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  1. job as usual J-Boy!!! PS: something went through my mind.....how difficult will be to get a "stack SIDE" and/or "stack FRONT" option work? Sometimes a bad guy is just behind the entry door pointing out his weapon, and if AI opens for flashbang (thank you and phronk for that, BTW) it gets blasted...
  2. zagor64bz

    MapSingleClick problem

    Sorry..this replay has nothing to do with the OP question, but I just wanna say how much I love your new thin-foil hat avatar Grumpy Old Man..... You're on, ma' man!!!
  3. zagor64bz

    OBRAT Campaign Assets??

    YAP.....do some diggin..nipping n' tucking and you're done!!😋
  4. zagor64bz

    3den Enhanced

    Personally, I like better the drop-down style menus...plus it is much easier to add/cut new and old features/tags. Anyway.... job, as usual, man!!!
  5. Yummy ma man....this script rock!!!
  6. Oh man, it finally works!!!! THANK YOU, DUDE!!!
  7. Thank you mate, I really appreciate your help!!
  8. Something I didn't really know before, but a MESS indeed! NOPE....so I put this on hold..for now..let's call it a "strategic retreat" LOL
  9. I'm such a noob..thank you Larrow. Now it NOT reports any error, but still, don't change the inventory. It works if I change _unit to player tho... So....after spending the last 48 hours trying to make this work...and getting VERY frustrated, I opted for a workaround. The main reason for changing that particular unit loadout was that he was overloaded, so fatigue kicked in as soon as he moved. So, a _unit = {_x enableFatigue false} foreach units group player; did the trick. I'll dig into it when I'm more relaxed about it..LOL. However, I learn something IMPORTANT today: I become aware of that forum bug which screws up every code you copy/paste without running it through the "code" window.🤬
  10. First of all, let me thank you for your help, but no, I had no luck. It not throw any error now, but is not working either. Just for testing, I run this code: if((typeOf _unit) isEqualto "CFP_B_USRANGERS_Rifleman_AT_WDL_01") then { hint "ATgear detected"; }; The hint didn't show up. So I'm guessing the script doesn't go past the "if statement.". For testing, I switch to the AT unit and run this code: if((typeOf player) isEqualto "CFP_B_USRANGERS_Rifleman_AT_WDL_01") then { hint "ATgear detected"; }; it shows the hint and no errors. However, if I run the previous code: if((typeOf player) isEqualto "CFP_B_USRANGERS_Rifleman_AT_WDL_01") then { [_unit] execVM "Scripts\ATgear.sqf"; }; it throws this error: 12:06:07 Error in expression <"FirstAidKit"; for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {this addItemToUniform "CUP_15Rnd_9x19_M9> 12:06:07 Error position: <this addItemToUniform "CUP_15Rnd_9x19_M9> 12:06:07 Error Undefined variable in expression: this So I changed the loadout from "this" to "_unit", but... 12:07:04 Error in expression <"FirstAidKit"; for "_i" from 1 to 2 do {_unit addItemToUniform "CUP_15Rnd_9x19_M> 12:07:04 Error position: <_unit addItemToUniform "CUP_15Rnd_9x19_M> 12:07:04 Error Undefined variable in expression: _unit So, what I'm getting out of this is: (and mind you, I'm just guessing and shooting in the dark here): - "typeOf _unit" is not working, because if I use "player" it is - something is wrong with the "ATgear.sqf", where "this" or "_unit" throw an error... Sooo...WHAT THE HECK IT'S GOING ON HERE????😜
  11. Damn little bug....thanks man! Just 2 questions: what is it, and how can I get rid of it? EDIT: I see it now...if I paste the code in the code windows and not "directly" it shows red dots....damn...sneaky bug!!! hahahahahha
  12. Thanks a lot buddy!!! However right now my brain is fried...been trying to get this working for the past few hours...I'm hitting the bunk and continue tomorrow.... just one thing: would you be so kind as to set me up with some instruction on how to make your script working with what I need? LOL..I can barely speak..hahahaha hope you understand
  13. Nope.... would be more simple if I use your script posted above i/e "GF Exported Loadouts Script - Mod"??? If so, how do I set it up?
  14. NOPE..... 2:34:44 Error Undefined variable in expression: _unit 2:34:44 Error in expression <{isPlayer _x} count (units group _unit) == 0> 2:34:44 Error position: <_unit) == 0> 2:34:44 Error Undefined variable in expression: