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  1. As for my intended use, instant-hostile will do, and I have no use for vehicles..but I guess for anyone else the options extreme-suspicious or instant hostile + vehicles will be a wanted feature. Again, thank you bud.
  2. I've been waiting for this, mate!!!! It's a feature i "requested / wished for" long time ago...and now I can go on completing a WIP mission I was working on. THANK YOU BUD!!!!
  3. Community Factions Project

    Sorry for the question...but is the absurd controversy about VanSchmoozin's content effect this mod , since ( if I'm correct) there is some of his content here as well? On a side note, is very sad to see all that dedication and hard work wasted for some silly comments/accusations. All my support to his talented awesome work.
  4. User Mission Request Thread

    ..they are!!!!
  5. Script obfuscating

    I always wonder why peoples are so afraid of others "stealing" their work/missions/scripts. If so, DO NOT PUBLISH IT!!! Keep it for your personal use, or share it with trusted friends. End of story. The essence of Arma community is sharing things so you can learn.living in a bunker is not gonna make you a better person/scripter/mission maker. My 2 cents. Cheers, Zagor out!
  6. GF Blood Stains and SFX Script

    Good news my friend!!! Very nice addition for a more splattery games, and that blood trail could be used for mission making purposes.
  7. Project Zenith/VSM

    Thank you Van....we REALLY appreciate the effort!!!
  8. Project Zenith/VSM

    ...been wishing that as well for ages...my poor little unitis have suffered heavy casualties for not having proper camo in snowy maps.....still, they like Van's stuff so much they're wearing it anyway. PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE SantaVan.....I'll be a VERY good boy!!!