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  1. LOL. I've been working on this for weeks myself. How insane is it we can't get a simple Heli to just ATTACK an area? You have the patience of a Jedi.
  2. Von Quest

    ArmA 3 AI Pathing Rant

    You want to go insane even quicker? Try and get a Helicopter to Destroy a Building. Or just target a location and fire a salvo of unguided Rockets. They won't! The AI can't seem to get out of their own way. They refuse to follow orders. There are umpteen commands that are redundant, and unnecessary, but no "destroy" or "attack" functions? You need a trillion lines of code, to try and hack/fake what you want. You shouldn't need a computer science degree just to play this game. It's still the greatest game I've ever worked on, but man is it frustrating! _wp setWaypointType "DESTROY"; // worthless, should attempt to destroy any object _wp setWaypointType "ATTACK"; //doesn't exist, attack any pos [x,y,z] Anyways.... yeah, welcome to ArmA. We all feel your pain. if (rantOver) then { forumChat "Best game ever!"; };
  3. Von Quest

    C.O.R.E -- Options and Ops Center

    Update - v0.5.7 ============= FIXED: couple small issues with the Infil/Exfil Support Heli FIXED: Improved the Landing Skills for the Pilots
  4. Hidden and Dangerous! ...Oh, man I remember that game. Sweeet. Yeah, I was planning for Photographs, but someone already beat me to it. You'll have to search around. Someone was working on a Photo/Camera Addon that seemed to work in testing. I was super excited for it. SO I believe it IS possible.... I think it was never released for some reason. @everyone And yeah, to the previous posts. I plan on doing a lot more work on all projects. But progress is painfully slow right now as Arma is very clunky to work in. I have too many projects I'm juggling and things have slowed to a snails pace. I was looking into adding a "Tasks" option for a slightly more gamey feel in Mission Selection. I've been playing around with them lately. I'm leaning towards having very generic Mission Generation, where you can turn On/Off the specific categories, and select how many Missions are generated when you click. I have the entire code in my head, I just need a day to pound it out. Right now, most projects are still in their "Basic" phase. I have drifted off into the gamemode/style we are playing on our game nights, and have tweaked and updated the addons for our games, breaking numerous things if you are jumping in and playing from the detached/new/public perspective. I have a ton of Mission Ideas coming, just need to find the time. Thanks for the Ideas.
  5. UPDATE: v0.3.1 Beta ======================= ADDED: User Select Gear for ParaJump Inspection ADDED: User Select Gear for HALO Inspection FIXED: Dropped Chute too far away from feet FIXED: ParaJump now Automatic Ramp, Signal, etc FIXED: AR3, Baro Pressure ASL...AAD FIXED: ASTRA, GPS/Auto AGL......AAD FIXED: Error if setting to 0 for Damaged Gear Option TWEAK: Added a few Helper Hints; reduce confusion ------- @Diveyez The "System Only" is for using a Ops Center (from my CORE Addon; or your own). It just activates the scripts, etc. No Ground Plane or Crew. Side Note: I just checked out your Website, cool stuff man. I see you have the C-17 screenshot there. I used to support the C-17 for this project, but I believe its been taken out. I haven't tested it since I got my own custom C-130 for Jumps. I'll be adding it back in at some point I think if there is a demand for it. I'm spread super thin right now, and ArmA is kinda clunky and super time consuming to work in. Was that the "Heavy Lifter" you were referring to a while back? As for Server/Dedicated support, unfortunately it is not coded or tested for those yet. Its mostly for SP. MP is limited right now. I'll be looking into those later on (expect a very long wait, sorry).
  6. Von Quest

    C.O.R.E -- Options and Ops Center

    UPDATE: v0.5.6 Beta ======================= FIXED: TOC #1 (Items missing/falling) FIXED: Misc tweaks, fixes, etc ADDED: Custom User Select of HELI (any/all mods supported)! ADDED: User Select of Infil Height: Land ADDED: User Select of Infil Height: Sea
  7. Von Quest

    C.O.R.E -- Options and Ops Center

    Until then you can just place an Object of your choice, then copy/paste this into the init field... UPDATE - Hotfix: this addAction ["Board Plane -- XC-130 Nightmare", "[player] execVM 'vqi_halo\VQI-DemonDropper\FlightCrew\vqi_halo_takeoff.sqf' "]; this addAction ["Board Sub -- H.M.S Proteus", "[player] execVM 'vqi_frogs\VQI-CombatDiver\Boarding\vqi_frogs_boarding_sub_interior.sqf' "]; this addAction ["Board Heli -- Support HELI", "player moveInCargo (coreHELI select 0); "]; See if those work.
  8. Von Quest

    C.O.R.E -- Options and Ops Center

    LMAO! Okay, who stole the Exit Stand!?? ...I'm gonna file a report. FRICK! WTF? Yeah, its the "Infostand" in vanilla objects. I wonder if it glitched or something. It's supposed to be right next to the door in the screenshot above.... Its gone! I'll look into it when I get home today. Its -23° outside, with -65° wind chill. If I survive these Arctic Ops, I'll see if I can find what is wrong. Nothing is scripted, or anything. Its just a basic composition, and the menu is right on the object itself to keep it simple. In testing it worked just fine. Hmmm. Odd!
  9. Von Quest

    C.O.R.E -- Options and Ops Center

    LOL. Sorry brother.... Thanks for trying and hanging in there. If you have time, I recommend downloading the current Mission Map (from my signature), and trying out what we are playing on right now. Unfortunately you'll need the other addons to play it. Tembelan Island, Sharks, CUP, RHS, etc. ----- #1. Otherwise start with TOC #1, the NEW Tactical Ops Center as it uses (I think) all vanilla objects. Start INSIDE manually. There are already units inside, including my C.I.A SAD/SOG Black-Ops Operatives. Just play as one of them. Make sure you set the Vertical Mode in Eden to a STRAIGHT LINE, BEFORE you place any TOC/Composition. (Use an Island Map obviously for FROGS stuff) #2. Then place the FROGS Composition (its the in-game Destroyer) which I'm currently using as the inside of the Sub. The old Sub/LOC was scrapped for now. #3. Place/Set CORE Module, FROGS, Module, and then place/set LEAP Module and set it to "System Only". #4. Click PLAY. Tactical Ops Center (TOC#1) NOTES : Weapons Room -- Gear-Up, Equipment, etc, Includes a Virtual Arsenal. Command Area -- Includes the Mission Generator (if using SOCOM), Menu option is on the Databox Logistics Desk -- Used for setting your Heli Infil/Exfil options AND/OR the HALO/PJ Flight Plan details (its the desk over by the Weight Room/Door) JumpMaster -- If doing a Jump, you can get cleared for Inspection from Him or the Crate area. (Back Room) File a Flight Plan first though. Exit Stand -- Exit out of the TOC. Its by the Weapons Cage in the Main Room. Menu options for the (a)Helicopter, (b)Jump Plane, or (c)Submarine** ** If using FROGS, just exit out of the TOC (via menu on the exit stand object), and it'll teleport you INTO the Submarine Composition. You can Gear-Up INSIDE the Sub's Weapons Room. If you have Player Navigation turned ON (can't remember), then make your way to the Nav Station (look for a couple of chairs). You can then command the Sub from outside the Map, and into towards the main island. You have control of where/direction for EACH waypoint. [ Inside Secret - its a Mini-Game! Avoid Enemy Subs, Minefields, etc.] At anytime you are ready, you can Close the Nav Map, and Select "Ready the LOC" from the same Laptop you clicked on for Navigation. Gear-UP after the Sub has shut down and you are at the location you want to deploy from. (Wear my SPECTRA Goggles for added effect when you exit the LOC.) Gear-Up in your Combat Diver Loadout: Wetsuit, Stingray Rebreather Rig, O2 and Nitrox Bottles INSIDE your Rig, Trident Dive Watch, SPECTRA Goggles, etc Turn ON your Rebreather Rig, and then turn ON the Gas Flow (FROGS Menu is Shift+F). Check your readouts with the Dive Watch (just press 'watch' key). Exit out of the Sub - If you were at the Nav Station, its the Door to your LEFT. Its the Room with the ladder in it. Just step onto the Ladder, and go UP to EXIT OUT LOC! TIP: ~ Reminder, ...you can pack your entire Combat Loadout INSIDE a Carryall Backpack for HALO Jumps and/or SCUBA Submarine Ops. Just gear-up in the combat gear FIRST, then throw it on the ground. Gear-up in your Jump/SCUBA Gear and then pack what you just threw on the ground. Make sure your vest, uniform, is empty otherwise you can't roll it up and pack it inside the backpack. NOTE: Custom Compositions are INCLUDED in the Download. You will have to Copy/Paste them from the Folder, and INTO YOUR OWN Game Profile.
  10. Thanks for the screenshots! I'll take a look. I didn't get any of those in last test... I'll be adding options so you can select what happens upon landing. I'm sure everyone is lost as well. LOL. It takes only an hour or two to crank out a feature, but seems like it takes longer to add all the documentation. I think numerous people would prefer the simpler automatic option of the Backpack just flipping back onto your back when you hit. Right now, when you land, the Chute is still on your back, and your Backpack is on your front. You have to use the LEAP Menu to kick it off, and then find where it is on the ground. If you Gear-Up right on it, all the extra Jump Gear is added to the pile (groundWeaponHolder) and when you are ready, you can look/point at the pile of gear and there should be an option to "Bury Gear" and the entire pile and chute-pack should disappear. If you don't bury it, then it runs a probability (set in module) to see if enemy troops can find and scramble to search for you. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Thanks. I forgot, ...there IS an option right now for your own Custom Factions and Units. There is a copy/paste section right inside the Module. Use your mouse and hover over the tooltip for info. Just paste the script line into your squad leader, units, vehicle, etc. You'll have to place your own on the map first (corner somewhere, anywhere). Then when the mission is created, it'll teleport them to the area. In the future I'll also be adding an option where you can enter your own Custom faction (config line) and it'll spawn them in so you won't have to have them on the map to start.
  12. When you land, you have to use Shift+L and select 'Drop Chute'. Then find the chute on the ground and there is an option on it to 'Bury Gear' (along with your other gear if it's in the same pile). If you don't bury it, there is a chance the enemy will find it and respond to track you.
  13. Von Quest

    C.O.R.E -- Options and Ops Center

    Sorry fellas... I ran out of time this weekend for releases. I forgot adding some custom user options would break like 20 other files. Grrr. I did a lot of work for several projects, but could not finish them. As of right now, I have custom user settings for setting your HALO/PJ Gear in LEAP. Still have more polish to put into it though for a public release. I have the custom user options for Infil/Exfil Helis for CORE. All new experimental stuff is working in the prototypes and testing, just need to insert those into the public versions. I figured out how to get ANY custom user factions into SCAR as well. Should have a few goodies ready soon. Steam Workshop full package will have to wait a tad longer.....
  14. @quickdagger I love your scopes btw, I've used them in the past. Um, there is no "Mission Complete" popups or anything (at least not yet). Its up to you to know you finished the mission. And if you turned ON the setting for Enemy, there is a 33% chance they are patrolling the area. Either you didn't turn ON that Feature, or they just happened to be away (250+ radius random patrol) from the Mission Area. I should crank that down to a smaller range, now that I think about it. I love randomness and never knowing what the specifics are. In the near future I'll have a setting for custom user factions.
  15. Von Quest

    Tembelan Island

    Fantastic Map! Just wanted to stop by and say great job. We have been playing on it for months now!!