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  1. Von Quest

    Unedited tanoa map

    You can use Modules and/or Scripts to delete on-map objects. Look at the included Hide/Edit Terrain Module in the Editor.
  2. Welcome to ArmA! You may or may not know already.... If you want to play around with bullet penetration (as per your workshop link), you may want to check out: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_traceBullets Enjoy!
  3. I thought they all were square?
  4. Von Quest

    MRB Brexit Insignia

    United we stand. Divided we fall.
  5. If using the Editor, just set the unit to 50% probably in the probability setting. Just double-click to open the settings. No need to script.
  6. Von Quest

    [WIP] Pilatus PC-12

    Try making the model yourself from scratch. You'll enjoy the hobby much more. Also, you need a longer name.
  7. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Dynamic_Airport_Configuration
  8. Von Quest

    Protecting Pbo

    Anything you can encrypt, you can usually find a hack or 3rd party solution to circumvent it. Also, many believe it would discourage the open-source friendly environment of the modding community. I disagree.... It would ADD to the hobby. There would still be an open community. The forums and other sources would still be there for help and reference. I personally refuse to release my best stuff until there is a reasonable way of protecting it.
  9. Von Quest

    Protecting Pbo

    I'd love to see an official BIS encryption option/tool. You spend a hundred hours on a project, and the script kiddies just steal it in five minutes and put it on their Life Servers.
  10. Von Quest

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Then go ahead and make one. Most of the fun of this hobby is making your own stuff and customizing your own personal game.
  11. Which FIA? Make sure you have your sides setup. Is "Green" the bad guys? Etc. Who's fighting who? You may have to set your sides.
  12. Hilarious. I'm saving this to my betamax. Should Stephen Spielberg be worried? Could be a few things. Try several experiments. Might just be a glitch. Or he got lucky, as the shrapnel missed, etc. It's like a shotgun in all directions.
  13. Von Quest

    Drawing straight lines on maps

    While holding L.Shift + L.Ctrl = Straight Line. While holding L.Ctrl = Drawing on Map.
  14. Von Quest

    Drawing straight lines on maps

    I use vanilla (no ACE3), and the Straight Line works great for me. It must be an ACE and/or Dev Issue.