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  1. fin_soldier

    HoldAction in MP

    Thanks, I'll try both of these solutions!
  2. fin_soldier

    HoldAction in MP

    Yes, it's a invisible helipad I use for sound FX sometimes, the thing is that all players do hear the sound, only if the host activates the HoldAction. This goes along with all the other effects in the HoldAction, everyone can hear and see if the host activates it. But if any other client tries to activate it, it progresses but no effects happen. I wonder if I should remoteExec the effects like say3D and hideobjectglobal, although that should already be a global effect..
  3. Hello, I'm trying to get holdActionAdd to work in MP, which works perfectly in singleplayer and for the host of a local session. But, when another client tries to activate the HoldAction, it does progress to the very end but nothing happens. Not even the first say3D "push" sound appear when starting the action. Note that I've set the HoldAction to remoteExec as the wiki states it should work. Am, I missing something here? [ boat, // Object the action is attached to "Move the boat", // Title of the action "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_connect_ca.paa", // Idle icon shown on screen "\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\holdactions\holdAction_connect_ca.paa", // Progress icon shown on screen "_this distance _target < 3", // Condition for the action to be shown "_caller distance _target < 3", // Condition for the action to progress {boatstuck say3D "push";}, // Code executed when action starts {}, // Code executed on every progress tick {boat hideobjectglobal true; boatplace say3D "splash";}, // Code executed on completion {}, // Code executed on interrupted [], // Arguments passed to the scripts as _this select 3 5, // Action duration [s] 0, // Priority true, // Remove on completion false // Show in unconscious state ] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd", 0, boat]; // MP compatible implementation Thanks in advance! 🙂
  4. fin_soldier

    Targeted cutText

    Thanks! I'll try it soon with a friend.
  5. fin_soldier

    More players, More enemies

    En luo scriptinä, ihan perus unit placement.
  6. fin_soldier

    More players, More enemies

    Both of these just say "Error Invalid number in expression" in the unit's condition of presence.
  7. Hello, I want a cutText to be visible only to the trigger caller. I have the trigger activation for any player, so anyone can be the caller. How would I go about this when the text appears to everyone, but it shouldn't. cutText ["<t size='2' font='EtelkaMonospaceProBold'>The text which should appear.</t>", "PLAIN", -1, true, true]; Thanks in advance! 🙂
  8. fin_soldier

    [SP/CO-06] Faith

    So far looking very good! I tried with a friend of mine, but died quite quickly. So I'll have to bring another friend as well for reinforcement 😄
  9. Hello, I'm working on a 4 player coop, in which there should be more enemies depending on the amount of players. Let's say for example that there's a enemy group of four, and one enemy for each 4 players. So if there's only one player there's only one enemy in that group. I tried to do something with condition of presence, but without success. In init I executed "player1 = true" if player 1 exists, then I put in the condition of presence of the enemy "player1". Then that enemy should exist right? I'm not sure if this is the right way to do this. If someone could enlighten me, I'd be very happy. Thanks in advance!
  10. Do you have what it takes to escape the depths of the bandit territory? Contract in Chains is a singleplayer or cooperative experience, either with stealthy survival or action packed combat for up to 4 players. OUT NOW | STEAM WORKSHOP Plot: "Malden, 2033. NATO peacekeeping operations are struggling to maintain their support while a growing insurgency arise. A contract marksman designated to eliminate their leader, ended up in the worst situation possible; captured, tortured and deep in bandit territory... " Features: ◈ Singleplayer / Cooperative 2-4 Players ◈ Stealthy Survival / Action Packed ◈ 25 to 45 minutes Gameplay ◈ Completely Vanilla ◈ Engaging Story ◈ Voice Acting ◈ Optional Side Tasks ◈ Optional Revive & Respawn ◈ Story Rich Custom Textures Link to credits here BEWARE: this is designed for locally hosted sessions. If it works on dedicated is unknown. Please feel free to give feedback, and of course report any bugs you find. Last but not least, enjoy the experience by yourself or with your friends! 🤗
  11. fin_soldier

    [SP/MP] Spooky Skeletons- Happy Halloween!

    "This item has been deleted" I'd be more than happy to spook my friends 😄
  12. fin_soldier

    [MP] [RPG] Revolution

    This really resonated with me. I used to play Chernarus Life for hours upon hours, but there's something missing in Altis Life. It just didn't click for me.
  13. Wow, this looks awesome! Looking forward to playing this with my buddies. Congrats on the release 😄
  14. fin_soldier

    Changing Size of the Hint Text

    Thanks! It worked 🙂
  15. Hello, I have upcoming mission with a enemy counter. I'd like the hint text to be slightly larger. And I've tried the following: Without luck: On the wiki of Structured Text it says that it should be possible to apply these for hints as well. Thanks in advance! 🙂