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Found 55 results

  1. Hello everyone! Just to make sure - has any of you experienced the black screen issue since our last update? - Black Screen at the beginning of the encounter - gets you stuck at the waiting for players note (Last update happened at November 7th - you can read the patch notes right here: We believe that this issue was already taken care of. But want to be 100% sure.
  2. I noticed that for any of the maps where the vertical scale on the left increases from top to bottom (instead of the default bottom to top), like for example on any of the Chenarus and Sahrani maps, that there is a glitch with the coordinates. The zoomed in coordinates do not match those when zoomed out. To reproduce, open the map United Sahrani and zoom out until the contour interval changes from 10m to 20m. Place your cursor so that the cursor horizontal line is in line with one of the 2 digits on the left (example 10 in line with the town of Paraiso). So that horizontal should correspond to 100 if I convert to a 3 digit reference. Now zoom in one step closer without adjusting the position of your mouse, so that the contour interval changes from 20m to 10m. You will see on the left is now indicated 109, instead of 100 !!! Put in another way, if someone is given a 6 digit grid coordinate on this map, for example 075 095, but they found this coordinate while they were zoomed out to 20m contour inerval, then if the person who is plotting that coordinate is zoomed in to 10m contour interval and they plot that position, they will incorrect by 1km to the North. Before replying with angry rants - just do a test yourselves on Chenarus and Sahrani and any other maps where the coordinates do not increase from top to bottom, and left to right (the positive xy quadrant on a Cartesian coordinate system).
  3. Attention, Outlanders! There have been some issues we would like to now address and reassure you that we are working hard on fixing them as soon as possible: But first of all thank you for letting us know about those issues, thanks to you we are able to quickly react and start working on the fixes as soon as they start to occur. Here we go: 1. "Black Screen issue" There has been a problem that occurs when one is trying to enter the encounter. Or in other words - the infamous "Black Screen" issue. You enter a match but instead of going directly into the encounter you get stuck on a black screen with "Waiting for players" notification. We would like to let you know that we know about this issue and we are currently working on it and will try to fix this as soon as possible. Thank you so much for being so patient with us! Will let you know if anything changes. 2. Server Disconnection There has been pretty frequent server disconnection issue which we are terribly sorry for. We know that this problem occurs and we made the fix our top priority. So we are currently working on a fix to put out as soon as possible. Thank you for bearing with us. #vigorteam
  4. Thirdperson Broke

    Thirdperson is not working in general. Difficulty has been set to easy, Its enabled and even when i click its bind (That i have set ]) It still does not work. Any ideas?
  5. Got stuck while looting

    While looting a cabinet in a narrow hallway, the cabinet opened up and I was stuck in the drawer, forcing me to eventually die from radiation.
  6. Output Root Folder Issue

    I have encountered this peculiarly frustrating issue in that I cannot select my project folder in my P: drive in the "Output root folder" selection within the "Location" tab of the "Mapframe properties" window of Terrain Builder; I don't know what's causing this. What makes this the most frustrating is that I wasted a considerable amount of time because it deleted all of the contents of my P: drive after following the Atlas Terrain Building guide flawlessly otherwise. Atlas Terrain Building Guide: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28049 - It would be much appreciated if someone knew how to resolve the issue that I addressed as I haven't a clue as to why it won't allow me to select my project folder within the P: drive.
  7. Terrain Builder Freezing

    Unfortunately my Terrain Builder freezes frequently, and it can freeze my computer for over 10 minutes and I need to restart my computer to resolve the frustrating issue. I honestly don't know why this happens, so I'd like some clarification if available. This happens even when I don't have any project loaded, so the project isn't what's causing it (I would presume). I encountered the issue of not being able to even access Terrain Builder, as in whenever I clicked on it using the Arma 3 Tools menu, everything would just close instantaneously, and I resolved the issue by removing all of the Arma 3 data & then replacing it. I don't know if that correlates to the issue of freezing, but I think that it's probably the effect of something else.
  8. Sicne the last update my P drive ain't mounting anymore. Reinstalled tools. Same issue. 2018-08-06 20:53:28,063 [INFO]: ===================================================================== 2018-08-06 20:53:28,067 [INFO]: Build Configuration: Arma3 2018-08-06 20:53:28,083 [WARN]: 0x30098001 STARTUP_ELEVATED_NO_PARENT: Elevated process without parent. 2018-08-06 20:53:28,087 [WARN]: This may lead to unexpected behavior. 2018-08-06 20:53:28,092 [INFO]: Mounting the work drive from "C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Arma 3 Projects" 2018-08-06 20:53:28,123 [INFO]: Child Started: FileName: WorkDrive.exe - Arguments: /mount P "C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Arma 3 Projects" /parent=11368
  9. I am unable to see the server, even though I have port forwarded 2301, 2302, 2303 and 2304 UDP and TCP. I have set a mission file and the server loads fine. Running on win10 x64 running x32 arma 3. When I run the server through this: http://api.steampowered.com/ISteamApps/GetServersAtAddress/v0001?addr=123.456.789.0&format=xml The server is being ran from a different network to me and I can remote access it with no issues using the same IP. I am trying to use 2302 as the connection port as specified in the launch parameters. The server worked with these settings for a week before it stopped working after a restart about 2 weeks ago now.
  10. I would like to introduce you to a 17 years old issue that exists across the whole Arma series, A3 included. It is one of the oldest Real Virtuality engine bug and it has not been addressed since OFP release back in 2001. I wish this post could reach BI devs so one day the problem would finally be solved. Arma3 is ahead of its final roadmap that will lead to its EOL (End-Of-Life). While there were other priorities across the development cycle in recent years, now it seems to be the right time to take care of it. A bug/issue: I have recorded a short and entertaining video that explains what it is all about: The issue has already been mentioned in a number of A3 Feedback Tracker tickets: Fallen Trees Have No Collision Fallen objects have no collision detection with characters or bullets. Ai see through fallen vegetation and objects Pointing out some interesting comments/notes from these tickets: Keeping Main Geometry (Geometry) for fallen static objects may negatively influence behaviour of AI (especially AI drivers). Vehicles may not be able to drive through / will collide with the fallen objects. Lack of geometries for fallen static objects is performance-friendly. My answers/suggestions to the aforementioned remarks: If Main Geometry of fallen static objects causes improper behaviour of AI or vehicles collide with them, then Main Geometry should be ignored. However, Fire Geometry and View Geometry should be kept to provide basic feature of cover & concealment. Undeniably. However, performance-wise argument could make sense back in OFP times, not in 2018. Unnoticeable performance boost is totally overshadowed by disadvantages the issue introduces into the game (especially for PvE scenarios). 'Line of succession of the Arma series' - my report about the bug in OFP/CWA environment that precedes this thread
  11. I have stumbled across an issue with the mission I am working on for my server, it works really well once tested on my client and in the editor. However, once I upload it for testing on the dedicated server, the mission goes wild. It makes units fall down through the ground after you spawn in and vehicles makes flips, they explode and start burning all across the map. Units and vehicles are affected, not static objects such as sandbags. Does anyone know what might be the cause of this issue? It really confuse me, because to my knowledge, there is nothing obvious that should be causing this issue. The units across the map keeps flipping up and down beneath the ground like this. None of my other missions behave in this way, I assume it is mission related?
  12. Greetings, Asking your help for an issue that we had with some friends for quite a while now. The issue is simple, when we try to log in any server hosted by any one of us with any mod (none being included in "any"), if the mission is already started, meaning that you can go farther than the lobby, you have something like an 80% chance of disconnecting instantly. It is not a kick, neither an error, nor a crash, but it shows to the other players : "user connected user disconnected" And that's all, nothing to the one that can't join, he simply goes back. This apply either while joining from the launcher or with the game already started. For some reason this error doesn't exist with other servers. We found a way to outsmart this bug, glitch or whatever it is. We get everyone to connect to the server while the host hasn't chosen a mission yet and this basically gets you to an infinite loading screen. There you can't be disconnected, so when the host launches the mission, everyone is in the lobby and you can play (hurrah !). But this doesn't fix everything, if a player was to disconnect for any reason (lost connection, out of power, horny gf) The only way to get him back in action is to do that all again from the start, which is quite a pain I'll let you know. So that's why I ask you to help us, we've been living this for 6 months now and the fact that we spent all the last afternoon trying to get everyone to play without managing it eventually motivated me to post this here.
  13. Hi all, This may or may not have been answered. I did have a good look but couldnt find what I was looking for. Is their a fix or even a reason why the inventory in arma moves around when right clicking to move items around. eg. click an item in backpack to move to crate, click same item and it moves down the list. Thx in advance.
  14. I'm making a mission in which you control the camera of the MQ-4A-Greyhawk drone. It's flying at about 1000m altitude above an enemy base. You are supposed to identify a certain target and call a strike. The problem is the AI keeps spotting the drone, but I don't want them to do that. So what can I do to change that? I have tried editing with the advanced Eden mod, but I don't think it has the needed features. Ty :) Edit: more details on the symptoms (idk, maybe it's important). When the drone arrives you can see two patrols and some stationary dudes (more arrive by truck later). After some time they start looking up into the air in the direction of the drone (This is what I interpret as them spotting the drone). A little while later they break patrol and crouch/go prone while still looking in the direction of the drone, but From what I can tell, they never shoot at it though.
  15. Hi guys, i played Arma 3 for over a 1000 hours. Normally without PIP to get better FPS and i thought i really dind´t need that feature. And because everytime i enable PIP, i get some annoying graphical errors. In a specific radius around me (100 - 200m ?), objects like stones, bushes or some trees disappear and immediately appear again. I tried every graphic setting, but nothing seems to fix it... Drivers and Game are up to date! System Specs: i7 4770k @ 4,3 GHz Nvidia 770 GTX 4GB 8 GB DDR3 I made a video to show you what i mean: What can i do to fix this? I really would like to use the PIP feature...
  16. Joystick setting, axies window, there are diffrent curves 1.0, 1.5, 1.9, .... , 3.0. For some rison this window open only for the first, top axis and all others are not accessible anymore. I can edit files but I need to have those setting, accessible thrue menu. How to return to default state? Does anyone had similara issue? Delating those files does not help. It's a steepness[] line in file user_name.Arma3Profile I delete all user_name.vars.Arma3Profile files and start the game. Now I can access some more sliders but not all of them.
  17. I'm not good at using forums sorry for that, Here is the problem; I downloaded two different scripts but they both have the same named files..... I think they called "demo mission/script" can someone please explain to me that how can I get this work? Thank you! :^)
  18. I just bought a server, and after the setup and launching Arma 3 Server all my friends could join it, but it haven't even showed up in the server list for me. I pinged the server from my PC and I had no package loss, but when i pinged my PC from the server it had 100% package loss. This issue seems like to occur only with me, would be glad if anyone here had it before and know how to solve. Thanks!
  19. Building/character collision issues

    Hi, guys. I'm trying to create a ruined city out using the mosque towers and minarets from the religious prop subsection, but for some reason, if I have a minaret lying diagonally (say, it's up against a building), my player character can't move under or around it because of some strange invisible walls. Is there any way to fix these collision issues? I can post a screenshot if my explanation is unclear. Thanks so much! EDIT: Here's a video demonstrating the problem.
  20. Hello, recently I have noticed whenever I get into a helicopter, once the engine is fired up, that the aircraft goes forward and I crash. I can compensate for it by pulling back but it makes it nearly impossible to fly around. I have restarted the game, tried different servers, aircraft, and different profiles. This happens both on vanilla Arma 3 and with mods. I do not have the advanced flight mode on. I even made sure I didn't have the mouse going forward or that my "W" key wasn't stuck. I have not found anything online to help me with my issue so any help or ideas would help.
  21. After launching Arma gold for the first time I am greeted with this: https://ibb.co/c48H9w Any suggested fixes? I assume It's probably direct x but I am not sure how to check.
  22. Bugs & Technical issues

    Something wrong with the game? Here you can report any bugs or technical issues you may encounter while playing.
  23. Hey Guys, So im trying to setup a dedicated server also to play on with my group. I use Ubuntu server and get the following problem when i load the mission: Even tho the mods are loaded: I made all files small letters already (removed capitals) and this is my startup line: ./arma3server -mod="mods\@cba_a3;mods\@cupterrainscore;mods\@cupterrainscwa;mods\@cupterrainsmaps;mods\@lingordingorisland;mods\@rhsafrf;mods\@rhsgref;mods\@rhssaf;mods\@rhsusaf;mods\@task_force_radio;" -port=2302 -name="FisherServer" -config="server.cfg" The folders contain the PBO files that are in the error, I tried to fix it for 5 hours already :/ Anyone have an idea where this is going wrong?
  24. Hello, Ive already tried contacting support. They tried helping but even with all the things that I tried that they send me... it didnt work. Even a complete clean reinstallation of Arma 3 did not help my Issue. Now im asking if anyone else is using the X55 Hotas system and has the same issue as me, or if anyone knows how to manually enable the HOTAS system ? This really bothers me since ive been flying in Arma 3 always with my joystick and it really isnt easy for me to just switch. Best regards, Grosse
  25. Issue w/ Server

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/2928tgkz423smmc/arma3server_2017-11-27_15-39-43.rpt - I have all of the mods when I loaded into the server, the Command Line is 100% compatible with the FTP (I confirmed this earlier when the server functioned). When I access the Role Assignment for any given mission, the roles aren't available = issue. Does anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this issue?