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  1. Sakuraba_fr

    2000 Era US Smocks

    Congratulations my friend !! really cool to see your work.... even if it's the fault of "ineptaphide" ^^.. thx and i hope we could see more camo in the future ...
  2. Sakuraba_fr

    French GCP _ By sakuraba

    sorry every one but i will not release this mod , Sorry if some one can delete this topic
  3. Sakuraba_fr

    French GCP _ By sakuraba

    no , it's not ..i'll see to fix that sooner thank's for the report ;)
  4. Sakuraba_fr

    French GCP _ By sakuraba

    thank's ;)
  5. Sakuraba_fr

    French GCP _ By sakuraba

    hi ! Ok , i finish the hard work , and i would like to add a function and a mass (weight) to the equipements ...( i mean , when people wear the equipements , they only can walk slowly )...but i don't know how to do it....maybe by script or any thing else... :/ So if some one could help me , it will be really great ^^
  6. Sakuraba_fr

    French GCP _ By sakuraba

    hi yes , this is the plan ...big capacity to give you the possibility to transport all your assaut equipements , and change it after your landing...
  7. Sakuraba_fr

    French GCP _ By sakuraba

    hi . no this is the model ..
  8. Irish mountain troopers ^^ Mods used,: AWR_ mod ... WIP ; direone anim ; R3F weapons
  9. Irish Army Wing Ranger wait for their transport on Stratis base.. Mods used,: AWR_ mod ... WIP ; direone anim ; R3F weapons ; LUCIE nvg
  10. Sakuraba_fr

    Uk SAS equipements

    hi ! First ,thanks very much for the offer , i really apreciate .. ! And... sorry for last message but sometime when everyone say "no" to your request , you know it's a bit ....... but i understand the sutation of everyone ...and it was just a bad day for me .. and my project is a bit big for a novice like me , so i take a bit more time , because a add something new every time i learn ... "ineptaphid" , spectik thanks again :)
  11. Irish Army Ranger Wing ...after tranning with french foreign legion in the north of Stratis... ! Addon : Uk SAS upgrade
  12. 2 GCP members of the french foreign legion take their last orders before leaving for mission Addon : ....WIP - french special forces..
  13. Sakuraba_fr

    Uk SAS equipements

    hi ! I would like to share my disappointment has subject of the division in this community .. since i started to create my addon only one help me a bit and share work with me... "ZABB" but when i asked to , Road Runner ,VSM , Cunico , adacas , warden_1 etc ...to share model , like a simple shemagh or simple helmet .... every one say no or just don't reply ...great !!! the idea is "use my addon or leave !" i spend lot of time to give something nice , but without help i think i'll stop after the next upgrade... i never thougth to find this division in this community Sakuraba :)
  14. the Irish forces also have a break .. wip : upgrade , uk sas_equipments