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Found 15 results

  1. Hello everyone, this is the First time I'm posting here sorry if nothings formatted properly. I've been trying to find a way to make the Minigun on the Qilin into its own static turret, like one of the .50cal turrets, where it allows you to have the gun bag + a tripod bag. I'm not sure if its the lack of sleep or just low braincell count but I'm racking my brain and would like some assistance.
  2. Crito

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Sharing my A3DMS Missions for Arma 3 Exile. These Missions are set up to use reinforcements on both static and bandit missions. Working vehicle, helicopter, and foot soldiers when a defined number of AI in a group are killed the reinforcements will come in. The helicopter will fly around as gun ship it will not drop troops If you enable it may or may not work right has a mind of its own when doing pardrops. Take a look at the bandit mission blackHawkDown.sqf, static missions Saltflats.sqf, StoptheMayor.sqf, and Chelonisipower.sqf to see the randomization these have to offer. I run these on my server and players like the randomization because it never plays out the same and they dont get use to the same exact stuff at the missions. If you use dms you cannot use just the missions out of here it will not work you need the scripts folder and the missions folder due to the changes I had to make to 2 scripts and all bandit missions to get this all to work. Also In the blackHawkDown.sqf is specific cordinates put in each pos case and it runs of choosing a mission location off of chordinates you put in there instead of the normal bandit mission random locations. I did this because the buildings for this mission do not work well on hills. the cordinates that are there are for Altis map so if you use another map you need to get cordinates put in where you want possible spawns to be. https://github.com/Crito-VanaheimServers/Reworked-A3DMS-Missions
  3. Static line paradrop using Vehicle-in-Vehicle for having jumpers stand up in the aircraft. GitHub Steam Workshop
  4. Story This is a script that I wrote a few weeks ago for a friend. It's supposed to let AI's with specific backpack's deploy static weapons automatically in a combat. You can link specific backpacks with specific static weapons multiple times. This script doesn't work, if the AI is in a combat mode all the time or if the AI never gets to be in a combat mode. There are several routine integrated to avoid script errors. A description can be found inside the SQF file, how to execute the script. It's SP/MP/Dedicated and HC compatible. Have fun. Content It is a single ~80Code-Line-Big Script to let AI's with specific backpack's deploy static weapons automatically in a combat. Purpose The aim of this script is to make it easier to implement a universal script, which makes a combat with AI more interesting. Download Missions and Script on GitHub ArmaHolic Link Credits Script & Media: Rockhount Examples nul=[["B_Bergen_dgtl_F","B_Mortar_01_F"]] execVM "HandleAutoDeploy.sqf"; nul=[["B_Bergen_dgtl_F","B_Mortar_01_F"],["B_Bergen_mcamo_F","B_Mortar_01_F"]] execVM "HandleAutoDeploy.sqf"; nul=[["B_Bergen_dgtl_F","B_Mortar_01_F"],["B_Bergen_mcamo_F","B_Mortar_01_F"],["B_Bergen_hex_F","B_GMG_01_high_F"],["B_Bergen_tna_F","O_GMG_01_high_F"]] execVM "HandleAutoDeploy.sqf"; All 3 examples are possible, because there is no limit for the amount of parameters.
  5. igame360

    Static Animations

    I love creating pictures in Arma. But i have all the static animation packs. But I feel there needs to be more for the modern day mods and more variety. I've found a couple of video tutorials. But they were unclear, and there wasn't any audio to it. It was also for animations(loading) not a static animation. Can anyone point me in the appropriate direction to find the correct information I'll need to contribute to the community. Thanks in advance. PS. No I didn't search the thread.
  6. Cockheaven

    Large Static Models

    Hello. I've just begun to make some assets for arma with the aim at starting simple (or what I assume to be simple). Thus far I have created a model of a medical ship, I have been able to import the model into game as either a boat with buoyancy and as a static object. For the scope of the object I prefer a static object, the intent is a platform similar to the carrier that the IDAP/UN faction can deploy from, again the intent is a simple model no doors maybe ladders in the future. At this point I have the ship in game and it is place able and I receive no errors. However when I attempt to land on the ship (helicopter) I clip through it and when I place a unit on the ship and run around at a certain distance I fall through it. I have Geometry LOD, Roadway LOD and regular (resolution?) LODs, I have not applied any texturing or mapping as the first step (in my head) is to get the shapes working. I remember reading something on object size limits and I'm pretty sure that's the problem. The object is nearly the size of USS Freedom, I guess I need to break it into smaller models and stitch them together, can anybody point me in the right direction for doing so? Thanks!
  7. I would like to introduce you to a 17 years old issue that exists across the whole Arma series, A3 included. It is one of the oldest Real Virtuality engine bug and it has not been addressed since OFP release back in 2001. I wish this post could reach BI devs so one day the problem would finally be solved. Arma3 is ahead of its final roadmap that will lead to its EOL (End-Of-Life). While there were other priorities across the development cycle in recent years, now it seems to be the right time to take care of it. A bug/issue: I have recorded a short and entertaining video that explains what it is all about: The issue has already been mentioned in a number of A3 Feedback Tracker tickets: Fallen Trees Have No Collision Fallen objects have no collision detection with characters or bullets. Ai see through fallen vegetation and objects Pointing out some interesting comments/notes from these tickets: Keeping Main Geometry (Geometry) for fallen static objects may negatively influence behaviour of AI (especially AI drivers). Vehicles may not be able to drive through / will collide with the fallen objects. Lack of geometries for fallen static objects is performance-friendly. My answers/suggestions to the aforementioned remarks: If Main Geometry of fallen static objects causes improper behaviour of AI or vehicles collide with them, then Main Geometry should be ignored. However, Fire Geometry and View Geometry should be kept to provide basic feature of cover & concealment. Undeniably. However, performance-wise argument could make sense back in OFP times, not in 2018. Unnoticeable performance boost is totally overshadowed by disadvantages the issue introduces into the game (especially for PvE scenarios). 'Line of succession of the Arma series' - my report about the bug in OFP/CWA environment that precedes this thread
  8. So basically, I was wondering if there is any way to add a role into my server, where a player can control static AA such as a Praetorian or Centurion from their UAV terminal? Is there any script that would allow this to work on the server?
  9. Hey guys, So I have a glitch where whenever I am in a helicopter, vehicles, or a very tight area (like buildings or places with lots of echo) there is a loud static and "popping" sounds followed by a massive drop in frames. The glitch will go away if in 3rd person or in 32 bit arma, but I would like to be able to use 64 bit arma. I would like to elaborate on my term of massive frame rate drops, my frames will go from 60, all the way down to 1 or it will freeze entirely, so it makes first person unplayable. I have tested increasing sound sources from highest to lowest with no fix, I have tried most everything under the sun. People say that this issue is a Logitech headset only issue and I can confirm that that is false to an extent. I use Corsair VOID gaming USB headset and this issue persists. I have had this glitch for at least 6 months. Hardware: AMD FX-8350 (CPU) ASUS 970 PRO gaming AURA (Mobo) G.Skill Ripjaw DDR3 2x8 Gb RAM (RAM sticks) ASUS GTX 970 STRIX (GPU) Corsair VOID gaming USB Headset (Headset) (8 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz) (It is stuck on that setting btw) Thank you for taking the time to read.
  10. Hi there, I'm currently making a WW2 airborne style mission for me and a couple of friends, but I've run into a problem. After struggling with the respawning inside of a vehicle for a while I've finally managed to do it with the help of a trigger, but now I've run into a new problem: the vehicle they're spawning in is a C-47, but because the AI can't keep them in the air for long I've had to disable the simulation so that they don't spawn inside a crashed airplane. The problem with that is that when simulation is disabled, they are unable to move around inside it, and can't jump out. So I'm stuck with a respawn that is either a crashed plane, or a static plane they can't jump out of. Does anyone know of a way of making the plane stay static in the air but still being able to get out/getting kicked out as soon as they spawn inside it? Or is there a way to make the AI fly around the AO for a undetermined amount of time without it crashing? Any help would be appreciated!
  11. Hello ! I'm creating a mission in wich an Ai mortar team has to shoot a target located in an other area of the town. I've tried many things without succeeding. To try to figure out my problem, in a simplier scenario, I made a soldier shoot a car with this : team1 reveal car1; soldier doTarget car1; soldier dofire car1; ps : it work fine with a trigger, but the car must not be hidden from the soldier's view Then I tried placing the soldier in a mortar or a DShKM UAZ. He targeted the car but didn't shoot. So where the problem comes from according to you ? Am I missing a command somewhere ? Must the unit see it's target ? Thanks for your answers !
  12. Hello, I had recently tried tasking myself with adding the 20 MM statics to the back of vehicles. I've already tried attachTo and disabling the collision between the two. But, I'm still not all that impressed with the result because I still can't switch seats from the static. And I've already tried adding an action to move the player into the gunner seat. I was thinking, is there any other real good way to get this to work? Thanks in advance.
  13. I have a static radio which I would like to play music I added. I searched around, but I can't find anything that works in Arma 3. What is the best way? -I have 13 .ogg files (music) -I would prefer an option to turn the radio on or off. -Music should sound only from the static object.
  14. Hiya, I swapped the 20mm GMG used by the Mk32 for a 25mm GMG and now the Mk32 will shake and move, while the raised variant will tip over. Ammo: class G_25mm_HE: G_40mm_HE { hit = 60; indirectHit = 7; indirectHitRange = 5; whistleDist = 18; caliber = 1; class CamShakeExplode { power = "(25*0.2)"; duration = "((round (25^0.5))*0.2 max 0.2)"; frequency = 20; distance = "((4 + 25^0.5)*8)"; }; class CamShakeHit { power = 20; duration = "((round (20^0.25))*0.2 max 0.2)"; frequency = 20; distance = 1; }; soundHit1[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\explosives\grenades\Explosion_mini_grenade_01",3.1622777,1,1300}; soundHit2[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\explosives\grenades\Explosion_mini_grenade_02",3.1622777,1,1300}; soundHit3[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\explosives\grenades\Explosion_mini_grenade_03",3.1622777,1,1300}; soundHit4[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\explosives\grenades\Explosion_mini_grenade_04",3.1622777,1,1300}; multiSoundHit[] = {soundHit1,0.25,soundHit2,0.25,soundHit3,0.25,soundHit4,0.25}; }; Weapon: class GMG_25mm: GMG_F { author = $STR_A3_Night515; scope = public; displayName = $STR_A3_GMG_25mm0; magazines[] = { 200Rnd_25mm_G_belt, 36Rnd_25mm_G_belt }; reloadMagazineSound[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons_static\Static_GMG\reload_static_GMG",0.8912509,1,20}; class GunClouds{}; class GunParticles { class effect1 { positionName = "usti hlavne3"; directionName = "konec hlavne3"; effectName = GrenadeLauncherCloud; }; }; modes[] = { manual, close, short, medium, far }; class manual: GMG_F { displayName = $STR_A3_GMG_20mm0; aiRateOfFire = 1; sounds[] = {StandardSound}; class StandardSound { begin1[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons_static\Static_GMG\GMG_01",1.1220185,1.0,1200}; begin2[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons_static\Static_GMG\GMG_02",1.1220185,1.0,1200}; begin3[] = {"A3\Sounds_F\arsenal\weapons_static\Static_GMG\GMG_03",1.1220185,1.0,1200}; soundBegin[] = {begin1,0.33,begin2,0.33,begin3,0.34}; }; reloadTime = 0.24; soundContinuous = false; soundBurst = 0; }; class close: manual { burst = 6; aiRateOfFire = 1; aiRateOfFireDistance = 50; minRange = 8; minRangeProbab = 0.05; midRange = 20; midRangeProbab = 0.7; maxRange = 50; maxRangeProbab = 0.1; showToPlayer = 0; }; class short: close { burst = 5; aiRateOfFire = 2; aiRateOfFireDistance = 300; minRange = 50; minRangeProbab = 0.05; midRange = 150; midRangeProbab = 0.7; maxRange = 300; maxRangeProbab = 0.1; }; class medium: close { burst = 4; aiRateOfFire = 4; aiRateOfFireDistance = 600; minRange = 200; minRangeProbab = 0.05; midRange = 400; midRangeProbab = 0.7; maxRange = 600; maxRangeProbab = 0.1; }; class far: close { burst = 3; aiRateOfFire = 5; aiRateOfFireDistance = 1000; minRange = 400; minRangeProbab = 0.05; midRange = 750; midRangeProbab = 0.4; maxRange = 1000; maxRangeProbab = 0.01; }; };
  15. Hello guuuys, I have a question. Especially with the most recent AI overhauls, AI tends to like to move around a lot. This is problematic, especially when making defensive missions where the AI are placed in prepared, covered positions. Instead of remaining in them and using the meticulously planned ambush position to best effect, they instead leave the position and start racing around (and are shot up much more quickly as a result). Waypoint type does not seem to matter, they leave the position once they spot an enemy no matter what. The type of vehicle also does not matter. Independent cover selection by the AI is extremely bad for vehicles in defense, so I am looking for a workaround for this. Any Ideas? I have thought about using disableAI, but that is something I'd rather not use because once taking hits, I want the AI to move. As waypoints don't seem to work, and I do not know how to script, I am out of Ideas myself. Any help is appreciated. Cheers Instagoat