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Found 217 results

  1. Hello guys, inspired by the great MarkXIII and with a new audio engine around the corner here we go with ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~ What? A place to ask questions (no matter how stupid you think they are) related to the creation and implementation of audio into Arma 3. Be precise, if you have RPT problems, post the RPTs into code boxes so they don't take away half of the site space. Creation -> audio engeneering, sound waves. Implementation -> configs & tools, programming. Valid questions: I have a sound X, how do I put it into the game? how does the whole wav <-> wss/ogg system work? I want the pitch of my engine sound to change, how do I do that? my audio sounds like Y but I want it to sound like X, how do I do that? Not valid questions: when will bohemia release X? is mod X compatible with mod Y? sound-system related questions (my headphones don't work in 5.1 mode) Why? There is no central ArmA 3 sound modding thread. We are all spread around Skype, Discord and PMs, this should serve a central meeting point. Game audio is very closely connected to technical stuff so this should be good for people who can create audio but have problems with implementing it into the game. Good for newcomers: open PBOs and edit current sounds add their own sounds to the game create certain sounds for the game create their own workflow Who? Anyone who wants to help out should help. We already have experienced Arma-Audio advanced users here such as Audiocustoms, TheMaster303, Myself, Laxeman and LordJarhead (probably more that I forget, please PM me their names) all being active community members and having their own areas of expertiese who can surely help. Content I will start producing educational content. Also YOU guys are the content. Ask away. Text Bohemia Wiki - Sound Page, learn about audio configuration Custom script to make the AI fire in full auto, full weapon speed at player position View sound controllers (For the first time in ArmA!) Videos What tools do I need to access BI content in order to learn from it? P: drive & how do I package my audio into a mod that works? Advanced tool usage to speed up workflow Current to-do list for me: What tools do I need to access BI content in order to learn from it? P: drive & how do I package my audio into a mod that works? Basic sound replacement (will probably wait with this until the new engine is out). Advanced tool usage to speed up workflow. Understanding config files & tree structure More detailed explanation of parameters in configuration. Additional Some info about the current state of the "interior" controller used for weapon tails.
  2. Hello, so I'm an amateur at this so I have pieced this script for a custom retexture of a helmet but it keeps returning "cannot load texture" when I try to load it in the arsenal. class CfgPatches { class 6TH_uniforms_addon { units[]={}; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=1; requiredAddons[]={}; }; }; class cfgMods { author="Shatter"; }; class cfgWeapons { class rhsusf_hgu56p_visor; class 6TH_C_Harmon_hgu56p_visor: rhsusf_hgu56p_visor { author="Shatter"; scope=2; displayName="HGU-56/P (Harmon)"; picture=""; hiddenSelections[]= {"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= {"6th_uniforms\6th_uniforms\data\rhs_hgu56_olv_Harmon_Custom_co.paa"}; }; };
  3. Hello! I would like to play the S.O.G Prairie Fire coop campaign together with my friends on our dedicated server and not on public servers or a self-hosted game. With the Apex coop campaign you only have to enter the missions in the server.cfg. Here is an example: class Missions { class TestMission01 { template = MP_Marksmen_01.Altis; difficulty = "veteran"; class Params {}; }; class TestMission02 { template = MP_End_Game_01.Altis; difficulty = "veteran"; class Params {}; }; class TestMission03 { template = MP_End_Game_02.Altis; difficulty = "veteran"; class Params {}; }; class TestMission04 { template = MP_End_Game_03.Altis; difficulty = "veteran"; class Params {}; }; }; another example: class MPMissions { class Apex { briefingName = $STR_A3_CoopCampaignName; class EXP_m01 { briefingName = $STR_A3_exp_m01_missionname; directory = "a3\missions_f_exp\campaign\missions\exp_m01.tanoa"; }; class EXP_m02 { briefingName = $STR_A3_exp_m02_missionname; directory = "a3\missions_f_exp\campaign\missions\exp_m02.tanoa"; }; class EXP_m03 { briefingName = $STR_A3_exp_m03_missionname; directory = "a3\missions_f_exp\campaign\missions\exp_m03.tanoa"; }; }; }; But how do I do it now with the S.O.G missions? Can someone send me a template for the server.cfg? I am looking forward to help!
  4. I want to use the sound config of official Tank like MBT_01(Merkava) MBT_02(T100) MBT_03(MBT52) for my custom tank, but i cant find the Sound config files and i dont know how to attach it to my mod (Only found the official *.wss of inbuild tanks) Anyone know How to use inbuild sound.hpp directly, or where is it? I do not want to rewrite the sound.hpp of arma samples and test the codes one by one
  5. Greetings! I wanted HMDs for the West German helicopters from Global Mobilization, so I've made a small compatibility patch for Kimi's HMDs Mod. I was going to keep this as an in-house mod for my group, but I figured there's more than a few people that might find this useful. Adds HMDs for the following GM helicopters: West Germany, - CH-53G - CH-53GS - VBH-1 - VBH-1A1 - VBH-1A1 Swooper - PAH-1 - PAH-1A1 I don't intend on adding the East German or Polish helicopters, but I may if it is requested. This is my first mod release for ArmA 3, so please if anything isn't working correctly (especially MP functionality, as I haven't been able to test that yet) let me know! Thanks to, - Kimi, HMDs Mod - Vertexmacht, Global Mobilization - Bohemia Interactive, for obvious reasons... Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2446018592
  6. Advanced Developer Tools by Leopard20 Short description: An addon that adds completely new and revamped developer tools to the game, including a Debug Console with syntax highlighting, Config Viewer with many new features, etc. Long description: If you're a mod/mission maker, then you definitely must've used the Debug Console, the Config Viewer, as well as other in-game tools that can help you test and verify your codes and configs. But when you use those tools, the first thing that strikes you is their clunkiness and a rather user-unfriendly design. For instance, lack of syntax highlighting in Debug Console means that you'll have to actually read every single word of your code in order to make sure you haven't made a typo, etc. That's why most of us use third party code editors such as Visual Studio Code and Notepad++. But this means that you'll have to switch out of the game every time you want to write and test some code. Or let's take a look at the Config Viewer: every time you want to go one level deeper into the config, the whole config viewer must be reloaded! And if you have hundreds of mods loaded, this means you have to spend more time waiting for the Config Viewer to load than actually viewing the config! This is exactly why I made this mod: to make the Arma environment more user friendly to the mod/mission makers. So without further ado, let's take a look at the features! Screenshots: Features: Documentation: The documentation is available in the mod folder. You can find the online version here. Download: Steam Workshop Note: This is a preview release. Please provide feedback regarding the mod features, such as design, what you'd like to see, etc. Thank you! Localization: Interested in translating the mod to your language? Or maybe the translation is not good and you'd like to improve it? Please visit the localization repository on GitHub. Known issues: FAQ: Requirements: None (Arma 3 v2.02+)
  7. So long story short i made a mod which retextures the NATO vanilla vehicles problem is, and ill try my best to explain it. If for example i just hop into editor play as a character but have not spawned ANY of the retextured vehicles in the map as soon as i log into zeus i simply just cant see the category made for those vehicles neither can i find them but if i go back to the EDEN editor and spawn a single vehicle from the category and then log in as zeus my retextures are suddenly available, i have no idea why and i have a slight suspicion my code is possessed. class CfgEditorCategories { class baseCat { displayName = "NATO Digital woodland"; }; }; class cfgVehicles { class B_MBT_01_cannon_F; class Digital_MBT : B_MBT_01_cannon_F { author = "Psyco"; scope = 2; scopeCurator = 2; side = 1; editorCategory = "baseCat"; faction = "BLU_F"; displayName = "Digital Merkava"; crew = "B_crew_F"; hiddenSelections[] = {"camo1","camo2"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\digital_retex_NATO_Armor\data\Merkava\body_CO.paa","\digital_retex_NATO_Armor\data\Merkava\MBT_Turret.paa"}; }; }; Heres a snip of my code Any ideas?
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm new to modding and I made a custom explosive mod and most things are working fine but I have a couple of questions. I have something like a bomb satchel that's a remote bomb, and I'm wondering what the different options on certain commands do. Is there a list of the different explosions that can be used in the ExplosionEffects field I've found some obviously, but is there a reference list anywhere? triggerWhenDestroyed is something I've seen in the CUP mods but can't find anything out about it. I assume enabling it causes the bomb to trigger when destroyed but doesn't seem to do anything. Edit: My bombs show up under Magazines, instead of explosives how do I setup my cfg weapons so they appear under explosives. class CfgWeapons { class Default; class Put: Default { class PutMuzzle; class PipeBombMuzzle: PutMuzzle { magazines[] = {"SuitcaseBombMag","SuitcasePipeBomb_Mag"}; }; }; }; Figured that part out Thanks for any help.
  9. Hello, I have a problem with my config.cpp. I want to create a mod in which I add functions to the function library. I have already looked at and tried many posts and github mods, but all variants end up with the same problem. The functions are not found after Arma start. (Warning Message: Script beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\save\fn_dbSaveAct.sqf not found) THE PROBLEM IS SOLVED !!! LOOK AT THE END OF THE POST I will now enter a variant as an example that seems to me the most sensible of the approx. 40 variants that I have tried. config.cpp: class CfgPatches { class beo_mod_serv_db { author = "MBMC"; requiredAddons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; }; }; class CfgFunctions { class mbmc { class beo_mod_serv_db_save { file = "addons\beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\save"; // I forgot the addons\ folder class dbSaveAct{}; class dbSaveAm{}; class dbSaveAmPylon{}; class dbSaveBui{}; class dbSaveCargo{}; class dbSaveFiller{}; class dbSaveFobObj{}; class dbSaveGarage{}; class dbSaveGearVeh{}; class dbSaveLoc{}; class dbSaveMark{}; class dbSaveMarkUser{}; class dbSaveMhq{}; class dbSaveMineF{}; class dbSaveSani{}; class dbSaveSup{}; class dbSaveVar{}; class dbSaveVeh{}; }; class beo_mod_serv_db_save_ini { file = "addons\beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\save\ini"; // I forgot the addons\ folder class dbIniAryNum{}; class dbIniArySize{}; class dbIniD{}; class dbIniDelete{}; class dbIniM{}; class dbIniS{}; class dbIniSave{}; class dbIniSin{}; }; class beo_mod_serv_db_load { file = "addons\beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\load"; // I forgot the addons\ folder class dbLoadAct{}; class dbLoadAm{}; class dbLoadAmPylon{}; class dbLoadStatic{}; class dbLoadBui{}; class dbLoadCargo{}; class dbLoadComp{}; class dbLoadFiller{}; class dbLoadFlag{}; class dbLoadFob{}; class dbLoadGarage{}; class dbLoadLoc{}; class dbLoadMain{}; class dbLoadMark{}; class dbLoadMarkFin{}; class dbLoadMhq{}; class dbLoadMis{}; class dbLoadSani{}; class dbLoadSup{}; class dbLoadVeh{}; }; class beo_mod_serv_db_load_ini { file = "addons\beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\load\ini"; // I forgot the addons\ folder class dbIniL{}; class dbIniLd{}; class dbIniLm{}; class dbIniLmd{}; class dbIniLoadUser{}; class dbIniLs{}; }; }; }; Mod Structure: @beo_server >> addons >> beo_serv_db >> inside folder "beo_serv_db": config.cpp folder name: fnc inside folder "fnc": folder name: save >> lot of functions: fn_dbSaveAct,fn_dbSaveAm,fn_dbSaveAmPylon..... etc. and another folder: ini >> also lot of functions: fn_dbIniAryNum,fn_dbIniArySize.....etc folder name: load >> lot of functions: fn_dbLoadAct,fn_dbLoadAm,fn_dbLoadAmPylon.....etc. and another folder: ini >> also lot of functions: fn_dbIniL,fn_dbIniLd......etc I test it also with only one function in only one fnc folder but I cant get it to work. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Functions_Library#:~:text=Arma 3 Functions Library is,Functions manager to be present. In this wiki post I test both variants File Path and Folder Path but same results. I create the mod with Arma 3 Tools and Addon Builder. I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance. MBMC SOLUTION: After another 2 days of testing, I found the solution. So if anyone has the same problem here is the solution: config.cpp: I forgot the "addons" folder. So the file path must be: file = "addons\beo_mod_serv_db\fnc\save"; file = "addons\yourModPBOname\FolderOfYourFunctions\SubFolderIfYouNeed"; So this post can be closed.
  10. Hi guys, I'm trying to use a CBA slider to effect a particular sound volume in the example here its the MX, but its going to end up being a few different sounds. My slider is going to go from zero to one and I'm hoping to just send a multiplier to the particular sound(s). So, I'm hoping to effect the volumeFactor with a multiplier, is this possible and if so how do I send it to the particular sound? Do I just have to redefine the class? Are these values editable on the fly, or is this somthing that would be better redefined? A little more... So, not only do I have to target a specific variable (I guess by name?) but I need to do it for multiple classes as well as each class may have the variable in a different position, I'm a little out of my depth here so I'm not sure if array structure applies to classes?
  11. Hello Arma Developers, Coders and Fans, I finished a script to test each arguments and expected result for functions and its diagnostic results in very easy way. e.g: // ---- PROCESS ---- [ [ "Test Datatypes", [ // ---- TEST NIL [ "MB_IS_NIL( VAR )", [ [ "should be nil", { true }, { nil } ], [ "should not be nil", { false }, { _typeBoolNull } ], [ "should not be nil", { false }, { _typeBoolContent } ] ], { MB_IS_NIL( _this ) } ], // ---- TEST BOOL [ "MB_IS_BOOL( VAR )", [ [ "should be boolean", { true }, { _typeBoolNull } ], [ "should not be boolean", { false }, { _typeSclNull } ], [ "should not be boolean", { false }, { _typeSclContent } ] ], { MB_IS_BOOL( _this ) } ] ] ], 10000 0 ] call MB_fnc_testFunctions; All worked fine. Now I need a simple way to display in RSC format the output array is like this [ _header, [ _desc, _args, _expect, _return, _result, _diag ] ] "Display3DENCopy" I like to use, but I realy do not know how to use the BIS defined RSC and could I use it anyway??? I look forward for asweres :
  12. Hey guys, I have created several buildings and objects to use them on my terrain. After placing them with the terrain builder and exporting them ingame, the doors are not working anymore. No scroll option either. In EDEN everything is working perfect! Here´s my object class and model.cfg class CfgVehicles { class Static; class PDE_larmschutz_tur : Static { author = "Prodeath21"; displayName = "$STR_PDE_larmschutz_tur"; scope = 2; scopecurator = 2; model = "\projekt_deutschland_structures\larmschutz\larmschutz_tur.p3d"; icon = "iconObject_4x1"; editorCategory = "PDE_Addon"; editorSubcategory = "PDE_larmschutz"; editorPreview = "\projekt_deutschland_structures\larmschutz\icons\preview_PDE_larmschutz_tur.jpg"; class AnimationSources { class Door_1_sound_source { source = "user"; initPhase = 0; animPeriod = 1; sound = "MetalOldDoorsSound"; //From: A3\sounds_f\config.cpp soundPosition = "Door_1_trigger"; }; class Door_1_noSound_source { source = "user"; initPhase = 0; animPeriod = 1; }; class Door_1_locked_source { source = "user"; initPhase = 0; animPeriod = 0.80000001; }; }; class UserActions { class OpenDoor { displayNameDefault = "<img image='\A3\Ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\open_door_ca.paa' size='2.5' />"; displayName = "$STR_DN_OUT_O_DOOR"; position = "Door_1_trigger"; priority = 1; actionNamedSel = "door"; radius = 2; aiMaxRange = 5.25; onlyForPlayer = 0; condition = "((this animationSourcePhase 'Door_1_sound_source') < 0.5) && (cameraOn isKindOf 'CAManBase')"; statement = "([this, 1, 1] call BIS_fnc_Door)"; }; class CloseDoor: OpenDoor { displayNameDefault = "<img image='\A3\Ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\open_door_ca.paa' size='2.5' />"; displayName = "$STR_DN_OUT_C_DOOR"; priority = 1; condition = "((this animationSourcePhase 'Door_1_sound_source') >= 0.5) && ((this getVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_1', 0]) != 1) && (cameraOn isKindOf 'CAManBase')"; statement = "([this, 1, 0] call BIS_fnc_Door)"; }; }; }; }; My P3D name: "larmschutz_tur.p3d" class CfgSkeletons { class Default { isDiscrete = 1; skeletonInherit = ""; skeletonBones[] = {}; }; class PDE_larmschutz_sceleton: Default { skeletonInherit = "Default"; skeletonBones[]= { "", "" }; }; class PDE_larmschutz_tur_sceleton: Default { skeletonInherit = "Default"; skeletonBones[]= { "door", "" }; }; }; class CfgModels { class Default { skeletonName=""; sections[]={}; sectionsInherit=""; }; class larmschutz: Default { skeletonName="PDE_larmschutz_sceleton"; sections[]={""}; sectionsInherit=""; }; class larmschutz_tur: larmschutz { skeletonName="PDE_larmschutz_tur_sceleton"; sections[]={""}; class Animations { class Door_1 { type = rotation; source = Door_1_sound_source; selection = door; axis = door_axis; memory = 1; minValue = 0.1; maxValue = 1; angle0 = 0; angle1 = (rad 80); }; }; }; }; In the Geometry LOD I added the propertys "class = building", "map = wall" I allready tryed for 2 weeks without a solution... Thx for your help! :)
  13. Im new to modding arma and when i tried to make my first mod,but addon builder shows this...
  14. Greetings reader, here's my problem: I've been trying to retexture some CUP Units gear yet although I'm able to see the new gear in-game, it still loads the original texture instead of the new one despite everything seems to be perfect. So I'm supposing it is something stupid I'm not aware. Here's my config and file structure: @Takistan97\logo.paa @Takistan97\mod.cpp @Takistan97\addons\tk97\config.cpp @Takistan97\addons\tk97\data\kzg_afg_helmet_co.paa (DXT1 Compressed) @Takistan97\addons\tk97\data\logo.paa class CfgPatches { class Takistan97 { weapons[] = {"TK97_KZG_Helmet"}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Characters_F","CUP_Creatures_People_Core","CUP_Creatures_Military_SLA" }; author = "Grester & Volker"; }; }; class CfgMods { class Mod_Base; class Mod_TK97: Mod_Base { picture="tk97\data\logo.paa"; logo="tk97\data\logo.paa"; logoSmall="tk97\data\logo.paa"; tooltipOwned="Takistan '97"; overview="Placeholder"; hideName=1; hidePicture=0; name="Takistan '97"; }; }; class cfgWeapons { //INHERITED CONFIG class CUP_H_SLA_Helmet; class TK97_KZG_Helmet: CUP_H_SLA_Helmet { dlc="Mod_TK97"; author = "Grester"; displayName = "Karzeghistani Helmet"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"tk97\data\kzg_afg_helmet_co.paa"}; }; //HARDCODED CONFIG /*class InventoryItem_Base_F; class ItemCore; class HeadgearItem{ class ItemInfo; }; class TK97_KZG_Helmet: ItemCore { scope = 2; dlc="Mod_TK97"; author = "Grester"; displayName = "Karzeghistani Helmet"; descriptionShort="$STR_A3_SP_AL_II"; picture="\CUP\Creatures\People\Military\CUP_Creatures_People_Military_Taki\data\ui\icon_h_tk_helmet_ca.paa"; model="\CUP\Creatures\People\Military\CUP_Creatures_People_Military_SLA\CUP_SLA_Helmet.p3d"; hiddenSelections[]={"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"tk97\data\kzg_afg_helmet_co.paa"}; class ItemInfo: HeadgearItem { mass=10; uniformModel="\CUP\Creatures\People\Military\CUP_Creatures_People_Military_SLA\CUP_SLA_Helmet.p3d"; allowedSlots[]={801,901,701,605}; modelSides[]={0,3}; armor=5; passThrough=0.5; hiddenSelections[]={"camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"tk97\data\kzg_afg_helmet_co.paa"}; class HitpointsProtectionInfo { class Head { hitpointName="HitHead"; armor=6; passThrough=0.5; }; }; }; };*/ }; I've successfully retextured Arma 3 vanilla gear before, but I remember I've had trouble in past doing the same for CUP gear even though I've successfully retextured CUP vehicles. I've tried normal inherited config and hardcoded config, neither work. I've inspected another CUP gear retexture mod from the workshop and can't see any difference. I've read ArmA_3_Replacement_Config_Tutorial and Arma_3_Characters_And_Gear_Encoding_Guide for any hints. I've watched old youtube tutorials. Arma gives no errors on the logs. Not even MikeroTools's PBOProject gives any error and successfully builds the PBO. I'm even considering it might not be a problem with config/mod itself, as the object always finds a way to load the original texture, even when hardcoded as a separate object. So I've run out of ideas on what could actually be the problem.
  15. Hi All, I have a question regarding the status of reading in variables into a Description.ext file for a mission, specifically a profileNamespace variable that a player will have saved in the mission previous. What I am trying to do is have a dynamically updating ORABT class/module system that illustrates vehicles based upon if they were destroyed in a previous mission. During the first mission, the play can choose to destroy or leave enemy vehicles alive, and at the end of the mission a variable is created that saves all existing vehicle entities into an array. This array is then filtered (using joinString) to remove the "" (String elements) and essentially make it into an array of objects (plain class names) each separated by a single comma (,) mark. In the next mission, the Description.ext file pulls in this variable and attempts to pass the variable in place inside the CfgORBAT class - specially for the assets[] array in a sub-class. This is what the Description file looks like, explaining what i mean by passing a variable. I want it to illustrate the passed in vehicle classes int he ORBAT viewer, however it just displays NO vehicles instead. I don't even know if this is allowed, which is basically why im posting it here. Edit: LINK https://imgur.com/a/PinvUcN Am i just wasting my time? Hopefully someone can help me here. Cheers, Tom.
  16. Why is the A left aligned? class MyTextControl : RscText { type = CT_HTML; w = 0.06; h = 0.05; font = "TahomaB"; sizeEx = 0.04; colorBackground[] = {0,0.9,0,1.0}; text = "A"; shadow = 0; align = "CENTER"; style = ST_CENTER; valign = "top"; }; I've tried setting align and style but it appears to be left aligned. How do I change it so the text is in the center of the box?
  17. Hey, I am currently working on an Arma object and now want to implement the ladder function on to the model. But it´s not working and I don´t know why. Tryed out several things, but still not working... I also surched for a thread about it but could not fined one. Here´s my object class class Static; class Pro21_Autobahnschild : Static { author = "Prodeath21"; displayName = "$STR_Pro21_autobahnschild"; scope=2; model = "\Pro21_Autobahnschild\autobahnschild\autobahnschild.p3d"; //icon = "\Pro21_Autobahnschild\autobahnschild\icons\autobahnschild.paa"; editorCategory="Pro21_Addon"; editorSubcategory="Pro21_Objects"; //editorPreview="\A3\EditorPreviews_F\Data\CfgVehicles\I_Boat_Transport_01_F.jpg"; //picture = "\Pro21_Autobahnschild\autobahnschild\icons\autobahnschild.paa"; //vehicleClass = ""; ladders[]= { { "Ladder_1_start", "Ladder_1_end", 2.5, "Ladder_1_action" } }; }; I configured: Ladder_1_start -> Memory LOD -> at the start of the ladder Ladder_1_end -> Memory LOD -> at the end of the ladder Ladder_1_action -> Geometry LOD -> geometry selection of the ladder I looked it up here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgVehicles_Config_Reference#ladders But the player option to climbe is still not showing up ingame.. Am I missing something? Pls Help Thanks in advance.
  18. Hey, I am currently working on an Arma object and now want to implement the ladder function on to the model. But it´s not working and I don´t know why. Tryed out several things, but still not working... I also surched for a thread about it but could not fined one. Here´s my object class class Static; class Pro21_Autobahnschild : Static { author = "Prodeath21"; displayName = "$STR_Pro21_autobahnschild"; scope=2; model = "\Pro21_Autobahnschild\autobahnschild\autobahnschild.p3d"; //icon = "\Pro21_Autobahnschild\autobahnschild\icons\autobahnschild.paa"; editorCategory="Pro21_Addon"; editorSubcategory="Pro21_Objects"; //editorPreview="\A3\EditorPreviews_F\Data\CfgVehicles\I_Boat_Transport_01_F.jpg"; //picture = "\Pro21_Autobahnschild\autobahnschild\icons\autobahnschild.paa"; //vehicleClass = ""; ladders[]= { { "Ladder_1_start", "Ladder_1_end", 2.5, "Ladder_1_action" } }; }; I configured: Ladder_1_start -> Memory LOD -> at the start of the ladder Ladder_1_end -> Memory LOD -> at the end of the ladder Ladder_1_action -> Geometry LOD -> geometry selection of the ladder I looked it up here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/CfgVehicles_Config_Reference#ladders But the player option to climbe is still not showing up ingame.. Am I missing something? Pls Help Thanks in advance. Transfered to other section --> https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/231663-problems-with-ladder-class-config/
  19. Hey everyone ! I'm stuck I just can't seem to figure out why my soldiers's head and face gear randomization is not working. I have been following manual here, but I'm missing something, could someone please assist ? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Characters_And_Gear_Encoding_Guide#FIA_headgear_and_facewear_randomization No errors are reported, nothing happens to units in eden. Example of code: class spu_Soldier_base: I_Soldier_F { class EventHandlers: EventHandlers { init="if (local (_this select 0)) then {[(_this select 0), [], []] call BIS_fnc_unitHeadgear;};"; }; headgearList[] = { "SPU_PatrolCap_blue", 0.33, "spu_helmet_blk", 0.33, "H_Watchcap_blk", 0.33 }; allowedFacewear[] = { "G_Balaclava_blk", 0,33, "G_Bandanna_blk", 0.33, "G_Shades_Black", 0,33 }; }; class spu_soldier_SL: spu_Soldier_base { author="FoxFort"; scope=2; faction="spu_battalion"; editorSubcategory="spu_men"; displayName="Squad Leader"; nakedUniform="U_BasicBody"; uniformClass="spu_uniform_01"; icon="iconManLeader"; role="Grenadier"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\spu_data\Data\spu_uniform_01_co.paa" }; hiddenSelections[]= { "Camo", "insignia" }; weapons[]= { "arifle_TRG21_GL_MRCO_F", "hgun_Rook40_F", "Throw", "Put", "Laserdesignator" }; respawnWeapons[]= { "arifle_TRG21_GL_MRCO_F", "hgun_Rook40_F", "Throw", "Put", "Laserdesignator" }; Items[]= { "FirstAidKit", "FirstAidKit" }; RespawnItems[]= { "FirstAidKit", "FirstAidKit" }; magazines[]= { "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", "16Rnd_9x21_Mag", "16Rnd_9x21_Mag", "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell", "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell", "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell", "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell", "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell", "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell", "1Rnd_SmokeBlue_Grenade_shell", "1Rnd_SmokeOrange_Grenade_shell", "Laserbatteries", "SmokeShell" }; respawnMagazines[]= { "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", "30Rnd_556x45_Stanag", "16Rnd_9x21_Mag", "16Rnd_9x21_Mag", "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell", "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell", "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell", "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell", "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell", "1Rnd_HE_Grenade_shell", "1Rnd_SmokeBlue_Grenade_shell", "1Rnd_SmokeOrange_Grenade_shell", "Laserbatteries", "SmokeShell" }; cost=300000; threat[]={1,0.69999999,0.30000001}; linkedItems[]= { "SPU_PatrolCap_blue", "spu_spcs_black", "ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemWatch", "ItemRadio", "ItemGPS" }; respawnLinkedItems[]= { "SPU_PatrolCap_blue", "spu_spcs_black", "ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemWatch", "ItemRadio", "ItemGPS" }; };
  20. I'm trying to make a minimalist UI. I've had some success but one thing I'm struggling with is recreating the "waiting for the next round" bar. You know, this thing: My UI is constantly getting refreshed in a while loop, so I was hoping I could query if a certain weapon was ready to fire. Functions such as CanFire and WeaponState unfortunately didn't give me what I wanted and are misleadingly named. So is there a function I've missed that can query the weapon state i.e ready to fire, not ready to fire? Failing that, where is the m256's "time taken for next round to be loaded" set? In a config? What attribute am I looking for? Can I use getText to extract it to a variable in my script? If it's listed in seconds somewhere in the config I could use an event handler and BIS_fnc_deltaTime to work out if a weapon is ready to fire or not.
  21. I see red, green and blue items, some of them at indentation levels. I can use getText in a script to retrieve red items. getText when used on a green item just returns an empty string. Blue items can always be retrieved, but getArray has to be used. What do the colors and indentation mean? And how do I retrieve a green item? I'm guessing it's to do with inheritance but I'd appreciate an encompassing answer. And the best way to get a green item. Currently trying to get reloadTime for a weapon and all I get is an empty string: getText(configfile >> "CfgWeapons" >> "CUP_optic_LeupoldMk4_20x40_LRT" >> "reloadTime"); // ""
  22. Hello, I am currently making a helicopter. I don't understand how i can change speed of my helicopter in config. I tried to change all the parameters which seemed to me to be able to modify the speed, without success. I can't find the solution maybe due to the fact that I don't speak perfect English. can someone who has the solution help me
  23. I want to run a function before EVERY mission. This is a QOL addon, not a scenario. I do not want the CBA dependency for something that should be so simple. I've spent 8 hours trying to get fn_myFunction to run when a mission is started. 🙃🙃🤬 This is the structure of my mod: This is the contents of config.cpp: class CfgPatches{ class SinglePlayerCharacterSwitcher{ author = "CaptainDucko"; version = 1.0; units[]={}; weapons[]={}; requiredAddons[]={}; requiredVersion = 0.1; }; }; class CfgFunctions { class myTag { class myCategory { class myFunction {}; }; }; }; This is the result: 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 WHY IT'S RIGHT HERE Sorry but 8 hours trying backslashes, forward slashes, changing directory structures, building, building, building I'm going insane.
  24. Hello, does anyone know how to create the Zeus modules for the Zeus of Arma 3 Vanilla. I knwo how to create the modules for EDEN, but I don't see nothing for Zeus Modules https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Modules Thx.
  25. Hello, I am trying to retexture a standard nato rebreather and make it have space and armor. It is doing everything i want it to, accept for having the new textures. Its textures still are the base ones. Please help me and also ignore the wierd file names...So what i called it "Nippel" and "Fucking exerything" The following is said code: class Breath: V_RebreatherB { scope=2; displayName = "Ballistic Rebreather"; author = "Napalm"; class ItemInfo : VestItem { uniformModel = "Nippel\data\equip_rebreather.p3d"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = { "\Nippel\data\Fucking_everything\Breath.paa", "\Nippel\data\Fucking_everything\Breath.paa", "\A3\characters_f\data\visors_ca.paa" }; containerClass = "Supply100"; mass = 25; class HitpointsProtectionInfo { class Neck { hitpointName="HitNeck"; armor=10; passthrough=0.2; }; class Arms { hitpointName="HitArms"; armor=10; passthrough=0.2; }; class Chest { hitpointName="HitChest"; armor=10; passthrough=0.2; }; class Diaphragm { hitpointName="HitDiaphragm"; armor=10; passthrough=0.2; }; class Abdomen { hitpointName="HitAbdomen"; armor=10; passthrough=0.2; }; class Body { hitpointName="HitBody"; armor=10; passthrough=0.2; }; }; }; };