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Found 15 results

  1. Delta Hawk

    Nassau 1715

    I announced this project a year ago as just one ship, the H.M.S. Persephone, a 6th rate Galley Frigate of 20 guns, 1724. But in reality it was more than just one ship, rather it’s a proof of concept of features and assets for a total modification tentatively called Nassau 1715. Nassau 1715 focuses on the social, power and economic struggles that occurred in the West Indies in the early 18th Century, telling the true and bloody story of history's most notorious and barbaric criminals who plundered the seas and the bold men who hunted them down. Nassau 1715 is still very much in a conceptual stage (big surprise ArmA isn’t exactly the ideal platform for such a game), but a lot of amazing things have been accomplished so far. It’s too early to say if this will turn into a mod since there’s still a lot to do, but we’re going to keep working on it and see where it goes. Some of the features of this project that are being worked on is the ability to walk on the decks of moving ships, the ability to authentically sail a ship, naval gunnery and combat and other special features. Some of the created assets are shown below. But a lot more is needed for this project. Please click below to see the assets this project needs. Any help would greatly be appreciated. You can also join our discord server! https://discord.gg/sTV2yNu Needed assets (contains spoilers 😉 Old post
  2. AF Large Civilian Ship (Cargo Container, Bulk Cargo, Oil, Liquid Gas) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1685039592 Is it perfect... no. Is it fun.. yes. Hi Everyone! I am putting out the first release of my first MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear for your first project you should pick something huge that takes tons of time. I hope to still work on this, but after years of on and off working on this ship, and being currently unemployed, I am able to release a working ship. Please let me know what you think. What you would like to see and what issues did you find? I will be updating this with some layouts for the ship interior and hull storage. I will be updating the engine room models and the control room models, these should look like shit, they are there just to get something there. I will try to work on the life boat but flotation is a pain to config and test so... take that as it is. I am looking forward to some negative comments to help make this better, I will also take your praise and undying admiration. If you want to support me monetarily (for some reason) go to my youtube that's were the plugs live/not in videos. Short (>3 min) Ship Overview https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUkE6C7Qsam68tZVxw_yLnQ? Picture Galore
  3. Cockheaven

    Large Static Models

    Hello. I've just begun to make some assets for arma with the aim at starting simple (or what I assume to be simple). Thus far I have created a model of a medical ship, I have been able to import the model into game as either a boat with buoyancy and as a static object. For the scope of the object I prefer a static object, the intent is a platform similar to the carrier that the IDAP/UN faction can deploy from, again the intent is a simple model no doors maybe ladders in the future. At this point I have the ship in game and it is place able and I receive no errors. However when I attempt to land on the ship (helicopter) I clip through it and when I place a unit on the ship and run around at a certain distance I fall through it. I have Geometry LOD, Roadway LOD and regular (resolution?) LODs, I have not applied any texturing or mapping as the first step (in my head) is to get the shapes working. I remember reading something on object size limits and I'm pretty sure that's the problem. The object is nearly the size of USS Freedom, I guess I need to break it into smaller models and stitch them together, can anybody point me in the right direction for doing so? Thanks!
  4. Howdy, I'm seeking some help building a USS Liberty Template, making the AI move around in it, and also I'm looking for a NWU Type I uniform. First off, I have no problem placing the various turrets/weapons on the ship, and disabling AI pathing to place crew members and make them animated to sit/lean/kneel/repair whatever. My problem is making the AI move around in/on the ship, as they constantly get stuck, clip through walls, fall through the entire thing and land in the water, or refuse to move. AI troops disembarking from a chopper walk straight off the edge into the water. I tried making a 4-man CSAT diver team board the ship and attack the crew, but the just sit in the water, they absolutely refuse to use the 2 ladders. Finally, I'm looking for a Navy Work Uniform Type I (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Navy_Working_Uniform). I've got RHS, General Equipment addon, VSM, and a whole host of others. I haven't found anything with the blue/grey digital camo used by the US Navy. Thank you in advance for any help.
  5. About "Naval Boarding Actions" NBA Offers a fully walkable and enterable Cargo Ship with more versions planned in the future. This modification was made in hopes to expand the amount of naval actions for multiple communities. Currently this is an early Build Features Fully Walkable interior and exterior. Custom model and textures. ACE Animation friendly. MP Friendly. How to Spawn Eden > Empty > Search for "Empty Cargo Ship" User/Admin Tips This should only be spawned in ED3N. Spawning it through zues can have some unwanted ship piece placement. Best played with Enhanced Movement mod. AI should not be given waypoints in the ship. Best to give AI the setUnitPos Command to prevent them from living in the prone position. Fast Roping is hit or miss, better to land on the ship if possible. To do list Finalize textures. Finalize Interior models. Add lighting to the exterior/interior Fix reported collision/roadway bugs as they come in. Detail Detail Detail Credits Model/Textures/Configs -ZephyrSouza Config/Scripting Wizard -DeltaGamer DOWNLOAD Google Drive Steam CHANGELOG
  6. This is the latest update of my Naval mod (version 1.5) On this update many issues have been fixed and the addition of two more ships raise the number to seven. Most of the ships that have boats attached on them, now have the option for player to detach them and move as crew into them. I'll not post any detailed changelog as I worked so many hours on this mod that I'm not sure of what I've changed after all. One is sure, that all ships are working fine and still are deadly using their weapons even if the AI are controlling them. This mod has been tested only in vanilla game, using CBA_A3 (which is required), so I'm not responsible for any conflicts that might occur using other mods. The mod is coming as modfolder ready and all files are properly signed. Also a server key is included, plus a classnames.txt file for mission makers help. Original Download Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/4aztxzghw6ayo9f/%40HAFM_NAVY_1_55.rar?dl=0 Steam Workshop Link : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1118982882 Armaholic Link : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32207
  7. Hi guys, I searched on every site and internet for download this yacht but I don't find the Big Luxury Yacht in this video : Please really help me for find this ship because I don't find it in the workshop or harmaholic, i don't how I can dl this beautiful boat. A screen of the ship : Thanks you very much for help me.
  8. NAVAL EXPANSION MOD By CTFRaven Hello all! I would like to present to you the sum of all my projects thus far and their end goal. Throughout my modding career, I have dreamed of creating big vehicles and environments that challenge the player and create a sense of adventure! While this is no map mod, It certainly does all of the aforementioned! What does this mod do? This mod is designed to fill holes inside the Arma3 engine in regards to weapon systems, Ship systems, AI pathfinding, as well as other things the developers decided to look the other way on. It will also include my two ships, as well as 3 additional ships that will showcase all of these systems to their fullest. Features include but are not limited to: Scripts: Full SONAR package including passive, active, and remote capabilities. Active and passive Torpedo package that work while flying, while submerged or surfaced Depth-charge Package - so you can put a stop to your silent hunters. Surface locking Anti-radar missile compatibility package - so you can actually lock and shoot the ships! Surface artillery computer package - so the ship will actually hit its target on the move AI package - so they'll stop running in circles... Submarine compatibility package - so your submarines will actually dive and surface. Weapons: A package of standard NATO and CSAT weapons will be included: -MK-48 light torpedo - both air-launched and surface launched. -CSAT-esque torpedo -AGM/RGM/UGM-84 Harpoon missile - with Radar locking and tracking -3M-54 Kalibr SSM (missile) -OTO Melara 76 mm DP gun - with SR version -Fajr-27 76mm DP gun -MK110 57mm DP gun Vehicles: 3 Corvette-class vessels - including limited anti-ship and anti-sub capabilities (CSAT, NATO, and IND) 2 Frigate-class vessels - including asymetric anti-ship and anti-sub capabilities (CSAT and NATO) 1 Light Submarine - including great anti-ship capability (CSAT) Since this is an expansion, I've left most of the scripts all inclusive, which means that if you want to use these functions you are more than welcome to. I will also release the source files of my Demise operations vessel fully integrated into the system, along with a detailed PDF of how the systems work and how to utilize them. This expansion is also meant to be simple to understand from a dev's perspective, while remaining advanced and immersive to the player. Special thanks to (so far): rksl-rock - for collaborating with me AusSnipe73 - for letting me peek in the source files, and for some models -cheers!
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898614428 I cannot share much more as I am having troubling figuring out how to link my p3ds together (and I assume you don't want to see disjointed hull sections) but LODS are done on all of them just need the damn thing textured.
  10. EDIT: 11/02/2014 New version of the addon. So now: - Upgraded GEO and Textures - Added two working 30 mm Mk 46 turrets to the ship. - 4 PIP screens working - Added more details like corridors and bridge. - Added light emitting materials to lamps (Textures not done yet) - Added position lights https://www.mediafire.com/?4kw2i114qinr4qm
  11. Texture artist wanted for a few ship models I have completed, but haven't been able to texture. All the ships have walk-able interiors, and are mostly UV mapped. intermediate to advanced texture-work knowledge is required, and also some previous experience working with others is preferred. list includes several small ships, a couple destroyers, and a cargo vessel. Leave a comment, or PM me for more details. will not pay, but will give credit where due. (as any good community member will do) Cheers!
  12. Hello humans! So, i worked on a ship mod when i was in high school, and you may have seen it on the workshop or other places. I'll be honest i guess, it looked like a highschooler did the model and texture work, and i want to put out better. What I've decided to do is update the graphics and scripts of the 'Demise' Operations Vessel. The demise was designed to be a mobile platform for all sorts of coastal operations, with an armament designed to take out small ships and coastal armour, while still being durable and such. To make the vessel more realistic, I've decided to scrap the armament of the old mod and use weapons used by navies around the world. I've also redesigned the inner workings to accommodate the inner engineer within me (interconnected ventilation systems, wiring, etc.). What I hope to end up with is a ship that can be used by any Arma unit, and not just the ones who partake in naval combat. Proposed features (in order of importance): Some Screenshots so far: If you have any recommendations or suggestions for ship systems, feel free to leave em here. I'm also a university student so i may not have time to work on this from time to time. Also, if you wish to help with the mod, feel free to pm me. Thanks!
  13. Hello everybody After the news about the Jet DLC, i couldnt help but wonder why something has never been done about amphibious/littoral operations, namely something around the concept of a Marines DLC. More than a third of all vanilla maps are made of water, but in turn the only seafaring vehicles available are the RHIBs, the minigun boat and the submarine thingie. Way too little, considering all the operations that can be conducted from the sea. Burnes had started to make some landing craft utility boats, namely the LCAC and the Mk10, but due to a hardware meltdown everything was lost and the project has been halted since. But i feel there should be more in terms of amphibious operation vehicles -moreso than jets, BTW, but as far as i am concerned thats gonna be a badly needed Sensors DLC with some planes thrown in as a bonus. In particular, there should be for both west and east sides, something on the category of a LHD (more on that later), LCU, AAV and LCAC or heavy cargo lander. About the issues pertaining such a large ship as a LHD, there are some unexplored problems: there hasnt been such a big vehicle yet, so there is no reference about it's physics, hitpoints, vulnerabilities, how it should be damaged and eventually break and sink, etc; there is an engine issue about moving objects with people standing on them which wont stuck on the surface of said object but will slip away (or rather they stay still while the vehicle moves away), and this is a problem that also Burnes met when working on his landing crafts of his; and if our maps are waaaaaay too little for jet operations the very same thing can be said about naval operations (once you create a LHD for both sides it stands to reason that then youll place them both in a map and try to have the both of them throw things at each other). But if the first two are engine's problems, the third one is rather easy to solve: the space outside the map of Tanoa and Altis is still seawater, so you can go off the map as much as you want to. But then again, i dont plan to solve all the problems: i dont have the skills to address these issues. And the smaller vehicles are useful for storming beaches and badly in need to put all this water to some use. I only wanted to raise awareness on this issue and gather (or maybe just test) the interest of the community. So, what say you?
  14. Welcome to my Mistral work in progress I've been working on the Mistral class amphibious assault ship the past few days, thought i'd share some pics of the work in progress. I plan to have both the vehicle and helicopter hangers, landing bay, two elevators, the bridge and maybe a few other things. Don't think i'll be doing the crew quarters and such since there isn't really any use for them in arma 3, would probably take up to much poly's and time to do them anyways. There isn't too much to show right now but here's a few pics. Have pretty much everything in the basic shape now, and just started working on the tower. Might also need to make the rear elevator and landing bay entrance wider, they seem a little narrow to me. To to list: model exterior parts of the ship (20% done) unwrap and texture exterior Helicopter hanger Vehicle hanger landing bay Bridge Make the ship movable if possible Oh and the helicopter is just from the arma 3 sample models.
  15. Hi guys, I made a quick retexture of the CUP frigate just to have something to shoot some harphoons at and then I have choose to made a little pack of retexture of the ship for some CUP and A3 factions... NOTE: I know that it is an Anzac frigate, this is just to have something to use for other factions too! I have just made a 15 min retexture work on a russian version for now: It will require CUP, maybe I will made a standalone version in the future. -Credits: CUP team for their hard work