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  1. Hey @Clayman ! Could you upload both of the missions somewhere? Maybe Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox? (These are probably the most reliable, unless the owner deletes the files himself.) The DL links on assaultmissionstudio.de are down, sadly.
  2. @barccy thanks for reuploading these! I've just tried the addons and they're great! Awesome work @Marc13Bautista !
  3. inlesco

    [CAMP] Afghan War Diary

    @Wiki Hello there! Perhaps you still have this campaign somewhere? I'm revisiting Arma 2 and OFP content lately.
  4. inlesco

    1988 - Return of The Red Star Redux | RELEASE

    Awesome campaign @Kalle M.! I've played through all of it recently and enjoyed it. Some missions were tougher, some were easier, but it was a great package of action, ease and all else combined, nonetheless.
  5. inlesco

    20th anniversarry of ARMA:CWA

    @prototype1479 Hello! Are you still running this server and playing OFP? There's an awesome Discord community with some frequent players, in case you're interested.
  6. I'd be surprised if BIS was not partnering with CDLC makers on expanding Reforger's scope!
  7. inlesco

    RHS: Status Quo

    Marvelous work, guys! Enjoyed your addons since the humble beginnings with OFP back in 2003.
  8. inlesco

    Fallujah 2.0 by Shezan74

    Maybe releasing a separate Fallujah version with all buildings enterable could work? (As a separate Steam Workshop entry.) People with high-end modern PCs could try both and pick the one based on their gameplay experience. This'd also fit the mission makers - some of them make CQC scenarios, others - air / armor scenarios with lots of vehicular action.
  9. inlesco


    @krim23 Go ahead! Much appreciated.
  10. inlesco

    @ SAS Task Force Black Campaign

    Hey @Stagler! Do you still have this campaign somewhere with all or some of the addons? I couldn't find the campaign on the armedassault.info FTP here.
  11. Does anybody still have this hosted somewhere or locally on your drive? OP's Dropbox link is dead. EDIT: apparently, Steam Workshop's link wasn't in the OP. Link for the mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=610258115
  12. Just wanted to chime in and thank you for this amazing commanding module. It should've been a part of the vanilla game. If sold as a DLC, I bet a lot of people would purchase it for a much smoother experience in SP.
  13. Now that Arma Reforger (completely new engine) has been launched on 2022 May, we shall wait and see, perhaps the golden OFP will be open source one day. Perhaps a little while after Arma 4 release. ~2025, the hopeful me thinks.
  14. inlesco

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    @froggyluv I understand that you're disappointed about this outcome as you have great passion for both the game and its AI. That's great and I truly admire that. I also have the passion for the game and its AI, but I want to be a realist here and stop pretending extreme and somewhat blind complaints can positively change anything here, especially at the current timeframe. How did you arrive to the conclusion that I have a degree? I understand you're disappointed by Arma 3 devs, but you know - you don't have to be an asshole to others because of that, unleashing your frustrations here on the forums. It's not necessary and it won't help anyone - nor you, nor the recipients of your disappointment. People make mistakes. Mistakes and mismanagements were possibly made. Now, it's probably too late to fix those mistakes for A3, but it might not be too late for Arma Reforger. Let's hope that's true. We're all humans, this can happen to anybody. The only thing you can learn is to understand your mistakes, accept them, value talent and motivation, give people a well-deserved break if they happen to be momentarily burnt-out, and move on together, as a team. I hope BIS is successfully doing that. I wish them the best as they've managed to keep the Arma / OFP milsim formula alive for decades. Such determination requires BALLS OF STEEL!
  15. inlesco

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    I'm speaking from my own experience in Software Engineering and Engineering Management. I understand the history of Arma's AI development (I've been following it since A3's release). The situation that I see currently could've been something similar to this (this is just my assumptions): It was decided to make AI R&D / rewrite a high priority task - that's OK. People started executing. The [unimaginable / unmeasurable] scope of a R&D task - for complex projects, unless you've done something before, know the ins and outs and the pain it takes to reach the [almost] "finish line", it's extremely likely that you will miss a selected deadline and will have to put delays. This is like a prescription in the world of Software Engineering (no matter if it's game dev, web dev or any other dev). The rewrite became too complex, touching and breaking too many parts (possibly in both official and community-made content). The breaking & touching parts were definitely extensively documented by the Software Engineers working at BIS and put in the drawer for future generations. ("for future generations" - this is, of course, a joke, but you get the idea; you stop a part of a project, you document things before you forget the little details, you save it somewhere safe and just move on to something else; I've done this myself numerous times and I can't say I've been proud of it, but it's a very useful and humbling experience allowing you to improve) Enfusion Engine started taking shape in ~2018 with the Enfusion Renderer developed to a production-ready level. This was the perfect time to make a decision on resource management - invest in Enfusion's core and dev tools or keep going with A3. I don't know what exact decisions were made by BI, but we can't blindly judge them like this for abandoning the AI. I've never said anything like this, you have simplified my thoughts to sort of fit your own narrative. But if you look from a business and future perspective, I hope you understand that an AI rewrite / improvements starting in ~2013 (until ~2018) is a "little bit" different undertaking than an AI rewrite in 2022 or 2023 and then spanning for 1-2 years minimum. Arma 3 is much older now, sadly, and BIS has developed Enfusion engine to a point it makes sense to invest into the future, and future only. If BIS did stick to OFP back in ~2002 (after the Resistance expansion) for 10+ without new projects and R&D efforts (just releasing expansions for OFPR 1.96), do you think they'd be here today as a flourishing studio with a cult following? It's very possible that the answer is no. Could you please define "reliably create"? What's the reliability criteria here? Also, keep in mind that people willing to work on Game AI full-time don't appear out of nowhere, waiting in queue to knock on your door. In many cases, these people have to be grow professionally during many years of hard work and study. Also, games industry, sadly, doesn't attract as much talent as it used to due to extreme difference in pay and bonuses for the same or even less demanding and stressful kind of work.