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  1. Thanks! Right now all I need is time. I've been busy all summer, so I haven't had much modding time. I should have a new bomb type at some point. I don't need any help with code or anything, but thanks for the offer! I'll mark you down though if I need a hand.
  2. ArmA 3 and Z-fighting

    Yup, skydiving is just atrocious! It's a real immersion breaker. Thanks for the tips. I could of sworn I changed the view distance once and back and it fixed it. I'll have to try it again.
  3. Thanks. Sure, at some point I'll be uploading everything to Steam. Both as stand-alones, and a full package I think. I'm waaaaaaay behind on my modding stuff right now, so I'll likely be awhile.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. I'm still lost. I downloaded the "Patch" fix you uploaded. I still can't open the Mission at all. It throws that same Error. Normally I can just replace classnames in the .sqm with my software, but its binarized and locked. I'm not seeing where/how to "open" with the helper mod you mention. -------------- UPDATE: Being a modder myself, I just patched it quick on my end for now. Its all good. Fixed. I can at least play and update properly later. Thanks. GREAT project by the way. Love your work. Cheers!!!!
  5. Zoiks! Red Alert guys... Just tried to load up our current mission for tonight (on-going for weeks).... I get an ERROR now stating HAFM_Submarines_Core Required. I have both Submarines & Core Weapons subscribed in the Steam Workshop. Ideas? If I cant fix before tonight's Ops, I'm screwed. Two months work gone. I'll try and subscribe to the Ships Mod as well and see if that fixes it.
  6. Whiplash Static Animations

    Fantastic stuff brother! Can I ask where you got the HALO Gear? I shelved my project months ago.
  7. Breaking Point

  8. If you want something quick & dirty, super simple, you can use skipTime and setOvercast. if (isServer) then { skipTime (random 24) }; if (isServer) then { 60 setOvercast (random 1) }; Weather is tricky sometimes as it doesn't sync well in MP. Check the wiki for more info. On my phone right now.
  9. Maps in MP question

    And you can also Draw on the map as well. I believe the controls are: Draw/Squiggle: hold L-Shift and draw with mouse (hold left-click button) Straight Line: hold L-Shift + L-Ctrl both and mouse Works in MP as long as everyone is on the same Game/Radio Channel (side, vehicle, global, etc).
  10. Ambient Light Source

    The X-Files is my favorite show of all time!
  11. I'm so sorry, I'm not sure I understand... If you are looking for a mission to shoot down enemy aircraft, I'd recommend just using my SCAR add-on and add how ever many enemy AOs you want. Not sure if that kinda answered your question. I haven't used ALiVE in a long time. I'll have to check out this "air command" you speak of. Modding time is almost zero for me right now. I have a bunch of smaller updates for most projects, but haven't had the time to upload them yet.
  12. Questions for the hivemind

    Issue #1 \spartac\addons\core\data\Scripts\fn\fn_DataTerminalAnimate.sqf You forget to include the \fn folder in your file-path.
  13. Just another ARMA 3 review

    If you just got it and are impressed on day one, then you'll be addicted by next week and possibly for years to come. You've only seen about 1% of what ArmA is about. And welcome to the community! It's a pretty cool bunch of people.
  14. USMC 2035

    Most of ArmA is wide open, and meant for the player to build, design, edit, customize, etc their own personal style of gameplay. So by default most of the current ArmA is basic and neutral. You can make your own USMC groups however you wish, with as much detail as you want. If you are new to modding or want something quick, you can always download custom Units, Unforms, Patches, Gear, etc from the Steam Workshop and/or Armaholic.
  15. LOL. Yup! We just found out the other week. We almost never use it, but decided to do a precision HALO below a cliff-line or something odd like that, and long story short, one of us pulled manually and landed off course somewhere in a panic, and I think I ended up splattering all across the side of the cliff from over correcting the freefall and trying to fix the AR3 in the whole spare second I had after I soiled my shorts...... SPLAT! I've stopped working on Mods currently, and don't know when/if I'll have more updates for everyone. I'll try and do some updates before the end of May. Thanks! Um, its most likely due to it being designed for a 1-use shot. The way we play is we only play one game at a time. Just 1 life. So if you die in the game, you're out until the game/server resets, so I've never tested for more than one-jump-per-game. (Also, this mod is slightly out of date right now) If I re-code it for multi-use, it would have a low probability. I've stopped modding for ArmA for awhile. I'm not sure if I'll be doing much more this year, or if I'll just wait until ArmA 4 to get back to being more heavily involved.