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Found 14 results

  1. Hey y'all, I'm freshly dipping my toes in the waters of Arma III modding in general, with the aim of tweaking MP gameplay for my friends & I. I've been doing my own research for a bit, but I'm getting to the point where I ought check my understanding with others. I ideally want to play around with infantry movement, and eventually, health, damage, and weapon mechanics. First thing I've been looking at is how on-foot movement speed is controlled. Despite my best hopes that there would be a object definition with movespeed vars I could change via console functions to modify an object's movement speeds - it seems the only option for that, is setAnimSpeedCoef. Which definitely makes you move faster\slower how I like, and looks very funny, but the intense crackhead energy it gives off doesn't strike me as ideal (yet). I would like to adjust move speed independently of animation playback speed. To test changing config values, I modded configFile >> "CfgMovesMaleSdr" >> "States" >> "(movement animation here)" >> "speed" using someone else's mod (didn't want to play with the core files). I increased the "speed" property for certain animations (like sprinting) but like the wiki suggests, it just changes playback speed and gives the same crackhead energy as setAnimSpeedCoef, albeit for whatever animations you chose. I'm going to look for other properties, possibly under CfgMoves (relSpeedMin\Max) or CfgVehicles(maxSpeed). If that doesn't work, I'm wondering if the movespeed is controlled somewhere along the animation inclusion process or behind a source code wall. That still strikes me as strange, considering the ability to mod in new vehicles with their own movement properties independent of animation. On the odds anyone knows exactly what I'm looking for, had experience with these areas, just sees an error in my understanding, or knows I'm about to hit some brick wall, just lmk. Thanks.
  2. GOM_fnc_vehicleTuning V1.01 Changelog: V1.01 Fixed GUI to not conflict with other scripts/mods that use default BI GUI classes V1.0: MP and dedi compatible reworked GUI greatly improved vehicle handling while boost is applied greatly improved default templates to reflect various upgrade stages, from a mere +50hp upgrade to a full dragster overhaul of the vehicle boost is now traction and RPM dependent boost will be reduced at higher speeds to emulate air resistance Changed: Boost is now active all the time when using "VehicleForward" and "VehicleFastForward" keys, "VehicleSlowForward" will enable vanilla vehicle behavior Removed: Nitro mechanic, might be re-added at a later point once reworked Added: fully customizable license plates with vanilla plate generator and kart number plate handling Added: blow off sound to emulate turbo chargers Added: restriction as to what players are allowed to use the menu Added: full customization as to what upgrades can be installed V0.9: Cleaned up all scripts, changed dialog to make more usage of listboxes, put functions in a functions library and added a few features. Features: Allows specified players to upgrade cars within 25m Action can be added to players or objects RPM and Traction dependent performance increase Customization of performance related upgrades, as seen below Chassis Tuning Brake Tuning Repair and Refuel/Refill options 0-100km/h / 0-60mph, eighth and quarter mile times measured in diary GPS Tracker Bulletproof Tires Ejection Seats F.O.G. Machine Cruise Control Change Vehicle Paint Modify Accessories (Backpacks, Bumpers, Lightbars) where available Adjust custom license plate/kart numbers How to use this script: Unpack the downloaded .rar and copy the files except mission.sqm in any mission folder. In the editor place: Player unit Car In the players init field put: nul = [player] call GOM_fnc_vehicleTuning; in initPlayerLocal.sqf put: player setVariable ["GOM_fnc_qualifiedMechanic",true]; You can also tweak the default upgrade settings inside "scripts\GOM\functions\VehicleTuning\GOM_fnc_initParams.sqf" as follows: //add custom entries here, containing [upgradename,multiplier,price,description] _engineBoostParams = [ //stock multi should be 0, so no boost is applied ["Stock Engine",0,5000,"Run of the mill engine that comes with the vehicle."], ["Engine Kit 1",1.1,15000,"Custom exhaust and air intake."], ["Engine Kit 2",1.2,30000,"Same as Engine Kit 1 + custom ECM and valve timings."] ]; Planned: Add cost functionality Add Neon Kits Add Hydraulics Add a variety of car bombs (scripts are done, still working on GUI) Add ability to give the car bomb trigger to other players Add remote control for various functions, so you can use the ejection seat on passengers without being in the car Download V1.01 Known issues: None so far. Enjoy!
  3. Hello, I am currently making a helicopter. I don't understand how i can change speed of my helicopter in config. I tried to change all the parameters which seemed to me to be able to modify the speed, without success. I can't find the solution maybe due to the fact that I don't speak perfect English. can someone who has the solution help me
  4. Hey people. I'm working on config for a tank, using other tanks as references to make sure my values hit at least close to workable. Trouble is...I can't seem to get the damned thing past about 28km/h. I can't seem to figure what's holding it back since everything I've checked seems to be at least similar to values for the two tanks above that both work fine. Here are my related entries in vehicles.cfg: accelAidForceCoef = 1.5; accelAidForceSpd = 1.4; brakeDistance = 12; brakeIdleSpeed = 0.1; changeGearMinEffectivity[] = { 0.95, 0.15, 0.95, 0.95, 0.95, 0.95, 0.95 }; changeGearOmegaRatios[] = {1,0.424242,0.454545,0.333333,0.984848,0.424242,0.984848,0.606061,0.984848,0.575758,1,0.545455}; changeGearType = "rpmratio"; //Have also tried "effective" with similar issue. clutchStrength = 45; dampersBumpCoef = 4.5; dampingRateFullThrottle = 1.0; //1.4: T100 0.8: Kamysh dampingRateZeroThrottleClutchDisengaged = 0.65; //0.8: T100 0.5: Kaymsh dampingRateZeroThrottleClutchEngaged = 0.45; //5.0: T100 4.0: Kaymsh driveOnComponent[] = {"Track_L","Track_R","Slide"}; engineMOI = 12; //12 - T100 7 - Kamysh enginePower = 1119; //kW engineStartSpeed = 5; //common value epeImpulseDamageCoef = 18; //Same for T100 and Kuma gearBox[] = {-7,0,11,8,5.7,4.2}; //Same in T100 and Kuma idleRpm = 1200; latency = 0.5; maxOmega = 335; maxSpeed = 80; minOmega = 140; normalSpeedForwardCoef = 0.75; numberPhysicalWheels = 16; peakTorque = 5300; redRpm = 3200; sensitivity = 2.5; simulation = "tankX"; slowSpeedForwardCoef = 0.25; switchTime = 0.3; tankTurnForce = 950000; tankTurnForceAngMinSpd = 0.7; tankTurnForceAngSpd = 0.76; thrustDelay = 0.5; torqueCurve[] = {{0.424242,0.8},{0.545455,0.95},{0.606061,0.99},{0.636364,1},{0.666667,0.98},{0.727273,0.93},{0.878788,0.76},{1,0.6}}; tracksSpeed = 1.35; class complexGearbox { driveString = "D"; //String displayed in HUD for Forward Gear neutralString = "N"; // string to display in the HUD for neutral gear. reverseString = "R"; // string to display in the HUD for reverse gears. gearBoxMode = "auto"; GearboxRatios[] = {"R1",-3.4,"N",0,"D1",4.4,"D2",3,"D3",1.75,"D4",1}; //KUMA //GearboxRatios[] = {"R1",-4.5,"N",0,"D1",7.8,"D2",5.6,"D3",4,"D4",2.9,"D5",2.1,"D6",1.5,"D7",1.1}; //ANGARA moveOffGear = 1; transmissionRatios[] = {"High",11.5}; }; Can't seem to figure this on my own, so help would be appreciated! I've checked vehicle mass and it seems to be as expected (about 52 tonnes) Cheers, Law
  5. There is an offset when speeding fast in vehicles. Also when drifting left or right. As the video shows. I am looking for a fix. I guess I need some kind of formula of vehicle's speed or something? I am using drawLine3D with onEachFrame command. http://killzonekid.com/arma-3-bounding-box-utility/
  6. TF Thief


    So I play the mobile and the PC version, both are very fun but both have issues (like fences not saving in mobile, tents and even backpacks disappearing in the browser version when you logout, or the seemingly massive time skip whenever you try to save and exit in PC) but that's not my main concern right now, my main issue is that there is no option for graphics for lower end devices, I see game play from other players, YouTubers, on both Mobile and PC, and it's much much smoother than what I have, and rather than complain about the game itself being wrong I think there should just be alternative graphics for devices to run it more smoothly (like mine) because the slow frame rate of it is pretty bothersome
  7. EasternGamer

    Speed Zoom

    Hi there, I have a question for Bohemia and in general the community. Now for me when I fly, I like it to zoom all the way out, so that it feels like it is going faster, its how I am use to flying and the sudden change where it almost seems stuck is annoying me greatly I need to keep fully zooming out. Now to some this might not be an issue but I have the question of why did they add it in 1.70 to everything. Why not have different parameters to say the M-900 and the normal truck and then the new jets. Like of course it would be more work but I mean it would be nice to not now keep zooming out to get the same effect. My final question is, is there a way to change this client side so that I don't get kicked off games because of editing files.(I can't find it)
  8. Hey guys, spent some time searching the forums for info on configuring or setting Movement speed values for the player, or all players, infantry or civilians. Specifically Tactical, Walk, Strafe and Sprint speeds. I can't seem to find any commands related to this, whether console commands or creating a custom script. All I found was for vehicles or setVector commands. I couldn't find anything anywhere for player movement speeds, nothing in the forums, nothing on youtube, no mods anywhere either. At this point I'm wondering if its hardcoded and there's no way to change these values for soldiers.
  9. Ok i want to animate my vtol's engines to a certain position when VTOL mode is activated and or a certain speed is reached like the Apex vtol Any help is appreciated i don't know how difficult this is going to be to achieve. On a side note are the Apex assets and configs accessible as a sample at all ? Thanks -Irish
  10. I wonder if it is possible to get the initial speed of a bullet before shooting it. I think about writing an aiming help for moving targets where a crosshair is drawn at the point that u have to shoot at to get a hit.
  11. Hi, i found the F18 Super Hornet mod and i have created a mission with the eden editor with both versions of the fighter, the E and F version, the F version as you probably know is "tandem-seat". So i have the empty fighter, a Munition HEMTT vehicle and two pilots, one of them the player, there is a village in which there are several OPFOR units and i have set some waypoints for the plane. It works like this -First i get in the fighter as the pilot so i can use the Service menu and select which equipment i am going to use -Then after the fighter is rearmed, then i get in the gunner seat and tell the AI pilot to get in. -I have used a trigger linked to the AI and the first waypoint, so when he gets in, it goes to the first one and then the fighter takes off perfectly. The problem is, although i have set limited speed in several waypoints the plane goes too fast so i can bomb the objetives, and also it flies at 300M height, so the fighter gets hit, and also, it is not stable at all. I have tried with the flyInHeight script, but the speed is still too high and not stable. Does anyone know how to make it fly slower, higher and more stable? And also i would like to know how to make it land when it returns to the airport. Thanks and sorry for my poor english.
  12. I just want to be clear. So i'm sure this has been posted many times, but i've done my searchers and not clear around exactly what i wanted to ask. When designing mission, what overall affects performance? 1. Placed objects (Am i correct that this is only an issue when its within view distance of player? Once they move far out, this no longer applies. Would there be a benefit to delete and/or hide objects?) 2. Placed Units. (Assuming disabling SIMULATION on every unit will improve mission overall, correct? Any other tips? Skill an issue? Or no matter skill it has same impacts?) 3. Overall scripts (Of course every script will impact mission. Are the ones that perform loops the worst? Should additional scripts be avoided at all costs when possible?) Any other tips i'll take it :)
  13. Planned changes to movement speeds got rolled out this week and now further tweaks are on-going in Development branch. We would like to focus your feedback by letting you know what was changed, what are we testing, ask how you feel about it, etc. Overview from terminanimator Pawel Smolewski
  14. Hello! as seen on the title our arma 2 server is running out of memory everytime. It not a hardware problem - 16Gb ram - 6 cores 8+Ghz - 2 tb sata - 10 Gbs connection When running 2 arma 2 servers the processor usage is 11% and ram like 20-30 % Why its running out of memory it can use another 15 gb of ram..?!