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Found 25 results

  1. Hi there... after some time of inactivity, I have resumed Arma Modding. Here I present my WIP projects.... two of Damen schelde LST ships (LST 100, like the ones built for Nigeria and Argentina) and an LST 120h (this one comes with a Helicopter hangar. In the end of the screen you can see the recently presented Navio Multi Funtional Luso, the A888 Joao II of the Marinha Portuguesa.... It is a 107 metres drone carrier. All of them are fairly WIP, although the LST 100 already has most of it functions enabled. The lST 100 can carry around 8 IFVs or trucks, or12 light vehicles. It can unload the directly on a beach. The davits for the RHIB and LCVPs work and both can be loaded/unloaded in the ship (via attachto, not vehicle in vehicle). The plan is that all whips will be fully walkable. As of today, the GEO and Roadway lods are fairly stable. I also have Navantia's Kodal class Littoral Ship, a 37 meter LCM I hope I will be able to release something after christmas.... Even if it is an alpha
  2. Forward Scan Sonar mod Description This mod adds a sonar to the game which you can use from any ship. This can be useful if you have ever unintentionally grounded your ship or crashed into underwater objects. Also it can be used for searching for objects at the sea floor. Modes of operation Sector Imaging Mode - scans a 180 degrees sector with a very narrow vertical beam. Signal strength is mapped to display intensity, displayed range is not corrected (slant range). This is best suited for searching for objects on the sea floor and for making images. Sector Depth Mode - scans a 180 degrees sector with a wider vertical beam. Depth of each point is mapped to display color, displayed range is projected. This mode is more useful for navigation in shallow areas. Basic Forward Scan Mode - scans area directly ahead of your vessel with a vertical beam. Position of each point is displayed on distance-depth graph, giving you precise information of depth right ahead of your vessel. Although you can see only a small area of the sea floor, this mode has the fastest refresh rate. NOTE: * Wherever the depth is displayed in the device, it is not the true depth, but depth below sensor position which is located at the bottom of your vessel. * Sector scanning modes might degrade your frame rate. If you are having bad performance, reduce the scan rate. How to enable When you are in a ship, use the "Sonar Options" action in the action menu. Options Mode - sets the mode of sonar. Range - sets the maximum range of the sonar. Max Depth - sets the depth limit for the display. Only affects basic forward scan and sector depth modes. Image Gamma - Allows you to adjust gamma correction of the image. Only affects sector imaging mode. Scan Rate - Allows you to adjust the scanning rate of the sonar. Only affects sector imaging and sector depth modes. Download from Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2281685552 GitHub link: https://github.com/Sparker95/Arma-3-Ship-Sonar More description Sometimes I like to do boating in Arma. And every time I do so, I can't stop thinking that the game doesn't have any proper equipment to operate boats. In real life most boats at least have a simple depth pinger. Nowadays there are even cooler devices, such as forward scan sonars, which don't look directly under the vessel, but also ahead of it. More expensive models can perform a good 3D scan of whole area ahead of ship. I also happen to be a sonar developer in real life, so I just couldn't not build one it in the game 😛. The mod works by using ray casts to simulate operation of a real sonar. Because of that you can not 'see' what is lying behind tall objects on the sea floor. Also you are going to see 'shadows' of objects which are on the sea floor or suspended above it (like submarines). To-do list - Figure out a better place for the panel so it doesn't obstruct anything - Try to make a 3D scan sonar done Comparable real life devices Basic forward scan sonars: Simrad Forward Scan: https://youtu.be/O6B-OvjQIQ8 Echopilot FLS 2D: https://echopilot.com/products/fls-2d/ Navigational 3D forward scan sonar: Farsounder Argos series: http://www.farsounder.com/products/argos-350 Imaging sonar: Teledyne SEABAT 7123: http://www.teledynemarine.com/SeaBat-7123-MkII
  3. Howdy, I'm seeking some help building a USS Liberty Template, making the AI move around in it, and also I'm looking for a NWU Type I uniform. First off, I have no problem placing the various turrets/weapons on the ship, and disabling AI pathing to place crew members and make them animated to sit/lean/kneel/repair whatever. My problem is making the AI move around in/on the ship, as they constantly get stuck, clip through walls, fall through the entire thing and land in the water, or refuse to move. AI troops disembarking from a chopper walk straight off the edge into the water. I tried making a 4-man CSAT diver team board the ship and attack the crew, but the just sit in the water, they absolutely refuse to use the 2 ladders. Finally, I'm looking for a Navy Work Uniform Type I (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Navy_Working_Uniform). I've got RHS, General Equipment addon, VSM, and a whole host of others. I haven't found anything with the blue/grey digital camo used by the US Navy. Thank you in advance for any help.
  4. Hi guys, I searched on every site and internet for download this yacht but I don't find the Big Luxury Yacht in this video : Please really help me for find this ship because I don't find it in the workshop or harmaholic, i don't how I can dl this beautiful boat. A screen of the ship : Thanks you very much for help me.
  5. Delta Hawk

    Nassau 1715

    "In an honest service there is thin commons, low wages, and hard labour. In this, plenty and satiety, pleasure and ease, liberty and power; and who would not balance creditor on this side, when all the hazard that is run for it, at worst is only a sour look or two at [hanging]? No, a merry life and a short one shall be my motto." - Bartholomew Roberts A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the most notorious Pyrates (1724) "Fear not the sea, for those born to hang will never drown." - Ancient Proverb Intro Nassau 1715 is about the economic, social and power struggles that occurred in the West Indies during the early 18th century and the events leading to that, telling the true and brutal story behind some of history's most notorious criminals who plundered the seas and the bold and determined men who hunted them down. This is a proof of concept release. This is not meant to be a complete conversion for ArmA 3. Rather it's meant to show that this concept, 18th century naval warfare, is possible in ArmA. Another goal of the proof of concept is to attract more developers to help with the long term goal of creating a complete total modification for ArmA 3, DayZ or even ArmA 4. After the proof of concept release the project will be reevaluated for a viable total modification. In the long term, the mod is planned to encompass some of the most significant events in Europe and the West Indies that led to the Golden Age of Piracy, including parts of the War of Spanish Succession and the English privateer voyages in the West Indies against the Spanish and French. These events come together with the wrecking of the Spanish Plate Fleet of 1715 off the coast of Florida, leading to the rise of the Pirate Republic at Nassau, New Providence Island. From there, Nassau 1715 explores the world of pirates of the West Indies and the East Coast of America, and the steps taken by the English government and colonies to suppress them, using real life events as a story backdrop for multiplayer gameplay in an open world setting. The biggest feature of Nassau 1715 is being able to authentically sail large vessels, therefore sailing, while greatly simplified from real life, is difficult and challenging, requiring basic seamanship and knowledge. You must read the field manual in the game and review the Quick Sail Guide in order sail. Screenshots Features Included in this release are Several Sloops (including: Adventure, Albas, Royal James and Antelope) 1-Pounder Swivel Gun 6-Pounder Naval Cannon .62 Flintlock Pistol .69 Naval Pattern Carbine 17 Uniforms (not counting variants) 3 Vests (not counting variants) 4 Hats (not counting variants) Map of Gun & Cat Cay High Seas Map Ingame Documentation/Field Manual Some Basic Missions (SP & MP) More content will be added over time. Quick Sail Guide Quick Sail Guide Considerations while playing You must learn how to sail in order to sail. This is not an arcade game, it's an authentic simulation of sailing. It will be difficult. You should expect to be frustrated and confused at first. Only after studying the art of sailing you will be good at sailing. In order to become a better sailor you should listen and follow the instructions of more experienced players who know how to sail. Sailing is a crew effort based on skill and knowledge. If you are a beginner you should avoid shoals at all cost or you'll run aground. Because this is an early proof of concept release, features, classnames and assets may change and/or be removed. This mod brings gameplay features that have never been attempted before in ArmA, so there will glitches and other issues. Lastly this was develop with the idea of being used on a multiplayer server. Compatibility We did not specifically develop this mod with compatibility to other popular mods in mind, therefore you may encounter some issues if you choose to use this mod with another mod. Compatibility with other mods isn't a priority since every other mod is from a different century. End User License Agreement Do not reupload any 3d or 2d assets, original or derivatives, including, but not limited to, the Steam Workshop Do not retexture or remodel Do not port to other game engines Do not use on monetized servers Derivatives Some of our work has been kindly donated specifically for this project, therefore for development and copyright reasons we don't allow reuploads, derivatives or retextures of Nassau 1715. However, if you do want to create derivatives or retextures please consider actually becoming a part of the team to help create more content and/or modify existing content. Thanks and Credits Philipjn from the Pirates Ahoy! community for donating the base model of the sloop Major (Retd) Kelly, https://www.KellyBadges.co.uk Peter Davis - HMS Surprise Simulator Keith H. Burgess, Wychwood Forest, Armidale NSW, http://woodsrunnersdiary.blogspot.com/ Team Members Delta Hawk - Lead Artist, Shipwright Bloodwyn - Lead Scripter Luca - Lead Terrain Artist Bava - Historical advisor and Shipwright ppitm - Historical advisor, Research and Sailing Master Kola - Artist J0tA - Artist Noklaschmi - Artist LAxemann - Lead Sound Artist How to connect with us Discord Twitter BI Forums Pirates Ahoy! Steam Workshop Please do not reupload anywhere else, this modification will probably change often with updates https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1726376971
  6. About "Naval Boarding Actions" NBA Offers a fully walkable and enterable Cargo Ship with more versions planned in the future. This modification was made in hopes to expand the amount of naval actions for multiple communities. Currently this is an early Build Features Fully Walkable interior and exterior. Custom model and textures. ACE Animation friendly. MP Friendly. How to Spawn Eden > Empty > Search for "Empty Cargo Ship" User/Admin Tips This should only be spawned in ED3N. Spawning it through zues can have some unwanted ship piece placement. Best played with Enhanced Movement mod. AI should not be given waypoints in the ship. Best to give AI the setUnitPos Command to prevent them from living in the prone position. Fast Roping is hit or miss, better to land on the ship if possible. To do list Finalize textures. Finalize Interior models. Add lighting to the exterior/interior Fix reported collision/roadway bugs as they come in. Detail Detail Detail Credits Model/Textures/Configs -ZephyrSouza Config/Scripting Wizard -DeltaGamer DOWNLOAD Google Drive Steam CHANGELOG
  7. Addon Lun-class Ekranoplan (version 1.0) by SovietKot, VenoM218, SoldierEPilot. Ekranoplan has a maximum speed 280 km/h. Lun equipped 6 anti-ship missile SS-N-22 «Sunburn» and support turret with double autocannons GSh-23. Missile SS-N-22 «Sunburn» having maximum range - 6000meters. The addon can be found in the Editor under: >East>Armored>Lun-class Ekranoplan Archive UPDATE!!! Small fix. Download (Yandex Disk). Download (MediaFire). More screenshots: This addon requires: MCAR Scripts last version (MCAR_Engine.pbo) More information about the addon in the archive.
  8. AF Large Civilian Ship (Cargo Container, Bulk Cargo, Oil, Liquid Gas) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1685039592 Release 1.1 Hi Everyone! I am putting out the first release of my first MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear for your first project you should pick something huge that takes tons of time. I hope to still work on this, but after years of on and off working on this ship, and being currently unemployed, I am able to release a working ship. Please let me know what you think. What you would like to see and what issues did you find? I will be updating this with some layouts for the ship interior and hull storage. I will be updating the engine room models and the control room models, these should look like shit, they are there just to get something there. I will try to work on the life boat but flotation is a pain to config and test so... take that as it is. I am looking forward to some negative comments to help make this better, I will also take your praise and undying admiration. PayPal Donations Patreon Donations Short (>3 min) Ship Overview https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUkE6C7Qsam68tZVxw_yLnQ? Picture Galore Release 1.1 Fixed: See through Doors fixed - Unable to Reproduce but new textures were created and mapping updated Actions for doors and windows set to allow AI control Color of all models darkened - Changed ambient[]= from 1.0 to 0.8 Ship Spawning Delay fixed - Mod was Binarized Class names updated to follow community standard. THIS WILL BREAK ALL MISSIONS WITH SHIP! Will not change again. Cargo version model updated with hull memory points for conex spawning and some normals fixed Added: More detailed engine model added Signature added - for all you server people Conex container spawner in attributes added. Only first layer will open. Suggested all items you place inside a conex have simulation disabled
  9. New to modding so bear with me lol... Working on recreating this real life ship, the M/V Ocean Freedom. Its a Heavy Lift ship. Carries containers, vehicles and misc Cargo. Originally the vessel was created to carry windmill blades. Plans for the mod: Container spawning on deck and interior cargo holds. Arma 3 VIV storage system. Static Ship Full interior layout including engine room with doors and hatches. Movable Cranes and gangways (Cranes will not be drive-able but I want to be able to set the angles of rotation and elevation of the boom in the attributes menu in the editor.) Sinking animation My progress so far (as of 4-27-20): https://ibb.co/31pFMyg I've been reaching out to other mod makers for help. If anyone who has Arma 3 modding experience and wants to assist message me!! Really excited to take on this mod!
  10. Fellow fellow mod creators, I am currently seeking a modeler who can import a model for me which i have been stuck with for the longest time 😞 . I purchased this big lady (cutter) a while ago however never have had luck finding someone who can import vessels. If anyone is willing to help me out with importing this big lady along with (if its possible) to get the sea wizz to work as well as if theres a possible way to set it so that rotary aircraft can land on the stern pad and “attach” to it so that the ship can be in motion without risk of collison and “flying” away, id be forever greatful. I understand that in this day and age most people dont like doing work simply because they enjoy it. Inorder to provide “motivation” & incentive , i would be willing to set whoever helps me out as joint authors when i upload it to workshop to share with the public for non-commercial use. If you also require some other means of compensation then , ill be more than happy to discuss that. If you’re interested please do not hesitate to contact me here on forums and/or on discord- Roman Sparkz#1436 below are the details of the model: Geometry - Polygon mesh Polygons - 36,680 Vertices- 39,453 Textures - Yes Materials - No UV Mapping- Yes picture of the cutter- looking forward to hearing from someone soon! - Roman
  11. Does anybody know whether is it possible to implement vanilla like horn by boats and tasks? Somehow the simple config entry of it under vehicle class is not letting driver to make any sound.. ... weapons[] = {"TruckHorn2"}; magazines[] = {}; ...
  12. Welcome to my Mistral work in progress I've been working on the Mistral class amphibious assault ship the past few days, thought i'd share some pics of the work in progress. I plan to have both the vehicle and helicopter hangers, landing bay, two elevators, the bridge and maybe a few other things. Don't think i'll be doing the crew quarters and such since there isn't really any use for them in arma 3, would probably take up to much poly's and time to do them anyways. There isn't too much to show right now but here's a few pics. Have pretty much everything in the basic shape now, and just started working on the tower. Might also need to make the rear elevator and landing bay entrance wider, they seem a little narrow to me. To to list: model exterior parts of the ship (20% done) unwrap and texture exterior Helicopter hanger Vehicle hanger landing bay Bridge Make the ship movable if possible Oh and the helicopter is just from the arma 3 sample models.
  13. NAe Sao Paulo (A-12) Aircraft carrier is a Clemenceau-class aircraft carrier serving the Brazilian Navy. In 2013 was released in Arma 3 alpha version for MOD BRAZILIAN ARMED FORCES, our friend TeTeTe3 gave great support to this project, we are back to continue this great challenge. MOD BRAZILIAN ARMED FORCES https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1866211940
  14. HptFw. MoinxDGamer

    Boat sits on top of the water

    I can't get the hull of my boat to be in the water. It just sits above the surface. Can you help me?
  15. Hey guys and gals Recently I was trying to add ships to my custom (mod) faction. Implementing the ships I had no problem, but as soon as I tried to add my own skins to the ships, I encountered a problem. I doesn't seem to be possible to add my skins to the ships, at least the way I was trying. Here's my code. Please help me 🙂 class CfgVehicles { class ship; class B_G_Boat_Transport_02_F; class RHIB: B_G_Boat_Transport_02_F { side = 1; scope = 2; scopeCurator = 2; crew = "Custom_Uniform1"; faction = "Coast Guard"; displayName = "Festrumpfschlauchboot"; model = "\A3\Boat_F_Exp\Boat_Transport_02\Boat_Transport_02_F.p3d"; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo1"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\Coast-Guard\Data\Rhibboat_co.paa"}; }; class B_Lifeboat; class SRHIB: B_Lifeboat { side = 1; scope = 2; scopeCurator = 2; crew = "Custom_Uniform1"; faction = "Coast Guard"; displayName = "Festrumpfschlauchboot(klein)"; model = "\A3\Boat_F\Boat_Transport_01\Boat_Transport_01_F.p3d"; hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\Coast-Guard\Data\Boat_Transport_01_rescue_CO_1.paa"}; }; }; I tried to add the Skins in the editor via setObjectTextureGlobal and it worked with the ingame ships, however with the boats in my faction it didn't work. https://imgur.com/zfC63YW The inner ships textures have been replaced with setObjectTextureGlobal and the outer ones are the boats from my faction.
  16. Delta Hawk

    Nassau 1715

    I announced this project a year ago as just one ship, the H.M.S. Persephone, a 6th rate Galley Frigate of 20 guns, 1724. But in reality it was more than just one ship, rather it’s a proof of concept of features and assets for a total modification tentatively called Nassau 1715. Nassau 1715 focuses on the social, power and economic struggles that occurred in the West Indies in the early 18th Century, telling the true and bloody story of history's most notorious and barbaric criminals who plundered the seas and the bold men who hunted them down. Nassau 1715 is still very much in a conceptual stage (big surprise ArmA isn’t exactly the ideal platform for such a game), but a lot of amazing things have been accomplished so far. It’s too early to say if this will turn into a mod since there’s still a lot to do, but we’re going to keep working on it and see where it goes. Some of the features of this project that are being worked on is the ability to walk on the decks of moving ships, the ability to authentically sail a ship, naval gunnery and combat and other special features. Some of the created assets are shown below. But a lot more is needed for this project. Please click below to see the assets this project needs. Any help would greatly be appreciated. You can also join our discord server! https://discord.gg/sTV2yNu Needed assets (contains spoilers 😉 Old post
  17. Cockheaven

    Large Static Models

    Hello. I've just begun to make some assets for arma with the aim at starting simple (or what I assume to be simple). Thus far I have created a model of a medical ship, I have been able to import the model into game as either a boat with buoyancy and as a static object. For the scope of the object I prefer a static object, the intent is a platform similar to the carrier that the IDAP/UN faction can deploy from, again the intent is a simple model no doors maybe ladders in the future. At this point I have the ship in game and it is place able and I receive no errors. However when I attempt to land on the ship (helicopter) I clip through it and when I place a unit on the ship and run around at a certain distance I fall through it. I have Geometry LOD, Roadway LOD and regular (resolution?) LODs, I have not applied any texturing or mapping as the first step (in my head) is to get the shapes working. I remember reading something on object size limits and I'm pretty sure that's the problem. The object is nearly the size of USS Freedom, I guess I need to break it into smaller models and stitch them together, can anybody point me in the right direction for doing so? Thanks!
  18. This is the latest update of my Naval mod (version 1.5) On this update many issues have been fixed and the addition of two more ships raise the number to seven. Most of the ships that have boats attached on them, now have the option for player to detach them and move as crew into them. I'll not post any detailed changelog as I worked so many hours on this mod that I'm not sure of what I've changed after all. One is sure, that all ships are working fine and still are deadly using their weapons even if the AI are controlling them. This mod has been tested only in vanilla game, using CBA_A3 (which is required), so I'm not responsible for any conflicts that might occur using other mods. The mod is coming as modfolder ready and all files are properly signed. Also a server key is included, plus a classnames.txt file for mission makers help. Original Download Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/4aztxzghw6ayo9f/%40HAFM_NAVY_1_55.rar?dl=0 Steam Workshop Link : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1118982882 Armaholic Link : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32207
  19. NAVAL EXPANSION MOD By CTFRaven Hello all! I would like to present to you the sum of all my projects thus far and their end goal. Throughout my modding career, I have dreamed of creating big vehicles and environments that challenge the player and create a sense of adventure! While this is no map mod, It certainly does all of the aforementioned! What does this mod do? This mod is designed to fill holes inside the Arma3 engine in regards to weapon systems, Ship systems, AI pathfinding, as well as other things the developers decided to look the other way on. It will also include my two ships, as well as 3 additional ships that will showcase all of these systems to their fullest. Features include but are not limited to: Scripts: Full SONAR package including passive, active, and remote capabilities. Active and passive Torpedo package that work while flying, while submerged or surfaced Depth-charge Package - so you can put a stop to your silent hunters. Surface locking Anti-radar missile compatibility package - so you can actually lock and shoot the ships! Surface artillery computer package - so the ship will actually hit its target on the move AI package - so they'll stop running in circles... Submarine compatibility package - so your submarines will actually dive and surface. Weapons: A package of standard NATO and CSAT weapons will be included: -MK-48 light torpedo - both air-launched and surface launched. -CSAT-esque torpedo -AGM/RGM/UGM-84 Harpoon missile - with Radar locking and tracking -3M-54 Kalibr SSM (missile) -OTO Melara 76 mm DP gun - with SR version -Fajr-27 76mm DP gun -MK110 57mm DP gun Vehicles: 3 Corvette-class vessels - including limited anti-ship and anti-sub capabilities (CSAT, NATO, and IND) 2 Frigate-class vessels - including asymetric anti-ship and anti-sub capabilities (CSAT and NATO) 1 Light Submarine - including great anti-ship capability (CSAT) Since this is an expansion, I've left most of the scripts all inclusive, which means that if you want to use these functions you are more than welcome to. I will also release the source files of my Demise operations vessel fully integrated into the system, along with a detailed PDF of how the systems work and how to utilize them. This expansion is also meant to be simple to understand from a dev's perspective, while remaining advanced and immersive to the player. Special thanks to (so far): rksl-rock - for collaborating with me AusSnipe73 - for letting me peek in the source files, and for some models -cheers!
  20. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898614428 I cannot share much more as I am having troubling figuring out how to link my p3ds together (and I assume you don't want to see disjointed hull sections) but LODS are done on all of them just need the damn thing textured.
  21. EDIT: 11/02/2014 New version of the addon. So now: - Upgraded GEO and Textures - Added two working 30 mm Mk 46 turrets to the ship. - 4 PIP screens working - Added more details like corridors and bridge. - Added light emitting materials to lamps (Textures not done yet) - Added position lights https://www.mediafire.com/?4kw2i114qinr4qm
  22. Texture artist wanted for a few ship models I have completed, but haven't been able to texture. All the ships have walk-able interiors, and are mostly UV mapped. intermediate to advanced texture-work knowledge is required, and also some previous experience working with others is preferred. list includes several small ships, a couple destroyers, and a cargo vessel. Leave a comment, or PM me for more details. will not pay, but will give credit where due. (as any good community member will do) Cheers!
  23. Hello humans! So, i worked on a ship mod when i was in high school, and you may have seen it on the workshop or other places. I'll be honest i guess, it looked like a highschooler did the model and texture work, and i want to put out better. What I've decided to do is update the graphics and scripts of the 'Demise' Operations Vessel. The demise was designed to be a mobile platform for all sorts of coastal operations, with an armament designed to take out small ships and coastal armour, while still being durable and such. To make the vessel more realistic, I've decided to scrap the armament of the old mod and use weapons used by navies around the world. I've also redesigned the inner workings to accommodate the inner engineer within me (interconnected ventilation systems, wiring, etc.). What I hope to end up with is a ship that can be used by any Arma unit, and not just the ones who partake in naval combat. Proposed features (in order of importance): Some Screenshots so far: If you have any recommendations or suggestions for ship systems, feel free to leave em here. I'm also a university student so i may not have time to work on this from time to time. Also, if you wish to help with the mod, feel free to pm me. Thanks!
  24. Hello everybody After the news about the Jet DLC, i couldnt help but wonder why something has never been done about amphibious/littoral operations, namely something around the concept of a Marines DLC. More than a third of all vanilla maps are made of water, but in turn the only seafaring vehicles available are the RHIBs, the minigun boat and the submarine thingie. Way too little, considering all the operations that can be conducted from the sea. Burnes had started to make some landing craft utility boats, namely the LCAC and the Mk10, but due to a hardware meltdown everything was lost and the project has been halted since. But i feel there should be more in terms of amphibious operation vehicles -moreso than jets, BTW, but as far as i am concerned thats gonna be a badly needed Sensors DLC with some planes thrown in as a bonus. In particular, there should be for both west and east sides, something on the category of a LHD (more on that later), LCU, AAV and LCAC or heavy cargo lander. About the issues pertaining such a large ship as a LHD, there are some unexplored problems: there hasnt been such a big vehicle yet, so there is no reference about it's physics, hitpoints, vulnerabilities, how it should be damaged and eventually break and sink, etc; there is an engine issue about moving objects with people standing on them which wont stuck on the surface of said object but will slip away (or rather they stay still while the vehicle moves away), and this is a problem that also Burnes met when working on his landing crafts of his; and if our maps are waaaaaay too little for jet operations the very same thing can be said about naval operations (once you create a LHD for both sides it stands to reason that then youll place them both in a map and try to have the both of them throw things at each other). But if the first two are engine's problems, the third one is rather easy to solve: the space outside the map of Tanoa and Altis is still seawater, so you can go off the map as much as you want to. But then again, i dont plan to solve all the problems: i dont have the skills to address these issues. And the smaller vehicles are useful for storming beaches and badly in need to put all this water to some use. I only wanted to raise awareness on this issue and gather (or maybe just test) the interest of the community. So, what say you?
  25. Hi guys, I made a quick retexture of the CUP frigate just to have something to shoot some harphoons at and then I have choose to made a little pack of retexture of the ship for some CUP and A3 factions... NOTE: I know that it is an Anzac frigate, this is just to have something to use for other factions too! I have just made a 15 min retexture work on a russian version for now: It will require CUP, maybe I will made a standalone version in the future. -Credits: CUP team for their hard work