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  1. IndeedPete

    Pete's Texture Templates

    Could be the one under cars / BLUFOR / turret_co.
  2. IndeedPete

    Pete's Texture Templates

    I've updated the link after Google decided to disable it for some reason. Download should work again.
  3. Yes, there seems to be an odd bug where missions show up in the shop that shouldn't. This one you're referring to should not be accessible anymore at this stage. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reproduce the issue on my end yet.
  4. Thanks! Well, it's probably buggy. Whenever there's AI tasked to do anything, expect things to go wrong. I'm afraid, you have to attack head-on.
  5. Well, yes that's possible. There is the expression config property in the missionConversations.hpp where you can run any code you want. It is executed once the response is selected and the dialog opened. Check the first page for an example.
  6. Apparently, I did. Check sample below. class IP_B_KSK_Heli_Transport_01_Base_F: B_Heli_Transport_01_F { displayName = "KSK Heli Transport 01 Base"; scope = 0; class Turrets; }; class IP_B_KSK_Heli_Transport_01_Base_H: IP_B_KSK_Heli_Transport_01_Base_F { class Turrets: Turrets { class CopilotTurret; class MainTurret; class RightDoorGun; }; }; class IP_B_KSK_Heli_Transport_01_F: IP_B_KSK_Heli_Transport_01_Base_H { crew = "IP_B_KSK_Heli_Pilot_F"; // Yadda, yadda... typicalCargo[] = {"IP_B_KSK_Soldier_F"}; class Turrets: Turrets { class CopilotTurret: CopilotTurret { gunnerType = "IP_B_KSK_Heli_Pilot_F"; }; class MainTurret: MainTurret { gunnerType = "IP_B_KSK_Heli_Pilot_F"; }; class RightDoorGun: RightDoorGun { gunnerType = "IP_B_KSK_Heli_Pilot_F"; }; }; };
  7. Thank you. Not sure that is possible. But if it is, it would probably some event script set in dialogs.hpp.
  8. It was always trial and error for me as well. Some only work with certain commands and for others, you have to disableAI "ANIM" first.
  9. Oh well, that happens. No worries!
  10. It might be BI changed something and now it doesn't work anymore. I'm personally only using the multiple choice dialog version these days.
  11. Okay, what does the error message say?
  12. In the last line of your script, you refer to a hostager while you probably meant to write hostage.
  13. IndeedPete

    Pete's Texture Templates

    Basically, yes. You could manually cut out or cover the empty parts that aren't applied to the model but there's no difference in-game. However, camo patterns are tricky. You probably need to adjust them so they seamlessly fit the model and don't break up. This process of cutting, moving, turning, and retrying in-game is quite time-consuming and no template can do that for you. Also, you might need to tweek the colours, dirt, filter opacity etc. Sometimes you get weird artifacts with certain colours. It's trial and error. At least for me.
  14. IndeedPete

    Pete's Texture Templates

    Well, put your colour as top layer in that group.
  15. IndeedPete

    Pete's Texture Templates

    There should be a colour layer in there or not?