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  1. PUBLIC NOTICE : This project is undergoing a total overhaul, and being upgraded into a much bigger and professional version. I will be out of town for a couple of weeks, and will update with more info when I get back next month. 95% of my other projects have never been released to the public. This project has not ended. Stay Tuned for more News....... Over & Out!
  2. Thanks! Which one? I know at least the ParaTroops and Arty work. We just tested last week. Didn't test the Cargo Heli yet in MP. You may need to delete any OLD Modules, and place the New Ones to reset them. Yeah, there should be New Options to select all details. You should be able to set Probability, How many Enemy Left, Range of those enemy, etc. You can select What Helicopters are used, the Troops being deployed, and probability of how well they can Track you.
  3. Thanks! You can just run the File from anywhere/anyway you want. The Path/Code is: execVM "vqi_socom\VQI-MissionGenerator\MISSION\vqi_socom_mission_activate.sqf";
  4. UPDATE: v0.5.3 ============== CHANGED: Complete re-write and overhaul of Reinforcements Module REMOVED: Several experiment models from old testing projects REMOVED: Most of the old Misc, Roleplaying, and Looting Items from the Editor ADDED: Dynamic Jets AO Option (vs old boring default BIS CAS) ADDED: Bomber AO option for carpet-bombing and flyover areas ADDED: Hundreds of New Misc, Roleplaying, and Looting Items TWEAKS: Several misc tweaks and small fixes, etc Notes : 10,000+ line update and rewrites. Added HUNDREDS of odd, misc, military, personal objects you can Search for on Dead Infantry Bodies. At some point soon (not gonna disclose when or details) you will have to search carefully on the bodies for hidden Intel. Some Intel will be obvious, but most will be hidden. More on that later this summer. Considering a Name Change for this project. Been kicking this around for a while now. Something more official and sexier. I'm also considering starting a Website and going full CDLC for this project. That would likely remove this from further public updates, and I'd have to crank up the quality, and add numerous 3D Models, GameModes, Server Support, Custom Vegetation, Objects, New Large Terrains, etc. Curious on feedback on this. I can't disclose more at this time. Another path I'm considering is only offering Official Documentation to only those who are active heavily following this, and/or contribute, and/or support via donations. And lastly... My current focus this month is, I'm really motivated right now to work on a New Menu System. I absolutely HATE the default old menu we still have. I have a bunch of ideas for this and hope to have it released in the next update. If anyone has ideas, suggestions, input, post it here in the Forums. It'll likely be a central Radial-Type Player GUI Menu you will pull up at anytime (sorta similar to ACE3). Cheers Mates!
  5. There are often duplicate and several variations of the same thing, as things evolve and get re-writen, change, become obsolete, simplied, etc. Old code tends to stay listed in wiki/reference sources. There is often several ways to go about executing and accomplishing the exact same goal with varying pros/cons for different reasons. We also have different devs working on different sub-projects over years of development. Computer Science is written by humans with all the issues, baggage, psychology, and other quirks we make up and drag along with us in this journey though our wacky universe (and armaverse). And I'll leave with this... We can see your wheels turning. I'd recommend tackling ArmA in small bits and chunks. It's a massive hobby and labyrinth you'll be spelunking for years. Welcome to the madness that is... ArmA.
  6. Excited to try this out. I wish BIS had a Naval DLC with some stuff like this. Awesome work brother!
  7. Von Quest

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Do you guys ever get tired of being awesome?
  8. SOLVED Okay, this is embarrassing... Rookie mistake. It was just your basic File-Path/Workflow issue. My projects are years old, and 100,000+ lines of code. I ended up having to re-organize some things a while back, and forgot to remove the OLD workflow, so the OLD files were still there but obsolete. After some sleep, I just traced the workflow A-B-C-D, etc from scratch, and realized (facepalm) that I had changed the workflow to skip A altogether, and start at B. "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." ~ Sherlock Holmes
  9. Okay, this is a weird one. I'm going nutz!.... Working on my projects, for some odd reason the Game does detect there are changes, as it throws errors. But its NOT detecting the very FIRST File we all use... the Init.sqf File. Any of you other wizards out there have any insight to this? This makes NO SENSE to me! Everything else is correct, spelling, file-paths, etc. as I can force the files/code via calling things manually in the debug console. But when I add "hint" and/or "systemChat" (to check) into the init file, nothing is being displayed to indicate its running that file at start-up. Its like its still running an OLD version of the init.sqf file, but not the new one. All other files, code, images, configs, etc all update just fine.
  10. Thanks! Dedicated support is planned, it's just super low priority since I have zero plans to use it. I've never done anything with dedi server stuff. It's not hard, just a pain in the ass and would (probably) take a long time. Since this is broken down into smaller projects, what ones did you want to see upgraded for Dedi? Some should be easier that others. I have 3 computers that all run ArmA, so I can setup a small dedi-test weekend some time this summer. You'll have to experiment and see what works and what doesn't, and let me know.
  11. Von Quest

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Okay, wow! I didn't see this coming... This is a huge expansion. I'm actually excited for this now. For those that know me, hear me often say that "anything that adds to the game, adds to the game". Even though I don't necessary agree with spending resources on expanding, I do understand and do support BIS and the series 100%. From a marketing perspective, this makes a lot of sense. This will draw in a lot of new users, content, and breathe new life into the King of the Mil-Sim sandbox... ArmA. And for that I will gladly "bend the knee".
  12. I'm assuming you mean the "Guarding" option?... Vehicles are NOT supported as viable guards, just Infantry Units. No plans to add that as an option anytime soon.
  13. Von Quest

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    If its aliens, I'll be disappointed... If its not Naval related, I'll be disappointed... If its not ArmA 4 related, I'll be disappointed... The ArmA series is unique in the business of gaming. Its the ONLY one of its kind. If BIS squanders time, money, and resources for anything other than what is missing, or doesn't expand and improve upon the core focus of what has become an epic gift to the mil-sim community, game-dev hobbyist, or passionate simmer...... Well... I'll have some serious doubts about the vision, commitment, and management decisions over at the Bohemia studios.
  14. Von Quest

    How to scale objects

    You can set the size 1:1 scale in the software you usually use (I use Blender). It's built into the software. Use metric not imperial. ArmA (and the military) use meters. You can use all real-world measurements.