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  1. So the situation is that, I want to make a mission in which centaint unit would not died from falling from a high building, but the other units would still die if they fallen from buildings. So is it possible to only make 1 or 2 certain units that are not recevice fallen damage?
  2. TBH i jsvrnt understand anything about the MTL file because i have no experience on working a 3d model XD, but what you said sounds really promissing, so good luck on it, looking forward to your final work!
  3. update from the model aurthor, he said that there should beUV mpas in MTL file, have you try to tweak the polys in 3DSMAX or other tools? He think that maybe the original UV maps could not be use after you tweaked the polys, in this case a new UV map may need to be mapped.
  4. at least we have some progress. However I dont think KA would be back to modding soon, since he seems is running his own airsoft business... and havent showed up in months... Edit: About the UV maps issue, i have informed the aurthor of the 3d model, he said he may check it later, but not promiss he would found the reason, since this model is been made months ago he forgot the details when making it.
  5. I have checked the model of this one has a massed up UV map, which suggest the aurthor of this mod may not be an animator and lack the skill to render the correct model. Some poly and texture is also missing or wrong which make the rifle looks like a palistic one. and the config is messed up, the weapons magazinewell compatibility have some issue, the mag proxy in the OB maybe wrong and make the mags from compatiable mods do not load into the correct place in the rifle model, for anyone want a reliable weapon mod this one is far from finished and leave with no room to improve the 3d model since the UV map in it is already messed up when loading into OB.
  6. I have pm you the link of the QBZ191 3d model
  7. Hey, pookie, just let you know that I have got the permission to share the QBZ191 3d model by the orignal arthor on artstation. However there is an issue, the model is in high poly and not ready to be used in OB now, and kickass need to deal with RL stuffs and away from modding for months, if you or your friends could do something with the 3D model for using it in OB and build it as an additional weapon in VME PLA mod, I'm glad to share the model with you and your team.
  8. Reptilienski

    Random Guerilla Fighter Gear v3

    Is this scripts also works when put the unit via Zeus?
  9. I mean the animation when you click ctrl+A/D when prone, I remember when Arma 3 is in Alpha you can use scope in this animation, or maybe it's by mods. So the question here is, is there any mod or ways to do that again?
  10. My ideal goal is like, I have set my server default loaded a trainning ground mission, but when player want to change to another mission, then can simply go to a loaction in the loaded trainning ground and change it by themselves. Is this even possible?
  11. Reptilienski

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    So i just noticed this mission and seem this is what i was look for. If i read correctly, this mod is only need to load on server side and all I need to do is setting the basic settings in CBA Settings in the EDEN Editor and then, Boom, the DCG mod would auotmaticly put enemies into the towns and buildings in the mission and I dont need to do anything else?
  12. Reptilienski

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    not sure whether you have mentioned, mu unit using your mod in ever missions now, but due to the lack of PLA camo we only use limited uniform and gears that without any camo texture during missions, so any plan for camo from China pla? If you already have that in plan it would be great, and thank you for making the mod.
  13. Reptilienski


    I think he means to make it attach to unit's belly via Eden Editor, like in units' attribute after double click it.
  14. Already sent the link to Kickass
  15. Reptilienski

    AZC JBOY Pain Mod

    Havent got time to test, from what i read, the units in game would speak fword to you if you shot them?
  16. I think what you mean is that the moved the old medical system's Max Revive Time into 2 option now, fisrt set to "Cardiac Arrest Only" and this is like the old "prevent instatly death" setting, and change the Cardiac Arrest time up to make player nearly never entering the Cardiac Arrest stage, and this would work like the only "no intantly death" option on, am I correct?
  17. This is a bug related to some ACE compat files, not sure if you using steam workshop, but on workshop if you search with key words ACE RHS there are RHS compatilbility versions of ACE, should be the first 2 results, one for old ace version and one is for the new 3.13 version, chose the one you need and that should work, these two have fixed the related ACE compat files in it. Edit: These 2 version should only fixed the compat files for RHS, if you are using some other compat files from other mods I am not sure whether these two have a fix for those, so you may need to locat which excat files are causing the issue and find a fix version for that compat file or try to fix it by yourself.
  18. So this setting is to prevent instantly died by direct hit right? Which in my understanding is that any menthod of direct hit even if it is a tank shell would not instantly kill a player but put him in uncon state right? And as the player still will instanly died due to bleeeding out, is that possible to decrease the bleeding speed to a very low level to prevent player died during the mission?
  19. ok about this, kickass(one of the original founder of the VME PLA MOD aka this mod)and I are in same private modding community in our own coutry, he actually already had some words about this new rifle, but he seem not come to this forum very often. So if you want to know if there would be any mod for this new rifle, from what kickass told us about 2 months ago, yes, he was interested in making a mod about the new rifle, however it may not be included into this mod and would be a standalone weapon mod. Also, this is not an offical comfirmation from kickass, he said this to us in a very causal situation, so what i can told you now is yes there are some plans for a mod might include this new rifle, but is not a 100% comfired and no ETA for it to release, for kickass has gone missing these days as he always do, maybe next time he appeared would have some surprise for us, who knows, so finger cross for that.
  20. Thx for explain this to him, I couldnt put it into better word and seem cause some unnecessary misunderstanding, sry about that. That's excatly what kickass told me about the magazine compatibility plan, though I m not working in VME team so far I would still support your works and keep in touch if you need my help, hope everything in the plans would coming out soon!
  21. This is not my point, plz refer to hcpookie's reply about “this is not necessary and won't be added.”, this is the reason why no one in VME want to added this function to thw QBZ95 models. Besides, you can not judged people by what he replied and simply deny it, the fact is that I have close contact with some of VME projects funders include kickass, even before hcpookie took charge into this project, and I was the original person who suggested to add this magezine compatinility group(Aka cfgmagzinewells) function at first place. I suggested this because I have been wokring on my own weapon mods since this cfgmagezinewell fucntion coming out with 1.80 update both with Kickass himself and Jason (Russian Alpha AK mod author), we do not usually use BI forum or steam for communtication cuz we perfer the moblie social apps in our own country as a platform for modding, that why for you and most dudes on this forum I looks like a fresh guy cuz yes I am fresh in this community but not that fresh in modding. The point is, since I am the one who suggested this function at first and was rejected by Kickass, and he also explain me the reason, I konw excatly why this is not necessary, and I have years of modding experience in the same area as you, I m not here to learn or argue with you, just explain the fact and reason why VME would not have the plan for CfgMagazinewell for now. PS. Everyone here would be grateful for all you effect on help people on this forum(include me)so you do not need to reply ever question for the original author or the modding team.
  22. I know how excatly it works I have made a mod use this system and i what i mean no matter how you want it on ever guns, you need tweak the models, aLL VME gun models have mag models all attach to them and without proxies, if want to made them compatibliity with magwell ever gun model need to deletel the existing mags parts (selections in OB) on ever gun model and add proxies. I made my mods using magwell cuz i only have around 7-8 models need to be tweak and could be finished by myself, also my mod only have guns, no vehicle on unit etc, and still took me like 2 months to finish, and this is the time without the debug time included. So if VME want to change to magwell, you need to change like 25-40 models, and make sure none of them was fucked up in this progress, and the matter of fact, it always fucked up and leave a huge mess to fix, thx to the nature of the Arma tools been one of the most unreliable and no user friendly tools existing in modding world. Plus, VME is not only a mod about guns, this mod is still developing and pookie and kickass said hundred times there are still a lot of issue need to be fixed and a lot of WIP stuffs need to be done, at current stage, none of the misc things like magwell compatibility nor front grip coimaptibility is necessary for this mod, these misc things at this stage would only add extra risk and burden to the DEV team.
  23. To use magwell compatibility, you need existing mags with in game models, and so far only VME PLA(this mod) have 5.8x42mm mags with in game models. From what KICKASS told me, he have no plan to update to cba magwell to any of his mods cuz it was not necessary and would be a huge pain to modify existing models to make the change, all the models from ever single guns need to be modified and there would be a huge risk in it and is not a good idea for a mod at this developing stage and with these amount of contents.
  24. So an wired issue with QLU-11 35mm mags, mags can be found in BIS arsenal, but can not be found in ACE3's arsenal, see screenshots ACE arsenal BIS arsenal
  25. no, that's not what i mean, i know where the setting is, i mean where is the excat number for AI skills, like in the userconfig's hpp file, somethign like //AI SKILL SETTINGS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! //LOW DIFFICULTY //VCM_AIDIFA = [['aimingAccuracy',0.15],['aimingShake',0.1],['aimingSpeed',0.25],['commanding',1],['courage',1],['endurance',1],['general',0.5],['reloadSpeed',1],['spotDistance',0.8],['spotTime',0.8]]; //MEDIUM DIFFICULTY VCM_AIDIFA = [['aimingAccuracy',0.25],['aimingShake',0.15],['aimingSpeed',0.35],['commanding',0.85],['courage',0.5],['general',1],['reloadSpeed',1],['spotDistance',0.85],['spotTime',0.85]]; //HIGH DIFFICULTY //VCM_AIDIFA = [['aimingAccuracy',0.35],['aimingShake',0.4],['aimingSpeed',0.45],['commanding',1],['courage',1],['endurance',1],['general',0.5],['reloadSpeed',1],['spotDistance',0.8],['spotTime',0.8]];