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  1. ...nothing piss people off more than the "SOLVED" tag and no solution posted or,worst, thread removed. We all come here for solutions after all, and I believe that is the whole purpose of this forum, right?
  2. I dunno what the heck you're smoking bro, but it must be REALLY good.Mind sharing your dealer number? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....
  3. Please, feel free to do so! just un-pbo the mission file and be my guest!I'll be glad to learn new things...
  4. I'm aware of the performance issues. This ,been my first BIG mission, could be optimized a lot, I'm sure. I try to give it my best shot, based on my barely sufficient knowledge on scripts and mission making. Thrust me, making all work together wasn't an easy trip, and I wish I had someone with more "know how" on script optimization helping me out, but I did not. There're MANY scripts working together in this mission, and I'm sure they can be smoothed out... so if there's ANYONE that is so kin to take a peak inside the pbo and optimize it, I'll be trilled.
  5. Yap....sorry for the long waiting...RL matters got in the way...Anyway , it's here....and I added some new little things...hope you enjoy it!
  6. Community Factions Project

  7. Main & Secondary Tasks

    Try it out...you'll never go back to the maze of modules,triggers and sinc lines it takes to get multiple dynamic tasks in the editor. Also, it's easy to see how you could expand it. For example: parentTask01> Destroy CSAT base parentTask02> Destroy AA sites childtask01 > Destroy AA nr. 1 childtask02 > Destroy AA nr. 2 childtask03 > Destroy AA nr. 3 Following the example I give you earlier, once ALL 3 AA guns are destroyed the parentTask02 become true. Basically, every sub-task could be spitted in "sub-sub" tasks...
  8. Main & Secondary Tasks

    @JohnKalo pointed you in the right direction. @Grumpy Old Man example is perfect for your needs, and as i did once, take the time to dig in that example mission to see how it works. Anyway, following his teachings, I'm gonna get you a small example on Parent/child tasks by script.I used it in my GHOST RECON WILDLANDS campaign, with 3 different parents tasks and more than 20 child tasks...all without triggers or modules. //make sure these 3 are identical inside the _makeTaskN arrays _myTaskIDs = ["Task01","Task02","Task03"]; //this task will be the parent task and checks if all three sub tasks are complete _makeParentTask = ["ParentTask01",player,[format ["Destroy ALL OBJECTIVE AT CSAT BASE","Destroy CSAT base",""],objNull,"ASSIGNED",4,true,true,"target"]; _makeTask1 = [["Task01","ParentTask01"],player,["Destroy AA GUNS" to allow CAS and AIR TRAFFIC over AO,"Destroy AA GUNS",""],getMarkerPos "AAmarker","ASSIGNED",1,true,true,"destroy"]; _makeTask2 = [["Task02","ParentTask01"],player,["Destroy ARTILLERY positions to deny support to enemy trups","Destroy ARTILLERY",""],getMarkerPos "ARTYmarker","ASSIGNED",2,true,true,"attack"]; _makeTask3 = [["Task03","ParentTask01"],player,["Eliminate BASE COMMANDER to cripple enemy chain of command ","KILL OFFICER",""],objNull,"ASSIGNED",3,true,true,"kill"]; //spawning loops to handle individual task conditions //this is an easy way to edit and read/handle task conditions and results TexTask1 = false; TexTask2 = false; TexTask3 = false; ParentTask01 = false; _watchTask1 = [] spawn { waitUntil {sleep 0.5; !alive (name of AA gun)};// this is child-subtask task 1 succedeed ["Task01", "SUCCEEDED",true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskSetState; TexTask1 = true; sleep 5; saveGame; }; _watchTask2 = [] spawn { waitUntil {sleep 0.5;!alive (ARTYname)};// this is child-subtask task 2 succedeed ["Task02", "SUCCEEDED",true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskSetState; TexTask2 = true; sleep 5; saveGame; }; _watchTask3 = [] spawn { waitUntil {sleep 0.5;!alive (OFFICERname)};// this is child-subtask task 3 succedeed ["Task03", "SUCCEEDED",true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskSetState; TexTask3 = true; sleep 5; saveGame; }; _watchParentTask = [] spawn { waitUntil {sleep 1;(TexTask1 AND TexTask2 AND TexTask3)};///here it cecks if all child task is completed and then fire the SUCCEEDED state of the PARENT-MAIN task if (TexTask1 AND TexTask2 AND TexTask3) then { ["ParentTask01", "SUCCEEDED",true] spawn BIS_fnc_taskSetState; systemchat "ALL TASK COMPLETED"; ParentTask01 = true; sleep 5; "END1" call BIS_fnc_endMission; }; }; {_x call BIS_fnc_setTask;sleep 3;} foreach [_makeParentTask,_makeTask1,_makeTask2,_makeTask3]; Call this "Task_handling.sqf" for example and call it from the init.sqf of the mission with [] execVM "Task_handling.sqf"; Obviously, You can expand the number of parents/child tree as needed.
  9. ..BTW...wzz up with those patrol dogs names in the demo video? "zagor" and " grumpy old dog" ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....dunno about @Grumpy Old Man...but I'm flattered bro!! Ps: ceck your PM man.
  10. GF Breath Script

    Awesome script mate...however it trow a minor error...you should check on that... 14:49:40 File C:\Users\claudio\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\ZAGOR64BZ\missions\01_GST_RCN_WINTER_CUP.Altis\GF_Breath\GF_Breath.sqf, line 70 14:49:42 Error in expression <eed = speed _this; _Sleep_Fatigue = _Fatigue * 2; _Sleep = (3 + random 2) - > 14:49:42 Error position: <_Fatigue * 2; _Sleep = (3 + random 2) - > 14:49:42 Error Undefined variable in expression: _fatigue
  11. Sure. instead of calling the areas from the openMe.sqf of the EOS folder, call the function in a trigger with whatever condition you like (i/e present/not present/whatever), and then null=[["M1","M2","M3"],[HOUSE GROUPS,SIZE OF GROUPS,PROBABILITY],[PATROL GROUPS,SIZE OF GROUPS,PROBABILITY],[LIGHT VEHICLES,SIZE OF CARGO,PROBABILITY],[ARMOURED VEHICLES,PROBABILITY], [STATIC VEHICLES,PROBABILITY],[HELICOPTERS,SIZE OF HELICOPTER CARGO,PROBABILITY],[FACTION,MARKERTYPE,DISTANCE,SIDE,HEIGHTLIMIT,DEBUG]] call EOS_Spawn; in "on act" field