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  1. sarogahtyp


    depends always on OPs knowledge at the time he is asking. a year ago u didn't know 'bout function library I guess. So at this time it was the easiest way to get a working solution for you. also there is nothing wrong with seperating things in different files. the real advantage comes with using precompiled functions...
  2. Do not demand only. Deliver as well!
  3. afaik intel has better single processing performance, therefore it should be the best choice. but to manage 400 AI you have to run at least 2 headless clients for that mission.
  4. sarogahtyp

    Protecting Pbo

    is there a license for use to forbid using ones work in encrypted mission files?
  5. -mods parameter needs each mod folder as target and not just a folder where your mod folders are located in. i guess that's the case here
  6. usually this is not a server setting but a mission thing. therefore it depends on your mission and may need mission modification. respawn settings may be setup in description.ext but it depends...
  7. what did u edit exactly? just show it. How else should anyone know what you did?
  8. I guess u don't need help. otherwise you would provide some info.
  9. sarogahtyp


    you could: _scripts = ["searchZONE.sqf", "searchZONE2.sqf", "noEMERG.sqf"]; _selected = selectRandom _scripts; [] execVM _selected;
  10. sarogahtyp

    Slow mission download

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters#Server_Options I had good experience with this. Try it out even if the description does not fit perfect to your case.
  11. a habit to avoid return values. _d is just a dummy. true but not requested by op so far. also the first group would get a nice touchdown :D avoiding the return value to conflict with count thx, didn't know bout that command.
  12. just a try, not tested: _group = _this # 0; if ( (typename _group != "GROUP") ) exitwith { hintSilent "Invalid Parameters parsed";}; Ex3BParaUnits = []; sleep 1; _d= { if !(isPlayer _x) then { _d = Ex3BParaUnits pushBack _x; } else { _x addBackpack "B_Parachute"; hint "Deploy your parachute!"; }; } count units _group; _d = addMissionEventHandler["EachFrame", { if (Ex3BParaUnits isEqualTo [] ) exitWith { removeMissionEventHandler ["EachFrame", _thisEventHandler]; }; _readyUnits = Ex3BParaUnits select { (getPos _x) # 2 < 125 }; if ( _readyUnits isEqualTo [] ) exitWith {}; Ex3BParaUnits = Ex3BParaUnits - _readyUnits; { _x addBackpack "B_Parachute"; } count _readyUnits; }];
  13. your code modified to get backpack on players instantly but wait until height reached for AIs: _group = _this # 0; if ( (typename _group != "GROUP") ) exitwith { hintSilent "Invalid Parameters parsed";}; sleep 1; _d= { _d = [_x] spawn { if !(isPlayer _x) then { waitUntil { sleep 0.25; (getPos _x) select 2 < 125 }; }; _this # 0 addBackpack "B_Parachute"; hint "Deploy your parachute!"; }; } count units _group;
  14. in which way? are you spawning the AI? is it placed in editor? do u have an array of the units objects? is it a group and you have the object of the leader? give details and u ll get those as well.