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  1. For reference: http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Script_Snippets#Adding_Custom_Inits_to_Spawned_Units In that case it should be relatively simple. Untested code that would go into your description.ext: class Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class Man { init = "if !(isPlayer _this) then {_this call BIS_fnc_objectVar; [_this, """MyTopic"""] call IP_fnc_addConversation;}"; }; };
  2. Not sure. Does AliVE provide you with a way to access the spawned units and/or their init lines at start up? If not, you'd be stuck with constant or periodic looping over allUnits.
  3. You probably mean this hold action they introduced in Apex. You could adapt this: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/192346-woah-woah-woah-bi-trying-to-sneak-one-in/#entry3058266
  4. Update thanks to Undeceived! Version: 1.03 Changelog 1.03 - 17.08.2018 FIXED: Reload bug thanks to Undeceived. License Animations sources are taken from Bohemia Interactive Studios' official licensed data packages. Content created by IndeedPete is published under the "Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)". You are free to take or change anything you can use, just give me a mention in the credits. Credits & Thanks BIS for their tutorials and licensed data packages. Undeceived for contributing to the project by adding new animations. Download Dropbox v1.03 Steam Workshop v1.03 (Addon Only, No Sources)
  5. IndeedPete

    KSK 2035 - Tropic

    Thank you. No, I don't think I will update EUROFORCE anymore. My capacity is rather limited and I'm not inclined to work on mods I'm not using (anymore) in my own content or my clan's missions.
  6. IndeedPete

    KSK 2035 - Tropic

    Update! I know it's been like one and a half year but there we go. Most notable changes are probably the KSK Arid faction suited mainly to Altis and Malden environments, and the KSK Showcase taking you out to a public exhibition on Tanoa. Version v1.40 Changelog 1.40 22.04.2018 CHANGED: Texture improvements to personal gear and uniforms. CHANGED: Provided all weapons used with their real names. ADDED: KSK Loading Screen Icon ADDED: KSK Prowler Unarmed (Tropic) ADDED: KSK Prowler MMG (Tropic) ADDED: KSK UH-80 Ghost Hawk (Tropic) ADDED: KSK AW101 Merlin (Tropic) ADDED: KSK Sig 556 DMR 7.62mm (Tropic) ADDED: KSK Stealth Balaclava (Tropic) ADDED: Marksman (Sig) ADDED: Recon Marksman (Sig) ADDED: KSK Showcase ADDED: KSK 2035 (Arid) Known Issues The thermal-imaging-proof facewear clips through soft headgear such as booniehats and caps. Both Pandur II and Leopard 2 show AAF-coloured elements due to missing hidden selections (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T119594). Licence Content created by IndeedPete is published under the "Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)". You are free to take or change anything you can use, just give me a mention in the credits. Download Dropbox v1.40 Steam Workshop v1.40 Credits Road Runner for allowing me to re-texture his awesome 6094 vests! Igor Nikolaev for his Russian translation! Bohemia for the splendid game that is Arma 3!
  7. IndeedPete

    KSK 2035 - Tropic

  8. Could be. Though I'm using the vanilla layout. I would rather think this was just a bug. It never occured in the stable versions of the game.
  9. @People saying one should just stay in the gunner seat: I can see where you are coming from (and maybe I'll try it again that way) but I tend to say in the driver seat because again, commanding the driver is so wobbly and unreliable. Not sure if it was because of DevBranch, but often times when I had the AI driver stop the vehicle, he randomly started moving it again. I feel in order to play vehicles effectively (particularly with all the AT infantry around) one needs to be able to navigate precisely from cover to cover, like when playing infantry. I just cannot do that remote controlling the AI driver, it's not precise enough. Also, the constant radio babbling (forward-forward-back-left-stop-forward-forward-forward...) is so damn annoying. Another plus when dirving myself is that I don't just get run over by the driver when I disembark the vehicle because he suddenly feels the urge to get back into formation - even if I issued a stop command before.
  10. I've played through both the showcase and the mini-campaign. Disclaimer: take this with a pinch of salt as at some point I started cheating and made myself invincible because I just couldn't be bothered with AI vehicle commanding. It's infuriatingly frustrating. This is really the biggest gripe I had with both the Tanks and also the TacOps DLC. With that out of the way... Showcase: Campaign: All in all, the tanks are pretty cool but the AI commanding killed the playable content for me.
  11. IndeedPete

    KSK 2035 - Tropic

    Thank you, I've actually created sort of my own Multicam derivate somewhat tailored to the Altian colour scheme as I couldn't find a decent sample for Multitarn. However, time flies and I wasn't able to push the update yet. And I'm too anxious to announce anything as I really don't know when the next time slot is where I can actually work on anything.
  12. IndeedPete

    What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    One thing I thought about earlier when playing Lexx's CSAT campaign (good stuff by the way, you guys should try it) is that friendly AI can be a significant factor in perceived diffculty. I want to scream in terror at my screen every time I'm in a vehicle with an AI crew. I don't know if AI behaviour and skill are affected by a player being in command but I've had multiple instances where I was in a tank's commander seat, an enemy in plain view, but the gunner AI didn't detect him yet and I wasn't able to report the enemy or set him as target. In a real life situation or co-op game, I would just talk to the gunner but with Arma's terrible commanding UI, it's often impossible to react in time. All I can do is sit there, watching the enemy getting out its rocket launcher, hoping that the AI gunner detects and fights him in time. Same problem with telling the AI to prioritise targets, such as AT-carriers or machine gunners. And let'st not talk about AI driving. Trying to keep your own vehicle behind good cover during a fight is next to impossible if you're not driving yourself. Similar goes for stealth missions with AI teammates. I tend to just leave them at the start and do everything myself as they tend to get detected quite fast. They just don't know when to crawl, when to fully stop, or when to sprint into hiding.
  13. IndeedPete

    What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    Let them suffer, I'd say. The most tense experiences I've had in really difficult situations. Just leave the player some room to manoeuvre so he can try different approaches when he fails. Be sure to set up fair save points so it doesn't become too frustrating. Difficulty in Arma is a complicated thing. Sometimes in a mission your squad gets wiped out by single enemy who happens to be in a good position, and other times the same mission feels like a cakewalk. It's pretty hard to come up with good and reliable troop sizes and AI skill settings. To be honest, I rarely notice a difference between different AI skill levels. In my opinion, a lot of the complaints about the AI being super accurate come down to players either not understanding the detection system or blatantly standing upright in an open field. It's a bit of a learning curve. Because I could never be bothered to fiddle around with individual skill levels in the editor, I tend to use a script to set some basic levels. (Just in case it actually affects the gameplay. :D) I found these numbers on the forums years ago.
  14. So, after having put aside Arma for a while, I jumped the DevBranch the second I heard about the new campaign - and it was worth it. :) I thoroughly enjoyed my first playthrough and totally digged the story and the way it was presented. Overall, the campaign feels very slick and professional. (And both the amount and quality of the voice acting is outstanding.) It let's you forget the clunkyness Arma's still plagued with at times. The mistakes Apex Protocol did, regarding the low difficulty and the weak storytelling, Remnants of War mostly avoided. It's great to see our feedback being taken into account that way. Also, the epmhasis on non-combat missions was something I thought about myself a few times and I'm glad to see it executed so well. From a technical perspective, it ran fine - mostly. Sometimes frames went down for a second when shifting between past and present, and during cutscenes (cool to see the old camera script stuff is still usable by the way) objects would often take a second to fade in. Standard Arma problems mostly, nothing to worry about too much. Finally, I just loved how I constantly felt reminded of either earlier Arma / OFP campaigns or popular user-made content of our time. Intentional or not, all these little details hidden all over the (pretty well designed) place are a great tribute to the series. In short, the best piece of official SP content for a long time. Some minor remarks: