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  1. Release: Satellite mod

    This looks fantastic! Was planning on doing the same thing with my SOCOM project. Cool stuff brother.
  2. Dig in hide self

    My SCOUT Project (see sig) also let's you build a Sniper Blind to hide if you have enough vegetation around you.
  3. @Nemanjic Correct. They are still there. You need to use the FROGS Menu to turn them back 'on' (temporary). You can also use the SCAR Menu. Since you asked in the other thread about my Diving, I'm assuming you are using FROGS. The FIRST post on this page (two posts up) has the Menu's listed for EACH project.
  4. This is technically the wrong Thread. These Q's should be in my FROGS area.
  5. So sorry. Unfortunately not. At least not right now. I'll be looking into this at some point in the future. All Markers are still there, just invisible. You can still see your pre-placed Markers with the Intel and/or Dive Menu AO Report at any time. I'm hoping to fix this soon. Maybe as a hotfix, I can add a user option to just leave ALL Markers on the Map. The markers are created dynamically, so to hide them its grabbing all markers and putting them into a layer that's invisible.
  6. Nice work! I hope you release your project to the community at some point. It's off to a great start. We love data. If you are looking for raw MOA and other weapon data (ie locked in a vice, no sway, environment, etc); you can just look at the in-game config values. Your way looks more fun though. Organic.
  7. Brilliant work GOM, as usual. Sometimes you scare me.
  8. It's not you, it's me. Lol. Not sure why the plane wouldn't show, but this project is not fully setup for dedi MP play. It's planned, but until I get either more help or donation funding (currently $0) it's gonna likely be dead last in priorities. Right now I'm in the process of updating the entire package, building Submarines and a LOC. And I'm going to start uploading everything to the Steam Workshop starting this week some time.
  9. Looking for texture artist

    I loved the vid as well. It's what gaming is all about.
  10. Road Runner is ENDEX

    You will be missed. I quit every other month. ArmA is the greatest game, that is always broken. We all feel your pain. High highs, and frustrating lows! I absolutely LOVE DCS. I used to play all the time. Built my own custom cockpit too. I just saw they added the Harrier. That platform has expanded alot since I left to come over to here. The immersion and detail are AMAZING! I'd be your wingman anytime. Take care bud. -S-
  11. DONATE I found my old PayPal Account and turned it back On. I can't find the old Donate Buttons they used to have. Not sure if they are obsolete now or what. I'll be adding links/buttons to all Projects, Steam, Armaholic, and my Signature. If anyone can think of a better way to fund projects, or donate let me know. Buy me a Beer!
  12. Solid Copy fellas. If i have some free time this next week, I'll start to look into having both the full package of SpookWarCom, and the current stand-alone single projects. I'll be providing downloads for both, and on Steam Workshop as well if you prefer that route as I had mentioned a while back. Now that these are mostly past the half way point v0.5.0, I'll be focused more on cleaning up the code, including server keys, better server code, 3D models, dialogs, effects, and more of the other "fun stuff" as I can now see the end of this in sight within the next year. I would love to move onto making Terrains too at some point, but I'm still unsure at this point depending on where BIS goes with ArmA 4 and a new Game Engine. I changed my workflow, and moved some software to help speed things up. I made great progress on the current Diver Lockout Chamber which should be out in the next few weeks. I also will be finishing up my Submarine Project by this spring called S.O.N.A.R. Here's a sneak peak at the U-Boat Style CSAT Naval Sub I was working on this past year. Thanks for the feedback. Stay Frosty!
  13. Thanks! I'll look into them. The Radio thing must be from different Screen Resolutions. I forgot all about that. Grrrrr. Its setup for 1920x1080.
  14. Thanks partner. The stats for Malden are: Land: ......56 km Water: ....113 km Surf: .......56 km Total: .....169 km To run "WarZone" on any Map you'll need to know the Landmass, Map, Water etc. stats to plug into the Modules and use the % from the RuleBook. I included a landmass.sqf file I wrote you can run, but you'll have to run it manually via debug console or Radio Trigger. You should do this BEFORE you play as it puts a bunch of markers down as a visual representation to see what its tagging as to what group. It'll spit out the stats at the end. You'll need to write these down, and log them on the included Tally Sheet. I'm also wondering if everyone is still cool with the entire project as sub-project stand-alones, or should I go back to just 1 addon project: SpookWarCom? Any thoughts on this? I may also re-brand this as well, but am struggling with a catchy name. I'm thinking about calling it all: S3 - Spooks, Spectres, and SEALs. I also fear with ACE3, ALiVE, etc. that no one seems to want to play anything else now, as they seem to be the one-stop catchall monopoly for mods. I'm still waiting on feedback on the Bullet Wiz, Damage Effects, Radio, and Tactical Reload upgrades. Tumble weeds and crickets... Hello? *tap tap* Is this thing on?