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Found 10 results

  1. Would anyone be interested in working with me to create an extraction mod for ARMA Reforger?
  2. Hey everyone, I am working on a game mode idea that is loosely based on the idea of Dark Zones in The Division games. The game mode would be PvP and would revolve around both Player killing, collecting items and performing various tasks. I would like to create a system that would allow players to extract found items in exchange for points. The idea is that players collect items throughout the game (both by finding them on the map and looting them from other players) and may deposit them in certain "extraction zones" on the map in exchange for "points". Those points would stack up with all the items the players extracted. When the game ends, the points would have to be tallied including both the extracted loot as well as the one still in the players' inventory - the data would have to be pullable for the game summary somehow so that the best player can be chosen as the winner. So... a full list of what I'm going after, exactly: - multiple different loot-items worth a different amount of points - loot-items can be extracted in specific areas of the map one by one, possibly with an action that takes some time to complete - extracted loot-items are converted to points and awarded to the player (or a whole group if several members are working as part of one team). - if the player dies, he loses all of his points and is eliminated but the loot-items in his inventory can be looted by other players - exchanging the earned points OR loot-items for specific game items (ammo, meds, etc.) On a slightly different, but still related note, the game mode will feature a few separate factions, all with different goals during the game. Other players will have different goals and I would also like to reward them with points for stuff like: - collecting players' dog tags - collecting a different category of items found in the game - spending some time inside a specific area (researchers performing researcher things..) I believe those last three should be fairly easy once I have the reward system in place and working, since I can tweak the method I use for granting those points to players later on. How I roughly see it is twofold: - Either I assign variables to each player and adjust those variables according to the aforementioned actions and criteria - I exchange the items players extract for, say, a money item (in that case money would be the points equivalent to summarize the end game) Now the thing is, my scripting knowledge is probably insufficient for this task, so I would be very grateful for any tips or even some useful snippets of code that you guys could share with me. Any pointers and suggestions are highly welcome. Thanks! Adam
  3. Hello! I'm trying to make a script that will create a helicopter that will fly to the player, land and transport the player back to base when the player throws orange smoke. Most of the script is working fine, but if the player wants to extract a second time after getting back to base, two helicopters will spawn. If done one more time a third will spawn etc. Here is the code that I'm currently using: player addAction ["Request transport", {[] execVM "Scripts\extract.sqf"}, nil, 0.1, false]; // This is in another file to the rest of the script systemChat "Mark your position with orange smoke!"; player addItem "SmokeShellOrange"; player addEventHandler ["Fired", { if ((_this select 4) == "SmokeShellOrange") then { (_this select 6) spawn //spawn will create 1 extra helo every time smoke is thrown { waitUntil {sleep 1, (speed _this <= 0) || (!alive _this)}; _smoke = getPos _this; _pickup = createSimpleObject ["Headgear_H_WirelessEarpiece_F", _smoke]; hideObject _pickup; _marker = 1; waitUntil { sleep 1, _marker == 1}; _radius = getPos player; _helo = createVehicle ["B_Heli_Transport_01_F", _radius, [], 2500, "FLY"]; createVehicleCrew _helo; systemChat "A helicopter is en-route to extract you!"; _zone = getPos _pickup; _helo move _zone; waitUntil {sleep 1, ((_helo distance _zone) < 150)}; doStop _helo; _helo land "GET IN"; {_helo animateDoor [_x, 1]} forEach ["door_back_L","door_back_R","door_L","door_R"]; waitUntil {sleep 1, player in _helo}; {_helo animateDoor [_x, 0]} forEach ["door_back_L","door_back_R","door_L","door_R"]; _helo move (getMarkerPos "start"); sleep 11; [0, "BLACK", 3] spawn BIS_fnc_fadeEffect; sleep 3; player setPos (getMarkerPos "service"); player setDamage 0; deleteVehicle _helo; skipTime 2; [1, "BLACK", 2] spawn BIS_fnc_fadeEffect; sleep 2; curobj allowDamage true; curobj enableSimulation true; deleteVehicle curobj; deleteVehicle veh; [] execVM "startupgui_fnc.sqf"; // Allows the player to set new mission parameters and usually only runs on mission start }; }; }]; Not only does this spawn two helicopters, it also broadcasts the chat message one time for every helicopter that spawns. This leads me to believe that the script is somehow running twice (?). Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong and how to fix it?
  4. Hi, I need some help putting the finishing touches on a mission and am looking for 3 English speaking voice actors, plus either 1 British or Australian accented actor. Text varies from 2 to 7 lines. (Radio comms.) Everyones' enjoyment would improve immensely over a text dialogue. Your (Ingame) name and contribution will be acknowledged in the mission credits unless you opt out. There will be an intro and a briefing. The mission will start with a night helo insertion. Then a stealth approach thru the jungle of Tanoa to meet your team. Setup an Ambush to retrieve some Intel. Call for extraction & return to base. Anyone interested and willing to help out, just drop a PM? Regards.....
  5. I have made a small mission where a group that is controled by the player must move though a town (silent or not) and kill the commander. I then want the player to get a waypoint after killing the commander to an extraction zone where the mission will end. The problem is I cannot find a way to make it so when the commander is killed a waypoint or something similar is shown. Is there anyway to do this? ( I am not very good with scipting so please if there is a way to do this that involes scripting, explane is well)
  6. Hello everyone, I don't know if it's the appropriate place to post but anyway... Does BIS have already considered making BIS_fnc_UnitPlay function to work on dedicated servers ? As a milsim organization, we'd love to see this function fully working on dedicated servers since the AI is terrible regarding chopper insertion/extraction procedures. This provides a great immersion and realism feature. Thanks !
  7. These are a couple basic Helicopter Insertion / Evac Examples that you can easily copy & paste into your mission and adjust. Since this is a frequent question and I made it for my team anyway, I thought why not share it to more people: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/szg3610cflol363/heli_evac_vanilla.Stratis.zip?dl=0 heli_evac_vanilla.Stratis.zip · 5.04 KB No mods needed. Should work in SP/LAN/Dedicated. Please let me know if you find any bugs/typos! Just unzip to your Eden save folder C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\*PROFILE*\mpmissions\ or C:\Users\*USERNAME*\Documents\Arma 3\mpmissions If you are not sure where Eden is saving your files: Go into Eden and save a mission with the name donald123. now open your hardrive and search for donald123. it will eventually find a folder called donald123.stratis or donald123.tanao (...), depending on which map you saved it. Put the folder from the zip inside this folder, where you also see the donald123.*MAPNAME* folder. You should then be able to load this mission in Eden You will find some notes on how to use for your own on the map ingame. It's basically copy & paste the setup you need into your mission and then go through the triggers/waypoints/object init's to see if you need to change something, for example the faction from blufor (west) to opfor (east). Don't hesitate to drop me a private message if you have troubles or just ask questions inside this topic. If you want to use a different kind of chopper and have problems with finding the animation source for animateDoor command I try to help you too. Before anyone asks: I tried it on roof of buildings and it seems to work with some of them, like the big square buildings with a roof on tanoa.
  8. Hey, guys. So I made this mission for my group. we start at an Airfield, the team is divided in two groups. After assembly each group heads for a predetermined heliport, then two UH-60s come and take us away... The set up is pretty simple, inside the heliport there's a trigger which is synched to the UH-60's waypoint (so it doesn't come too early), the next UH-60's waypoint is a LOAD waypoint, syched to a GET IN waypoint of the infantry team, then the chopper move's on to its next waypoints once the team in inside. I tested with bots and it works flawlessly. The thing is... I HOSTED the mission in multiplayer mode with a friend of mine and something isn't working... Here's what happens: Situation 1: I am ALPHA team, my friend is BRAVO team Development: Both choppers approach the heliports ALPHA chopper lands, waint until ALPHA team embarks, then moves on. BRAVO chopper approches its heliport, then do a sudden turn and moves on without landing Then we traded teams (thinking the problem was BRAVO's chopper waypoints. This is what happened: Situation 2: I am BRAVO team, my friend is ALPHA team Development: Both chopper approach the heliports BRAVO chopper lands, waint until BRAVO team embarks, then moves on. ALPHA chopper approches its heliport, then do a sudden turn and moves on without landing The problems appears to have something to do with the HOST (me) and it's not related to any problem in the waypoints, since it worked in both helicopters, except it only works when I (HOST) am the it is supposed to pick up. The other chopper completely ignores the other team. I can't seem to think what could be causing it, can you guys help me? Thanks!
  9. I want a helicopter to spawn with crew and pick me and my squadmates up which activates by trigger. It would be cool too if you told me how to spawn an aa squad simultaniously so that he gets shot down.
  10. I have a helicopter with three waypoints; a MOVE waypoint, which is connected to a trigger, a LAND waypoint attached to an invisible helipad and with the condition that all units are inside it, and a third MOVE waypoint. I expected the helicopter to move in and land on the helipad once the first MOVE waypoint is skipped, but instead it simply flies over and stays hovering in midair over the trigger attached to it's MOVE waypoint. Why is this happening, and how can I get it to land on the helipad? Edit: Here's an example mission that demonstrates my problem; https://mega.nz/#!sMUByIQb!2snm5wTgDpMsCGJYxSXzoMZjqMKxWOa__TaDh0_AORE The helicopter should move past the first waypoint once the trigger is activated, but it simply stays in midair and doesn't move at all. There are no enemies on the map, or any other characters besides me and the pilot. As an extra note, I'm playing this mission in multiplayer. Edit: I was able to solve my problem by using multiple waypoints; I first used a Move waypoint right next to the helicopter that's connected to a trigger, and is skipped when the trigger activates. Then a Move waypoint attached to the helipad with a condition of true and an Actrivation with 'heli land "land";' in it. Then a Scripted waypoint also connected to the helipad, with a condition of "me in heli", then, a final Move waypoint out in the distance with a condition of true. Here is a more complicated mission I created using this information; it features a helicopter that ferries the player between sides of the lake whenever they get inside, and waits for them to reenter; https://mega.nz/#!FUkiFIYI!jm-56z1QLBkh9lEIPdt8iPOyHZKEWdnGU3dTsa2TD3Q