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  1. Thanks for asking, bro...I'm going through rough times, but the "storm" will pass. And yes...it's time for some Nam mission😁
  2. Brilliant ... as always, 'ma J-boy!
  3. zagor64bz


    Thank you for pointing this out. I'll dig into it and report back asap. ps: I don't think you're doing anything wrong...maybe is just buggy.
  4. zagor64bz

    Zero Dark Zero

    Good luck with your RL projects mate...Arma can wait better times. Zagor out!
  5. ...I'm one of them. Been using EOS forever, and a cleaned-up version would be nice. Thanks to everyone willing to put in some work on this awesome script.
  6. I think this the less complicated way to go. How do you make the player choose to get in the truck? The easiest way will be with an add-action, that prompt the player as soon as he comes close to the back of the truck: "HIDE IN THE TRUCK's CARGO" (or something like that), where inside that add-action you set the player captive first, then teleport him as cargo. Then you could use a "getoutMan" event handler to reverse the captive state of the player. Cheers mate! EDIT: you could use a "hold-action" as well...and with 3den enhanced is built-in every object and very easy to set up.
  7. Please, don't get me wrong... I don't want to come across ungrateful or cocky here...and REALLY appreciate your help, but I cannot avoid making you notice, with all due respect and plenty of gratitude, that the post you're referring to is 5 years old. Trust me, I wouldn't have waited all this time to find a solution😁😂🤣 Thank you anyway mate!
  8. As I said, I'm more noob than you on the MP subject! Sorry mate...wish I could help you more. As for my campaign, please feel free to give it a spin, trash it around as you like, and let me know what's your impressions on it.
  9. zagor64bz


    OK.....just so I understand better: -you start the campaign..... -after the opening shot you go to your teammates... -you choose your squad... -YOU ACHIEVE AIR SUPERIORITY BY DESTROYING RADAR AND SAM, AS REQUESTED BY THE TASK LIST... -YOU HAVE NOW HELI TRANSPORT AVAILABLE...and the add-action on the choppers change from "NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL SAM IS ACTIVE" to "BOARD THE CHOPPER" -you use the add-action to board the heli and your teammates don't get teleported inside BUT get stuck on the carrier deck? Please note, as I stated in the BRIEFING, that due to the lack of paths on the carrier deck, AI does get stuck if they wander around too much, and CANNOT find the way to board ANY kind of vehicle. For that reason, I suggest keeping them on the STOP command until you choose the appropriate vehicle to move to the AO and use the provided add-action to teleport them inside. If you've not yet destroyed the SAM&Radar, I suggest using scuba insertion, or the speedboat service.
  10. Thanx mate..I'll dig in on that!
  11. zagor64bz

    [WIP-SP campaign] TIER 1: Shadow warriors

    HAHAHAHAHAHA....you little devil! I may do that IF there are more peoples wanting that...
  12. I'm not sure about MP as well, since I create SP missions only, but I'm pretty sure that EH can go in the unit init, or the mission init, or in a gamelogic. For example, in one of my Ghost Recon campaign, I use that EH to activate layers according to task progression: Keep in mind that my tasks are all scripted and not using modules.(once understood the concept, it's easier to keep track of tasks and build complex tasks progression without a maze of modules, triggers, and what-nots in the editor).
  13. Hey @Larrow, Just in case he wants to get rid of the trigger...could he go for an Eventhandler also? this addEventHandler ["TaskSetAsCurrent", { params ["_unit", "_task"]; }];
  14. Never notes, but I like that! ....and if it was for me, I'll add a severe speed/sway/aim/load penalty in those 60 seconds to simulate some sort of "recovery" features. That will teach a team leader to move wisely his units or pretty soon he's gonna lead a team of zombies.
  15. zagor64bz

    [RELEASE] Active Lockpicking

    What a fun little script! I already see a situation where the player needs to pick a lock and teammates have to provide cover/security...or try not to raise alarms in case of an "incognito" state/mission. Good job, mate.