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    Member of the Team Mercenaires-Francais.fr since several years now, InGmae Integrator for AMF Mod until Version 004, actually just working for my team and helping some others modders when possible.
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  1. yanoukovytsch

    SOF UNITS ADDONS by massi

    Hi Massi, You work also the 1st of the year 🙂 Great Job and thanks for French Stuff ! Do you need Help for something, like different camo for weapons or other? Happy New Year to you 🙂 Stay Safe, Cheers, Yanou
  2. yanoukovytsch

    [WIP] Winter Viper Faction

    Dear Richard, Thanks, No worry if you use it with your own modpack but credits th Autor as for all modders (me in this case), give the Bohemia / Steam link so clients can download the original one and send me the link to your Server; I guess you have a website or forum as all Teams... Cheers, Yanou
  3. yanoukovytsch

    [WIP] Winter Viper Faction

    Just added Steam link, sorry for the delay (life is life 😀)
  4. yanoukovytsch

    creation of trigger condition

    Hello, I think the question has already been answered by Iceman77, did you try this in trigger condition? {alive _x && (side _x) == independent} count allUnits == 5 Source : Cheers
  5. yanoukovytsch

    SOF UNITS ADDONS by massi

    Wow, Great & Fast work 🧡 Cheers, Yanou
  6. yanoukovytsch

    SOF UNITS ADDONS by massi

    Hi Massi, Thanks a lot again for your work; as Twinzeko wrote, don't hesitate to ask us if you need help (documentation, integration question, 3d needs...). Cheers and Stay Safe.
  7. yanoukovytsch

    SOF UNITS ADDONS by massi

    Dear Massi, Again thanks for the huge work. I just sent you a feedback on Steam but to be sure, I post it here : """""""" Dear Massi, First thanks a lot for your come back in Arma 3 and thanks for the release of the FRASOF which is already in our Public Server; I got a feedback for the Stinger, there is a little issue with usti hlavne and konec hlavne memory points on Z axis I think, it means that it's a little bit difficult to lock planes or heli through the sight of the stinger. Here are two links describing the issue: https://i.ibb.co/sqBwQTy/Sans-titre.png , https://i.ibb.co/tXr40wh/stinger-mas.png ; again thanks a lot for the great job and hope you'll be able to fix this issue. Cheers, Yanou."""""""""
  8. yanoukovytsch

    GF Auto Population Script - Mod

    Not Tested but I know that it will be great as ever ^^ THX George !
  9. yanoukovytsch

    GF Building Replacement Script - Mod

    Hi George, thanks, I was wondering for this kind of scripts for a mission ^^
  10. Yeah ! Glad to see that Massi is back, our Team played for a long time with Massi's weapons. @Massi : did you ask JSRS Studios for the needed sounds, maybe they can help ^^ 🤙
  11. Great Work which gave me the envy to create Viper Winter and AAF Winter. Thanks for the Inspiration ^^
  12. yanoukovytsch

    [WIP] Winter Viper Faction

    Hi madpat3, thanks for the feedback, could you please send me your mission by MP please? I just tested it on dedicated, it works through Zeus but I'd like to test with your mission to solve this issue. I think I'll have to recreate the base for each vehicle. Thanks again. Hi stburr91 and madpat3, I'll publish it also on Steam for the V003.
  13. yanoukovytsch

    GF Vehicle Radio chatter script

    Nice work again and it's really nice to let other modders, Teams to repack the mod with their own sounds ^^ Great as ever !!
  14. Hi All, The Goal of this Retexture Mod is to add more Winter Stuff as already did IndeedPete (Thanks for your job) with his Snow Tigers CSAT Mod. This is a beginning but I hope to add more particular Units and dedicated vehicles soon. Actually WInter Vipers can be found under "Winter Viper" faction in OPFOR Side. There are one Infantry Squad and three Infantry Teams (AA, AT, Demo) available. I also added a tactical vest to each unit as it's cold in Winter and I retextured weapons, bags, uniforms and helmets (but indeed I am not a specialist in Texturing) which are all available in Arsenal. To Bohemia, I hope not to break rule as I used your content and if yes let me know how to correct my mistakes. Changelog V0.0.1: - Added : Winter Weapons and Equipments (ARX, Uniform, Tactical Vest, Helmet, Titan AT, Titan AA). - Added : Winter Viper units (WH Viper Rifleman, WH Viper Team Leader, WH Viper Explosive, WH Viper Medic, WH Viper Marksman, WH Viper AT, WH Viper AA, WH Viper JTAC). - Added : Winter Viper Faction (OPFOR / WInter Viper). - Added : Winter Viper Groups (Winter Viper Team, Winter Viper AA Team, Winter Viper AT Team, Winter Viper Demo Team). Below some Screenshots: Thanks in advance for your feedbacks, questions, support and to Bohemia Interactive for the only game I have in my Computer. Update 1st of January 2019 (Happy New Year to All) Changelog V0.0.2: - Added : Winter Viper unit WH Viper Repair Specialist. - Added : Winter Viper Squad (7 units). - Tweaked : Winter Viper Team (WH Viper Team Leader, WH Viper JTAC, WH Viper Medic, WH Viper Marksman). - Added : Winter Motorized Infantry Squads (Winter Viper Motorized Squad, Winter Viper Motorized(Armed) Squad, Winter Viper Motorized(AT) Squad). - Added : WH Qilins (included WH Qilin unarmored, WH Qilin armored, WH Qilin AT). - Added : WH Viper Zamak MRL. - Added : WH Viper Y-32 Xi'an (Infantry Transport) and WH Viper Y-32 Xi'an (Vehicle Transport). - Added : WH Winter Viper Pilot. - Added : Winter Viper Diver Team Leader, Winter Viper Diver Explosive Specialist, Winter Viper Diver Medic and Winter Viper Diver (AT). - Added : Winter Viper Diver Team, Winter Viper Guards, Winter Viper Motorized Artillery. Donwload Links: Steam Link : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2250835534 Armaholic Link : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=34705 Yanou
  15. yanoukovytsch

    GF Auto Loot Script - Mod

    Do you sleep sometimes George?? Nice work as ever :)