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  1. Hi, when will the Civilian interaction be fixed??
  2. _-xXShArK_OGXx-_

    Need help adding my mod to my mission

    instead of packing it as a pbo, maby you could place it in the mission folder and include it in the init?
  3. _-xXShArK_OGXx-_

    Ai Respawn with same Init

    what if you add _unitNew disableAI "ALL"; ?? maby like: _unitNew = _unitGroup createUnit [_unitType, _unitPos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; // recreate the unit as a UNIT, not a VEHICLE. _unitNew disableAI "ALL"; _unitNew setVehicleVarName _unitVarName; // re-add the unit variable name. _unitNew setPos _unitPos; // set the position to the original. _unitNew setDir _unitDir; // set the direction of the original. [_unitNew,_unitPos,_unitDir,_unitType,_unitGroup,_respawnAllAtOnce] spawn unitRespawner; // spawn a new thread for the global function 'unitRespawner' for the recreated unit.
  4. Hi All. I'm hoping someone can help/ guide me. I would like to add an LMG turret ("Weapon_MMG_01_tan_F") to the front of an RHIB ("I_C_Boat_Transport_02_F"). is there a way to script this? if so would I be a turret on the boat? or is there a guide/template I could use for cfg. editing? I'v been using the HMG turret with an attach to but I'm not fond of the 360 turret rotation. and I would like it to be a small-caliber gun instead. i tryed to fiddle with a new class looking at https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Ships_Config_Guidelines but with no luck so far. all help will be much appreciated 🙂
  5. _-xXShArK_OGXx-_

    Export to SQF

    So I made a small mission in Eden and used the Export to SQF. I pasted the result in a file called mission1.sqf and added an action to a unit, but when I use the action I get an error and only some of the things spawn. I think it's something to do with the layers,, it's line 6 in the sqf. how do I use the export function?? add action : this addAction ["FLR Mission","mission1.sqf"]; Mission1.sqf: i looked at this, but im not sure what this layer thing is about 😉
  6. _-xXShArK_OGXx-_

    Detect Flight Recorder

    LOL!!! looking for the wrong class name is not the way to make it work 😉 Got it now,, thx ({_x =="rhs_item_flightrecorder"} count ItemCargo box_1) > 0 Solved
  7. _-xXShArK_OGXx-_

    Detect Flight Recorder

    but there seems to be something i'm not getting, how do i detect it in a box or backpack? i tried: ({_x == "rhs_flightrecorder"} count ItemCargo box_1) > 0 as a condition on a trigger, but it does not trigger when i put it in. if i use >> hint str getItemCargo box_1; i get >> [["rhs_item_flightrecorder"],[1]]
  8. _-xXShArK_OGXx-_

    Detect Flight Recorder

    Awsome!!!! just tested it out and it works like a charm 🙂 Maby we will know who shoot down the plane after all 😉
  9. Holy Moly, a plane has been shoot down and we need to recover the flight recorder!!,, so I made a trigger with the condition : ({_x isKindOf "rhs_flightrecorder"} count thisList) > 0 and it works if I spawn a rhs_flightrecorder in the area, but if I pick it up and go in the trigger and drop it nothing happens. I also tried a box using: {_x =="rhs_flightrecorder"} count ItemCargo FLR_box >0 how do i detect the flight recorder? thx.
  10. _-xXShArK_OGXx-_

    Help with ace menu

    i'm getting closer,, and it seem to be working as intended. Reason that im not sure is that the guy i tested with, his ACE does the Halt action when he enters the menu and then it resets the animation, but i think it there Thx Mate 🙂 i will test it more tomorrow. and mark for solved then,, have a great weekend.. ( TESTED and solved thx.) iv put in ; _condition = { true }; _statement = { [_target, {params ["_target", "_player", "_params"]; _target switchMove "acts_jetsmarshallingstop_loop"}] remoteExec ["call", 0]; }; SHQHUpAction = ["SHQHandsUp", "Hands UP", "", _statement, _condition ] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; ["man", 0, ["ACE_MainActions"], SHQHUpAction, true] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToClass;
  11. _-xXShArK_OGXx-_

    Spawning an object with init via script

    could a script do it?? " SpawnElSwitch.sqf ". and call the script. if (isServer) then { _object97 = createVehicle ["Land_TransferSwitch_01_F", [0, 0, 0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _object97 setVectorDirAndUp [[-0.163148,-0.986602,0],[0,0,1]]; _object97 setPosASL [8960.75,12123,37.9628]; DistanceToReach = 300; _object97 addAction [ "Turn Off", { params ["_target", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"]; { private _ticket = format ["LSS%1", _forEachIndex]; [_x, "OFF"] remoteExec ["switchLight", 0, _ticket]; } forEach nearestObjects [_caller, [], DistanceToReach]; _target animateSource ["switchposition",1]; _target animateSource ["light",0]; _target setDamage 1; }, [], 1.5, true, true, "", "alive _target", 3, false, "", "" ]; _object97 addAction [ "Turn On", { params ["_target", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"]; { private _ticket = format ["LSS%1", _forEachIndex]; [_x, "On"] remoteExec ["switchLight", 0, _ticket]; } forEach nearestObjects [_caller, [], DistanceToReach]; _target animateSource ["switchposition",-1]; _target animateSource ["light",1]; _target setDamage 0; }, [], 1.5, true, true, "", "!alive _target", 3, false, "", "" ]; }; it's just a thought don't know if it will work 😉
  12. _-xXShArK_OGXx-_

    Help with ace menu

    Thx champ,, so i made an init.sqf and put in ; _condition = { true }; _statement = { params ["_target", "_player", "_params"]; _target switchMove "acts_jetsmarshallingstop_loop"; }; SHQHUpAction = ["SHQHandsUp","Hands UP","",_statement, _condition] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; ["man", 0, ["ACE_MainActions"], SHQHUpAction, true] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToClass; And the action is visible to all but it only changes on my computer, and the animation is not seen on the other computers
  13. _-xXShArK_OGXx-_

    Help with ace menu

    Hi all, this is my first post so there is a good chance that I'm posting at the wrong place 🙂 I'm new to coding, but I'm slowly working my way through addActions and script calling and now it's ACE menu. I simply can't figure out all this local and global calling, but I got 21 addactions that I would like to make into Ace actions in the various menus. So i made an Action following ( borrowing ) the exampels on Ace forum and that became: SHQHUpAction = ["SHQHandsUp","Hands UP","", { _target switchMove "acts_jetsmarshallingstop_loop"; }, {true}] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_createAction; ["man", 0, ["ACE_MainActions"], SHQHUpAction, true] call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToClass; Now it's supposed to be more advanced but for the love of good, I can't seem to get this to run when I host a coop on my computer. I know it's not being called global, just can't seem to find the right way to call it, could anyone give a little help? ( it's the "_target" that really seem to trick me ). Thx all.