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  1. Von Quest

    scripted trigger question

    Format. An Example from my SCAR project : _trg setTriggerStatements ["(vehicle player) in thisList", format["[%1,%2] execVM ""zdz_scar\System\AO\LAND\INF1\infantry_1_trg.sqf""",_fSize,_pBIS], ""];
  2. ....so to answer your question, the Altitudes are RANDOM. You'd have to set your own Aircraft separately to pick a specific altitude with a script snipet in its Init Field. Something like.... [group this, getPos this, 7777] call BIS_fnc_taskPatrol; this flyInHeight 1500; I can add an User Option to the Module if others want, so it overrides the randomness, and you can select a set altitude then for the spawning of the aircraft. I just noticed while checking the code, that I was missing the entire Default File for Aircraft Patrols (we never use them). I'll add it for the next update, and maybe add a 1500m default altitude if not using the Dynamic Option setting.
  3. Are you referring to the SCAR Project? The Enemy Spawner? The flight altitudes are Random. They change to random alts as well while flying too. I forget, but it's something like a 5% chance of new altitude per script loop. The Enemy Helis will drop down lower and lower and hunt players if Radio Call from nearby Enemy, if you are spotted. They will fly low and launch random weapons near your vicinity where last spotted.
  4. Project S.O.C.O.M, has been re-activated as a Stand-Alone Project as part of my Zero Dark Zero series of addons/mods.
  5. Project S.C.A.R, has been re-activated as a Stand-Alone Project as part of my Zero Dark Zero series of addons/mods.
  6. Von Quest

    C.O.R.E -- Options and Ops Center

    UPDATE: v0.6.7 Beta ======================= UPGRADE: Snow, Cold Breathe, etc (works better taking into account buildings, underwater, etc since its winter now)
  7. Von Quest

    Livonia FPS

    I wish BIS would crank out more maps. I'd buy every pro map they made. You'd think they could drop a new map every several months. I'd be like printing their own money. And I wish they'd put more creativity into them. You try the Global Mobilization DLC yet? We just tried it this past weekend. Thought I'd be a frame-rate killer at 419 Km2..... It was great. Super high frames for us.
  8. - Select the entire Composition (drag over with mouse). - Right-click OVER one of those Objects, select Create Composition. - Note what Category it's saved in. Compositions are saved under your Game Profile Folder (documents). They are not saved in map/mission folders.
  9. Von Quest

    Livonia FPS

    You're idea of optimized is ridiculous. Millions of dollars of talent, and decade of development, and you think an entire team just forgot to hit the magical "optimization" button?.... C'mon man. Think it through. You can't compare two completely different maps. Apples and oranges. Game design is incredibly complicated and intensely technical.
  10. Von Quest

    C.O.R.E -- Options and Ops Center

    Project C.O.R.E, has been re-activated as a Stand-Alone Project as part of my Zero Dark Zero series of addons/mods. C.O.R.E is currently the only project active on Steam. The other sub-projects will be added slowly over this winter, 2021.
  11. Von Quest

    Zero Dark Zero

    This Project, the full ZeroDarkZero / SpookWarCom (whatever you call it), has been officially broken back up into smaller stand-alone sub-projects. This was how it was originally intended in the beginning, and will be much easier to manage, and the public to to use as everything will be segregated into its own smaller Steam Workshop Pages. Feel free to continue to use this "all-in-one" Thread for MOST PROJECTS of my mine for ArmA 3 if that works better for you. Most Projects will continue to fall under the "Zero Dark Zero" umbrella, to make finding everything easier. I'll be posting on EACH sub-project as they are updated on the old original Threads, starting with C.O.R.E.
  12. Von Quest

    Can you confirm that surround works with optical?

    -snip- Nevermind.
  13. Von Quest

    Zero Dark Zero

    I follow all threads... Sorry for any confusion. A lot of my projects are a mess right now. I'm currently re-writing and re-organizing everything throughout this winter. Also, I lost a HardDrive this past spring, which set me back even further. Missing/lost a bunch of stuff. I haven't even used the FUSE stuff in so long, I'm not sure anymore whats what. Its still on the list of things to upgrade and continue. I don't think I even have any of the old documentation. I believe you can only have 1 Bomb active at a time. In the upgrade I'm hoping to set it up so you can set any number and have several on the map. So sorry to everyone my projects are getting dragged out so long. Super busy this past year. Zero Dark Zero will be broken up and back into smaller more manageable bits/addons. Zero Dark Zero will likely just be the name of the Example Mission and/or the Steam Collection to all my Steam Workshop Items.
  14. Von Quest

    Random script selector.

    Just paused for now. Will be continuing it this winter I think.
  15. Von Quest

    Random script selector.

    Precision, Flexibility, and Age. And I assume you mean commands, as variables are created by the coder/user as you invent the variable/word and spelling at your discretion. _one = 1; _num = 1; _blah = 1; _two = 1; _bgsAvH = 1; All local variables on the left side of the equals sign, are all 1. You make them up. They are just data holders. _num + _blah = 2 ArmA Scripting Commands (for other new players) : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_Arma_3