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  1. Reporting issues in this thread is generally not helpful, as it's not monitored with any regularity. We have an issue tracker for those sorts of reports: https://gitlab.com/shacktac-public/general/issues
  2. Can you put it in our tracker? https://gitlab.com/shacktac-public/general/issues
  3. Yeah, can't say I understand the rationale behind this. It seems to ignore how markers are typically used in multiplayer. If you wanted to emphasize which markers are for which channel, you could do this in other ways that don't completely strip the other markers from view.
  4. The 'rejection and closes' before were me explaining how it worked and asking you to provide a video to clarify any confusion that might exist. Now that you've done so, I've replied in detail on the tracker. You seem to have glossed over the content of my previous replies, so hopefully this most recent one can shed some light on things.
  5. Not quite sure what you're describing, as it sounds like you're confusing "level of customization" with "using the whole pack or partial". If you want to do it piecemeal, there's nothing stopping you right now, you just take the addons you want and leave the ones you don't. If you mean you want a control panel to allow every little thing to be customized in-game, that hasn't been how it's worked (ever) and while we intend to offer some easier customization in the future, it's not here now and there's no ETA. You should still have the same in-game customization as always, like changing it to be HUD-only vs names vs off.
  6. In the future issues/requests are better posted to the issue tracker mentioned in the root post. This evening there will be an update that should address occlusion whether or not you're running the group indicators.
  7. New STUI release, updated the root post to reflect this. You can view STUI on the Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunit...s/?id=498740884 More details are kept in our wiki: https://gitlab.com/s...eral/wikis/home Issues can be posted on our tracker: https://gitlab.com/s.../general/issues
  8. dslyecxi

    ShackTac Map Gestures

    It must be on the server as well. All-or-nothing, meaning, all clients and server must have it.
  9. dslyecxi

    ShackTac Map Gestures

    There's a link to where you can report issues. Simply saying that you "get an error" doesn't contribute to a solution though, you'll need to be more specific and do so in the correct place for it (the issue tracker).
  10. ShackTac Map Gestures (STMG) allows you to easily point on a map to those within a short range of you. You can read more about (and download) it here. A video demonstration can be seen here.
  11. What you see in that clip is something I did for myself/ST, along with some other tweaks to the MELBs to bring them more in line with the gameplay experience we're looking for. It's not representative of what might be officially added. edit: Also, it came up earlier in the thread, but re: having a TOW missile variant - I would love to see that, that'd be amazing!
  12. Are you talking about the vanilla AH-9? As to A2 - there were mods to fix the default M134s, STLB being an example of that. It was one round fired per three ammo expended in vanilla, not "every 10th round". Emphatically "No". The exact same issue that was in A2 is reintroduced in A3 - the vanilla miniguns expend 3 units of ammo for every 1 shot actually fired. This is trivially easy to check even without scripting - fire a short burst (just tap the trigger) at water, count how many impact splashes you see, look at how many bullets were expended. They will not match - it will be a 1:3 of hits:ammo lost. The MELB helos do not have this issue any longer (though they did in the past). They are absolutely more capable than the vanilla ones ever were. Perhaps you're using an oudated version, or have a mod conflict? An example of your "15 targets" being knocked down easily with a MELB's miniguns: http://gfycat.com/HighlevelKnobbyAfricanharrierhawk The shot density and dispersion of the MELB M134: http://gfycat.com/UniqueForsakenAmericanalligator The shot density and dispersion of a vanilla AH-9: http://gfycat.com/MindlessOldAustraliankelpie
  13. dslyecxi

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Congrats on the release! I've been really enjoying our time with ACRE2 lately.