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  1. Hey man, you surely want to check THIS and THIS... Also, how do you spawn the units? ...hard to help with partial info, mate. More or less, I'm guessing you need something like: if (surfaceIsWater) exitWith {}; Not sure if it is correct, but you get the idea...
  2. I think he's referring to the CARRIER runway. I just tested both the sentinel and the grayhawk and they DO LAUNCH FROM THE CATAPULT. Just slowly approach the catapult and the hold-action will pop-up. both take off even without flaps and fully loaded.
  3. zagor64bz

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Sorry for the noob-ish question...but how do you use the missile box/service menu? I put one next to a plane, even link one to a plane, but no joy. What did I miss? Thank you for the awesome release. EDIT: sorry..I did find the service module, linked to the missile box, and now it works..KINDA: ONLY if you start the mission INSIDE the plane. If you get in after start, no service menu. Is it normal, or I fuc*ed something up?
  4. Thx man..keep up the good work then.
  5. zagor64bz

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Awesome news. BTW...speaking of which... Did you guys hear the news? Looks like the BBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTT is not going away anytime soon, after all.
  6. Ok...I tried it out, and here it is some feedbacks: -The GUI is in POLISH, so kinda hard to understand what is what, so I opened few files and translate with google sone buttons, still..it should be already in English. -It appeared to only take into consideration vanilla weapons and few mod (CUP in my case) ones, but not all when you set up pylons. -If you load pylons on a chopper, there's no possibility to assign what weapon to w pilot or gunner. Other than that, great work.
  7. zagor64bz

    SCRIPT Cruise missile

    Sorry man, but it's been over a year, so no demo mission link on my end. I can walk you through if you like...
  8. Thanks, I'm really looking forward to that "lite" version. The GUI I've been using along some of your jets is really great. BTW, I already know and use the great GOM script on vanilla Jets.
  9. Awesome...but I'm a little confused on how to use this. Could you tell this old fart where to put what? I placed a vanilla F-18 in a hangar, plus a carrier missile-rearm thing next to it... but no joy..???? EDIT: the targeting system and the ECM-JAMMER work once the engine is on, but I can't access the pylon loadouts GUI...
  10. Nope... I use the "START" option since I need them to re-spawn at theyr "parking" spots. But as @pierremgi stated, we need to be patient.. he's working on it.
  11. Nice work, George... as usual. Cheers, and keep up man!!!
  12. Oh boy... this is gonna be good...VERY good.
  13. Same here. I have a FLY mission out, and it's set up on the carrier...I had to use the vanilla module to be able to get the jets/choppers spawning on the deck. On the same mission, but based on a land airport, the script works flawlessly.