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  1. Some salvage statistics: The script brought up some interesting statistics of the files i salvaged from armaholic. this index is the baseline for the old files database. arma - Missing: 658 - Salvaged: 1685 (38.31GB) arma2 - Missing: 986 - Salvaged: 1308 (21.42GB) arma2_oa - Missing: 2381 - Salvaged: 0 arma3 - no index. Salvaged: 0 LOST MODS. A list of 'lost' mods will be published here soon, meanwhile - i get a lot of PM's with people who want to share their archived mod-data. Please be patient as the bidentify-scanner is very close to release. [ LIST SOON ] Visually identify a mod. Also, i get questions if i could identify mods visually. Unfortunatly that is something i cannot help with, aside from forwarding this identification request to the community. If you think you recognize the mod below, - let me know!
  2. bIdentify ( Pronounced: Bee-Eye-dentify ) A file identification utility-suite for detecting, finding and archiving usergenerated content for Bohemia Interactive games. The bIdentify-client is a commandline tool to scan, detect & identify Addons and Missions archives, folders or .pbo's The bIdentify-server is the database/web-backend for use with the bidentify-client,bidentify-node,bidentify-vault. The bIdentify-node is a Torrent based file-archive that seeds files ( limited to specific size) which are listed in the Bidentify server of your choice. The bIdentify-vault is a Torrent based file-archive that archives and seeds (ALL!) files which are listed in the Bidentify-server. This package is for dedicated librarians who want to preserve and longterm seed all data on the Bidentify server of your choice. Why? Because after 20 years, stuff tends to get lost in many ways. With the recent demise of A-holic it became clear to me that there must be a better and more permanent way of archiving old game-content. Hosting this gamecontent permanently is done by a few site-owners, clans or archivers - like me. But these resources are not eternal, and even i am aware that im not immortal. this project is sole purpose is enabling the community to preserver files with no (or minimal) obligations to any-one. Anyone can host to preserve data, even on very old hardware or slow connections. Inspired by the structure ( and a lot of addon-data ) that i scraped from armaholic, i decided to whip up a 'missing in action' list based on the files i was unable to fetch from armaholic. The script worked, but wasnt very intelligent. it indexed your local directories, and looked for a match on the armaholic mia list - and that's that. What? Once my initial script was used by forummembers, i realised that a text-only database of all addons etc would be a better approach to get as much missing content back, as well as adding new content that wasnt listed on a-holic. But what use is a text-only index of files, if dont have the files, or dont know where to get it? For Arma2 and below, you need to download files from sites, or ftp's. And since the ftp support has been dropped from major browsers, i realised a alternative download protocol is the best way to go if you want to distribute lots & old data. If there was one master-list of all files and its hashes & magnet links, everybody could host (a portion of ) all addons using torrent. In a nutshell, using the client - or hosting a node, vault or server on your old harddisk connected to that 25$ singleboard computer ( a raspberrypi is about 50$) equals supporting the (few) arma-librarians that are left. If you still dont know what you can do? below i try to explain that a bit further. bIdentify-client (Windows .exe/python) (git-repo) Anyone can use the bIdentify-client if they want to clean up their old harddrives - but is not sure if all his old arma-content can be re-downloaded via resources like armaholic. The commandline client is merely a smart indexer, that allows submission of addon-content to the bIdentify network bIdentify-node ( docker/linux ) (git) A clan or enthousiast could be a bIdentify-node, this means hosting (with traffic-caps or timeslots) a portion of the torrents from the masterlist. these node's are volatile. bIdentify-vault ( docker/linux ) A archiver, like myself -or anyone-else would be a bIdentify-vault. this means that ALL data will be hosted via torrent, and is intented to be available 24/7 (with traffic-caps or timeslots) bIdentify-server ( docker/linux ) (git-repo) At least 1 bIdentify-server is needed *( and is hosted by me for now) This is the API backend for the bIdentify-client and can function as a json backend for any website that would like to offer the files in form of magnet-links to the public. it is possible to run multiple bIdentify-server servers, as they all sync with eachother. bIdentify-definitions (git-repo) This is a github-hosted repository which contain the master-and server lists. The master list where all of the bIdentify applications get their serverlists from, are hosted on github, as well as the code. Periodically, the master-index of all files will be uploaded to the github-repository on a yearly basis. the bIdentify-node's will sync content with the available bIdentify-vaults. Vaults and Nodes are the most vital to keep the old file archive preserved. at least 2 bIdentify-vault's and 1 bIdentiy-servers are required to redundantly keep the old-file archives alive. Whats the status? Currently the project is in the start of its development, yet the bIdentify-client is near completion and will be released shortly. 04/6/2021 - started in python, added initial indexing functionality 09/6/2021 - added addon parsing config.cpp, prerelease executable tested. 10/6/2021 - added mission detection, zipped-mission detection and pbo-mission detection 13/6/2021 - initial torrent generation & seeding implemented. the first bidentify-vault is up and running! Where can i download? the files needed are hosted on the github releases page of each individual project. For now, there is no download yet. Plz be patient. "The past is on your harddisks, the future is in your hands" Hardware A typical bidentify-node or bidentify-vault. this setup costs ~ $50 without the harddisk. ( ~$26 ~$44 ) Obviously, any other singleboard computer can be used, like the RaspberryPi - or any other board with 512MB or more.
  3. jerryhopper

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    blurp! This is for the brave and courageous: pre-release : https://github.com/jerryhopper/bidentify-client/releases/tag/0.02 This replaces the initial (dumb) script provided earlier in this thread. this application is more accurate. Usage instructions : https://github.com/jerryhopper/bidentify-client upload functionality is coming soon!
  4. jerryhopper

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Since i havent got any reply, lets talk about the elephant in the room. 1- Who has contacted foxhound 2- Got a reply from foxhound 3- Who offered money to foxhound 4- How much money did you offer to foxhound 5- Who got any reply on its offer?
  5. jerryhopper

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    You should read my posts! But to keep you & others up to speed, i am working on something that as of now has a name! Bidentify ( Pronounced: Bee-Eye-dentify ) A file identification utility-suite for detecting,finding and archiving usergenerated content for Bohemia Interactive games. The Bidentify-client is a commandline tool to scan, detect & identify Addons and Missions archives, folders or .pbo's The Bidentify-server is the database/web-backend for use with the bidentify-client,bidentify-node,bidentify-vault. The Bidentify-node is a Torrent based file-archive that seeds files ( limited to specific size) which are listed in the Bidentify server of your choice. The Bidentify-vault is a Torrent based file-archive that archives and seeds (ALL!) files which are listed in the Bidentify-server. This package is for dedicated librarians who want to preserve and longterm seed all data on the Bidentify server of your choice. ----------- Im very close to a initial usable version of the Bidentify-client, that detects files based on the armaholic MIA file. More functionality is planned, like the Bidentify-node & Bidentify-vault, and more intelligent detection for Bidentity-client like Unpacked-addon/mission-detection, hashdetection, version-detection and pbo-inspection. Stay tuned!
  6. jerryhopper

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Well, has been a interesting journey so far. First, i received no email. Second, What im trying to do now is to create some 'definitive' filename list of addons, and mpmissions. i'm using the categories from armaholic, and use their contents for this list. As there is no 'official index' of released addons (aside from the initial ArmaHolic index)- i will use the info from config.cpp (classname) as unique-id. im in the process of writing a parser that extracts zip/7z/rar files, dissect the pbo and grab the classname - or in case of a mission, the missionname. This approach allows us to detect new or repacked addons or missions, or even mission/addon-folders. Unfortunatly i cannot detect for which game a pbo is, so there will be some manual labor left to do. Eventually, im aiming for a online searchable index of mission/addon names ( with magnetlinks ). There will be a updated version of the MIA-scanner script, which will help fill the database, and find missing files. As an addition to this database, will be a simple yet configurable filehosting 'mirror' using torrents. a very easy deployable package can turn a 25$ singleboard computer, with a harddisk @ size of your choice into a instant filemirror that doesnt need any administration.
  7. jerryhopper

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    this is what i scooped up: FOUND: 1st_Battalion_Para_Regiment.Sara.zip FOUND: [ARMA]_[MP-COOP]_Ambush.zip FOUND: OFrP_AmeAgaru.rar FOUND: Co10_AssassinsII.zip FOUND: CWR_BattleAtLolisse_MP.zip FOUND: CWR_BearsInRedWood_MP.zip FOUND: BlackSword_v3.zip FOUND: BleedingSkies_v2.0.zip FOUND: co06_Bomb_magnet.rar FOUND: oops_city_take_ortego_v1.0.zip FOUND: oops_city_take_paraiso_v1.2.zip FOUND: Eagle_Claw.rar FOUND: [R.O.S]_FCR.rar FOUND: @co_08_Get_them_back_PartOne.MAP_SSara.rar FOUND: co_10@_Get_them_back_PartTwo.MAP_SSara.rar FOUND: navyseals.rar FOUND: co12@Justice_for_all.7z FOUND: liberationv6_5_co4.rar FOUND: Boogie_Men.Porto.rar FOUND: OFrP_Neutralisation.rar FOUND: ACE_Operation_Al-Fajr.7z FOUND: co03_sneakybeaver.zip FOUND: Co02_ParaisoAssassination.zip FOUND: ARMA_MP-COOP_Red_Star_Com.zip FOUND: OFrP_SarinWarReborn.rar FOUND: DAC_SectorFight.rar FOUND: Co04_StealTheCar2-Bagango.zip
  8. jerryhopper

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    can you be more specific? filename? was it case-sensitivity that made the difference?
  9. jerryhopper

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    i have updated the script. When you start the script in that directory, it fill write the addon name in a textfile named: found.txt
  10. jerryhopper

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    So i read that some people have stored their past downloads on dvd or backup-disks. I have made a clunky batch script that will index your directories, and reports back if a missing file is found! Download the script : http://ftp.armedassault.info/armaholic/findfiles.bat Copy the script to the drive or directory that contains arma-downloads, and start it. - The script will download the latest MIA-lists to the %PUBLIC% directory. - The script will index your directory, and save the result in %PUBLIC%\LocalFiles.Txt - The script will start searching for missing arma files, and report if any are found. If the script found any files, you should upload them on a (to be announced) sftp location. or PM me if you found files! Do note that during the search-process many windows will popup and close. During the process you cannot use your computer due to the popups. This is is expected behaviour (sorry!) I fixed the annoying popups! You can kill the script by hitting ctrl-c
  11. jerryhopper

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    @darkxess i am causing nothing. the only thing i do, is reacting to the new reality. A reality that hit everybody as thunder on a sunny day. The scraping of data was stopped by foxhound himself (when he found out). Im not sure why you are trying to blame me for stuff i have nothing to do with. This, and the fact that fox did'nt try reach out to people to take over before he pulled the plug, and the files were still publicly reachable via the web - gives me every right to salvage of what's left. I understand Fox is your friend - but lets not waste this thread bickering on stuff that already happened. You do what you can, and so will i. We just do things differently. ( ps: i have free rackspace at home, there is always space for few 1-4u boxes.) That said: i'd like to present the lists with missing addons: the "MISSING IN ACTION" FILELIST. the Arma missing in action file-list : http://ftp.armedassault.info/armaholic/arma.armaholic.MISSING.txt the Arma2 missing in action file-list : http://ftp.armedassault.info/armaholic/arma2.armaholic.MISSING.txt the Arma2_OA missing in action file-list : http://ftp.armedassault.info/armaholic/arma2_oa.armaholic.MISSING.txt If you have any of the files listed in these lists, please be patient while i setup a upload-facility so we can consolidate all the recovered files.
  12. jerryhopper

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Thanks that's good to know but: I'm doing this as a hobby. like i said: its a payback to the game and its community. i have taken precautions if i somehow am not able to host anymore. i have 2 backup-disks which i keep offline and disconnected. these disks contain all arma-related stuff. ofpinfo, armedassault.eu, sahraniradio - and soon - also the contents recovered from armaholic. If anything happens to me or my hosting, these disks will find their way to the right people. But this 'Armaholic' issue has made me start thinking again about the preservation of data, and how to deal with it. i'm playing with the idea to make yearly(?) backups of online resources, and dump them on a data-cardridge (LTO6) (which can store 2.5TB at a price of about 40euro's) and share that with other 'arma-librarians' These cardridges are easyly transferrable over mail, cheap and can store enough data : it will be the perfect offline-backup for data that belongs to be preserved. Dispite the previously failed attempts by others to host files via Torrent in the past, i still think this is our best shot at keeping the files available to the public in a scalable and redundant way. Obviously, the above chitchat is jibberisch for most players - but im sure there are a few people who understand what i'm saying, and why im saying this. The time of being eachothers 'concurrent' when comes to community-websites should be long behind us. After all, it's the 20th amniversary of BI: we're grownups now! Meanwhile, i will setup some storage space where people can upload their preserved Arma2OA addons. I will make a post with information how to access it, and which files are needed.
  13. Hello Jerry I`m trying to upload to your drive but it`s telling me you don`t have permission to edit ArmaHolic any suggestions please?

  14. jerryhopper

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    thanks for clearing that up. i was just wondering how that worked.
  15. jerryhopper

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    That paid subscription thing makes me wonder what 'rights' people have. i mean people that actually have a paid subscription @armaholic .... i cant imagine dutch law allows sudden 'service cutoff' when having paying customers.... just sayin'