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  1. Hello guys, inspired by the great MarkXIII and with a new audio engine around the corner here we go with ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~ What? A place to ask questions (no matter how stupid you think they are) related to the creation and implementation of audio into Arma 3. Be precise, if you have RPT problems, post the RPTs into code boxes so they don't take away half of the site space. Creation -> audio engeneering, sound waves. Implementation -> configs & tools, programming. Valid questions: I have a sound X, how do I put it into the game? how does the whole wav <-> wss/ogg system work? I want the pitch of my engine sound to change, how do I do that? my audio sounds like Y but I want it to sound like X, how do I do that? Not valid questions: when will bohemia release X? is mod X compatible with mod Y? sound-system related questions (my headphones don't work in 5.1 mode) Why? There is no central ArmA 3 sound modding thread. We are all spread around Skype, Discord and PMs, this should serve a central meeting point. Game audio is very closely connected to technical stuff so this should be good for people who can create audio but have problems with implementing it into the game. Good for newcomers: open PBOs and edit current sounds add their own sounds to the game create certain sounds for the game create their own workflow Who? Anyone who wants to help out should help. We already have experienced Arma-Audio advanced users here such as Audiocustoms, TheMaster303, Myself, Laxeman and LordJarhead (probably more that I forget, please PM me their names) all being active community members and having their own areas of expertiese who can surely help. Content I will start producing educational content. Also YOU guys are the content. Ask away. Text Bohemia Wiki - Sound Page, learn about audio configuration Custom script to make the AI fire in full auto, full weapon speed at player position View sound controllers (For the first time in ArmA!) Videos What tools do I need to access BI content in order to learn from it? P: drive & how do I package my audio into a mod that works? Advanced tool usage to speed up workflow Current to-do list for me: What tools do I need to access BI content in order to learn from it? P: drive & how do I package my audio into a mod that works? Basic sound replacement (will probably wait with this until the new engine is out). Advanced tool usage to speed up workflow. Understanding config files & tree structure More detailed explanation of parameters in configuration. Additional Some info about the current state of the "interior" controller used for weapon tails.
  2. How does making an rvmat work? Is there any tutorials or videos? How would i go about adding normals, bumps, specs, illum(meaning light functions) and gloss(also how to adjust it). Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. So I've been trying to search all over to see if there is any step by step tutorial for adding a complete new uniform to Arma 3 including processes that prep blender models to object builder, then from adding final touches in object builder to creating configs and lastly transferring the complete work to be packed into a .pbo. Im open to all suggestions. It also doesn't have to be in one video(or a video for that matter), but its hard to even find anything on the subject of making complete new uniforms from scratch. (For those who help, you will be listed under credits for the addon im making)
  4. Been reading and playing around with various configs and learning as I go but I need community assistance as I can't find or understand what I am looking for. Basically looking at converting a BLUFOR fighter into a UAV for learning and purposes. I know about add IsUav=1 etc and it works however you cannot choose "gunner" from the UAV terminal. You have to be pilot/gunner in one. Can someone please explain how I can add a dummy turret ( and I'm only assuming from what I have read this is correct item I shld be looking at ) if there isnt a position setup on the plane. Thanks
  5. Evening all, I am creating some uniforms, headgear, vests and such for my group of friends but I cannot get the file to covert to a PBO because of config errors. I've been through the config a couple of times looking for errors and I'm at my wit's end. Any assistance would be appreciated. Following below is the config. class cfgPatches { class My_Mod_Config { units[]= { "ARC" }; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=0.1; requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Characters_F" }; }; }; // Factions class cfgFactionClasses { class ARC_Faction { displayName="Normanland Defence Force"; priority=3; side=1; icon=""; }; }; class cfgUnitInsignia { class Custom_Insignia { displayName="Advance Recon Commandos"; author="Raven"; texture="\ARC_Clothing_and_Gear\UI\Icon Patch.paa"; textureVehicle=""; }; }; class UnifromSlotInfo { slotType=0; linkProxy="-"; }; class cfgVehicles { class B_Soldier_F; class ARC_Uniform: B_Soldier_F { author="Raven"; scope=2; displayName="Rifleman"; identityTypes[]= { "Head_NATO", "G_NATO_default" }; genericNames="NATOMen"; faction="ARC_Faction"; model="\A3\characters_f_beta\INDEP\ia_soldier_01.p3d"; uniformClass="ARC_Uniform"; hiddenSelections[]= { "Head_NATO", "G_NATO_default", }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "ARC_Clothing_and_Gear\Data\blue_digi_co.paa" }; respawnWeapons[]= { "arifle_TRG20_ACO_Flash_F", "Throw", "Put" }; magazines[]= { "HandGrenade", "HandGrenade", "SmokeShell", "SmokeShellGreen", "Chemlight_green", "Chemlight_green" }; respawnMagazines[]= { "HandGrenade", "HandGrenade", "SmokeShell", "SmokeShellGreen", "Chemlight_green", "Chemlight_green" }; linkedItems[]= { "ARC_Vest1", "ARC_Helmet1", "ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemWatch", "ItemRadio" }; respawnLinkedItems[]= { "ARC_Vest1", "ARC_Helmet1", "ItemMap", "ItemCompass", "ItemWatch", "ItemRadio" }; }; }; class cfgWeapons { class UniformItem; class Uniform_Base; { class ItemInfo; }; class ARC_Blue_Uniform_1: Uniform_Base { scope= 2; displayName= "Combat Uniform (Blue Digis)"; picture= "-"; model= "\A3\characters_f_beta\INDEP\ia_soldier_01.p3d"; class ItemInfo: UniformItem { uniformClass= "ARC_Uniform"; containerClass= "Supply50"; mass= 50; }; }; }; // Vests class VestItem; class Vest_Camo_Base; { class ItemInfo; {; class ARC_Vest1: Vest_Camo_Base { scope=2; displayName="Carrier Rig (Blue Digi)"; picture="-"; model="A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\equip_b_Vest01"; hiddenSelections[]= { "Camo" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures { "\ARC_Clothing_and_Gear\Data\blue_digi_co.paa" }; class ItemInfo: VestItem { uniformModel="A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\equip_b_Vest01.p3d"; containerClass="Supply120"; mass=80; armor="5"; passThrough=0.3; hiddenSelections[]= { "Camo" }; }; } // Headgear class H_HelmetB: ItemCore { class ItemInfo; }; class ARC_Helmet1: H_HelmetB { scope=2; picture=""; displayName="Enhanced Combat Helmet (Blue Digi)"; model="\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\headgear_b_helmet_ballistic"; hiddenSelections[]= { "Camo" }; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\ARC_Clothing_and_Gear\Data\blue_helmet_co.paa" }; class ItemInfo: ItemInfo { mass=15; allowedSlots[]={901,605); uniformModel="\A3\Characters_F\BLUFOR\headgear_b_helmet_ballistic"; modelSides[]={1,2,3}; hiddenSelections[]= { "Camo" }; armor="3*0.3"; passThrough=0.75; }; }; }; }; };
  6. UPDATE! v4 - current version * I added a new inbetween animation for crouched movement with weapon up, in order to fix the massive jerking you experience when going from side to side. * edited the weapon up running (not tactical pace) so it still shows the crosshairs, just something I found annoying. Now that stance has a reason to exist. * added an OPTIONAL XEH script that increases the animation speed by 12.5% The addon is in the Optional folder. REQUIRES CBA! v2.3 * NOW WORKING! edition. Thanks to the help of good folks at the arma discord I managed to fix all the bugs and errors. Hopefully it all works fine now. v2.2 * fixed yet another fuckup with caused to you to ice skate around when you wanted to sprint. Sorry for the spotty release folks, it was hard to fish out all the stuff from that massive config and some stuff got broken in the process. v2.1 * fixed massive fuckup I made, with pretty much prevented previous version from working at all v2 The mod was completely redone from the ground up. Now it only edits the animations in places that needed the changes and no longer overwrites all of the vanilla animations. This means it should be compatible with any updates or changes BIS makes. I know its how it supposed to be from the start, but it was really time consuming and difficult to fish out the animations from the massive config file. ------ Hello! I have been trying to make the arma animations feel a bit less rough and more in line with standard FPS feeling. I was partially successful, I changed the minimal play time requirement to 0 and enabled step blending for pretty much all movement animations. This resulted in much smoother feeling, especially when changing movement direction very quickly. For the most part the feeling of lost control for a moment is greatly reduced. However one of the biggest issues remains. For some reason when changing movement direction from left to right, or similar, Arma goes like this: left > stopped > stopped player idle > right Its fast, but it still results in some pretty janky movement. I tried removing interpolation from left and right to stopped. It worked surprisingly well, but side movement interpolled into forward and back resulting with player character inching forward or back when stopping during side movement. If anyone knows how to deal with that I would welcome any help. DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ln87i6d8fonf8ms/@Smoother Animations v4.zip Good news everyone! After some hackjob animation editing I have managed to inject a custom transition animation that prevents that massive jerk when going from side to side. Currently testing out the settings to reduce any unwanted behavior, but it all looks very promising. I even made a quick preview/comparison video: 00:00 - 00:43 Vanilla Arma 3 00:44 - 01:24 Smoother animations mod testing Massive shoutout and thanks to HorribleGoat and Torndeco from discord for helping me out with this.
  7. I need to get the picture of a bunch of objects from it's config file but I can't. For example, if I wanna get the picture of a weapon I use: getText(configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> "weaponClassname" >> "picture"); But it doesn't work with CfgVehicles: getText(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "Land_Sunshade_01_F" >> "picture"); It just return "pictureStaticObject" instead of the picture path. So what can I do now?
  8. Hey people. I'm working on config for a tank, using other tanks as references to make sure my values hit at least close to workable. Trouble is...I can't seem to get the damned thing past about 28km/h. I can't seem to figure what's holding it back since everything I've checked seems to be at least similar to values for the two tanks above that both work fine. Here are my related entries in vehicles.cfg: accelAidForceCoef = 1.5; accelAidForceSpd = 1.4; brakeDistance = 12; brakeIdleSpeed = 0.1; changeGearMinEffectivity[] = { 0.95, 0.15, 0.95, 0.95, 0.95, 0.95, 0.95 }; changeGearOmegaRatios[] = {1,0.424242,0.454545,0.333333,0.984848,0.424242,0.984848,0.606061,0.984848,0.575758,1,0.545455}; changeGearType = "rpmratio"; //Have also tried "effective" with similar issue. clutchStrength = 45; dampersBumpCoef = 4.5; dampingRateFullThrottle = 1.0; //1.4: T100 0.8: Kamysh dampingRateZeroThrottleClutchDisengaged = 0.65; //0.8: T100 0.5: Kaymsh dampingRateZeroThrottleClutchEngaged = 0.45; //5.0: T100 4.0: Kaymsh driveOnComponent[] = {"Track_L","Track_R","Slide"}; engineMOI = 12; //12 - T100 7 - Kamysh enginePower = 1119; //kW engineStartSpeed = 5; //common value epeImpulseDamageCoef = 18; //Same for T100 and Kuma gearBox[] = {-7,0,11,8,5.7,4.2}; //Same in T100 and Kuma idleRpm = 1200; latency = 0.5; maxOmega = 335; maxSpeed = 80; minOmega = 140; normalSpeedForwardCoef = 0.75; numberPhysicalWheels = 16; peakTorque = 5300; redRpm = 3200; sensitivity = 2.5; simulation = "tankX"; slowSpeedForwardCoef = 0.25; switchTime = 0.3; tankTurnForce = 950000; tankTurnForceAngMinSpd = 0.7; tankTurnForceAngSpd = 0.76; thrustDelay = 0.5; torqueCurve[] = {{0.424242,0.8},{0.545455,0.95},{0.606061,0.99},{0.636364,1},{0.666667,0.98},{0.727273,0.93},{0.878788,0.76},{1,0.6}}; tracksSpeed = 1.35; class complexGearbox { driveString = "D"; //String displayed in HUD for Forward Gear neutralString = "N"; // string to display in the HUD for neutral gear. reverseString = "R"; // string to display in the HUD for reverse gears. gearBoxMode = "auto"; GearboxRatios[] = {"R1",-3.4,"N",0,"D1",4.4,"D2",3,"D3",1.75,"D4",1}; //KUMA //GearboxRatios[] = {"R1",-4.5,"N",0,"D1",7.8,"D2",5.6,"D3",4,"D4",2.9,"D5",2.1,"D6",1.5,"D7",1.1}; //ANGARA moveOffGear = 1; transmissionRatios[] = {"High",11.5}; }; Can't seem to figure this on my own, so help would be appreciated! I've checked vehicle mass and it seems to be as expected (about 52 tonnes) Cheers, Law
  9. Hey! If I want to add eventHandlers to: EDIT: class CfgVehicles { class Man; class CAManBase: Man { class EventHandlers { addEventHandler ["GetInMan", {[player] call Salmon_fnc_function}]; addEventHandler ["GetOutMan", {[player] call Salmon_fnc_function}] }; }; }; How would I go about doing that? I want to call a function every time a player with the mod loaded gets in or out of a vehicle.
  10. I try to re-texture a civilian clothing piece from the Apex expansion. Everything works, except the texture. The uniform piece gets added on the arsenal, but it has the default texture applied to it and not the one specified in the config file. Anyone want to take a look and tell me what I have done wrong? config.cpp:
  11. Hello mates, I hope this is the right place to come to, cause I'm about to get chronical headaches from trying to solve this problem by myself. The last couple of days I'm spending some of my time overhaulin' a version of DUWS (Dynamic Universal War System), and most of the time everything worked like a charm. But right now I'm not able to find a solution for this problem I've ran into. To make my issue more clear, I'd like to be a little bit more specific, so maybe my helping hand is able to fully understand. In DUWS - I guess many of you know this mission - you are able to buy vehicles, units, squads etc. Since I'm reworking some parts of DUWS Unofficial from scratch - esspecially the units, vehicles and squads -, the one who made it in the first place delivered a very nice template for the things I wanted to do. The unofficial version of DUWS has build in mod support, like for RHS Escalation, etc. I have expanded this, by adding in support for some other mods like "Global Mobilization", "BWMod" and "FFAA" . You can play it vanilla, or with those mods. If you have the mods, you can buy the units and vehicles of those factions, if not, a little hint will pop up, telling you that the mod is missing - this is done by checking if the requested unit is available in the first place. Here is a little insight of how it looks for requested foot soldiers: The same goes for vehicles, of course... BUT... here comes my problem: I'm not able to get it to work for requested mod squads - like a fireteam, or a tank platoon. I mean I'm able to get the mod squads working of course, I can buy them and they are fully functional, but I want the game to check if this squad is available in the first place. Otherwise you will pay credits for nothing if the needed mod isn't installed. And since I'm planning to release this version someday, I really want to get this fixed and implemented. And here is a little insight of how it is defined for squads: (Original, only changed the squad and the faction) It's really driving me crazy. I'm no professional programmer, sure, I've learned and catched many things by myself, and I already tried to solve it by myself, but after many failed attempts I can't think of anything else then asking for help, cause I'm running out of ideas. If some mighty coding paladin would be so kind to point me in the right direction, or even take this template above me and make it functioning, I'd really, really appreciate it. I just want it to work like it works for units and vehicles, and I'm sure this is possible. But I can't figure it out. Well, enough said. Have a nice day folks, hope to hear from you! Regards, MajorBlunderbuss.
  12. At first tried to change locaction names (or their font) for map control in the description.ext. Seems impossible, as far, I can tell. Location names properties seem to be defined in the CfgLocationTypes, and these are chosen in the "Names" subclass of given map class. So, as a plan B, I'm looking for a way to hide these names instead. Is that possible in the description.ext (RscMapControl config)?
  13. hello guys, i've run into a problem... i was using this code to filter units and vehicles by side: ALLindependent = "(getNumber (_x >> 'scope') == 2) and {(getNumber (_x >> 'side') == 2)}" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgVehicles"); ...and was working good , last working check some weeks ago. now i discovered that it put in the list only units (CAManBase) and not a single vehicle! whats wrong with it ? ...especially considering the same code for civilian put in list every unit and vehicles! thanks for any help !
  14. Hi folks, for some reason the created object 'Land_AirconCondenser_01_F' is not listed in (entities "all")? entities can someone from BI keep this in mind for next update? thx
  15. Hello All, I was wondering is there anyway that you can randomize a state of a model when it is placed down in the game. I have 2 models, I have a normal soda can and I also have a crushed one. I am interested to know instead of having 2 classes for each model, can I have just one class name and have it randomly select either the can will be crushed or not crushed. I am generally stuck and I have no idea if this idea is possible. Thanks, Welshy
  16. Hello, I've looked through all the topics in the forum and I haven't founded what I wanted. I'm trying to make a Vest and Helmet mod basically for a unit I'm in. I retextured some of VSM Vests and Helmets, Military Gear Pack vests and 75th Rangers Helmets. I'm just trying to get a Idea on what I need to do to make them a separate standalone mod. and have them in-game as there own class/mod I tried making a config, but it always didn't work. So if someone could help me get started with this that would be great. I'm stumped The configs I tried were all out of date too so there were a shit load of errors. Couldn't find a up-to-date one
  17. I took a launcher where the reticule didn't actually correspond to the ammo it was firing. I found the .paa file for the reticule. I fixed the lines on the .paa file - saved as a new one. Now i want to replace the texture on the launcher's scope with my new one. Only I can't find the line in it's config that points to the reticule texture. I was expecting something like scopeOptic = addon\data\myReticule.paa How do? Cheers, Law
  18. Hey Folks, for the project I'm currently working on, I'm looking for someone who is able to create a high quality 3d model (and textures) for ArmA3, and is able to get it into a working condition into the game (just basic config work, nothing super fancy). What I need is a small vehicle design loosely based on existing (real life) concepts, fit for ArmA3's setting. I don't want to get into more details here, but this is not about tanks, air assets or highly complicated cars, etc. Of course this job is *paid*! If interested, please drop me a private message on the forum and I'll get back to you. Thanks.
  19. I read in a dev branch update that += can be used to add an entry to a CFG field without knowing it's contents. I have been trying to add a custom magazine to SPAR variants, and figured that it made most sense to modify the SPAR base class, rather than each SPAR variant individually. Thus far I have successfully created a new ammo type, and magazine containing this ammo. Currently I have the following in CfgWeapons.hpp class CfgWeapons { class GrenadeLauncher; class Rifle_Base_F; class Rifle_Long_Base_F; class Launcher_Base_F; class arifle_SPAR_01_base_F: Rifle_Base_F { magazines[] += {"law_30rnd_556x45_mss"}; }; }; However, when I examine the magazines field for arifle_SPAR_01_base_F with the mod loaded, it comes up with the default magazines but not the new magazine. This might suggest that the =+ operator does not work, however, I also attempted the following: class CfgWeapons { class GrenadeLauncher; class Rifle_Base_F; class Rifle_Long_Base_F; class Launcher_Base_F; class arifle_SPAR_01_base_F: Rifle_Base_F { magazines[] += {"law_30rnd_556x45_mss"}; }; class arifle_SPAR_01_blk_F: arifle_SPAR_01_base_F { magazines[] += {"law_30rnd_556x45_mss"}; }; }; In the above example; arifle_SPAR_01_base_F retains it's original array of vanilla magazines, with no modded mag. arifle_SPAR_01_blk_F contains no vanilla magazines, but TWO entries of law_30rnd_556x45_mss I'm not really understanding why the change is not being applied to the base class, but is being applied to it's child, or why the magazine appears twice in the child. Clearly I've not quite understood everything about CFG editing yet, and need some help figuring this (because my head hurts and I'm frustrated now). Cheers, Law
  20. Is it possible to add an action to all objects through the description.ext? like? class CfgVehicles { class LIB_AmmoCrates_NoInteractive_Large { class UserActions { class CollectPoints { displayNameDefault = "Collect"; showWindow = 0; hideOnUse = 1; displayName="Collect"; position="action"; radius=0.10000; onlyForPlayer = 1; condition = true; statement = "this addAction ["Collect", {myCurator addCuratorPoints 0.15}]"; }; }; }; }; which the code doesn't work because i keep getting the (something) instead of ''' error. Anyway if its possible, i want to do this route instead of doing init code as this would mean that all objects placed by editor or Zeus would be affected.
  21. I want to add a new uniform to the game. My PBO file is structured like this: config.cpp : When I test my game, this is what it looks like: Is there any mistake in my config file?
  22. Dear all, I have followed BI Wiki on recoil but it didn't work. I don't want to use scripts and editor either so, setUnitRecoilCoefficient 3 is not an option for me. Their link is here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/cfgRecoils In order to play a bit with the numbers I have created the following config: class cfgRecoils { class recoil_default; class recoil_dgr_rifle : recoil_default { muzzleOuter[] = {0,0,0,0}; muzzleInner[] = {0,0,0,0}; kickBack[] = {0,0}; permanent = 0; temporary = 0; }; }; class CfgWeapons { class arifle_MXC_F; class dgr_Rifle: arifle_MXC_F { baseWeapon = "dgr_Rifle"; _generalMacro = "dgr_Rifle"; recoil = "recoil_dgr_rifle"; recoilProne = "recoil_dgr_rifle"; maxRecoilSway = 0; swayDecaySpeed = 0; }; }; I was expecting no recoil at all but, the rifle still has the original recoil. What is going on?
  23. Hello community! I am currently doing a lot of config work revolving around submunition parameters. I am getting pretty much all the results I expect, and I am very happy with how its implemented, but there's one thing that I can't find out how to get right. I am trying to create a specific submunition pattern, but have met the wall. What I am looking for is that the submunitions spawn omnidirectionally (in a perfect sphere) with random chance of direction. Basically, if the parent ammo strikes something, the submunitions will spawn from that hitlocation, and can basically go in any theoretical direction afterwards. What I am experiencing, is that no matter what settings I tweak, I am getting a 45 degree cone (off the parent vector) (meaning a total of 90 degree spread). I can't get the submunitions to face a direction greater than 45 degrees. Here is the relevant config code: submunitionAmmo="fragment_medium"; submunitionDirectionType="SubmunitionModelDirection"; submunitionParentSpeedCoef=0; submunitionInitSpeed=1000; submunitionInitialOffset[]={0,0,0}; submunitionConeType[]={"random", 20}; submunitionConeAngle=90; submunitionConeAngleHorizontal=90; Swapping submunitionDirectionType from "SubmunitionModelDirection" to "SubmunitionAutoLeveling" has no effect on the spread angle, it just effects the initial direction (retain parent or align to horizon). Changing submunitionConeType from "random", to "randomcenter" or "poissondisc" etc has little effect on what I'm trying to achieve. Altering submunitionConeAngle and submunitionConeAngleHorizontal within values of 45 degrees has an effect (I can tweak how narrow the spread is within +-45 degrees off center - for a total of 90 degree spread. However, changing this to between 45-359 (Degrees) has no effect. Setting it to 360 causes the "cone" to collapse into "0" spread (all submunitions retain parent vector perfectly). So can anyone please help me? The https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Weapon_Config_Guidelines#Ammo_changes_on_fly_and_on_hit guidelines do not describe accurately what the various patterns mean, or how the custom one acts. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks Str|ke
  24. Hello, I'm trying to change Altis's skybox to use a custom one I've created. class CfgVehicles{}; class CfgWorlds { class DefaultWorld { class Weather { class Overcast; }; }; class CAWorld: DefaultWorld { class Weather: Weather { class Overcast: Overcast { class Weather1; class Weather2; class Weather3; class Weather4; class Weather5; class Weather6; }; }; }; class Altis: CAWorld { class Weather: Weather { class Overcast: Overcast { class Weather1: Weather1 { sky = "A3\Map_Stratis\Data\sky_clear_gs.paa"; horizon = "Test_Skybox\Data\sky_clear_horizont_sky.paa"; skyR = "A3\Map_Stratis\Data\sky_clear_lco.paa"; }; class Weather7: Weather1 { sky = "A3\Map_Stratis\Data\sky_clear_gs.paa"; horizon = "Test_Skybox\Data\sky_veryclear_horizont_sky.paa"; skyR = "A3\Map_Stratis\Data\sky_veryclear_lco.paa"; }; class Weather2: Weather2 { sky = "A3\Map_Stratis\Data\sky_clear_gs.paa"; horizon = "Test_Skybox\Data\sky_almostclear_horizont_sky.paa"; skyR = "A3\Map_Stratis\Data\sky_almostclear_lco.paa"; }; class Weather3: Weather3 { sky = "A3\Map_Stratis\Data\sky_clear_gs.paa"; horizon = "Test_Skybox\Data\sky_semicloudy_horizont_sky.paa"; skyR = "A3\Map_Stratis\Data\sky_semicloudy_lco.paa"; }; class Weather4: Weather4 { sky = "A3\Map_Stratis\Data\sky_clear_gs.paa"; horizon = "Test_Skybox\Data\sky_cloudy_horizont_sky.paa"; skyR = "A3\Map_Stratis\Data\sky_cloudy_lco.paa"; }; class Weather5: Weather5 { sky = "A3\Map_Stratis\Data\sky_clear_gs.paa"; horizon = "Test_Skybox\Data\sky_mostlycloudy_horizont_sky.paa"; skyR = "A3\Map_Stratis\Data\sky_mostlycloudy_lco.paa"; }; class Weather6: Weather6 { sky = "A3\Map_Stratis\Data\sky_clear_gs.paa"; horizon = "Test_Skybox\Data\sky_overcast_horizont_sky.paa"; skyR = "A3\Map_Stratis\Data\sky_overcast_lco.paa"; }; }; }; }; }; So far, it hasn't work and the skybox doesn't change at all. Is there anything I'm missing?
  25. So, I have the following problem: The server always overwrites the configuration of the night vision and i cant disable it. https://imgur.com/a/GQide https://imgur.com/a/rm9oc These are screenshots of the options. Has anyone else had this Problem and how do i fix it?