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  1. Hell no, it's not a good movie at all. There is nothing realistic about it. It's just a hollywood type action/war movie with a bunch of corny dialogues. If you really want to see a movie that is about real soldiers and has real artistic value, go see Nefes Vatan Sağolsun. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1171701/ Also I think Mountain 2 has high ratings simply because no one else but Turkish people watched and rated it
  2. MAK? They're like PJ's from US Air force. Best known sf group is SAT, they have the most experience, training and gear. They've been founded at the same time as US Seals and trained together since. Also it's harder to become a SAT commando than an ÖKK operator. I don't think there's much of a comparison when it comes to direct action missions. Both groups work really hard under the harshest conditions. It's just a matter of who is to respond on which situation. In a situation like you imagine, SAT or SAS(more of a defensive and supportive group of navy sf) would be the first to go. There are also amphibious commandos, a tier 2 unit for bigger assaults rather than infiltrations and such.
  3. You don't need RH pistols mod at all. LBT 6094 mod is standalone
  4. Ltf

    Project OPFOR

    Please let me remake the Turkish camo for you, it doesn't look like the real one.
  5. That's a fantastic idea, I'm really hyped for this terrain
  6. An afghanistan map with no fobs just like in medal of honor 2010 would be great, something like clafghan maybe. High and snowy mountains, some caves and small villages. There would be only villagers that are forgotten by everyone and some taliban outposts on the mountains. I would like to see an untouched afghan terrain in short. On the other hand, I hate fobs that are everywhere around the map. I mean we can build them anywhere if we want to, sometimes they just kill the atmosphere because of their locations. Then there are huge rocky places, they can look great but also cause performance issues. Also buildings with no furniture gives an empty feeling, all the buildings cannot be furnished from editor due to performance issues and it would take so much time but when buildings have built in furnitures(just like takistan buildings) that gives a more lively look to the terrain.
  7. Wow, I haven't checked cup weapons in a long time and I just have seen all the great new goodies. I see that you have a crane stock now, is an m4a1 with that stock in plans? Unfortunately there's no m4 with such setup in any mod and that's my dream rifle. I can help with some weapon camo textures in return(not trying to insult current painted weapons but some of them are a bit sloppy)
  8. Ltf

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Will we see shoulder pads on it? It's a small detail and probably won't worth spending time but I'm a sucker for that old ranger setup
  9. You should've used can't touch this as background music Great job!!
  10. Ltf

    US Forces 2000s

    Btw can I retexture your uniforms and helmets for another task force black themed mod?
  11. Ltf

    US Forces 2000s

    Since we're talking about the uniform variants having rolled up sleeves would be a nice touch too
  12. this mod is dead and hürkuş is not made to fill attack helicopter role. ah1ws are being replaced with t-129 atak, a heavily modified version of italian a-129 as far as I know