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  1. inlesco

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Using `profileNamespace` for resource persistence between missions will work just fine (also, it's MP compatible). No worries there.
  2. inlesco

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Hey fellows! I'm a long-time supporter of CWR (back in A2 times mostly when I had more time on my hands for gaming and toying in the editor). Really excited for OFP Resistance campaign coming! Are you looking for help with designing of missions, scripting, testing or anything related to programming? (Can't do 3D modelling/texturing/writing configs for the engine though.)
  3. Thanks for your insights, much appreciated. Btw, how do you there's too many things common with OFP and Arma 3, for example? Where do you get this info from? (I'd love to find out more on this.) I think if entire OFP engine or at least a part of it became open source, it'd be a great start for other people modding and improving the base game even after 20 years since its release.
  4. What do you think of a petition to open-source OFP / Arma Cold War Assault code? I know it's been a hot topic throughout the years, but I'm happy to resurrect it here a little. I sometimes play the classic OFP myself and there's some really cool people still improving it, so that'd be a great help towards improving the classic title that started it all. Also - does anybody know if BIS ever made some kind of statement regarding this matter?
  5. Tweaked: The diag_setLightNew and diag_lightNewLoad script commands were enabled for the Diagnostics executable Tweaked: The"hiddenSelectionsTextures" now works on magazines (only if weapon supports the magazine as proxy) hm, `hiddenSelectionsTextures` looks particular interesting. has anybody tried any of these out already? share your feedback, if possible ;)
  6. there absolutely may be rational reasons not share their top quality models - maybe they're planning to go the independent game route and release their own title on UE4 or any other highly accessible engine out there. nobody knows exactly, but there might be tons of potential for this.
  7. Really sad news for the WW2 community... Good luck in your future endeavors, guys! And yes - as others mentioned, it'd be a great help to donate at least a very little part of your amazing assets to some of the guys that are still focusing their time on WW2 (IFA, etc.). Thank you!
  8. inlesco

    Winter 2035

    great stuff, crazy mike! will you be also adding winter-ish textures to various props, stone walls (that are so many on the maps...) etc. ? that'd be even more amazing!
  9. the variety of at-ease walk animations would be great to have in-game. it really breaks the immersion seeing a bunch of guys walking the same way in a Line or any other formation.
  10. inlesco

    Forums Upgrade

    Hi BIF team, is there any way to personalize the [RECENT TOPICS] and [RECENT POSTS] (sidebar on the right), so each user can configure what posts and topics he wants to see? A simple example - I'm no longer playing A2 or A2CO or OFP, so any post or thread is of no interest to me. In the same way, it should allow to configure threads you want follow ONLY, f.e., A3 Scripting & Mission editing subforum ar anything else. That'd be a very beneficial addition to somewhat replace the current notifications implementation because it's less spammy and, thus, noisy.
  11. inlesco

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    that's really nice! I noticed the vehicles facing each other are very close to the road's center. It's still possible to control that offset right? So for instance the Hunter drives more righty and less lefty, possibly in the center of his traffic lane.
  12. inlesco

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    Some great news from the recent dev branch build for AI driving of wheeled vehs: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/140837-development-branch-changelog/?page=46&tab=comments#comment-3240468 Anybody fancy to share some impressions from the update?
  13. great work on the map, guys! looking magnificent! keep up the great work! can't wait for a release. some places really do look cozy on a sunny day :)
  14. @eggbeast you might get some luck on Arma 3 Discord on this, in #creators_recruiting channel. Cannot guarantee success 100%, but it's worth a shot. Here's an instant invite url to #creators_recruiting: https://discord.gg/EPWUUYQ