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    @law-giver can you provide new download link. seems like the current link you provided not working anymore. if someone has downloaded the mission file provided by law-giver, can re-upload it and provide new link. i would like to test it.
  2. If someone searching for this kind of script but want to add Respawn point and Arsenal on their custom composition , here is the code: - The code highlighted with red color. - This is for Blufor side only. You can add the same code to other side. If you want the vehicle to respawn and have the option to deploy mobile hq again, i recommend Light advanced vehicle respawn by Fiddi.
  3. R5th

    Apex Framework

    @Kraft0824 From the picture you've shown, the "server.Arma3Profile" directory is correct. Solution that i can think of: 1- Double check your arma3server.exe/arma3server_x64.exe launch parameter. (ex: D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server -port=2302 -config=server.cfg -cfg=basic.cfg -profiles=User -name=user -bepath=D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\User\BattlEye -serverMod=@Apex -filePatching -autoInit -enableHT 2. change the name of "server.Arma3Profile" to "user.Arma3Profile". (which i can see from the posted picture that this is might be the cause)!
  4. It's getting bored playing the same mission since most of players knew the mission well. Perhaps it's about time Dev Team create a new mission or use the community made mission and put it on official server. I've seen alot of official server not populate by players. Maybe half of them can be use to host community made mission.
  5. Soldier Tracker by fn_Quiksilver : Dynamic Player Markers by aeroson :
  6. @pierremgi This line got error where it doesn't set the pilot skill to 1 and set rank to Captain. For this line : to function, i had to put this code : in initServer.sqf right? Still no luck for me to make it respawn after death.
  7. Hai, I'd scavenged some of code from couple of guys in this forums to make a Jet Patrolling dedicated place for my mission. Unfortunately, i can't make it to respawn after being destroyed / out of fuel/ pilot dead. I'd tried couple of code by failed. AirPatrol.sqf Init.sqf Your help will be much needed and appreciated. Btw, i'm not a scripter/coder. I'm just a scavenger who looking for a code/script to make mission. Learning this will take ages for me.
  8. R5th

    DMC Air Patrol

    Working on mission involving air patrol / CAS. Script not working 100% for me. After the Attack Heli destroyed, it doesn't spawn again even though got line to do that? I adjust the timer for it to patrol or respawn? _patMPT = [_this,12,120,[0]] call BIS_fnc_param; Any help to make it work will be much appreciated.
  9. Can i get the mission file demonstration. The download link has expired i assumed.
  10. Awesome. Keep up the good work AAW Dev.
  11. R5th

    [Official] Launcher Feedback

    Hi, thanks alot. It work well again. I might misclick it since i was exploring it last night. Cheers. :P