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  1. My projects are for our private weekend games. They are not meant for you, nor the general public... What are you trying to do exactly? This isn't a "squad forming" addon. It's just a basic random Mission Generator. A) If its easier, make your custom full squads as needed in the Editor, off in the corner somewhere, then teleport them near you or the mission area. B) Or script your own : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Arma_3:_Scripting_Commands https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Arma_3:_Functions https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_spawnGroup Name your SQF File (separate text file) something like, spawnEvilSquad.sqf then place it in the mission folder your are making. Then reference/point to that file in the Module settings where it applies. Using the BIS_fnc_spawnGroup (link above) scripting code could be something like: _evilGuys = _this select 0; _location = getPos _evilGuys; _squad1 = [_location, side player, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "BIS_US" >> "Armored" >> "US_MGSPlatoon")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; or _guy = _this select 0; _grp = [getPos _guy, east, ["TK_INS_Bonesetter_EP1", "TK_INS_Soldier_2_EP1"],[],[],[0.7,1.0],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; (Just Examples - Skill Ranges, in yellow, would be 0.7-1.0)
  2. 1) The Config Option will select a random group in that last list/set... If you use the Classnames, then it makes that entire set the squad, with a minimum of 3, and an 80% of each remaining slots. 2) I've never used more than 1 type of module. It'll likely break it, since there are global variables that can only be set once. Not sure how the game will handle multiples of the same module. Yes, that's normal. Its only likely gonna use/set the last module to load. 3) That's just text for notes/labeling, so you know what is what. It will spawn anything in, and use the intended side that's built-in. You can mix-and-match, and don't have to follow the label sides. You DO have to follow the TYPE of spawn (vehicle category to spawn vehicles, armor, etc. or helicopters to spawn helicopters, etc.). 4) Not sure. I'm guessing its the circles for larger numbers of squads?.... 1-3 Squads is just Icons... 4-6 adds circles... 7-9 adds circles filled in slightly... and the rare 10 is a Field Command Bunker Icon. Thanks! Its a tad confusing, as all my projects are for our weekend games, and there is entire GameMode called SpookWarCom we play. There is a huge pack of additional offline files, scripts, addons, game sheets, intel reports, reference sheets, rule packets, etc. that go with all these that are not released to the public.
  3. For the the Attack/Clear Area Mission, its ONLY spawning in Infantry. You still have to Clear anything else there, but it only spawn units. Also on Steam . . . 1. Mission Guards are usually just Single Units, no config squad option. Singles. 2. Yes. They are low/normal by default. 3. Likely server/mp issue. Not designed or tested for MP. We only play LAN. Its looking for the "player" to get near the Defend Object. 4. ***See below 5. No. You'd have to re-set the Global Variables to have it continue forever, which its not designed to do. I'd have to re-write it. The Custom SQF Files are just txt files with a .sqf extension placed in your mission folder : example.sqf _leader = _this select 0; { _x setSkill ["aimingAccuracy",0.5]; _x setSkill ["aimingSpeed",0.1]; _x setSkill ["spotDistance",1.0]; } forEach (units group _leader);
  4. No. Its re-randomized each game, and each time you re-enter the AOs.
  5. Actually.... It was just updated on Steam. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2394077549 But yeah, I'm probably going to take some time off until Arma 4.
  6. Sorta...You can use the Custom .sqf File Option to script your own, to Add ANYTHING into the Missions if needed.
  7. Von Quest

    F.R.O.G.S -- Combat Diver Project

    I'll do an update and upload later this week. Is was in the old version, but not this new version. I just need to to a quick update for both LEAP and FROGS. So sorry, I forgot all about that feature as I never play with AI.
  8. Next on the list... both a POW, and a Downed Pilot one. But not for a few weeks or so. I'm not working on ArmA much these days.
  9. Just the 4x is the only one I'm aware of. You may have other issues going on... It should only take several minutes (2-10min) for them to arrive. If its taking 30 minutes, I think something is wrong. I'll crank down the distance in the next update. One issue (guessing) may be they are spawning on the other side of water, and if so, I believe the AI won't cross/swim through water.
  10. The DEFEND Mission spawns those enemy 1500-3000m away... I agree, its a tad far. I did this to allow time for the player to get setup before they arrive, and plus you don't want to see them spawn in. Since I have the Timer option, I can lower it down to 1000-1500m. Maybe add a user option to set the distance manually in the module. Its not a mission generator, but you can also try my SCAR project, and use the Surrounded Module. You can set the Distances there, and set the Player as the reference point to walk towards. Just set a closer distance, player as the center, and give them a small patrol radius of like 100m. You can also set the exact number of units, loop timer, etc.
  11. Sorry for the long delay. I'm not working on ArmA at the moment... Not sure. You have CORE also? And try going through the Walkthrough/Example Setup from the Download link (via CORE page)? It sounds like you're Missing a Classname or something on one of the Module Fields.
  12. Yes. Everything works fine on my end. Guessing the settings are set wrong for that one. Double check the Settings, especially the Marker Blacklist. If the Marker Blacklist is wrong, it'll break the system.
  13. Von Quest

    Simple Fuel Gauge Mod/script?

    Assuming you mean an actual Gauge on the aircraft dash? The Fuel level for all vehicles is on the Vehicle Status Bar of your monitor/screen (usually upper left). It's hard to notice as it blends in with everything else.
  14. So is the !Workshop Folder the New place addons are stored now? I have no idea... disregard my previous post(s).