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  1. sarogahtyp

    Protecting Pbo

    is there a license for use to forbid using ones work in encrypted mission files?
  2. -mods parameter needs each mod folder as target and not just a folder where your mod folders are located in. i guess that's the case here
  3. usually this is not a server setting but a mission thing. therefore it depends on your mission and may need mission modification. respawn settings may be setup in description.ext but it depends...
  4. what did u edit exactly? just show it. How else should anyone know what you did?
  5. I guess u don't need help. otherwise you would provide some info.
  6. sarogahtyp


    you could: _scripts = ["searchZONE.sqf", "searchZONE2.sqf", "noEMERG.sqf"]; _selected = selectRandom _scripts; [] execVM _selected;
  7. sarogahtyp

    Slow mission download

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters#Server_Options I had good experience with this. Try it out even if the description does not fit perfect to your case.
  8. a habit to avoid return values. _d is just a dummy. true but not requested by op so far. also the first group would get a nice touchdown :D avoiding the return value to conflict with count thx, didn't know bout that command.
  9. just a try, not tested: _group = _this # 0; if ( (typename _group != "GROUP") ) exitwith { hintSilent "Invalid Parameters parsed";}; Ex3BParaUnits = []; sleep 1; _d= { if !(isPlayer _x) then { _d = Ex3BParaUnits pushBack _x; } else { _x addBackpack "B_Parachute"; hint "Deploy your parachute!"; }; } count units _group; _d = addMissionEventHandler["EachFrame", { if (Ex3BParaUnits isEqualTo [] ) exitWith { removeMissionEventHandler ["EachFrame", _thisEventHandler]; }; _readyUnits = Ex3BParaUnits select { (getPos _x) # 2 < 125 }; if ( _readyUnits isEqualTo [] ) exitWith {}; Ex3BParaUnits = Ex3BParaUnits - _readyUnits; { _x addBackpack "B_Parachute"; } count _readyUnits; }];
  10. your code modified to get backpack on players instantly but wait until height reached for AIs: _group = _this # 0; if ( (typename _group != "GROUP") ) exitwith { hintSilent "Invalid Parameters parsed";}; sleep 1; _d= { _d = [_x] spawn { if !(isPlayer _x) then { waitUntil { sleep 0.25; (getPos _x) select 2 < 125 }; }; _this # 0 addBackpack "B_Parachute"; hint "Deploy your parachute!"; }; } count units _group;
  11. in which way? are you spawning the AI? is it placed in editor? do u have an array of the units objects? is it a group and you have the object of the leader? give details and u ll get those as well.
  12. wrong! 1. AI is not a player 2. condition is wrong. it should wait until (getPos _unit) select 2 < 150