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Found 85 results

  1. Hey so i recently upgraded my computer Specs: Ryzen 7 7700x Asus 4070 Asus x670-p wifi 32 Gb DDR5 6000mhz Samsung 980 Pro And switched to Windows 11 The game will not open, on opening it crashes. Anybody know what might be causing this? Windows update? Drivers? It was a fresh install, nothing on my drives, the game loads for 5 seconds and then crashes.
  2. Download: MIL_CAS - Dropbox Description: MIL_CAS is a simple script to allow a mission designer to use the vanilla CAS Module in-game via scripting. All this does is perform the required actions to properly call BIS_fnc_moduleCAS. Best suited for ambience, the strikes shouldn't be relied on for 100% accuracy. Features: - Position and approach heading can be defined. - Plane and type of CAS to be provided can be defined. To use: - Copy the file MIL_CAS.sqf to your mission folder. - Run the script using: nul = [[_position,_direction,_vehicle,_type],"MIL_CAS.sqf"] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_execVM",2]; - _position - array - position for CAS to strike - _direction - number - direction for the CAS to approach on - _vehicle - string (optional) - default: "B_Plane_CAS_01_F" - classname of the plane to fly CAS - _type - number (optional) - default: 2 - type of CAS to be used - 0 - Guns - 1 - Missiles - 2 - Guns & Missiles - 3 - Bomb - Examples: nul = [[getPos player,240],"MIL_CAS.sqf"] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_execVM",2]; - Wipeout will fly in for a "Guns & Missiles" run. nul = [[getPos player,240,"RHS_A10",3],"MIL_CAS.sqf"] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_execVM",2]; - A-10 will fly in and drop a single bomb. Credits: - This uses the vanilla function BIS_fnc_moduleCAS for the actual CAS. All I did was make an easy way to launch it from a script. Media: Everyone knows what CAS is all about, but here is all four types being called in anyway (0.52): If anyone finds any problems please let me know. Thank you.
  3. I was trying to join Turd Ferguson fun house server i downloaded every mod on the erver but i get an error and idk why
  4. WpnzGradeAutizm

    JSON Support

    #Can someone explain why this wont work? { "dedicatedServerId": "ServerID", "region": "US-LA", "gameHostBindAddress": "xx.xx.xx.xx", "gameHostBindPort": 16000, "gameHostRegisterBindAddress": "xx.xx.xx.xx", "gameHostRegisterPort": 16001, "game": { "name": "Server Name Here", "password": "", "scenarioId": "{59AD59368755F41A}Missions/21_GM_Eden.conf", "playerCountLimit": 10, "visible": true, "gameMode": "", "gameProperties": { "serverMaxViewDistance": "800", "serverMinGrassDistance": "0", "networkViewDistance": "500", "battlEye": true, "disableThirdPerson": false }, "mods": [ { "modId": "5AAF6D5352E5FCAB", "name": "Project Redline - Core", "version": "" }, { "modId": "59B119F40203D491", "name": "Apartment_RXK", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5CCCC1DFB9C93581", "name": "AH-64D Apache", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5C7F3E319BE86A0C", "name": "Daniel Defense MK18", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D968035B69FD43B", "name": "2nd Ranger Battalion Pack 2", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5AC2954C784671B3", "name": "Barrett M82", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D931A33AEB81FA3", "name": "TalibanMod", "version": "" }, { "modId": "597D72161FD1ED1D", "name": "AttachmentsCompatibility", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5CA8F34E77DD532C", "name": "KOMRAD-12 Shotgun", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D1880C4AD410C14", "name": "M1A1 Abrams", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5994AD5A9F33BE57", "name": "Game Master FX", "version": "" }, { "modId": "59B70A5A19E9B51E", "name": "Vergys Custom Clothing", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5AB890B71D748750", "name": "M4A1 Block ll and URG-I", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5CA6BA2F63DE1174", "name": "M17 Pistol", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D8D003BC5D829EC", "name": "M2010 Enhanced Sniper Rifle", "version": "" }, { "modId": "59A30ACC02650E71", "name": "Night Vision System", "version": "" }, { "modId": "597F78639E6F65CE", "name": "AAC Honey BadgerSuppressed", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5B383D4CB27E0D54", "name": "bmp", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5C424C45BB14BC8A", "name": "3rd Ranger Vehicle Pack", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D9114C702B0ADB0", "name": "2nd Ranger Battalion Pack 1", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5AD6FDAC65418DEA", "name": "CZ Scorpion EVO3 SMG", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D0551624969C92E", "name": "Zeliks Character", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5ABD0CB57F7E9EB1", "name": "RIS Laser Attachments", "version": "" }, { "modId": "59BA0CE1B043CA92", "name": "Project Redline - MD500", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5B3ED33ADA805340", "name": "Task Force Mattock Weapons", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5CF0C3158\u0410B2337E", "name": "Task Force Mattock Uniforms", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5994614FB5AD35C2", "name": "RHIB", "version": "" }, { "modId": "59D64ADD6FC59CBF", "name": "Project Redline- UH60", "version": "" }, { "modId": "596D3D94153010B8", "name": "BWS - Modern Uniform", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D5CDD82B55747B2", "name": "R3D_CORE Patch", "version": "" }, { "modId": "597D2A65AB73E657", "name": "BetterExplosives", "version": "" }, { "modId": "59664C0CB36501CD", "name": "BloodLust2", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5CA125536EE7430A", "name": "M110 DMR", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5A78300A9F2D7A65", "name": "HMAS Adelaide", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5AB301290317994A", "name": "Suppressor System", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5C721177A220B42F", "name": "Joint Light Tactical Vehicle", "version": "" }, { "modId": "596A46029747E4D5", "name": "Flare", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5CAB7D88BB567AD6", "name": "CH-47", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5B02128D896F7DE8", "name": "stryker", "version": "" }, { "modId": "596931F2BD5788B1", "name": "Mortars", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5C9AD9EF76F6B5EA", "name": "zu-23", "version": "" }, { "modId": "5D5A20A8AE33C21E", "name": "couger mrap", "version": "" }, { "modId": "59E756973590AC4C", "name": "PAK", "version": "" } ], "autoJoinable": false, "supportedGameClientTypes": [ "PLATFORM_PC", "PLATFORM_XBL" ] }, "a2sQueryEnabled": true, "steamQueryPort": 16001 }
  5. I am searching for the manual for Gravon: Real Virtuality, are there any offical PDF's of it?
  6. Hello all. Its been years since I played Arma3 and dabbled in Mission Editing but I have returned once again. Forgive me if this is a ignorant question as I am a bit rusty... I am trying to drop a few Medics at a Base with a SUPPORT Waypoint as I would like them to respond to HEAL requests. The problem I run into is they either take off on foot across the darned map or drive to BFE and sit there. Any scripting I conjure like for example "setCurrentWaypoint" or Triggers just seems to mess up the SUPPORT ability. Also as a side note, forcing them to respond in vehicles seems to break SUPPORT as well as they just arrive, getout and stand there next to the wounded without treating them. I could honestly live with them staying on foot if I can find a way to limit the SUPPORT range or a solution for RTB'ing after long range support requests. I should also note these Medics would Ideally respond to both AI and Players as its a CoOp mission. Thanks in advance for any insight or education anyone can provide.
  7. Hi, I was banned recently from the A3 discord and after attempting to reach out as to the reason why I was told that a message was sent saying why. I haven't received such a message so I was curious as to what rule or policy I broke as I hardly post any message on the discord. Many thanks! Discord Spink#4363
  8. Everytime i try log into the game I get this error message telling me I can’t connect to the cloud I tried delete’ing my files but still no tried re downloading the game .. nope there’s no way for me to play it I know it’s not my internet because all my other games work fine just vigor pls help?
  9. Hello, I was wondering of some of you had found a way to create hybrid Co-op games between support and warlord. My friends and I are really enjoying the support game mode but would also like the possibility to switch to an offense role and recruit soldiers to attack sectors. I may have kissed a topic but I wasn't able to find a way to create these type of game mode. We are currently running a support game mode with an "outside" respawn for offense. I am creating playable characters to "recruit" in your team and a pool of vehicles. The issues are sometimes when getting out the player get an out of area "death screen" or their deaths are not counting in the counters. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  10. Frosted_Bunny5


    This person is very clearly cheating, and it’s been on more than 1 occasion. Please ban them or something. I’ve also received messages from my video that they have had the same thing happen to them by this person. https://www.facebook.com/groups/officialvigorplaystationcommunity/permalink/559885075486115/?fs=e&s=cl https://youtu.be/uUt8kVb0AQo These are just 2 of the videos we also have a couple on TikTok that shows the other side of this ordeal from the YouTube video.
  11. As far as I know we currently have no way of creating dedicated servers with our own hardware for the Xbox version of Arma Reforger. I also know that the dev team is also working on fixing problems with the Official Servers' stability. Regardless of that though, I would highly recommend giving Xbox users the ability to create dedicated servers with our own hardware. This could be with another Series X/S we own or with our own PC/LAPTOP. This would give us the option to troubleshoot our servers and reboot them if necessary. Currently when official servers crash, i.e, kick everyone out, we have no way to fix these servers and have to wait for them to come back online. This could take hours and it's not just a one server issue, they are all doing this consistently. Please give us this option.
  12. I have a question regarding the new DLC Laws of War and the showcase mission In the showcase where you get to try out CAS and choose the right one without killing civilian you can choose what kind of bomb the incoming jet gets to use. For examble you can order the new cluster bomb. But i dont seem to find any way to edit the CAS module so that the selected bomb is used. I can only choose between guided and unguided. I know if you choose an non virtual CAS provider with artillery you can choose the type of ammo but why not with planes. Hope someone knows more about scripting than me or knows how they did it in the showcase. PS. I know theres a way to force the plane to use a specific kind of weapon by disabling all others but that doesnt seem to work with virtual Provider.
  13. As you can see by the title, I'm trying to make a custom support CAS menu by utilizing the CfgCommunicationMenu. The script that activates after u call in support would make the player say something with apex subtitles and send in chopper support. Problem is, that it seems like the script only activates to whoever calls in the support. What I mean is that the player who called in chopper support would see the apex subtitles and the chopper incoming for CAS. But to the other players, they won't see the apex subtitles and only see the chopper incoming. Is there any way to make the script activates for all players by utilizing the CfgCommunicationMenu? I'm still considered a rookie when it comes to scripting, so expect me to be a little dumb. And this is one of my first posts on the forums.
  14. CUSTOM OPTIONS, OPS CENTER, ROLE-PLAY, and EFFECTS (Central Framework for Zero Dark Zero) by Richard Von Quest VERSION: v0.7.0 beta UPDATED: 17 APR 2021 DONATE: Support Project // INTRODUCTION: This is the Stand-Alone Module of my Custom Starting Options and Ops-Center from my SpookWarCom Project. It was the "core" or heart of my projects. This will add numerous player options that you can set easily for those of you who are new or the non-computery types. It also adds off-site Tactical Operations Centers which you can operate from that's isolated from the actual map allowing for better behind-the-lines feel before you are boots-on-the-ground. The Tactical Operations Center is a command post that you can role-play as starting in another nearby country, or location (recommend placing in corner or over water). Use as many, or as few options as you wish. The Ops Center is not required. Feel free to remove the .pbo files (sonic cracks, icons, etc) you do not want loaded. There are so many people that love this hobby but are too intimidated to wade into the technical and modding-side, or just don't have the time. Let me know what Player & Starting Options you would like to see, and I'll attempt to design or script it for the this Addon. Feel free to post requests in this Forum. More Donations equals faster updates and custom requests honored. To use the Ops Center in its fullest, you will need my other Addons as well (SOCOM, FROGS, LEAP, etc). PLEASE READ the DOCs included for more info, keybinding, menu, details, etc! To place the Ops Center, you MUST set the Vertical Mode to "Sea Level" (straight line) in the Editor BEFORE placing the composition. Place inside the map area, or some things will not spawn in. "The Only Easy Day, Was Yesterday" // FEATURES: Tactical Operations Centers (compositions) Heli Support, Transport, Rearm, Infil/Exfil, etc Starting Time Options - Random w/ Full Moon Randomized Starting Weapon Option Starting Camp Site - Random Locations Covert & Unarmed System (Black-Ops) Holster Weapon - Start & Menu Option Weapon Sway Aim CoEfficient Player Fatigue On/Off Option Starting Info Text - 3 Lines to Customize Custom Weapons, Gear, and Equipment Movie-Style Archetype Weapons (extra power, etc) Movie-Style Silencers, Ballistics (ultra quiet, sound efx, etc) CIA - SAD/SOG Operatives, Agents, SEALs, etc Remove Reload Icon .pbo file option Remove Ammo Count .pbo file option Replaces "Sonic Cracks", with "Zip, Wiz" efx Long-Range Support Radio System Damage EFX & Blood Splatter on screen Carry & Drag both Alive and Dead units Tactical Reload (no reload from Backpack) Tactical Throw (no throwing from Backpack) Tactical Explosives (set/pickup manually) ...And More! // NOTES: More Info coming soon. This was just an upgrade into a Stand-alone Project. Many more cool options are right around the corner. Let me know in the Forums what you want to see added for Custom Player Options. // KEYBINDING: Shift + D // REQUIRED: 1. CBA A3 - Community Based Addons A3 2. Eden Objects - TOC2 - Advanced Ops Center (optional) // DONATE: OPTIONS & OPS CENTER Von Quest Industries // LICENSE: // CREDIT & THANKS: *BangaBob (Drag Dead Bodies)
  15. Hi, basically the question is in the title. How can i group multiple Artilliry units so they fire all at once, once i called Fire Support? (my config so far: Player <-> Artilliry Request node <-> Artilliry node <-> M4 Scorcher in group with three other Artilliry units - in this constellation, unfortunately, they all fire individually one after the other ) thanks in advance!
  16. So i´ve been seraching for like an hour now but i can´t figure out where to set the startup parameters for a linux dedicated server i just want to enable autoinit so the mission starts when the server is started but where and how ? (i had the same topic like 2 weeks ago but no one replied so i made a new one)
  17. So i´ve been seraching for like an hour now but i can´t figure out where to set the startup parameters for a linux dedicated server i just want to enable autoinit so the mission starts when the server is started but where and how ?
  18. Looking for the trader and spawn zone exile mission files for chernarus 2035. The only links I can find are broken. I could probably figure out how to make them, but I’m not really a coder, and from some of the research I’ve done, it seems some of the add ons needed are no longer supported / hard to come by ( 3m Eden plug-in, exile eden plugin). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  19. Hello We are currently developing an Sandbox Arma 3 Server. i want to make a Sniping spot where you can Snipe some AI´s the AI´s are set to: this disableai "ALL"; i got a simple Respawn script from a another forum post. which looks like this: the Problem is that when the ai Respawns the init isn´t there anymore so they run around and shoot at the players how can i fix that? thanks for you´re help Marvin Admin at German-Gamers.net
  20. so i want the day night cycle on my server disabled because having a night on a Sandbox Server is stupid and bad! i searched for a while and the only thing i found was people complaining about Servers disabling the cylce but HOW how can i disable the whole time cycle that it´s always like 1 pm on the Server? HELP! Marvin
  21. Is anyone else having this problem? Legacy season one preppers battle pass cross progression is not awarding crates or coins only cosmetics ?… pls help … and also where/how to buy the #StaySafe charity pack to donate to University Hospital Brno ?!
  22. I noticed a new problem when I logged in today. When I went to the range in camp it told I had new challenges the list showed all of my guns. Which I found odd because it only says that when i get a new gun and I it only shows my new gun. So I emedietly checked and it cleared all of my challenges. Witch is wrong because I have the target practice, shooter and sharpshooter medals. My medals still show up in medals, but all of my challenge records are gone.
  23. Hi all, Team switching is one of the weirdest feature in Arma. If you are playing in SP, with several switchable units, some behaviors can be lost. If you switch, you can loose all supports (BI standard support modules). Reproducible, Vanilla, 3den: Add units: player + playable ones Add an artillery (the support type doesn't matter, it's just an example) Add the artillery provider module add the requester module link the artillery to the provider module, the provider to the requester module, the requester module to all switchable (playable in 3den) units. Preview Starting as player (the player unit in 3den), gives you the artillery support. No problem. Starting "as character" from any other playable unit does the trick also. No problem. But, each time you press "U" (or whatever key for switching menu) and you choose another unit, the support menu disappear. NB 1: No matter the method used: editor or scripted links with BIS_fnc_addSupportLink, the supports are lost on team switching. Only the first unit played at start can call supports. NB 2: a little workaround, tested but not guaranteed: addMissionEventHandler ["teamSwitch", { BIS_requesterFSM = nil; [yourRequestModuleName] execVM "A3\modules_f\supports\init_requester.sqf"; }]; Now if you switch, the support works.... A remaining point I failed to correct: At your first support call after switching, a hint message will say: "provider not available". Which is wrong. The support works.
  24. NaughtySanta

    Account help!

    I have a problem I have two bohemia accounts connected to two separate emails and NONE of them will link with my steam account. One of the bohemia accounts (the one I'm logged in on to write this) is the one I want connected to my steam account. (I want this because I can't use the goddamned custom logos that show on vehicles and such without linking my bohemia account to my steam account.) Anyway, it doesn't work because it says that it's already connected to some other bohemia account. NONE of my emails have any notifications and such about this happening. So I need an admin or some support technician to uncouple the steam account from whatever bohemia account it's locked onto, so I can connect the damned thing to my existing bohemia account. I've tried to send a support mail about this(with three separate internet browsers) but the goddamned bohemia site gets an internal server error every time I try to send the support message! So sufficed to say I'm a tad annoyed. I HOPE some admin or such can help me with this issue.
  25. Ok guys, my problem now is as follows: I want to set the number of rounds from an artillery support provider (virtual) to just one. And I also want to know if there's a way to enable only the mk6 mortar to be used, because there's other options there, and I just want the mk6, and that players only use it too... Someone can help me? Tks in advance!