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  1. US Military Mod

    You could skip the abbrev and call it US Military Uniforms (80's-90's) or US Military BDUs (that implies it's pre ACU/MARPAT days), that was it's a little less synonymous with "USM"
  2. US Forces 2000s

    What Bolo said. Also, RHS would really be the way to to for that, if you haven't seen it. They have OCP/UCP and what not not
  3. All-In-One AI Command Menu

    You can make the medic invincible in the unit's attributes in the editor, if you're a mission maker. Also you can group helicopters together and set their formation in either high command or in Zeus. Also, @Leopard20, still haven't really had the chance to try the new version yet, but I got about 20 minutes on it so far and I'm loving what I'm seeing! Arma has become unplayable without it!
  4. All-In-One AI Command Menu

    Bro that would be amazing!! In particular if it could some how work with the popular breaching charge mod (forgot the author, I can get back to you though if you're interested). As always man, thank you and keep up the awesome work! Edit: @Leopard20 this one, if you're interested https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/1314910827
  5. All-In-One AI Command Menu

    Awesome man, thank you for your continued work! I've been taking a little break from Arma but I'll give it a try tonight and let you know! While I'm on this thread though I've been meaning to ask you, am I tripping or did you use to have a feature that allowed you to command team mates to plant explosives? I swear I remember it in an earlier version but I could very well be mistaken lol.
  6. BATTLE OF FALLUJAH, IRAQ - 2004 (PART II) Bonus: ADDONS USED: Map: Mog U.S. Forces 2000s, RHSUSAF, VTN, RH Accessories, Direone's poses, Nikoaton's Poses, Rismark's Poses, POLPOX's Artwork Supporter, and I think I may have used Military Gear Pack (tac glasses), Splendid Smoke, ASCZ Heads, CUP Vehicles, US Military Mod,
  7. BATTLE OF FALLUJAH, IRAQ - 2004 (PART I) Bonus: ADDONS USED: Map: Mog U.S. Forces 2000s (awesome update, thank you @simcardo!), RHSUSAF, VTN, RH Accessories, Direone's poses, Nikoaton's Poses, Rismark's Poses, POLPOX's Artwork Supporter, and I think I may have used Military Gear Pack (tac glasses), Splendid Smoke, ASCZ Heads, Immerse (non intentional but awesome effect with the blur), Blastcore
  8. Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    Hi guys, first let me just say that I love this mod and thank you for making it. By far VTN has the best medical system I've seen and I'm trying to utilize it with the Unsung Vietnam mod, but for some reason I can't use Unsung grenades when I have this mod installed as well. Is there some way to just use the medical system from VTN or a way to enable Unsung grenades? Thanks guys! Btw if it makes any difference, I just play SP.
  9. US 75th Rangers

    You guys are so f*cking awesome haha. That 1961 looks amazing!!!
  10. C2 -Command And Control

    My guess is that's why. If you use c2 in an extremely light mission (as in probably not placing any opfor) does it still do it?
  11. C2 -Command And Control

    I tend to have the same issue, what Mad Cheese told me was that issues like this can happen in missions that are basically too crowded/complicated. Alive is pretty performance heavy (at least for me) especially when you have a lot if profiles active, and then if you also have a lot of units placed and other crazy shit, that can cause it. Is your mission super crowded?
  12. US 75th Rangers

    The vanilla retex for shoes got me thinking, are you going to continue using Hawaiian's retexture of the vanilla uniforms? Or were you going to use someone elses model (such as Road Runner's or Cunico's/RHS G3 uniforms)? Hawaiian's uniforms are by far some of my favorites (I use them in SP and my clan uses them), and no matter what I'm happy with whatever you guys do and the hard work you're putting in, it just got me curious with all the other stuff you've been doing.
  13. US 75th Rangers

    Looks f@&$ing phenomenal!!
  14. US 75th Rangers

    Oh, buddy you gotta typo there, you misspelled "amazing"
  15. US 75th Rangers