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  1. turretInfoType = "RscOptics_Boat_Armed_01_commander"; weaponInfoType = "RscOptics_Boat_Armed_01_commander"; optics = 1; modelOptics = "\a3\weapons_f_gamma\reticle\HMG_01_Optics_Gunner_F";
  2. I was working on a rifle which I want it to have fcs like the turret weapons, which you could point to yoir target and manual measure its zeroing then print it to the weapons zeroing so it would hit directly on target with the shooter to adjust the aim. right now i made the interface of the fcs and opticsmodel works on a rifle, but it seems the zeroing would not print into weapon like it did in turret weapons? I already defined a "ballisticsComputer = "2 + 16" " in the weapon's config, but it seem not works like in a turret weapon. Anyone got idea how to make it works?
  3. class complexGearbox { GearboxRatios[] = {"R1",-4.84,"N",0,"D1",3.43,"D2",2.01,"D3",1.42,"D4",1,"D5",0.83,"D6",0.59}; TransmissionRatios[] = {"High",8}; AmphibiousRatios[] = {"R1",-4.84,"N",0,"D1",3.43,"D2",2.01,"D3",1.42,"D4",1,"D5",0.83,"D6",0.59}; gearBoxMode = "auto"; moveOffGear = 1; driveString = "D"; neutralString = "N"; reverseString = "R"; }; this is the only thing I changed in complexGearbox, I just make the AmphibiousRatios all the same with GearboxRatios, and then all the waterspeedcoef, waterSpeedFactor, waterResistanceCoef, etc, they just works after I did that. Before I dont have a AmphibiousRatios that was not same with GearboxRatios, and with that all the changes in waterspeedcoef, waterSpeedFactor, waterResistanceCoef, etc, do not works, only after I give the boat a right AmphibiousRatios value it works.
  4. turned out, all these setting would not have effect, unless you have define a amphibious gearbox for the vehicle, I added one and now all works.
  5. none of these value changes anything for the warter speed, it just simple not work, I attached my config below, don't know where is gose wrong, maybe you may have a look and find some thing
  6. So simulation = car no longer works in Arma3 right?
  7. Thx, gonna try this after work, really there's no such thing about water speed for Amphibious Vehicle on BIS wiki, which makes it a lot of harder for me to understand it.
  8. so basicly I just need to take down the value of waterResistance and maxFordingDepth the water speed would go up? like waterResistance = 0.09 and maxFordingDepth = 0.1?
  9. sloved, turned out for a vehicle ( turret is vehicle), you need AnimationSources to make all the animation works right.
  10. Try to made a MG turret that controlled by AI or UAV operator, made everything working, but the muzzle flashes never showed when firing, I already had a selection called zasleh in my P3D, also made the model.cfg all working but there is just no muzzle flash, only some smokes that appears when firing.
  11. Got an Amphibious Vehicle that tried to make, already made is moving on land and water. The on land speed works all good, but the on water speed is too low, no matter how I setting the vehicles speed the on water speed seem capped at 30km/s. I tried set waterspeedcoef and maxSpeed to a higher value, but the on water speed of the vehicle do not changed and kept at 30km/s. Which attribute would affect the vehicle on water speed? and is it possible to make the on water speed higher than 30km/s?
  12. He got a clean version years ago, and still got taken down from workshop so he uploaded 4.0 with everything in it and it existing on workshop until now be fake reported by some kids, so we know what really happened here.
  13. Hey, pookie, I am sending you DM about some ways we may assist, I know you are busy right now, but when you are free plz considering what we can provide for you mentioned in the DM okay, we are willing to help you.
  14. too many issues left without fixing and I think that had anrged some kids so they issued a complain about this mod, and you know that steam never checks the complains, they just go directly delete it. PS. check your DM pookie, I think I know what real happened here
  15. I having a issue that one optics zooming works on some weapons, the bullets hits where the optics aiming, but on some weapons the bullets can not hit where it aims. It looks like the old issue happens when you mounted a rifle optics on a SMG so the zeroing is fcuked up. Is there a way we can changing rhe zooming value or something like that to make the optics zooming correctly on everyweapons? Which attributes should I loking at? I the tweaks should be made in the optcis config or the weapons'?