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  1. Really nice stuff here, mate!! Simple and clear, it helps a lot mission maker to sort things out. Keep'em coming brotha!!
  2. Door Keypad [SCRIPT] Request

    It does indeed.... demomission===>use===> UseCheckCard.sqf You HAVE to ask permission to author for any nip&tucking tough!!!
  3. Project Zenith

    Astonishing work as usual mate!!!!
  4. Door Keypad [SCRIPT] Request

    Would like to know as well.
  5. I was looking for the same line...but like you stated, there's not. Demo charges are more realistic, but too powerful to breach doors. Even Claymore sometimes cripple the buildings and make impossible to breach interior doors without flattening the house. Would be perfect if the script calls for a demo-charge with a variable amount of damage.
  6. I noticed that yesterday during a run of my campaign. I thought it was something on my end ( not setting thing up correctly). I better wait for update before touching anything then. Thank you Pierre.
  7. That's exactly what I had in my mind when I envisioned the mission. The player can carefully plan a task like a "real" SF team with many tactical options or just roam around looking for target of opportunity, without thinking too much at any strategy. LOL..I have the same problem....hahahahaha..... and then I just wanted to be sure that after spending so many hours making the mission and adding a bunch of stuff available, the player knows what's going on. M1014 Winter Altis really looks different...another map altogether. Like going to a place that look familiar, but is news indeed.
  8. THANK YOU JB!!!!! You have no idea how flattered I'm right now. Your opinion is VERY important to me, because since the MABUNGA mission I consider you a extreme talented mission maker. Just the fact that you use vanilla only assets and still be able to make the player feel that there's something special going on is very admirable. As a matter of facts, I'm working (as we speak) on a VANILLA version, which hopefully will cure some of the low fpm problems most player are having. Again thank you bud! ps: For this to be my first "big" mission I'm pretty satisfied, although I realise I have A LOT to learn still..but I'm working on it,...LOL. ps 2 : That "Meat shield"....hahahahahahha.... ...isn't it how you're supposed to use your teammates?
  9. It's already like that... When you exit&save the game you'll find the green/red areas as you left it.. That in SP perhaps.Not familiar with MP environment though .
  10. Trigger noob

    I'm not expert here, but should be like this: if you use the "triggerActivated trigger1" in the condition for second trigger to activate it would activate as soon as the trigger1 has fired. Adding "this &&" in the condition field will add whatever you set the trigger to fire...ie:BLUFOR present for example. SO..in that case the trigger will fire IF trigger1 has been activated already, AND blufor is present. Hope I was clear.
  11. Board That Vehicle

    Gotcha! Thank you GOM
  12. Board That Vehicle

    Interesting....and how would you use that? in init.sqf?
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....Cheers to you man!!!
  14. My hangover wouldn't allow me to go that far now.....hahahahahha...please, be my guest brotha!