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  1. GREAT job Massi!!!! As always.
  2. zagor64bz


    Damn...that's the first thing that came to my mind when I read "speargun".... LOL..congrats for the release J-Boy!!!!!
  3. zagor64bz

    GF Visors Script - Mod

  4. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!! Congratulation on the added features and to AZCoder.. Now...... it's Christmas..so let me be greedy: "..dear Santa, I've been a VERY good boy, so can I have a tactical vest for Boomer, SF style?.." LOL..MARY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!
  5. ...nothing piss people off more than the "SOLVED" tag and no solution posted or,worst, thread removed. We all come here for solutions after all, and I believe that is the whole purpose of this forum, right?
  6. I dunno what the heck you're smoking bro, but it must be REALLY good.Mind sharing your dealer number? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....
  7. Please, feel free to do so! just un-pbo the mission file and be my guest!I'll be glad to learn new things...