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  1. Sorry too.... just noted the post, and if I had dig into my old missions files I could have helped.😜
  2. zagor64bz

    3den Enhanced

    Yap, very useful indeed...definitely a GO for me.
  3. zagor64bz

    Arma 3 CallOfDuty 4MW ReArmared

    Yeah man, It's gonna be lots of work but I see you're already on the right mind.set to succeed. As far as the ship..I'm already impress.Cant wait to see where your're going with it. Great job fratello.
  4. zagor64bz

    Arma 3 CallOfDuty 4MW ReArmared

    Benvenuto Emanuele, your project is ambitious at least, but it will be fun indeed. As I experienced in the past, "porting" another game in arma and recreating the same feeling it's not an easy task. Especially if you don't wont to get tangled with mods dependencies. I wish I could help you, but my lack of talent in creating objects would be of no use to you. Was wondering the same thing. The lack of civilian naval assets (beside the small trawler) is a plague for mission-maker.Perhaps that stopped me from even starting a "REDUX" of a ps2 game SOCOM: US NAVY Seals: first mission is a raid & sinking of 2 BIG commercial ships.How do you plan to overcome that problem, Emanuele?
  5. zagor64bz

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    As I mentioned before, I wanted to do a REDUX of the old PS "SOCOM:US NAVY SEALs" game...with iconic missions like the one in the Ship and the infamous Oil rig , but it would have been a nightmare to get AI to navigate those custom composition. Honestly I was ready to give up ...until your script shined some light in the dark. THANK YOU!!!
  6. zagor64bz

    JBOY AI Scripted CQB Path

    This could lead to something REVOLUTIONARY. Getting AI to follow hard coded waypoints...even on custom composition. (...OIL rigs for example...hehehehe) As always...good job mate!
  7. zagor64bz

    GF Explosive Objects Script - Mod

    Another great script George.
  8. --scripting is already complicated enough as it is...you really don't want to mess things up even more by NOT providing CRYSTAL CLEAR info on what you try to achieve. Other than that, a little humble courtesy to who's try to help ya, and you're set,bro.
  9. zagor64bz

    Door lock script

    As i mentioned above, i notice that as well, and was wondering the same thing.That's where I got confused with the double "if" statement.....probably as @Grumpy Old Man mentioned, he just left it in for testing purposes.
  10. zagor64bz

    Door lock script

    😜Damn....this is what's happen when you take a break from Arma , even a short one. Looks like I opened my mouth before connecting it to the brain. Sorry!!!!! Ps: Could my previous post pass for an April fool thing? OK..OK..I shut up!!!
  11. zagor64bz

    Door lock script

    Not a scripter or an expert, but those "//" before if (["ToolKit"] in backpackItems _player) then { if ("ToolKit" in _items) then { _tuer setVariable["bis_disabled_Door_1",0,true]; hint "Das Schloss ist geknackt"; } are for? Usually the void the whole line of code after them. 2nd: it's unclear the ""if/then""part of the script. There are 2 "if" without the "then" ending correctly IMO. if (["ToolKit"] in backpackItems _player) then { if? ("ToolKit" in _items) then { _tuer setVariable["bis_disabled_Door_1",0,true]; hint "Das Schloss ist geknackt"; } Try erasing "{ if? ("ToolKit" in _items) then " from the middle and see if it work. Again, not an expert, but something isn't right there. reference: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/if
  12. zagor64bz

    JBOY Bean Bag Shotgun

    This is so cool!!! Congrats on another awesome script release brother.
  13. zagor64bz

    Specific task location on map

    Is it working?