right side you ll find a link named "Workshop", click on it 4. Now on the right side you have "Your Workshop Files" hover on it. 5. click on "subscribed objects" 6. Now you are on the steam page where u are able to unsubscribe each mod
  3. The "SE" icon means as of biki: It is not automatically executed on the server. The scripter must ensure that it is executed on the server machine.
  4. sarogahtyp

    +7-10 FPS on Livonia/+15 on Tanoa

    No, it does the exact opposite. It reduces view distance and level of detail. My script deletes terrain objects like trees, bushes, rocks and so on on the whole map.
  5. Saros Tweak For Higher FPS On Maps Singleplayer/Multiplayer compatible. CBA required. Server and clients need the mod. Addon deletes (by hideing) terrain objects to boost fps on maps. Its fully customizable through CBA-Settings. It can be used by server admins to get better fps on clients. Server settings will force the client to the same settings. You are able to configure deletion percentages of rocks, trees, bushes, walls, fences and hides. Those objects are not transferred through network. Every machine executes the hiding local for itsself but the algorithm ensures that every machine deletes the same objects. This addon tries to solve fps problems in Singleplayer and Multiplayer environments caused by a heavy terrain-object count on maps. On some maps there are so many rocks, trees, bushes, walls, fences and hides that some CPUs/GPUs get to their limits and the player is forced to limit the viewdistance by far to get an acceptable framerate. Also on some maps these objects are not well optimized and fps drops occur therefore. For Serveradmins it is recommended to use a cba settings file in userconfig folder and to enable filePatching. This mod is on your side 🙂 Steam Workshop Singleplayer/Editor usage: 1. Open your Singleplayer/Editor mission. 2. After it is started press Escape key. 3. Then click on "Options"->"Addon Options". 4. Choose "Saro Tweak Map FPS" from the drop down menu named "ADDON". 5. Choose your prefered deletion rates. 6. Press "OK". 7. Restart the mission. The terrain objects get deleted with your chosen rates just before your character will spawn. If you have questions or suggestion just ask and/or tell! For the interested of you, here is the script which runs on preinit phase of any mission: The idea for this mod was born in this thread.
  6. sarogahtyp

    +7-10 FPS on Livonia/+15 on Tanoa

    The deletion is done in preInit before you spawn. Therefore you dont need to wait and there is no script running after you are spawned. Your values are weird are you using the same graphic settings and view distance all the time? Here is the CBA-version which I published on Steam now. You are able to customize all deletion rates in the Addon-Options with it. After changing these a mission restart is needed. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2523320712
  7. sarogahtyp

    groupId Question

    why not using the group itself instead of the groups ID? maybe showing some more code of your purpose could help...
  8. sarogahtyp

    groupId Question

    Why? I cant imagine that this is really needed. But you can crawl allGroups using findIf to get the group with the specific ID...
  9. sarogahtyp

    +7-10 FPS on Livonia/+15 on Tanoa

    okay, I created a mod of it for testing purpose. Ill publish a later version on workshop when I fiddled out how to use a userconfig file with the mod to allow server owners to configure the behavior. Current mod version just deletes 33% of most stuff. I updated my first post here with the current script version used by the mod. Mod Download: tweakFPS Wish you happy testing 😉 PS.: there are no mod dependencies Edit: I tested it on my poor machine on Malden and I had without Mod: 46/47 FPS with Mod: 52/53 FPS
  10. sometimes one needs a second pair of eyes. thx a lot. this should be the issue.
  11. Hey guys, Im trying to create my very first little addon. It just should execute a function on mission start. If I load the mod with arma then I get the error: .rpt config.cpp
  12. sarogahtyp

    +7-10 FPS on Livonia/+15 on Tanoa

    I cant do a mod cause I did never one before. But I can do 2 empty multiplayer missions of it (one with and one without the script) then you can test the difference yourself... which map would you prefer?
  13. sarogahtyp

    Issue with Exiting a Loop

    The problem with posts of people posting pseudo code is the mostly missing important information. In your case i dont know when, where and how is HJ_TIMER changed and when, where and how your delays occur. Mostly its not needed to use an exitWith with the same condition (or inverted) as in the beginning of the while. If the change of HJ_TIMER occurs after the delay at the end of the while then you dont need an exitWith. But as said above. Hard to help with the information given. Edit: what you are doing in your 2nd snippet is double checking the while condition at nearly the same point of time. If the condition is false then the 2nd check will not occur cause the while is finished already.
  14. sarogahtyp

    +7-10 FPS on Livonia/+15 on Tanoa

    I personally prefer to register it as function to armas function library and use the preinit option to start it before everything else. For sure u could just use init.sqf to do this. Also I guess I used local variant to reduce network traffic. The hides should be some sort of rocks. See Demellion's comment on bikis entry for nearestTerrainObjects Edit: should be compatible to any map. Just dont use any 0 percentage because of zero divisor or edit the code yourself to handle this case.