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Found 25 results

  1. I have the following config for a custom module. The module works fine and all but for the life of me I can't get the description to show when I double click on it in the editor. I have read again and again the (I think) quite cryptic doc. And simply can't figure it out
  2. Z E R O D A R K T H I R T Y by Richard Von Quest VERSION: v0.5.2 Beta UPDATED: 06 July 2019 DONATE: Support Project // INTRODUCTION : This is a mega-pack of various projects for Black-Ops, Spec-Ops, You-Were-Never-Here Ops... A Full Package of everything you need for a Map Population System, Mission Generator, Infil and Exfil Options, and everything between. ArmA Dark-Ops Systems, Units, Modules, Scripts, Equipment, etc. // GAMEMODE : SpookWarCom (Spooks + SPECWARCOM). Its also a GameMode! You start each game in an Ops Center, where you must decipher the SITREP, and decide HOW to conduct your Mission, working towards the larger goal of winning the Map. SpookWarCom was designed to be an complex game-mode, that stages NATO vs CSAT in a global chess game of geopolitical combat. Players must navigate through a labyrinth of dynamic scenarios and missions that have direct cause-and-effect consequences from the Battlefield all the way up to the Global Theatre. As an Operative, you have been activated by JSOC to conduct Special Reconnaissance, Direct Action, Intelligence, and Unconventional Warfare. You will analyze all Intelligence available, review the assigned Mission, then manage both your Infil and Exfil. After each game, you will adjust the "Game Board" and Modules, to reflect the previous game until you win or lose that Map. The games are random and dynamic. The Battle for a single map can last up to 6 months. 1-6 Maps per Front. Whoever wins the Front, frees or captures that Country. // THE PROJECT : This is both a GameMode, and a large collection of project Addons. Obviously most people will just play as they want, but if you want to follow along and play in an Open-World Black-Ops Sandbox, you can follow this thread and/or subscribe to the Steam Workshop. Use as many, or as few addons as you wish. I offer both stand-alone Downloads, and the full collection if you Subscribe on Steam. // ADDONS / MODULES : FROGS, LEAP, SCAR, FUSE, SCOUT, CORE, SOCOM Check each page for more information and specific details. "Tip of The Spear, You Were Never Here" // FEATURES : TBA // DOCUMENTATION : TBA // NOTES : Example Setup Mission: Altis, Greece Quick & Dirty Notes --- Read Briefings // KEYBINDING : TBA // REQUIRED : 1. CBA A3 - Community Based Addons A3 2. Eden Objects - TOC2 - Advanced Ops Center (optional) 3. RHS and CUP - Units, Gear, Maps, etc. (recommended) // DONATE : Von Quest Industries // LICENSE :
  3. okay, here is the problem, i have my own RP mission that was made for ravage with some mods in it: also running everything on dedicated server, here is my server: so the problem: after 1 hour and 6 minutes the zeus become almost broken, i can still place units and objects on map but modules dosen't work (like smoke and other) when i place them nothing happens, the icon stays on the map and that's it, only restart is helping... no RPT errors, only this one when i trying to place module 22:50:09 Cannot create object 10:313 with type[AIUnit], param[unit], NMT code[113] (not even sure if it zeus problem or note) server fps is staying on 46-50, client fps is 60+ i also tried to test the problem on vanilla map, still the same... can someone help or tell me how can i fix it? because i can't play without modules, maybe i can restart the zeus somehow? via script maybe? because i also have infistart on my server so i can run scripts via console. Maybe it's because ravage zombie module spawning a lot of zombies, i have some people who are playing on my server 6 right now and the zombie module is set to 20 zombies per player and the max amount of them is 10000 but they are despawning anyway when the player is away from the cites and other places so... not really sure. or maybe VANDEANSON APOCALYPSE is causing the problem because it's spawns a lot of assets... but i can't play without that mod because its bound with my mission, so the question is it possible to reset zeus without restarting the mission?
  4. Hi! We are a bit new to Arma scripting and could use some pointers: My friend and I are working on an Escape like mission and we are wondering: - Is it possible to write a script that for each town/village the Civilian presence and BLUFOR Site module are generated when Independent players get within e.g. 1000m of that town/village? My plan (not sure it's the right one): - In Eden set out the modules with variable name defined - make triggerSpawnScript.sqf --> write å script that applies a trigger area to each town/village that is activated when Independent is within 1000m of citycenter an executes the moduleSpawnScript.sqf below - make moduleSpawnScript.sqf --> write some code that looks like this: forEach town apply "module variable name" call ["CityCenter"] BIS_fnc_locations - Do all customFiles.sqf have to be executed via the init.sqf file? Are we on correct path? or way off? thank you
  5. Hi all, Need some tools to create your mission or spice it? I created an addon for mission markers. Do not hesitate to ask how things work and report any bug. I'll reply to suggestions and I'll share scripts as usual.
  6. Gentlemen, I finally got around to turn a script collection into a addon, ready to be uploaded to steam. I however need to provide the user with a ingame/eden editor module interface so the user can adjust the settings of the script/addon before i can release the addon in order to make it customizable. E.g. disable feature 1 from spawning, increasing the amount of times feature 2 spawns, define classnames for an array and so on. I have unsuccessfully tried to wrap my head around this wiki: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Modules I get the example from the wiki above to work in Eden Editor, however, I get quite lost when trying to adapt this example or create a new module from scratch for my addon. What do I want to do: Let the addon user define variables in Eden Editor that will then be executed accordingly in the features of my addon according to these settings. I want to have a "module - mask" per feature that lets the user change or set variables that have so far been defined and altered in a settings.sqf. (see below spoiler) As an example for the feature that spawns Banditcamps: the below variables need to pass on as true, false or representing a number, so once a feature is executed, it can access these variables with the desired values. Ideally i am looking for a template with a few options to enter a number, and a few options for true/false and one or two to enter a string (classnames, or marker names for arrays). Any help, insights or link to alternative guides is greatly appreciated!=) cheers Vd
  7. A few months ago we started creating a campaign. And all is good. All apart from this one thing. The modules creating tasks take aboout 0,5 to 1 minute to be completed. Actually even a module unlocking a door took 0,5 to 1 minute to be activated. In short here is the description of the situation: 1.] We are talking about high end PCs. 2.] The mission does not lag. 3.] Triggers do not lag. 4.] Task modules lag up to a minute. The task completed panel appears 0,5 to 1 minute after completion to both the host and the clients. 5.] To the host even when the task appears to be completed, the tab showing "Task Completed" also lags. The clients have no such lag. 6.] Even modules unlocking a door lags up to a minute. 7.] A script showing text at the start of the mission lags only on the host. It is a script running through the initPlayerLocal.sqf so why? 8.] Testing modules while the map is empty has no lag. The lag takes place once the mission is in its final satges of development. 9.] We are talking about missions with intros, outros and much more. 10.] Sometimes I use safety triggers because the mission refuses to place playable units in vehicles. I just place the same trigger 2 or 3 times and all good... So up to episode 04 there was not an issue. The tasks did lag but cleverly I hidded that lag. In episode 04 however I cannot hide it. So for episode 04 and the next WHAT IS GOING ON??? Addons used: CBA, ASR AI3, Hellenic Armed Forces mod, Lythium Map, Vanilla DLCs
  8. As from topic, I was thinking that they are almost the same but, after a little bit of testing, it seems they work in pretty different ways: - Dynamic simulation stops the simulation of units at a given distance from the player without despawning them, leaving them "freezed" until the distance with the player doesn't fall under the give threshold; - The Simulation management module doesn't only stops simulation, but it seems to despawn units until the player reduces the distance to the given threshold; when this happens units respawn exactly where they was, in the same position, and the simulation restarts normally. I'm not sure but it seems that, to enable this behaviour, you don't need to flag the same voice in the unit attributes that enables the dynamic simulation. Am I correct? I've also noticed peculiar interaction between those two features: if Dynamic simulation threshold is smaller than the Simulation manager module, it seems that - since units should spawn when simulation is stopped, they cannot spawn anymore; in the opposite situation, simulation starts even if they are not spawned and, when this happens, they have already moved (similarly to ALive VI system) but (although I'm not sure) without interacting with other units, spawned or not. Any suggestions or corrections? Thanks!
  9. Hello! I have been working on a mission for a while now, where the players have to take a big town. To do so there are multiple goals and my plan was to provide the players with little rewards for completing certain tasks. One of the rewards was supposed to be a new artillery provider (helicopter or artillery) but i cannot make it work. The mission always starts out with the player group already having access to all the support. Is there any way of setting up a trigger or something that will cause new support units to become available? Thanks in advance!
  10. Z. Fitch

    Zeus Add On Issues

    I have been having quite a few issues with the Zeus Interface. When I first load into the mission from the start, everything loads OK and all addons are available to be placed by Zeus. However when I save & exit and resume the mission, non of the addons show in the Zeus interface... Can anybody help me with this? Getting really annoying.
  11. New keyframe animation system in DEV build. What will this actually be? I an thinking some way to capture AI animations and create cutscenes, but it is early days, and I am not sure what to do with any of the modules. Is this meant for the TAC-OPS DLC or some other intention? I would love to be able to sync the camera to a screen or billboard and have a live video feed. There is a timeline module and curved paths. Does this mean playing back animations?
  12. Hello, I'm creating a singleplayer mission, in wich I use "createUnit" for team switch when I die. But I don't know how to synchronize modules to the created unit, in particular the High Command one. I know there is the command "synchronizeObjectsAdd", but it doesn't seems to work. I created a radio trigger with player synchronizeObjectsAdd ["AmbientCombatManager"]; but doens't seems to work. Also, I don't know the classnames of the rest of modules. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, looking for a scripter to solve this Flowchart Theoretical Framework', via use of scripts. I am a videographer, not a scripter or anything technical. Basically, using what apex has given us, have put down a load of modules and triggers in a planned manner, all related around tasks and briefings, along with scripts within triggers filling in the gaps which will make the changes when certain conditions are met. The hypothesis is that these modules should be able to add up/correlate so an objective can either be completed or failed, with the (missing) script in triggers making the missing links. Why do i not do it? Because 1) Not a scripter 2) It would take me a decade to crack it If you take it on and crack it; - include a 'noob' definition of how it works - Add me on steam - Will give you credit in my video for theory, with possibly more rewards Check the link for a image of the theory, along with mission.sqm https://www.dropbox.com/s/e4kc066vn329dsz/Theory.png?dl=0
  14. I'm currently setting up a scenario in winter conditions with the IFA units and such, but they don't show up on the spawn AI menu aswell GEIST russian units. Only the standart IFA units are viasble in the selection Any ideas?
  15. Hi guys, I'm aiming to build a mission where the player is a squad leader in a platoon, maintaining full control of the squad, whilst recieving orders from the AI platoon leader. I can't for the life of me work out how to place the player squad leader under the command of an AI platoon leader without having to relinquish command of the player's squadmates. I've had friends suggest using the High Command modules but I'm not understanding how an AI platoon leader would be able to use the command module as commander. It would also be great to still give the other AI squad leaders full control of their squads but that's not such a big priority. The main priority is having the AI platoon leader send orders/markers to the player and then the player can command their own squad to achieve the objective however they see fit. Any help or suggestions is much appreciated. I really should know how to do this, considering I've been an OpFlash/ArmA head since 2004!
  16. I am having a bit of an issue with something I tried to do extensive research on. I am trying to make some preset vehicles that the Zeus can edit, start out with being able to respawn on position. When I use a Vehicle Respawn module placed in the editor, and sync that module to an Add Editable Objects module for Zeus, the vehicles aren't editable even if the vehicles themselves were added to the Add Editable Objects module. Only if I remove the Vehicle Respawn module, and keep the vehicles synced to the Add Editable Objects can the Zeus edit the vehicles. I need some alternatives to fix it, if you can help me find a way to make any of my ideas work, I would most appreciate it! Try to make it so any vehicles spawned by the Vehicle Respawn module will be added for the Zeus to edit. Make it so if the Zeus deletes the Vehicle Respawn module, have all the vehicles associated with it delete. A script/initialize string that will enable/set the respawn option for vehicles to the On current position for the Zeus. So that way the game starts with the vehicles being able to respawn on position. Have the vehicles use a respawn script that doesn't require the respawn module. I would appreciate anyone who could help me out!
  17. Hey guys, wondering if you can help me... I am trying to make a mission where if you shoot one guy and he dies then the task is complete and a new task is quickly generated on taking out another guy. So 2 tasks in one setup. Though I have a problem, when I kill the first guy it works and put the 2nd guy as the new task, but when I kill him it makes the task of killing him unassigned as if I need to do it again. I want it to complete on the first guy killed, then onto the 2nd guy and once he dies it will complete but I just can't get it to work the way I want it too. Image of my setup Link to an example mission. Any help, please? thanks :)
  18. How to blacklist group? I'm using Spawn AI module and i want to blacklisted artillery groups so I writed "class OIA_SPGPlatoon_Scorcher""class OIA_SPGSection_Scorcher" in Blacklisted Groups. But Scorcher platoon was spawned. It is my writeing miss?
  19. Just a quick question, i have a mission setup with 2 tasks initiated by CreateTask modules and ended by SetTaskState modules, 1 is for a target elimination and the other one is for a hostage rescue, they both work perfectly fine on their own, but they are both set in the same village so they have to be parallel (why would you kill a target and clean a whole enemy village just to leave the hostages behind?), how do i make it so that when both are completed a third trigger/module/txt calls "BIS_fnc_endMission";? As of now i know how to make it so that after 1 of the two missions are completed mission ends but i don't know how to "tie them together" so that they need to be both completed. Any ideas? Suggestions? Thanks BTW, i didn't made them by scripting because i am THE WORSE SCRIPTER ever, i mean i know some scripts and i can do basic things with them but scripting a whole mission is far beyond my abilities, hence i have to use modules. Thanks in advance!
  20. I am back to Arma after a long break and would like to know how to change the default enemy side with the combat patrol module. Thanks.
  21. Josh Jonson

    paradrop waypoint in zeus

    I'm very curious as to how to get this paradrop waypoint in zeus as seen in this video? (at 17 minutes in) The youtuber here seem to be using ACE, MCC, and a few unit and vehicles addons most obviously RHS. Any idea what module or misc mods besides the unit addons are needed for this to work? I know RHS has a paradrop waypoint but it doesn't show up in zeus at all and neither does the 'MCC' modules/systems... Thanks and any help is greatly appreciated. What the youtuber's zeus looks like What it looks like on mine (ACE and MCC installed, seems to have compability issues)
  22. Hello all, I have a question regarding modules placed in the editor. As I understand it, the modules are a way to change certain parameters, which otherwise would have their default values as designated in config files. Are the default module settings (in the editor) the same settings as they are in config files? In other words: Does it make sense to place a module and not change any of its settings? Perhaps this even varies per module and addon. I'm asking this because when making a template mission with ACE3, I plop down all the modules to be sure even though I leave some with their default settings. Many thanks in advance, Nicolai
  23. chas gate

    Idea of a mad man aka me

    hay everone tell me what you think hmm heres an idea. you could make a module with the mod instead of having indes make civs. with this module it can let civs attak who they see fit if you set up a mission persay. the americans are opressing a korean villige and the north wants it back so the civs who are in a designated area of this module are set to under a curtain condition they will start attacking americans with weapons they loot of the soldiers or if the moduls allowed it the civ can pick up the weapon and start helping the us side in the defence. a sort of behavior / ai enhance meant. it could be dont just it would be hard and require hard work to do. the thing with this to is you could add a moral system. if you shoot civs it effects there opinion of you and sways what side they could end up fighting for. if you end up saving a lot of civs and save ones shot buy the enemy ai they start to like you. this could be don in a way of making it a ajustable size module and yes i know idk shit about modules and i dont even know if its possable to add a karma system or a way to make ai care about there surroundings and looking to the future this module might even revalutionize the whole mission system because you could have the warsaw rebellion and you could have the french freedom fighters who are against German occupation. a battle rages in a city and the americans walk through part of the villige and see men dressed in german uniforms and have german weapons but instead of shooting the americans they walk up to them fallow and help them on there battle as there own command group. this also could lead to what i would call a moreal system. soldires who are being commanded to kill civs might be able to desert or if a freindly falls back he becomes a opfor or idependent. now this could lead to units wanting to form. oveer the fact the mod can do what no ther can. and im going to send this to the ifa3 team my idea. and sorry i suck at typeing. would it be a possible idea since bcombat and asr ai are advacing military ai
  24. Hi everyone! Little weird behaviour for support modules: A simple work, but very hard to do: how to synchronize / desync the support(s) modules along with conditions? Say for instance: get the support modules if you reach a trigger area, loose these supports if out of the area? for each player ! Yes, I know, you're saying use synchronizeObjectsAdd and synchronizeObjectsRemove. Let an "open" (no) sync on editor, normally between player/playable unit and the module requester, then sync/desync on demand the player and the module requester. At ease! And you'll right for SP,... for the 1st instance! But continue tests. sync/desync/sync/desync... Right? Now, consider this in MP, JIP. These commands are supposed to be AG EG, and they are! But what for if the modules FSMs and scripts (a bunch of them!) are not "updated" with the sync state? I never had the intended behaviors for players in MP. The player on host PC (if not dedicated) loose the supports after the 2nd sync, The other ones have disabled supports (grayed in menu, even if no sync?!,) and/or duplication of supports. 3 artillery modules, 2 drops in icons menu... regardless of the rounds limitations which is another problem). I think there is something to do with (supports) modules "on demand" synchronization, because it could be fine to add/remove these supports along with scripts, and for units (players) we want.
  25. Hi Guys, Im developing a mission that requires the use of many modules, such being modules for zeus sectors and setting their capture state etc. The issue i have is that i have run out of groups to use, modules cannot be grouped and if i attempt to group them to a unit that has no probability of presence, it removes their positioning and makes them stop functioning. Is there any resolution to this? Below is an image of the setup. What i am trying to achieve and have achieved is; A visible area on the map that changes color when captured by a faction [bLUFOR, OPFOR, INDEPENDENT] An area that becomes editable inside after capture to the capturing side. Extra points to be given to thats side after capture. The above requires very few modules/triggers etc however, it becomes large when it is setup below to allow for it to switch back and forth as it is captured and recaptured.