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  1. [WIP] Sagarmāthā Zone

    Holy moly I can't wait to try this!! It looks amazing, keep up the good work!
  2. All-In-One AI Command Menu

    Hey @Leopard20 I have a request for your next update. I use the add refresh Zeus function a lot and I find it very handy because I die a lot in SP (lol) but I was wondering if it would be possible to do the same thing with the HC module? Thanks and as always, keep up the great work! Your mod has become so great I can't imagine playing Arma without it!
  3. 11/30/2017 update crash acces code violation

    I too am having this exact problem..
  4. Will do! Thanks a ton man!
  5. Okay thanks I'll try that! EDIT: @skruis I tried running it locally, now unfortunately after it's finished exporting in-game (seems to be importing in Athena as well), I'll alt-tab to Athena where it will hit me with the initial promp asking me if I want to begin the import process, like it never began the importation in the first place. I also checked my documents>Athena>maps folder and it the map folder will be there, however all the sub folders are empty. I also checked to make sure Relay was running in the background and it is. Tomorrow I'll go buy another cable to set up my laptop to my PC and try that, but any ideas in the meantime? Thank you so much for your response and help btw!
  6. Hey Skruis, I'm having a little trouble getting your mod to run (import maps); here's what I'm running into: When using Athena from my laptop (wifi adapter connection, port opened, firewall for port and Athena app disabled) I run into one of two problems. The first is it gives me an error in the Athena app when I try to import, which says that the map importation failed because of a change in the mission or Relay isn't working or something (I can't remember at the moment but I'll come back and edit when I get it again). The other is it get's stuck on "receiving world mesh" even though on my Arma PC (ethernet cable connection, port opened) it says in game that it's done exporting. This mod looks amazing and I can't wait to use it! What do you think I'm doing wrong though?
  7. If my vote means anything, I would love to see continued work on the French stuff. I love your original M93 CCE uniform and it would be amazing if you expanded into vests, but that's just my opinion
  8. US 75th Rangers

    I loaded it in, he has Hawaiian's OpsCores and beanies
  9. They didn't actually use ACUs (that I know of, I could definitely be wrong though) but it would just to replicate the look of the BDUs with the arm pockets, which is all I need! As far as merging or having a standalone, in my opinion you're the one putting in all the work, do whatever is easiest for you!
  10. All-In-One AI Command Menu

    For sure man! No worries if you don't, I know I've been bombarding you with requests haha (and so far you've made all my Arma dreams come true so thank you!!). And I guess I forgot to reply to your last post about the automatic healing, and I see your point. The AI are generally pretty dumb and I can definitely see them starting a heal process at the worst time lol. In your healing system, when you click "safe" instead of "combat" they're supposed to heal themselves and each other after they're out of danger mode correct? Just making sure I'm using it right. But seriously man, thanks for all your hard work!! You're doing an awesome job!!
  11. Oh man I can't wait to try that ACU in OEF camo! Great work on this and your MBAV mod (I've been using that one a LOT lately). If you made the ACU in M81 and DCU I'd be in heaven. Get some good old school NSW going!!
  12. All-In-One AI Command Menu

    Love the idea of this. Does it work with High Command vehicles? Also do your other aircraft commands work with High Command? I tried to make it work but was unsuccessful but I thought maybe I was missing something.
  13. C2 -Command And Control

    Oh man I'm excited for this update!!