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  1. Pyronick

    Getting 2-3 FPS

    It happens to the best... But then again, your onboard IGP should be able to run the game as well, if you install the appropriate drivers.
  2. I guess that in this particular case you don't need to make it rocket science. Just the shrapnel of the ATGM casing that will splinter, before or during impact doesn't even matter here, is very likely to kill these two men here.
  3. Pyronick

    Arma CWA ported to Linux and MAC

    It is very unfortunate that it is not released as a Steamplay game. Therefore, I have requested a refund as I cannot support this step... I don't mind paying extra, but it is against my principals.
  4. Pyronick

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    I think many of these problems are caused by PhysX not simulating the tracks, but rather the wheels inside. That, and probably the geometry of the wheels and the collision detection. I haven't really taken a look in how TankX works, but I imagine that this is the result of measures taken to improve performance. Having complex geometry such as tracks, coupled with high speed collision detection would severely degrade performance. Not really sure if this is actually fixable unless we get much faster hardware.
  5. Pyronick

    Public Beta

    I was actually hoping that BI would open source Arma CWA. But this already made my day!
  6. Pyronick

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    The dev branch adds more than just the 64-bits executable.
  7. Pyronick

    Targeting improvements

    This! The Stinger-like screech and the Sidewinder-like whine would add a lot to immersion and make it more realistic at the same time!
  8. Pyronick

    Idea for official support funding!

    It is also relatively easy to win the hearts and minds of the Linux/FLOSS community. To make a statement, BIS could release the source code of the Arma: Cold War Assault engine. Even small gestures like these have a huge impact. And it would fit with the 15th anniversary of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis.
  9. Well, isn't the landing bit one of the dodgiest things in Arma 3?
  10. Perhaps an idea to for BIS to implement (opt-out) SteamCloud for automatic backups in Arma 3?
  11. Pyronick

    Targeting improvements

    It has been there since OFP, albeit in a different shape
  12. Pyronick

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    It is already possible, but that means you would have to compromise on graphical fidelity. The thing is that in a few years time, customers will want to see better graphics than current-day Arma 3 and then the developers would still have to compromise.
  13. Pyronick

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    I guess its also the reason why fast air is not really "fast" air. Even though combat usually takes place within 300 meters, being able to spot your enemy from as far as 9 km really makes a difference. It also changes gameplay because in some situation you can assess if you need to retreat or apply certain strategies/tactics before you end up in a firefight. It would also change the character of the game from tactics-based to tactics AND strategy-based. That being said, one cannot expect top notch visual fidelity AND huge view distances. There always is and will be a compromise.
  14. Pyronick

    Targeting improvements

    I am also worried about the obsolescence of JTACs, UAVs, recce vehicles, etc. Even with a less accurate IFF system, I still have my doubts.