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  1. I was wondering are there any civilian vehicles in the make? I was playing i44 wasteland the other day and i really enjoyed it. I really like the sandbox aspect of the wasteland gametype. Nothing scripted just all random! The only down thing about the i44 wasteland is that there are no civilian vehicles, the used the regular arma2 civilian vehicles which ruined it a bit (speed, handling etc). I know that there weren't much civilian vehicles in that timeline especially not in Europe, probably most of the people didn't own a motor vehicle in that time but travel by horse or bicycle. But maybe you have some spare time to think about some civilian vehicles to be added to the scenery. http://wistariahurst.org.s46765.gridserver.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/HSR-10.jpg (236 kB) FIAT Peugeot Abandoned vehicles in duinkerk
  2. coopr

    Tank speed

    Well there is still alot to improve as first start with proper implementation of gears and torque in arma2. That would already make an important difference. That would also open the option for mods to play with these values. And create a climbing gear for example because i believe thats difficult now. You should set up a cit for That. Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  3. Is there already a work around to allow players to walk on the ship when its moving? I love all the ship addons we currently have the only down thing is you can't walk on them :(..
  4. After seeing that youtube movie it seems to be much better now :)! but if you look at 1 min some units still stop and move if you look very closely. Is this because they try and stay in formation?
  5. comments like these should get you banned.. who the hell do you think you are?? some kind of arma2 god? You are blaming others from abusing and not having a discussion.. and you post this kind of crap...:j: @Bee8190 +1
  6. Omg this seriously made me Rol over the floor.. are you the freaking arma2 docter Phil... jezus! You seem to be very sacred of the unknown do you check under your bed before you go to sleep? Pr bf2 players are a whole other level as regular bf2 players. Maybe you should play the mod before you start telling this kind of carp.. Wtf
  7. coopr

    Multi-Player Madness

    You are totally right. The easy and quick turn over from ofp to arma mods which is ofcourse great but ruined it for the new comers. Because it is too difficult to get a proper understanding why they can't seem to connect to populated mod servers. as said so often a simple dialog with information what went wrong and where you can get the files would fix a lot of frustrated players.
  8. coopr

    Multi-Player Madness

    Obviously he is doing wrong because he sees red crosses in front of server names? Can't see why that is his problem? If bis just added a little bit more feedback when new unknown and very important customer trys to join a mod server. With for example the mod name and website they maybe keep those new customers playing. Instead of the "why can I not join any populated server? Let's uninstall this game" Awell let's hope arma3 is going to make it a lot more (new)user friendly same goes for the dialog "I'm ready and disconnect" at the end of the mission. I'm still trying to figure out what I'm ready does... it would better just go straight to a new mission from the autorotation missions setting or what so ever. Instead of "where are we waiting for? Start the new mission? Wait for host?"
  9. I can't seem to penetrate buildings under angle. Like the corner of a wall. Can any of you seem to kill someone on the other corner of a building?
  10. Nice work :)! Do we get 3d interiours for the crewmen positions aswell? or just the annoying small slits from arma2?
  11. And I seriously hope it's stays fully. So the developers won't drop any feature because they can't get them to work with ai. Keep up the good work awesome mod!
  12. Lol, well sometimes your right not in all the cases. If you have a tank crew that doesn't have desync and almost the same low ping + a decent server you should be fine
  13. coopr

    ArmA 3

    Looks really nice so far!!! did I just see a ragdoll on those screenshots :)? The dead soldier doesn't seem to look static anymore ;). Are we going to see any engine upgrades to the arma2 engine? render to texture etc.. or is that a closed book now arma3 is annouched?