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  1. It would be great for console players to get a steam key at purchase so they can get access to the modding tools. This would allow us to join in, but also create our own experiences, tailored for console. At the moment you can only get access if you buy the PC version. Would this be viable?
  2. So I play Arma 3 on my Mac and love flying Helis, so I am interested in getting head tracking to work for me, even though options are sadly very limited on Mac. While OpenTrack is kind of available for Mac, I could not get it to build myself and prebuilt applications do not seem to work for Mac. (Available outputs are only FlightGear, UDP over Network, Virtual Joystick (Does not work) and X-Plane). I am not able to get any of those to interact with Arma 3 in any way. Because of this my only real option seems to be making my own custom solution. While I can get the actual head tracking figured out, my main issue is the interaction in Arma. I see three main approaches, however I still have questions on all of them: 1. Try to make some kind of existing head-tracking protocol work with my own custom solution and make it work on Mac. This seems basically impossible, firstly because I cannot find any information on how headtracking-applications actually communicate with Arma and secondly because these solutions are most likely Windows specific. Does anyone here have any pointers as to where I could find more information about head tracking protocols? 2. Make a Arma 3 Mod for a custom head tracking interface. While I do have experience making Missions and Scripting for that purpose, I have no experience in making mods. Are there any resources on or easyish ways to manipulate the payer view? How does interaction to the outside work? 3. Simulate Joysticks. This seems like the easiest solution, the actual Joystick part should be fairly easy. The main question with this is whether it is possible to make joysticks independently control the view of a player, ideally both rotation and translation? I would be very happy if I could get any answers or tips on any single one of my questions. Please also feel free to reply even if your answer might be windows specific. Any help would be welcome.
  3. I found something interesting with the 'attachTo' command recently, in order for the 'attachTo' command to work properly, an object must have a varName, not just an object reference. this means that the following code will not behave as intended: _object = createVehicle [args]: _object attachTo [args]; Instead i have to do something like below in order for it to work... _object = createVehicle [args]: _object setVehicleVarName "vehicle01"; _object attachTo [args]; I wish i knew this earlier.... Now it is entirely possible i am slow but i did not see anything about this on the community wiki or written down anywhere for that matter i dont know how to add it to the wiki myself or if i can add it myself, But adding this on the 'attachTo' wiki somewhere would be a great help in avoiding others slaving hours on a mod, just to find out that this is the issue. Thanks!
  4. Hey y'all, I'm freshly dipping my toes in the waters of Arma III modding in general, with the aim of tweaking MP gameplay for my friends & I. I've been doing my own research for a bit, but I'm getting to the point where I ought check my understanding with others. I ideally want to play around with infantry movement, and eventually, health, damage, and weapon mechanics. First thing I've been looking at is how on-foot movement speed is controlled. Despite my best hopes that there would be a object definition with movespeed vars I could change via console functions to modify an object's movement speeds - it seems the only option for that, is setAnimSpeedCoef. Which definitely makes you move faster\slower how I like, and looks very funny, but the intense crackhead energy it gives off doesn't strike me as ideal (yet). I would like to adjust move speed independently of animation playback speed. To test changing config values, I modded configFile >> "CfgMovesMaleSdr" >> "States" >> "(movement animation here)" >> "speed" using someone else's mod (didn't want to play with the core files). I increased the "speed" property for certain animations (like sprinting) but like the wiki suggests, it just changes playback speed and gives the same crackhead energy as setAnimSpeedCoef, albeit for whatever animations you chose. I'm going to look for other properties, possibly under CfgMoves (relSpeedMin\Max) or CfgVehicles(maxSpeed). If that doesn't work, I'm wondering if the movespeed is controlled somewhere along the animation inclusion process or behind a source code wall. That still strikes me as strange, considering the ability to mod in new vehicles with their own movement properties independent of animation. On the odds anyone knows exactly what I'm looking for, had experience with these areas, just sees an error in my understanding, or knows I'm about to hit some brick wall, just lmk. Thanks.
  5. Hello guys, inspired by the great MarkXIII and with a new audio engine around the corner here we go with ~ ArmA 3 Sound Modding 101 ~ What? A place to ask questions (no matter how stupid you think they are) related to the creation and implementation of audio into Arma 3. Be precise, if you have RPT problems, post the RPTs into code boxes so they don't take away half of the site space. Creation -> audio engeneering, sound waves. Implementation -> configs & tools, programming. Valid questions: I have a sound X, how do I put it into the game? how does the whole wav <-> wss/ogg system work? I want the pitch of my engine sound to change, how do I do that? my audio sounds like Y but I want it to sound like X, how do I do that? Not valid questions: when will bohemia release X? is mod X compatible with mod Y? sound-system related questions (my headphones don't work in 5.1 mode) Why? There is no central ArmA 3 sound modding thread. We are all spread around Skype, Discord and PMs, this should serve a central meeting point. Game audio is very closely connected to technical stuff so this should be good for people who can create audio but have problems with implementing it into the game. Good for newcomers: open PBOs and edit current sounds add their own sounds to the game create certain sounds for the game create their own workflow Who? Anyone who wants to help out should help. We already have experienced Arma-Audio advanced users here such as Audiocustoms, TheMaster303, Myself, Laxeman and LordJarhead (probably more that I forget, please PM me their names) all being active community members and having their own areas of expertiese who can surely help. Content I will start producing educational content. Also YOU guys are the content. Ask away. Text Bohemia Wiki - Sound Page, learn about audio configuration Custom script to make the AI fire in full auto, full weapon speed at player position View sound controllers (For the first time in ArmA!) Videos What tools do I need to access BI content in order to learn from it? P: drive & how do I package my audio into a mod that works? Advanced tool usage to speed up workflow Current to-do list for me: What tools do I need to access BI content in order to learn from it? P: drive & how do I package my audio into a mod that works? Basic sound replacement (will probably wait with this until the new engine is out). Advanced tool usage to speed up workflow. Understanding config files & tree structure More detailed explanation of parameters in configuration. Additional Some info about the current state of the "interior" controller used for weapon tails.
  6. Since the T-100x dropped, I wanted to see if I could take the charging along with the railgun onto a plane to use as an EML like in Ace Combat. I'm pretty new to modding and scripting, so as of now, im just trying to copy and paste the Futura's config into the aircraft's. Right now, i have the weapon classes, but not the charging mechanic
  7. My vest config worked for up to 1k lines, coded a new vest and now I get this error. I deleted the most recent vest code and tried unchecking “Clear temp folder” and “Binarize”, and I dont have an addon prefix, not sure if that actually does anything but I’ve seen other people fix this problem by doing that. I can’t find any errors in the model config or the other config but I’m still relatively new and something could have went by unnoticed. Edit - Moved the vest file to my P Drive and packed it from there and it got rid of the error.
  8. Hi everyone! I've finished working on my little mod, but when I'm trying to launch it, Arma III says: "Preprocessor failed with error - Invalid file name(empty filename)". And after launching my mod doesn't work. What did I do wrong? My mod contains only mod.cpp and Addons folder with pbo file. The file has only one file - config.cpp.
  9. README.MD # GUESS WHAT! THIS PROJECT IS COMPLETELY UNTESTED! # ArmA1button 1 button (almost) build, deploy ArmA 3 server with mods ## The bullshit - Get docker.io - Create files creds and steamguard with your steam credentials and current steamguard code. - Create file server.cfg as per https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Server_Config_File ``` echo "[steamuid] [steampasswd]" > creds echo "[steamguardcode]" > steamguard ``` - When ./build.sh is invoked by _AACREATEARMA.sh > prepfolder.sh, Steam should reject your Steamguard code. - Immediate check your email and update the steamguard file. - Run it from the top again. If you're fast enough it should accept the old code. ## Mods - The modlist and missionlist files are both of the following format ``` [IDNUMBER]=[ARBITRARYNAME] ``` - Mods can be named anything; mission names MUST end with .[mapcode]. - Missions are downloaded in the usual manner. Softlinks are created in .../Arma\ 3\ Server/mpmissions. - Mods are downloaded in the usual manner. - If the addons and keys folders names are unnormalized, they are normalized. - Individual file names in .../addons are normalized. Soft links are created in .../Arma\ 3\ Server/keys and .../Arma\ 3\ Server/mods/lns - The file modline is discharged to .../Arma\ 3\ Server/mods ## Files - _AACREATEARMA.sh: Entrypoint. - build.sh: invokes docker build. Will attempt to build arma-i using maxhougas/steambox-i:db. - cheapinstall.sh installs and links mods and missions. Does the jobs of installmods.sh, installmissions.sh, linkmod.sh, and linkkey.sh. - creds: contains your actual Steam credentials in plaintext. Super-duper secure, never blind or delete this file. Not included. - dexec.sh: invokes docker exec. Can only take a single argument. - dockerfile.db: used when invoking docker build (build.sh). Will contain plaintext credentials. Discharged and deleted after use by prepfolder.sh - installmod.sh: invokes docker exec > steamcmd.sh. Useful for mods that DLs that time out. Does not link anything. - linkkey.sh: invoked by cheapinstall.sh. Creates softlinks. - linkmod.sh: invoked by cheapinstall.sh. Creates softlinks. - missionlist: contains idnumbers and mission names. Mission names *MUST* end with .[mapcode]. - modlist: contains idnumbers and modnames. Mod names are arbitrary, but this system assumes names contain only [0-9A-Za-z._-]*. - patharma: contains the full path to .../Arma\ 3\ Server, it is rendered as /Arma 3 Server though, be careful with that. - pathmod: contains the full path to .../107410. - prepfolder.sh: poorly named, creates .../mods and .../mods/lns; copies runarma.sh and server.cfg to .../mods; discharges dockerfile.db. - README.MD: this. - restart.sh: invokes docker stop and docker start. - run.sh: invokes docker run. Will attempt to run arma-s. Incoming ports are specified here. Bind mounts are specified here. - server.cfg: config file. Not included. - start.sh: invokes docker stop. - steamguard: contains your steamguard code. - steaminst: a steam CMD script file. Will contain plaintext credentials. Dischaged and deleted after use by cheapinstall.sh. Not included. - stop.sh: invokes docker start. ### Depricated - installmods.sh: invokes docker exec > steamcmd.sh to download mods. Creates appropriate softlinks and discharges the modline file. - installmissions.sh: invokes docker exec > steamcmd.sh to download missions. Creates softlinks. ~~~ _AACREATEARMA.sh #!/bin/bash ./prepfolder.sh ./run.sh ./cheapinstall.sh ./restart.sh ~~~ build.sh #!/bin/bash docker pull maxhougas/steambox-i:db docker build -t arma-i -f dockerfile.db . ~~~ cheapinstall.sh #!/bin/bash arma=$(cat patharma) mods=$(cat pathmod) echo "set_steam_guard_code $(cat steamguard)" > mods/steaminst echo "login $(cat creds)" > mods/steaminst echo "$(cat modlist)" >> mods/steaminst echo "$(cat missionlist)" >> mods/steaminst sed -i 's:^:workshop_download_item 107410 :g' mods/steaminst sed -i 's:^workshop_download_item 107410 set:set:g' mods/steaminst sed -i 's:^workshop_download_item 107410 login:login:g' mods/steaminst sed -i 's:=[A-Za-z0-9._-]*::g' mods/steaminst echo "quit" >> mods/steaminst docker exec -ti arma-s /steam/steamcmd.sh +runscript "$arma/mods/steaminst" #obliterate credentials rm mods/steaminst #Start modline echo -n \" > mods/modline #iterate modlist for line in $(cat modlist) do id=$(echo $line | sed "s:=[A-Za-z0-9._-]*::g") mname=$(echo $line | sed "s:[0-9]*=::g") ./linkmod.sh $id $mname ./linkkey.sh $id #Build modline echo -n "mods/lns/$mname;" >> mods/modline done #Finish modline sed -i "s:;$:\":g" mods/modline #iterate missionlist for line in $(cat missionlist) do id=$(echo $line | sed "s:=[A-Za-z0-9._-]*::g") mname=$(echo $line | sed "s:[0-9]*=::g") file=$(docker exec -t arma-s ls -1 $mods/$id | grep -io "[a-zA-Z0-9._-]*") docker exec -t arma-s ln -sfT $mods/$id/$file "$arma/mpmissions/$mname.pbo" done ~~~ linkkey.sh #!/bin/bash #$1 = id mod=$(cat pathmod) arma=$(cat patharma) #normalize keys folder if [ -n "$(docker exec -t arma-s ls $mod/$1 | grep -o 'Keys')" ]; then docker exec -t arma-s mv $mod/$1/Keys $mod/$1/keys fi if [ -n "$(docker exec -t arma-s ls $mod/$1 | grep -io 'keys')" ]; then for kname in $(docker exec -t arma-s ls $mod/$1/keys | grep -io "[A-Z0-9a-z._-]*.bikey") do #normalize key names nkname=$(echo $kname | tr [A-Z] [a-z]) if [ "$kname" != "$nkname" ]; then docker exec -t arma-s mv $mod/$1/keys/$kname $mod/$1/keys/$nkname fi docker exec -t arma-s ln -sT $mod/$1/keys/$nkname "$arma/keys/$nkname" done fi ~~~ linkmod.sh #!/bin/bash #$1 = id #$2 = name mod=$(cat pathmod) arma=$(cat patharma) #normalize addons folder if [ -n "$(docker exec -t arma-s ls $mod/$1 | grep -o 'Addons')" ]; then docker exec -t arma-s mv $mod/$1/Addons $mod/$1/addons fi #normalize pbo names for pname in $(docker exec -t arma-s ls $mod/$1/addons | grep -io "[A-Z0-9a-z._-]*") do npname=$(echo $pname | tr [A-Z] [a-z]) if [ "$pname" != "$npname" ]; then docker exec -t arma-s mv $mod/$1/addons/$pname $mod/$1/addons/$npname fi done #link docker exec -t arma-s ln -sT $mod/$1 "$arma/mods/lns/$2" ~~~ missionlist 2897579624=lish.vr ~~~ modlist 1388025252=mxretexture ~~~ patharma /root/Steam/steamapps/common/Arma 3 Server ~~~ pathmod /root/Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/107410 ~~~ prepfolder.sh #!/bin/bash #Prepare folder structure mkdir mods mkdir mods/lns cp server.cfg mods cp runarma.sh mods #Pull base image docker pull maxhougas/steambox-i:db #Discharge dockerfile echo "FROM maxhougas/steambox-i:db" > dockerfile.db echo "RUN ./steamcmd.sh +set_steam_guard_code $(cat steamguard) +login $(cat creds) +app_update 233780 +quit" >> dockerfile.db echo "WORKDIR /root/Steam/steamapps/common/Arma\\ 3\\ Server" >> dockerfile.db echo "CMD ./mods/runarma.sh" >> dockerfile.db #build image ./build.sh #Obliterate credentials rm dockerfile.db ~~~ run.sh #!/bin/bash docker run -dp 2302-2306:2302-2306/udp -v $(pwd)/save:/root/.local/share/Arma\ 3\ -\ Other\ Profiles/Player -v $(pwd)/107410:$(cat pathmod) -v $(pwd)/mods:/root/Steam/steamapps/common/Arma\ 3\ Server/mods --name arma-s arma-i ~~~ runarma.sh #!/bin/bash cd /root/Steam/steamapps/common/Arma\ 3\ Server ./arma3server_x64 -config=mods/server.cfg -mod=$(cat mods/modline) > mods/arma.log ~~~ start.sh #!/bin/bash docker start arma-s ~~~ stop.sh #!/bin/bash docker stop arma-s ~~~ Github link = https COLON SLASH SLASH github DOT com SLASH maxhougas SLASH arma1button Put a decent chunk of work into this; hope it helps someone. I got notifications for this one turned on, so holler any questions, comments, complaints, gripes, or bitches.
  10. Would anyone be interested in working with me to create an extraction mod for ARMA Reforger?
  11. Hi all, I trying to make a custom mission using CUP Terrains and RHS US and Russia weapons, and after making a custom loadout my AI won't respawn with their main weapon, just a pistol. They have everything else from their custom loadout and the method I've used has worked perfectly before so I'm unsure what the issue is. I've created the description.ext, onPlayerKilled.sqf and onPlayerRespawn.sqf and put in the necessary code which has worked before. Any help will be appreciated. Also the code for onPlayerKilled is p1 setVariable["Saved_Loadout_p1",getUnitLoadout p1]; p2 setVariable["Saved_Loadout_p2",getUnitLoadout p2]; p3 setVariable["Saved_Loadout_p3",getUnitLoadout p3]; p4 setVariable["Saved_Loadout_p4",getUnitLoadout p4]; p5 setVariable["Saved_Loadout_p5",getUnitLoadout p5]; p6 setVariable["Saved_Loadout_p6",getUnitLoadout p6]; p7 setVariable["Saved_Loadout_p7",getUnitLoadout p7]; p8 setVariable["Saved_Loadout_p8",getUnitLoadout p8]; And for onPlayerRespawn removeAllWeapons p1; removeAllWeapons p2; removeAllWeapons p3; removeAllWeapons p4; removeAllWeapons p5; removeAllWeapons p6; removeAllWeapons p7; removeAllWeapons p8; removeGoggles p1; removeGoggles p2; removeGoggles p3; removeGoggles p4; removeGoggles p5; removeGoggles p6; removeGoggles p7; removeGoggles p8; removeHeadgear p1; removeHeadgear p2; removeHeadgear p3; removeHeadgear p4; removeHeadgear p5; removeHeadgear p6; removeHeadgear p7; removeHeadgear p8; removeVest p1; removeVest p2; removeVest p3; removeVest p4; removeVest p5; removeVest p6; removeVest p7; removeVest p8; removeUniform p1; removeUniform p2; removeUniform p3; removeUniform p4; removeUniform p5; removeUniform p6; removeUniform p7; removeUniform p8; removeAllAssignedItems p1; removeAllAssignedItems p2; removeAllAssignedItems p3; removeAllAssignedItems p4; removeAllAssignedItems p5; removeAllAssignedItems p6; removeAllAssignedItems p7; removeAllAssignedItems p8; clearAllItemsFromBackpack p1; clearAllItemsFromBackpack p2; clearAllItemsFromBackpack p3; clearAllItemsFromBackpack p4; clearAllItemsFromBackpack p5; clearAllItemsFromBackpack p6; clearAllItemsFromBackpack p7; clearAllItemsFromBackpack p8; removeBackpack p1; removeBackpack p2; removeBackpack p3; removeBackpack p4; removeBackpack p5; removeBackpack p6; removeBackpack p7; removeBackpack p8; p1 setUnitLoadout(p1 getVariable["Saved_Loadout_p1",[]]); p2 setUnitLoadout(p2 getVariable["Saved_Loadout_p2",[]]); p3 setUnitLoadout(p3 getVariable["Saved_Loadout_p3",[]]); p4 setUnitLoadout(p4 getVariable["Saved_Loadout_p4",[]]); p5 setUnitLoadout(p5 getVariable["Saved_Loadout_p5",[]]); p6 setUnitLoadout(p6 getVariable["Saved_Loadout_p6",[]]); p7 setUnitLoadout(p7 getVariable["Saved_Loadout_p7",[]]); p8 setUnitLoadout(p8 getVariable["Saved_Loadout_p8",[]]);
  12. Hi, I´m new here. I don´t know if this the right Forum for my question. I´m sorry if not. So my question is: I found a C-5 Galaxy Mod on Github and downloaded it. But there´s no addons folder with a pbo file. How can I get this mod to run. Do I have to pack the files into a pbo file by myself? I already tried that but I couldn´t place the model in Arma. Or do I have to do something completely different? I´m thankfull for every help and idea.
  13. Hello, Bohemians. My name is Zeek Halkyr, and I have been involved with Arma 3 for around 7 years at this point. I come to you with the hope that you might be interested in following my adventures in modding. The majority of my time with Arma 3 has been spent in the Eden Editor, and Zeus, fiddling around with units and simulating engagements casually. Because of this, I spend a large portion of my time testing and configuring AI mods such as LAMBS, TCL, VCOM, BCombat, and so on. I have decided to invest time in learning SQF as well as funding the development of an AI mod myself, titled Advanced Squad AI (ASAI). I don't have anything major to say about why this mod will be "the next great thing", but I hope that some people who fiddle around in Zeus like me might get some benefit from it in the future. What is this mod? The mod focus will be on automating squad behavior in an engagement. The aim is to create a mod with: - Reactive squad strategy (a squad will utilize aggressive, defensive or suppressive tactics depending on the enemies strength) - Autonomous squad support (a squad will send/receive supports of many kinds depending on the assets linked to them) - Squad recovery/triage (a squad will recover/re-arm/refuel/repair after an engagement) - Zeus Support (a squad will prioritize Zeus/Scenario waypoints, and take over when engaged or not commanded by the Zeus/Scenario Maker) What isn't this mod? This mod will not: - Be an all in one replacement of ALiVE/HETMAN/Other high command mods. The organization/actions will be done strictly from a squad level of command. - Be a 'super soldier' mod. There may be some modifications to soldier AI, but only with the intent of enforcing squad actions. - Recreate 'realistic' doctrine. This mod will assume that a squad is a autonomous and co-operative entity, and may take actions usually done on a platoon/company level. How will I create the mod? At the moment, I have about 20% of the funding to create a initial demonstration of the mod (with the base features, to expand on as time goes by), I am also learning the SQF necessary to better understand how to approach the development. I am not an experienced SQF developer, however my experience in technical writing and scripting outside of A3 may lend itself to the development of the mod. I simply have a vision I want to achieve, and will try my best to execute it. It may be several months before a demonstration can come out, but I will be updating regularly the status of its development. How can I support the mods development? I am not accepting donations at the time to contribute to the mods development. However, I invite you all to join the discord I have created. I am much active there, and willing to answer any questions you have: https://discord.gg/FdmeBVa6dn I hope you will find an interest in my journey as time goes on, Zeek
  14. Wickedsick-d9d5dcd406895451

    Vehicle Disappearing On Play

    Hello, I've been working on creating a new vehicle and following the https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_Reforger:Car_Creation tutorial. The car has been working fine with everything until I got to the setting up the differentials section. As soon as I add torque to the differentials, my car will disappear when I test. But if I remove the differential value and set it back to 0.00 it appears. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello, Here is a request for more hints about work drive, very poorly documented. I didn't find a complete topic or tutorial about P drive, or more recently what BI call a work drive. I read a lot of posts about issues when trying to mount this drive, but, no line about the interest for that. As I'm not fond of unexplained tools, I never mounted this work drive til yet, and my addons were fine so far. But I recently discover ( @Larrow point me the right direction) that such (working) drive could avoid unwanted error, especially for path references like: #include "\a3\3DEN\UI\macros.inc" Such line works in due work environment (so P:), but there is no chance to pbo an addon, with such reference to absolute path, if you are working from some folders in one of your disks. In other words, such path must be consistent where you are working and P drive seems to be your friend... if correctly mounted! So, IMHO, there is a need for a tuto browsing these different points: - why mounting a work drive? (and what is it exactly?) - does it cost a large space on my disk? (does it duplicates numerous files?) - How to do that? Really, the Arma 3 tools is not fair with explanation! You can click on "Mount the project drive".. and you get an empty P drive... or click on "Project drive Management"... for roughly the same thing! And good luck - So what? I have an empty P drive (with more or less 80 Go used!, by what?) - I'm not on buldozer, just because I don't want to mod an object or a map, just an addon for example, So what is the next step with my empty drive?? (I placed my completed addon inside P: and there is no difference between P: and my former folder on E:) So, the consistency for pboing an addon, with absolute paths like I wrote, stays hypothetical at this stage. - and last question, btw, how to dismount a P drive? There are not so much explanation once again. The is no real "dismount" tool, just some hints about: WorkDrive.exe /Dismount ... Good luck if you don't have any clue for running that. If I'm right, you can run that on windows power shell or a "command line"... if you know how to reach this executable of course! (under program files (x86)\Steam\... did you succeed in pointing at such path?) Have fun with Arma (even wasting time with tools)
  16. Hello all! By trade, I am a 3D artist, and I hope to create many mods for Arma Reforger and Arma 4. My 3D skills are still in their early stages, but I hope to improve to AAA quality and continue to work on my passion project in my spare time. I intend to create a Ghost Recon conversion mod heavily influenced by the GRAW and GRAW2 games, but in a modern setting. My work will be referred to as RGAW for copyright reasons. RGAW (Recon Ghosts Advanced Warfighter). The 3D aspect of the first gun for the project (MR-C) is complete. Now I have to make sure I export it correctly and get it working in the engine. Wish me luck Anyone who wishes to reach out to me is welcome, I would love to join a mod community if there is one for the Infusion Engine (Discords etc.).
  17. Hi all, New to the forums and reforger modding but was looking for some help with the vehicle creation wiki tutorial [here]. I have been following along using the golf model file provided in the sample new car mod on github [here]. I get to a point where I can enter/exit the vehicle with the start car animations all working. However the car remains static with no movement or steering. I feel like the tutorial is either missing some critical steps or I have misunderstood at some point. I'll lay out where I get a little confused with the process below and hopefully someone can help point me in the right direction or provide some external resources! Action Contexts - [here] Using the model listed in the github repo I cannot find any of the door_xxx_int options as action contexts. And whenever I reach this section, when I drag my prefab into the world editor I can enter/exit the vehicle however it remains static with no drop to the ground physics, steering or engine noise upon the character start animation (I always assumed this should happen later when setting up VehicleWheeledSimulation). Wheel/Tyres - [here] Once I have completed the majority of engine setup When I try to select a class for Tyre it would crash my workbench, I later inherited "VehicleSimulationonTire_M151A2.conf" from the arma reforger prefab that would allow me to set the tyre class without crashing the workbench. Once I have completed the above I am either left with a car that I can enter/exit but not move, or as soon as i spawn into the world editor to test the car, the entity will simply disapear. So I am Hoping for any kind of help as I'm excited with the possibilities, assuming my car starts to move :).
  18. I get a error everytime I start a game. It's because a mod requires ace but the mod works perfectly fine without ace and since I play only singleplayer ace isn't good for me and it's too complicated imo. Does anyone know how I can disable this error notification?
  19. Hello, i would like some help with making a mod that adds my own sound to the Zeus play sound module, I'm very new to modding but i do know that the sounds files have to be ogg
  20. Hey guys, I've been fiddling with this all day. I can't seem to figure out how to make my static animation I made in blender work in Arma. I used the addon builder that built the pbo, but my animation didn't work when I went into Arma. This is my file before using the addon builder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UDIDdfdj4MSd4i6jkRyzrNv53shytdpO?usp=sharing Could you guys please share some light on how to make this work? Thank you so much!
  21. Dude_1

    How to get into modding

    Hello, I wanna make some mods for arma but I have no clue where I should start and which programs I need to download in order to make mods. In the internet I'm only finding outdated tutorials from like 5-6 years ago. And if I want to make scripts, which programming language does it need to be?
  22. Is there a way to assign an insignia to a custom soldier like a vest or a uniform, so that it is automatically equipped when the it's spawned?
  23. Hello, i want to start Modding, and what is the better place to start for me, is too customize and add Insignias. well i'm having a bit of trouble. you see its a website that is kinda dedicated to creating Insignias Owned by the person who goes by insignia.alex. On the website their is a instructional guide on how to install it real simple stuff. Point A and Point B Instructions. Well short story, i fellow each and every instructions that he asked, after creating the Mod and starting up when i started it up I get a Error Messages like Picture /insigina_addon/icons/test.ping not found. https://ibb.co/ZVzhJcg https://ibb.co/4sFL9mb https://ibb.co/K9VKygR https://insignia.alex109.de/create.html#feedback I did this six times hoping for a new outcome, but no matter how much i tried the same Error Message pop ups, I don't know what i'm am doing wrong. I converted the Png to Paa file and typed it into Config file .
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  25. CYTECH INDUSTRIES a unique and ambitious project in its complexity and settings. For more info check out the link to the BIS forums below DISCORD Forum Post What are we looking for? - Level Design/Composition: [Eden editor/ Xcam/Plopper/other]. - 3D Modelers: [blender/3dmax/other]. - Model porting: [experience preferred] porting UE4, Unity assets, other / making models ArmA ready - Texture artist: [For re-textures, HD texture editing, etc.] - Audio / Sound: [Someone who has knowledge of the Arma 3 audio tech] - Weapon porting [experience essential] - Animations: [Experienced Animation specialist] What's in it for you - An exciting project to showcase your work - Full credits - A friendly team to work with and learn from Please contact Dan Tronic for more info.