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  1. what is _x in here?: {if (typeOf _x == "Land_VR_Target_Dart_01_F") then { _x addEventHandler ["HitPart",{ I don't see a definition of it or a loop which magic variable it is. Also check your .rpt file always ... Report File Location
  2. initPlayerLocal.sqf should be the place cause every client machine has to run it and server does not need it
  3. sarogahtyp


    @Toastee Report File Location
  4. did u read ur own thread? and did you understand the discussion in there? Now after your last statement I'm mostly sure that you are a cheater but I agree with @mrcurry what do we loose? Nothing! @relisekTherefore don't cry and ask your questions. Learn scripting and get part of this kind community. Or if the only thing you are actually able to do in this forum is crying about other peoples opinion then leave please.
  5. not my fault. you should check for invisible chars which u probably copied. this is a known forum bug
  6. if (visibleGPS and cameraView isEqualTo "GUNNER") then { showGPS false; }; but idk if showGPS is able to close the GPS screen. wiki entries state´s about closing the on-map-gps-receiver of Arma 2...
  7. no for loop needed: _pWeap = currentWeapon player; _muzzleSlot = getArray (configFile / "CfgWeapons" >> _pWeap >> "WeaponSlotsInfo" >> "MuzzleSlot" >> "compatibleItems"); { player addWeaponItem [_pWeap, _x]; } count _muzzleSlot; this code should do the same as yours above but without a for loop. but I don't get what u r aiming for...
  8. pls don't do multiple posts with same content. maybe you want delete this cause u opened an own thread for it now...
  9. problem could be that you are not deleting the onEachFrame "queue". Look at example 3 of the exitWith command in wiki. but I think you ll change to the MEH which larrow stated...
  10. you have a slash in the first line after condition which should throw a syntax error?
  11. sarogahtyp

    Linear execution, how?

    mainly it preprocesses and precompiles your scripts into functions for faster execution on runtime. Also it enables the ability to call or spawn those functions to fit your needs. execVM e.g. preprocesses and compiles the script everytime you run it. functions are preprocessed/compiled (mostly) one time only.
  12. sarogahtyp

    Linear execution, how?

    Functions Library
  13. its easy trust me. u just need to use inArea command to know if the player clicked your marker. then u just sort an array of hardcoded teleport positions from closest to farthest and teleport to the first/closest of those positions. i ll do an example later...