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  1. I kinda imagined something like that, but now I'm sure of it. I think I'll use a GUI of some sort... Never worked with layers before, so excuse my stupid question: beside units/objects, the layer will "port" also triggers, waypoints, and whatnot, right? Right...I'm gonna dig deeper into this "layers" thing: any place you recommend to start digging beside BI wiki? Thanks a lot anyway, man...really appreciated.
  2. Hi all, I'm planning a SP mission where the possibility of choosing a side (opfor/blufor) would be given to the player at the beginning of the mission. Is this possible? Another thing...while using layers in the editor, it's possible to build some difference in the main "story" of the mission according to the chosen side? Thanks all.
  3. if it is easier maybe you could release a "non-mod, script" version so it would be possible to insert it in missions with a variable true/false to allow only chosen type of drones. Something like: if (player getVariable ["allowreconUAV,0] isEqualTo 1) then { execvm "\Slay_Mod\slays drones\ReconDroneMenu.sqf"; }; if (player getVariable ["allowreconUAV,0] isEqualTo 0) then { exitwith {}; }; NOTE: I'm NOT a scripter..it's just a raw example... Furthermore, it will allow players to not have dependencies.😊
  4. LOL...I literally just post them above...hahaha Yap..that would be awesome. Was wondering the same thing... ps: If I may suggest, it would be cool if the mission maker could somehow limit the type of drone/s available to the player.
  5. Awesome!..I tested it and so far it seems to work pretty well. Got this error tho: sleep (_dronesleeptime / 2); if (DEBUGINFORSLAYSINFO) then {systemChat "> 14:15:13 Error position: <DEBUGINFORSLAYSINFO) then {systemChat "> 14:15:13 Error Undefined variable in expression: debuginforslaysinfo 14:15:13 File Slay_Mod\slays drones\UAV\recon_drone.sqf..., line 193 14:15:26 Error in expression <;};
  6. zagor64bz

    Zero Dark Zero

    I quote from his steam page: R. Von Quest [autore] 14 ott, ore 11:51 Several things are broken currently. Apologies to all during the switchover and upgrade. I'll try and do another Update this weekend and do a HotFix for the current state, and Example Setup. So....nothing wrong on your side, bud. I'm sure Von Quest is doing his best, according to his RL priorities, to work on fixing this.
  7. zagor64bz

    AI Autonomous drones - How?

    OK....I've tried to reproduce your problem, and indeed the drone is NOT engaging any target autonomously. Got lucky with the SENTRY! waypoint, combat behaviour and fire at will: it actually engaged one vehicle, but not always. Sometimes it does, sometimes not. Like to know this as well...
  8. I think I can speak for the whole community here when I'm saying that we're ALL very grateful to you, ma man. Arma 3 is an awesome game, holding the burden of time pretty well..but not all aspects of it are very clear or simple to master. Your tutorials and collections of useful links and tips are invaluable, regardless if you're a newcomer or an "expert" player ; personally, at 7000 hours in the game, mostly in the editor, I feel I'm barely starting to scratch the tip of the iceberg, and I learn something new every day. So, kudos to you Gunter..and keep on going, we need you!😜
  9. If you look at my post above, You'll discover that you fell victim to the same bug..or perhaps you might have. If you've copied the code from YOUR post, it contains one of the red dots that prevent it to work. If you copy-paste the code from @theopolus post is "clean" and working. Tested.
  10. That's EXACTLY what I was talking about. Now you know..LOL...I learned the hard way myself, bud! Glad to help ya.TK.
  11. I do bud! You have fallen victim to a well-known bug, which appeared whenever you copy-paste directly from the forum. To better understand this try to copy your snippet (west reportRemoteTarget [t1, 3000]; t1 confirmSensorTarget [west, true]; g1 fireAtTarget [t1, "weapon_vls_01"];) and open a replay window, then select CODE button and paste it. You'll see plenty of "red dots"; that's what is throwing errors. Try it out and let me know.👍
  12. zagor64bz

    Main & Secondary Tasks

    Hey man, pretty sure it still works in an SP scenario...but I have NOT tested (or have ANY experience about) on an MP environment...never the less dedicated. Sorry bro..wish I could help ya.🤷‍♀️
  13. hey, I came across your parent and child task_handling.sqf in another thread. A great find for me. I was wondering what you use to manage your AI spawning. Do you use something like ALIVE or do you script the AI in too? AND would you mind sharing that? I have been tinkering with scripting for some time but never really dug in to it. its basically learning a new language. but between your find and tacticalgamer youtube videos, the basics are coming around some. currently i have a script for AI that drops from a trigger in the editor. its basic and does the job. but i am sure it could be much better. but not sure where to call it related to your task_handling script.

    1. zagor64bz


      Hey man, glad I could help ya with the task handling script. I was helped myself with that, so why not share?. Anyway..back to your question...

      I used to use EOS which was AWESOME for spawning AI and caching them dynamically. But it's becoming outdated, and the scripter, bangabob, is MIA since 2017, so it requires you to go through the thread and update the script with the many updates users made to the script. Once updated, it's still an AWESOME way to spawn AI.

      As now, I'm using the great Drongo's Map Population which makes my life easier and it's quicker to set up and highly customizable. It's GREAT if you, like me, like to randomize as much is possible tasks and objectives, to keep interested high in the missions.


      I hope it helps, ma man!

      EDIT: I see that you already went into the EOS thread some time ago with no joy...sorry mate..I wish I could help you more.