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    i wanna be a lawyer or EMT or smth... idk... and I also wanna make ARMA 2 great again ong.
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  1. OPERATION CONDOR SEARCH This is the "official" release for my scenario that I have made as my entrance into the scenario and modmaking community that is left for ARMA 2. I made this as a quick base and practice. Soon I plan on releasing scenarios involving conflicts in East Asia and the PLA, and hopefully soon release my biggest project that involves overhauling everything in ARMA 2 to be more modernized, similar to that of PROJECT REALITY for BF2. *Features One scenario with a barely functional narrative *No addons/mods/DLCs required I give the community permission to edit and configure the OPERATION CONDOR SEARCH as they please. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.moddb.com/games/arma-2-operation-arrowhead/addons/operation-condor-search [A year has passed since the collapse of the US. War has broken out between the Coalition States of America and the Federal Government as they battle over the Southwestern United States. A couple of miles from El Paso in West Texas, the Federal army has commenced OPERATION CONDOR SEARCH to destroy a CSAF Armored Force and retrieve an HVT with essential intel.]
  2. MarineRecon191

    Need a helpful guide on how to model new units

    You are a life saver, thank you for this!
  3. Hey, I just wanted to start by saying that many of the resources I came up with trying to find a way to make new units/soldiers were either the wrong thing, had dead links, or were never specific, so sorry if I'm bringing this up. I also never really grew up in the time of forum pages so this might come off a little bit strange in its formatting so I apologize in advance. Anyways, since that's now out of the way, I've been trying to figure out how I can retexture and remodel the Force Recon marines from Vanilla with a different face, equipment, and camouflage to their uniforms. Still, I just haven't been able to find anything that can help me apart from one forum from a couple of years ago that had a dead link on other resources on how to do it. This project is mainly just to help me get experience in modeling and texturing since I am working on a more significant project but simply put, I want to start off simple. I have the required ARMA modding tools and the sample models that I got from the BIwiki, so I think I have that covered. Any help would be appreciated, and I'll be willing to fix any mistakes if I made any, thanks.
  4. It hasn't been removed, WGP is simply working on it to make it better. He said to wait till September
  5. Ah, sorry for that, but thank you a lot for providing me the MBT pack, I appreciate it a lot.
  6. Thank you for providing these mods! Ironically I already had VME PLA mod before ARMAHOLIC shut down and wanted the ROC Army mod just to go alongside the PLA, although I didn't have the TMT mods, I appreciate it a lot. And sorry for asking, but can you provide a link to your drive (I'm assuming its a google drive?) But if it is not, it's ok, thank you either way.
  7. Hey, sorry for bothering you guys again but I've honestly been wondering if anyone has the "Asia MBT Pack," "Neo-asiaMBTpack_versionfixed.7z", and Taiwanese Army mod? I've been scouring for almost 12 months for them but haven't been able to find anything... BTW if it does help anyone I managed to successfully acquire the Armenian Army mod and Desert CDF forces... Still trying to get the Turkey and Azerijibani mods, but the TMT team is still active from what I've seen.
  8. That's great! I would love to see more, thank you!
  9. On the discussion about ARMAHOLIC, are we still able to download from armedassault.info since I knew Jerry runs that website now? I heard someone managed to download it by using a download manager and something about FTP, but that hasn't worked so far for me. A lot of the mods on Armedassault.info were actually on ARMAHOLIC, and I think it'd be a useful resource to get a lot of that lost content back. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I hope they find the Gulf Of Aqaba map/module, one of my favorite armaholic mods I guess you could say
  11. Again, I'm sorry, but I am confused but is there a modules tab yet? I read all the replies to the forums but I can't find anything about it, unless I mistakenly missed something. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Thank you for the quick response, albeit very unfortunate, although I hope this project continues as long as it can
  13. Hey, sorry bothering y'all, and I know this is somewhat unrelated to the post and whatnot, but does anyone know the status of the gofundme that was set up to buy the Armaholic website?