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  1. sarogahtyp

    Unit Spawning Loop

    nul = [] spawn { for "_i" from 1 to 5 do { jet1 = createVehicle ["O_Plane_CAS_02_dynamicLoadout_F", getMarkerPos "JetSpawn", [], 0, "FLY"]; createVehicleCrew jet1; jet1 FlyInHeight 500; wp1 = group driver jet1 addWaypoint [getMarkerPos "JetPatrol",0]; null = [group driver jet1, (getMarkerPos "JetPatrol"),8000] call BIS_fnc_taskPatrol; sleep 15; }; }; https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/for
  2. sarogahtyp

    Unit Spawning Loop

    which loop? what purpose?
  3. Here is the mission I used to test it. But don't ask me how all of this works. It was a long time ago: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nuduogbp6csebfw/IR_laser_ranging.Altis.zip
  4. sarogahtyp

    Preventing reduced damage

    Players difficulty settings are forced by server in multiplayer.
  5. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/183993-scripting-introduction-for-new-scripters/
  6. I doubt that simply placing the module will take the AI over automatically. I guess you have to ensure that the mission spawns the AI on the HC. But Im not entirely sure bout it ... but nearly sure.
  7. Calling a heavy script in an unscheduled environment - like the onActivation fields are - leads to a nearly system halt as long as the script is executed. U should try to use spawn instead of call to give the system the time to execute other things as well.
  8. You just can't be a beginner and know the whole thing at the same time. Its (like) learning a language. To have the vocabularies and the grammar rules is not enough. You just need to practice it and you have to do it step by step. Mostly very small steps in the beginning... First thing most people learn is to say: "Hello (world)" in that language.
  9. @Soapbox0331 depends on your purpose and how you are trying to achieve it ...
  10. Are you on dev branch? The option is tagged as since 2.06 and the current official version is 2.04 afaik
  11. sarogahtyp

    Height and speed

    There is also this:
  12. sarogahtyp

    Height and speed

    I wrote something for speed but i guess it can be modified for height as well
  13. Check the copied condition text for invisible characters or rewrite it manually.
  14. SSLS Version 1.2 Release Fixes: - not all possible items (like ace medical items) were spawned - fixed - Soft Spawning delays were too long sometimes - fixed - magazines were spawned even if they were on blacklist or not on whitelist - fixed New Features and Changes: - rewrote complete config reading - introduced a _no_spawn_area_array where you are able to define areas as triggers or markers where spawning will never occur - introduced more loot categories (pistols, assault rifles, long rifles, short rifles, launchers, backpacks, weapon bags (for statics), dress items, weapon attachments, basic items (map, gps, ace medical, food etc.), misc items) - introduced ability to adjust number of magazines spawning for each weapon category - introduced ability to spawn all weapons stripped from their default attachments - changed the weired spawning chance adjustment into a spawn percentage (or weight) adjustment where you are able to set a chance for each single category now - added warnings in .rpt file and on screen in debug mode if some items are not available due to wrong settings - added warnings in .rpt file and on screen in debug mode if performance is to low to guarantee Soft-Spawning for lag prevention Additional Notes: The new spawn categories dress items, weapon attachments, basic items (map, gps, ace medical, food etc.) and misc items are created by a complex filter system which will not filter as sharp as categories are named. It could be the case that some uniforms ( or something else) is not in category dress items but in basic items or similar behaviour. This is due to a filtering by occurance of phrases in classnames of the items or their parents. I guess I know a better solution now but sometimes you want to deliver instead of fiddeling around again. Also this filter system has to do very much work on initializing phase of this script. Therefore it can take up to a minute after mission start until spawning begins. triggers/markers which are set up in _no_spawn_area_array have a higher priority than those in _spawn_area_array. This means if you have a no spawn trigger/marker inside a spawn trigger/marker then no items will spawn in the no spawn area but items will spawn in the surrounding spawn area. Sounds good but is not entirely true. Just make your no spawn areas somewhat bigger then you think 😉 I will change first post when I feel like it. Have fun! Saro Download SSLS version 1.2
  15. just another solution with checkVisibility command. but it has problems with gras and therefore it does not hurt if u are prone... works with any smoke. Its thought for testing in debug console. private _dummy = [ player ] spawn { params [ "_unit" ]; _pelvis_selection = "pelvis"; _pelvis_pos = _unit selectionPosition _pelvis_selection; // "pelvis" does not exist in model, script can't work, exit if ( _pelvis_pos isEqualTo [ 0, 0, 0] ) exitWith {}; _end_selections = ["head", "lefthand", "righthand", "leftfoot", "rightfoot"]; while { alive _unit } do { _pelvis_pos = _unit modelToWorldVisualWorld ( _unit selectionPosition _pelvis_selection ); _selection_visabilities = _end_selections apply { _selection_pos = _unit modelToWorldVisualWorld ( _unit selectionPosition _x ); [ _unit, "VIEW" ] checkVisibility [_pelvis_pos, _selection_pos] }; _average_visibility = _selection_visabilities call BIS_fnc_arithmeticMean; if ( ( stance _unit ) in ["STAND", "CROUCH"] and _average_visibility < 0.8 ) then { _unit setDamage ( damage _unit + ( 0.1 * (1 - _average_visibility ) ) ); }; systemChat str (damage _unit); sleep 2; }; };