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  1. NOTICE: the bidentify filestructure including the files is available via : https://ftp.armedassault.info/armaholic/
  2. via ArkensoR (https://discord.com/channels/105462288051380224/976155351999201390/996058255010832525 ) class TestCallback : RestCallback { override void OnSuccess( string data, int dataSize ) { Print(" !!! OnSuccess() size=" + dataSize ); if( dataSize > 0 ) Print(data); // !!! NOTE: Print() will not output string longer than 1024b, check your dataSize !!! }; } ... auto ctx = GetGame().GetRestApi().GetContext("https://webhook.site/XXXX-YOUR-GUID-XXXXX"); TestCallback callback(); //ctx.POST(callback,"RequestPath?Argument=Something", "Hello World"); ctx.POST(callback,"RequestPath?Argument=Something", "{\"someVar\": 1337}");
  3. jerryhopper

    RHS: Status Quo

    looking forward to an interview.... in the far, far future.
  4. Not sure what kind of malware-scanner you use, but trust me when i say that is a false positive. Reasons: there is no index file, and directory browsing is allowed. https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/ftp.armedassault.info https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/9272bbdf9927cf54d352e675fb8751f6dad2e19e0b031d255cee8cb6f9004141/detection To answer your question: "Q/ will all wgp archive be up there ? I downloaded loads before it went quiet." All files that are in that '/WargamingPlus.Arma.Series.Archive/' folder will be imported in bidentify.
  5. the wgp archive can also be found here (it will be imported in bidentify soon) https://ftp.armedassault.info/upload/WargamingPlus.Arma.Series.Archive/
  6. jerryhopper

    Arma Reforger - Videos

    Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the weaponry of ARMA Reforger, including the Beretta M9, the PKM and the LAW M73.
  7. jerryhopper

    How can I edit the Eden map?

    Have a look at the first part of my Cinematic Timeline howto movie. I had exact the same problems, but by copying the world using 'save as' (in the correct directory structure) works like a charm for me. My biggest problem was not being able to control the TimeAndWeatherManager as it was locked. DISCLAIMER: i have no clue how this ends up in multiplayer - as i dont make missions etc.
  8. jerryhopper

    Arma Reforger - Videos

    Lets kick this thread of with some videos i created in the first two weeks i got the game. All videos are created using the cinematic timeline in the world-editor. Lets start with "Up the Creek" In this video i fiddled with the cinematic timeline, and camera positions. The result is an dazzling and immersive flight up & down the creek. This is also my first 4K movie. Rendering 4K movies takes quite a while, but its worth it! In case you got airsick, a slightly slower version is here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yo9bHFUM_rA Crag Point LightHouse Timelapse In this video i tried making a timelapse. - unfortunatly my timeline was too short for a full 24hr scene. BuckFast LightHouse theBuckFastWine posted a picture of the Crag point lighthouse. i saw a big resemblance in a BuckFast bottle and a lighthouse. And so i tried fiddling with a custom texture on a bottle, resizing it and making it a lighthouse! Highstone Pond, Everon. Feel the peace and quietness dripping off your screen with this scenic shot.
  9. Hey people, Excuse me for my absence. Some stuff happened.. like failing disks - some of my personal data got lost, bought a replacement... filled it up, and it failed after a week again. So the authentication system i was working on got delayed, and with that - also the custom upload functionality.... On top of this all, My laptop-screen decided to quit on me. which forced me to use a external monitor.... but after 2 days that died too - cause: my videocard got fried. And meanwhile i got a new job , so less time and no more daytime coding... but eventually more funds for hardware! So today i bought a new disk & laptop... and i guess i will be back on track in a few days. - so i can continue on the project. I have a login-system ready for the bidentify website, and the bidentify-client and node have the option to authenticate too! What's left is adding the functionality to upload 'new' data - and other functions so people can contribute to the system while keeping things in control due to the authentication. This weekend i hope to add some of the above stuff. And its great to see people like T.Johnson offering help with vault hosting, coz with the amount of crashing hardware - its vital that i finish the initial bidentify-vault code, and have at least 1 extra node running on a different internet-connection than mine. But since the project is split in 3 parts (website, client, node) i have to switch between each part and prioritize what i add/finish first. So, please bear with me - i almost replaced all of my old hardware, the future should be less 'buggy' *crosses fingers* - i promise there will be a update next week! @icewindo adding these categories will be possible when the authentification system is implemented. @a6bl4Hblu' i am aware of this. The possibility to upload this file manually, and allow the user to set the category will be possible when i implemented the authentification system. @T.Johnson i will contact you this weekend (*prolly sunday)!
  10. blagh.. major setback. as i was working on a backup systen - i bought a new 4TB disk. That disk died 5 days after i bought it. :( Dont be like me, dont buy seagate disks. i should have known better.
  11. Yes, the gofundme will expire, funds will be refunded. No, there seems to be no way that armaholic can be bought back, due to a irreversible delete action. i hope that answers your question.
  12. jerryhopper

    Hosting for OFPEC

    So i assume you got stuff figured out?! i really hope to see ofpec back soon ! In case anyone needs files hosted on ofpec, have a look here - You might get lucky! http://ftp.armedassault.info/ofpd/
  13. @krzychuzokecia very big files cannot be uploaded yet, im almost at the point to allow 'webuploads' via the browser - and with that uploader its possible to upload huge files. - be patient and dont throw away these addons! @Undeceived its you i have to thank, for your submissions! Furthermore there is some progress that i'd like to elaborate. As stated above, web-uploads are almost there - and so is the authentication system. (i cannot allow anonymous uploads for obvious reasons) The node-software is also getting along quite well. Thanks to the efforts of Mikero and his team, i have obtained a special version of his depbo-tools for linux. A version that also runs on raspberry-pi computers. This means that the bidentify-server and nodes are now able to open pbo's to check the contents. Developers might want to checkout this repository :https://github.com/jerryhopper/docker-depbo-tools which is the source repository for the 'generic' depbo-tools docker container!
  14. jerryhopper

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    I created a docker-container with Mikero's Pbo-tools.... with a twitch : this docker-container runs on Amd64 and Arm64, so you can use your 64bit singleboard computer (RPi4B) and run this toolset. https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/jerryhopper/depbo-tools As always, all credits go out to Mikero & Dahlgren for compiling a ARM version PS: use this container in your ci/cd pipeline...
  15. I have been investigating the network issues, and discovered something is wrong with my pfsense router. it somehow cuts my speed in half (250mbit instead of 500) so i suspect the network instability also originates from here. But today i removed this, and i am monitoring the connection closely now. i suspect the problems should be gone now, but in case you get an error - please post about it.