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  1. SIXREP 5, 4 and 3, for those who missed! :) SIXREP #0005: We've been busy adding thousands of great mods for STELLARIS, STARBOUND and more Read on for more details and highlights of our latest progress ----- SIXREP #0004 is here! For this release we've improved the Playlist and expanded the Collections feature! Read on for all the details and highlights of this release ----- It is time for a new SIXREP, this time with Improvements to our login and registration system and enhancements for the management of collections. Collections now show the option to either only launch the game with them or to join their connected server too. Read on for more highlights and this release's changelog.
  2. We try only to update PwS for bug fixes, while this is considered a bigger change. If we can better understand the desire to stick with PwS we can consider porting the change. Actually the option to "Keep Compressed files" is in PwS under the "Transfers" settings category. The installation implementation (Download, Compression, Decompression, Summing etc) in Sync is however considerably optimized and also faster in practice.
  3. I see, could this be related? https://community.withsix.com/topic/268/error-cefsharp-core-dll-could-not-be-loaded/4
  4. We try only to update PwS for bug fixes, while this is considered a bigger change. If we can better understand the desire to stick with PwS we can consider porting the change.
  5. Play withSIX, not Sync? In case of PwS, it might be related to graphics tweaking utilities, any change in those recently?
  6. Apologies, this was by mistake, it was part of a private test with Authors publishing by Steam integration and got activated accidentally, another approach was also already devised and evaluated. The fix should be live shortly in an API update. I'm sorry for the late response, I was on holiday, and notifications were off.
  7. sickboy

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    This addresses the problem with the ServerSide mod folder problem on the PwS network and is just the 1.4 RC release.
  8. SIXREP #0002 It's the end of week 2 since the release of our major website upgrade. And here's already the result of our second bug bash round! Aptly named SIXREP from now on, thanks to a great suggestion on our previous release post. This release we've also added some niceties again, especially for communities and server admins. Read on for more highlights and this release's changelog.
  9. The new withSIX.com - Week 1, Update 1.1 It's now exactly one week since our major relaunch, it has been our most successful release yet, in terms of scope, stability and reception! We've been actively patching some smaller holes over the past days, to further stabilize and smoothen the experience. The team figured it would be great to celebrate with a 1.1 release, bringing a much improved download experience. Downloading has never been so smooth! Oh and withSIX no longer uses double disk-space. All you SSD users out there will be pleased! Read on for more highlights and this release's changelog.
  10. Meet the new withSIX.com and improved 'Sync withSIX' client approach. Our major update to our website after months of hard work! Enjoy the new interface and all the great improvements that come with it. Discovering and experiencing mods has never been easier. Feel free to combine them in any way you want into Playlists or share them with your friends as Collections. The new withSIX.com combines our vision for a platform, dedicated to discovering and experiencing mods. Since we started on our journey five years ago we wanted to push the boundaries of how you can experience mods. Starting with the 6th Updater and later PwS, we added version control, Custom repository support and much more. Now, we integrated all these amazing features into an easy to use interface. No matter if you are a casual gamer or the manager of a major community, the new withSIX.com offers a solution for every user type. With this major upgrade, we want to give you an flexible and intuitive way to find, combine and enjoy modifications, while keeping the features we added over the years. You can quickly add mods for a casual gaming session to the newly added playlist or create major collections with version control, custom repository support and linked servers, using the same easy to use interface. We hope you enjoy the new withsix.com. Let us know how you like the new platform and what you would like us to add next. https://withsix.com/blog/experience-the-new-withsix-com
  11. The new withSIX-GSD version (v0.3.0) now includes support for mod folders that are named after their steam id ;-) https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188490-withsix-gsd-game-server-daemon-released/?p=2986976
  12. A new version was released! v0.3.0: https://github.com/SIXNetworks/withSIX-GSD/releases/tag/v0.3.0 Add support for the 'name' field. Add support for modfolders that are named after their steam ID. Thanks! *blush*
  13. Useful for Server admins :) https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/188490-withsix-gsd-game-server-daemon-released/ But there's still something really cool incoming.. for everyone :) Might be a short-while longer though :p
  14. Following the ARMA3 1.56 release with steam workshop server mods support (more info) A quick tool to assist ARMA 3 Server admins with linking mods easily to Steam / server browser, and to the withSIX network Features Retrieve SteamID for one or more modfolders Write meta.cpp for modfolders who's SteamID was retrieved Report existing meta.cpp's to the withSIX platform so other GSD users retrieve them (See feature 1 above) Report used mods of server to the withSIX platform so users can join with the right mods Daemon mode so new running servers are detected and handled automatically Works on Windows, Linux, Mac Download: https://github.com/SIXNetworks/withSIX-GSD/releases Please report issues and feedback at the issue tracker (feel free to fork and create pull requests!); Read More
  15. New mod v0.13.1-alpha available at withSIX. Download now by clicking: Hey Thedog88 , you can upload updates or new mods to withSIX yourself now! Make your own promo page, get the power to release your work at your own point of choosing. To learn more, follow this guide.