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  1. SopmodJack75

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Fox why did you fall in love now?? it`s bad for you and for us too , 🙂 you should at least let us download all files then you may fall in love ,have fun,marry,have kids and perhaps become rich and famous too hehe,,seriously now last week i uninstalled my arma2co which runs super on my pc much better then arma3 ,you guys are tempting me to reinstall it again.I found very few a3 addons and mods online,I don`t like steam,,armaholic was the best ,hope this mess get`s fixed somehow and thanks to all who are contacting the old Fox and to all who work to keep the arma series alive,people like Jerry Hopper,MarineRecon191,Gunter Severloh and others 😉
  2. SopmodJack75

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Thanks very much Gunter i really appreceate it ,i`m going to upload A3 mods now 😉
  3. SopmodJack75

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Guys i nearly used up all of my google drive space,but i managed to upload a1 weapons not all (i have more a1 mods and addons but for now i just uploaded the weapons and some extras)obviously as i don`t have them all,also arma2/oa/co mods (i have more a2 mods and addons but my google drive is nearly full) am uploading some arma 3 mods too.I`m new to this google drive thing so please have some patience,once that people have downloaded the a1 and a2 addons i`ll upload more arma 3 mods and addons,meanwhile if you people have a location where i can upload all my arma series files please let me know.@ Jerry Hopper i tried both links one nothing happens and the second link opens a blank page.
  4. SopmodJack75

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Thanks mate 😉 and thanks again for telling me HOW TO UPLOAD since i`m a nube 😉
  5. Hello Jerry I`m trying to upload to your drive but it`s telling me you don`t have permission to edit ArmaHolic any suggestions please?

  6. SopmodJack75

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    That`s great MarineRecon191,Give me the link and i`ll start uploading right now 😉
  7. SopmodJack75

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Guys i accept that old Fox has his valid reasons but we can`t let the Arma series die so i`m willing to help by uploading all my Arma,Arma 2/OA/CO and Arma 3 addons and mods,i have Arma (A1)weapons for you Jerry Hopper but not all, I also have ww2 mods for arma1,2 and 3 plus a whole bunch of other addons and mods.All i need is a location to upload them to.My arma1 addons are on dvd`s so i`ll have to copy them to my pc first,and more arma2 addons but i have an ammount of arma2 addons on my hardisk and many a3 mods and addons too.I`ll be visiting here and see what can be done ,at home i don`t have internet and this is my father`s pc i`m on but i`ll be regularly checking on this nasty situation that we`re in