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Found 18 results

  1. Hi all, i'm working on a UAV model. When i put the vehicle it's start to shaking. How can i fix that issue? Config: Resolution LOD: 1) Wheels: https://prntscr.com/weqc21 2) Dampers: https://prntscr.com/weqc7a Geo LOD: 1) Wheels: https://prntscr.com/weqctq 2) Front view: https://prntscr.com/weqcxn 3) Left view: https://prntscr.com/weqd02 LandContact: https://prntscr.com/weqch8 1) Left: https://prntscr.com/weqckj 2) Front: https://prntscr.com/weqcq4 Memory Points: 1) Front: https://prntscr.com/weqcee 2) Left: https://prntscr.com/weqcbm
  2. Hello, I'm trying to make a mod to improve the physics of ArmA 3, I want to simulate each bone present, including fingers and toes 😎, but the problem is that when adding the simulation of the toes to testGuy, his legs are deformed and they separate from the body and he sinks into the ground, etc. I have changed the points that join the feet by the default configuration and the error went away but the feet do small jumps, every time I shoot in the head with a gun the testGuy flies about 1 meter and hits the floor and the recoil from the impact of the bullet does not work well. I ask if someone can give me a little tutorial to make mods of PhysX and if I can fix testGuy, I'll add photos later so you can see how the error looks (testGuy looks pretty bad 😵) P.D: my english is bad 🙂
  3. So, i'm having problems with the physx of this vehicle. Going forwards or backwards is fine but when i turn the tank, regardless of if i'm accelerating or not, it accelerates a lot; and if I press A-D repeatedly the tank accelerates a lot more, Once i got it to 3200 km/h. I suspect this has to do with the model of the tracks or a misplacement of memory points, but i have no idea Video Physx simulation = "tankX"; dampersBumpCoef = 0.30000001; terrainCoef = 0; fuelCapacity = "650 * 0.165"; ACE_refuel_fuelCapacity = 650; maxOmega = 251.33; minOmega = 83.78; enginePower = 530; peakTorque = 2000; engineMOI = 20; idleRpm = 800; redRpm = 2400; clutchStrength = 50; dampingRateFullThrottle = 0.25; dampingRateZeroThrottleClutchEngaged = 8; dampingRateZeroThrottleClutchDisengaged = 0.25; maxSpeed = 75; thrustDelay = 0.050000001; brakeIdleSpeed = 2.8; normalSpeedForwardCoef = 0.6; slowSpeedForwardCoef = 0.1; tankTurnForce = 150000; tankTurnForceAngMinSpd = 0.75; tankTurnForceAngSpd = 0.75; accelAidForceCoef = 6; accelAidForceYOffset = -2; accelAidForceSpd = 10; torqueCurve[]= { { "(0/2500)", "(0/2350)" }, { "(357/2500)", "(1900/2350)" }, { "(714/2500)", "(2100/2350)" }, { "(1071/2500)", "(2250/2350)" }, { "(1428/2500)", "(2350/2350)" }, { "(1785/2500)", "(2350/2350)" }, { "(2142/2500)", "(1965/2350)" }, { "(2500/2500)", "(0/2350)" } }; waterPPInVehicle=0; maxFordingDepth=-0.65; waterResistance=0; canFloat=0; waterLeakiness=15; antiRollbarForceCoef=50; antiRollbarForceLimit=20; antiRollbarSpeedMin=10; antiRollbarSpeedMax=65; class complexGearbox { GearboxRatios[]= { "R1", -23, "N", 0, "D1", 50, "D2", 40.123, "D3", 28, "D4", 23, "D5", 18.6, "D6", 16.2, "D7", 13.91 }; TransmissionRatios[]= { "High", 1 }; gearBoxMode="auto"; moveOffGear=1; driveString="D"; neutralString="N"; reverseString="R"; }; changeGearType="rpmratio"; changeGearOmegaRatios[]= { __EVAL(2400/2400) , __EVAL(1000/2400), // R1 __EVAL(800/2400) , 0, // N __EVAL(2350/2400) , __EVAL(1900/2400), // D1 __EVAL(2350/2400) , __EVAL(1900/2400), // D2 __EVAL(2100/2400) , __EVAL(1900/2400), // D3 __EVAL(2200/2400) , __EVAL(1900/2400), // D4 __EVAL(2200/2400) , __EVAL(1900/2400), // D5 __EVAL(2200/2400) , __EVAL(2000/2400), // D6 __EVAL(2350/2400) , __EVAL(1900/2400) // D7 }; switchTime=0; latency=1.5; engineLosses=25; transmissionLosses=15; driveOnComponent[]={}; wheelCircumference=2.2; numberPhysicalWheels=16; turnCoef=5; class Wheels { class L2 { boneName = "wheel_podkoloL1"; center = "wheel_1_2_axis"; boundary = "wheel_1_2_bound"; steering=0; side="left"; mass=150; width=0.51999998; MOI=14; latStiffX=2.5; latStiffY=50; longitudinalStiffnessPerUnitGravity=18000; maxBrakeTorque=37500; sprungMass=3125; springStrength=264063; springDamperRate=17236; dampingRate=260; dampingRateInAir=260; dampingRateDamaged=10; dampingRateDestroyed=10000; maxCompression=0.15000001; maxDroop=0.15000001; frictionVsSlipGraph[]= { {0,0.5}, {0.34999999,1.2}, {1,0.5} }; }; class L3: L2 { boneName = "wheel_podkolol2"; center = "wheel_1_3_axis"; boundary = "wheel_1_3_bound"; }; class L4: L2 { boneName = "wheel_podkolol3"; center = "wheel_1_4_axis"; boundary = "wheel_1_4_bound"; }; class L5: L2 { boneName = "wheel_podkolol4"; center = "wheel_1_5_axis"; boundary = "wheel_1_5_bound"; }; class L6: L2 { boneName = "wheel_podkolol5"; center = "wheel_1_6_axis"; boundary = "wheel_1_6_bound"; }; class L7: L2 { boneName = "wheel_podkolol6"; center = "wheel_1_7_axis"; boundary = "wheel_1_7_bound"; }; // rear left wheel, usually Idler or Drive Sproket // Note, this wheel may not always be touching the ground, but we need it anyway! class L9: L2 { boneName = "wheel_podkolol9"; center = "wheel_1_9_axis"; boundary = "wheel_1_9_bound"; maxCompression = 0; maxDroop = 0; sprungMass=0; }; // front left wheel, usually Idler or Drive Sproket // Note, this wheel may not always be touching the ground, but we need it anyway! class L1: L2 { boneName = ""; center = "wheel_1_1_axis"; boundary = "wheel_1_1_bound"; maxCompression = 0; maxDroop = 0; sprungMass=0; }; class R2: L2 { boneName = "wheel_podkolop1"; center = "wheel_2_2_axis"; boundary = "wheel_2_2_bound"; side = "right"; }; class R3: R2 { boneName = "wheel_podkolop2"; center = "wheel_2_3_axis"; boundary = "wheel_2_3_bound"; }; class R4: R2 { boneName = "wheel_podkolop3"; center = "wheel_2_4_axis"; boundary = "wheel_2_4_bound"; }; class R5: R2 { boneName = "wheel_podkolop4"; center = "wheel_2_5_axis"; boundary = "wheel_2_5_bound"; }; class R6: R2 { boneName = "wheel_podkolop5"; center = "wheel_2_6_axis"; boundary = "wheel_2_6_bound"; }; class R7: R2 { boneName = "wheel_podkolop6"; center = "wheel_2_7_axis"; boundary = "wheel_2_7_bound"; }; // rear right wheel, usually Idler or Drive Sproket // Note, this wheel may not always be touching the ground, but we need it anyway! class R9: R2 { boneName = "wheel_podkolop9"; center = "wheel_2_9_axis"; boundary = "wheel_2_9_bound"; maxCompression = 0; maxDroop = 0; sprungMass=0; }; // front right wheel, usually Idler or Drive Sproket // Note, this wheel may not always be touching the ground, but we need it anyway! class R1: R2 { boneName = ""; center = "wheel_2_1_axis"; boundary = "wheel_2_1_bound"; maxCompression = 0; maxDroop = 0; sprungMass=0; }; };
  4. Anti-Bounce System (ABS) by Leopard20 This is a simple and lightweight addon that attempts to improve (not fix) the weird PhysX problem where the vehicles bounce up into the air in a ridiculous way. I made this addon for my upcoming AI mod, as they had a tendency to flip their vehicles a lot while driving. But I suppose it is worth using by players as well. I have tried my best to make the vehicle movement look as natural as possible (basically no "teleporting"). There shouldn't be any undesirable side-effects (interference with normal vehicle physics) Please note that the problem with PhysX cannot be fixed with a simple addon, because it is engine related. Also, please note that this mod is still work-in-progress, so do not use it in any serious missions until you've tested it and made sure it satisfies your needs. I will try to improve the mod with your feedback, so please report all your issues and findings. For comparison purposes, if you know of any similar mods, please let me know (I couldn't find any). Mod Features: Notes: Download: Steam Workshop GitHub Armaholic Installation: Requirements: Community Base Addons (CBA)
  5. Hey guys, I've got 2 separate issues with a model of mine. I made a ball and I basically want it to roll down a hill with Physx. This all works, partly. This is the p3d with textures: https://puu.sh/sPkxb/a71ff2427e.zip config: class ref_ball_big : Land_DuctTape_F { author = ""; simulation="thing"; scope = 2; displayName = "Big ball"; vehicleClass = "r_ent"; hiddenSelections[] = {""}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\ref_losttemple\ballbig\ballbig_co.paa"}; model = "ref_losttemple\ballbig\ballbig"; armor = 100; destrType = "DestructMan"; mass = 500; }; I'm new at this, and I've been reading up a lot and making progress. First issue: Only after I enabled the physx (setVelocity) the ball collides with players/objects. As soon as it comes to a stop it doesn't have any form of collision. I have a Geometry with Component01 and mass. It's fully closed. What am I missing? Fixed this issue. Apparently I didn't build the last pbo with the component. Second issue: I'm completely new to texturing. Somethings wrong with the texture of the ball, some parts aren't colored correctly and appear to 'shine through'. This is probably because I messed up either the rvmat or the ballbig_nohq.paa. The mapping and everything is correct (done with blender), it's just that somehow the colors are a bit off.Image of the ball. What I did now is just save the ballbig_co.paa and nohq.paa, and I'm guessing that is wrong. I don't really need the ball to look fancy so I don't mind the ball having no structure at all (from my understand that's what the nohq does. What would be the best approach to this? I've tried looking up what the different stages mean, but I'm having a hard time finding any good documentation on it. The arma wiki is a bit vague on this. Rvmat (also in the zip): Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. With Tanks DLC one of our priorities is to improve the feeling of driving a tank or any other tracked vehicle. Refine how the vehicles perform, handle or simply how enjoyable they are. What do the improvements consist of: updated PhysX libraries to 3.4 and switched wheel contact queries from raycast to sweep. We believe the precision and reliability of terrain traversal has improved quite significantly. On the other hand it's been a change that undoubtedly affects already released content. Especially the n-wheeled vehicles and tanks. Watch out for new issues with us, please. Report anything suspicious. And if your own mod got negatively affected by the update - get in touch with us asap ;) revisited physics configuration of individual vehicles, their engines, drivetrains and suspensions. Together with new config. properties and options. revisited sound configuration, with new samples and new approaches AI tank driving - AI driving feedback topic, following up on previous AI car driving refactoring player tank commanding changed to direct control over the vehicle (test) Most of these changes are WIP, to test things and get feedback from you!
  7. nenzeo

    Hoovering tank

    Hello, I`m making a Norwegian version of the Leopard 2A4. Only have a few bugs left to iron out, but I have hit a wall with this one. I have tried: - Adjusting every physX setting I can think relates to this. - Main PhysX are as follows (weight 62000kg) sprungMass=4428.5714; springStrength = 324000; springDamperRate = 36000; - All LODs should be centered - All related memory points have been rebuild many times. - I have tried settings from BI Example tank, Burns M1A2, BW mods Leopard. With no same results as seen above. I cannot for the life of me find the issue. Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. Or even units? Because tried with various values - both seems effectless no matter, what. Which objects are "PhysX objects" BTW?
  9. After some overwhelming feedback I turned this into a full addon. This includes a roadmap, milestones, and a changelog. What does this mod aim for? This mod tries to refine, optimize and perfect the vehicle physics due to totally remade config values, parameters and code. Does this mod conflict with any other mod? As far as I know not. This mod only overrides the vanilla A3 vehicles without changing any of its usability or function. It could happen that this mod interfers with AGM. But I have not tested it. Changelog: Roadmap & To-Do List Source files: Please contact me if you wish insight into the source-files! Latest Version: 3.4.1 Download: Vanilla: NO LONGER PROVIDED Apex: NO LONGER PROVIDED Armaholic page: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23560 Special Thanks to: -Bohemia for using PhysX -Sakura_Chan for his Primer thread ( http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?149027-Primer-for-new-vehicle-simulation ) -da12thmonkey and Blu3sman for their tips and explanations -Foxhound for uploading this mod on Armaholic and keeping it updated. You rock! -Everyone who tests this mod and gives feedback Credits: -Bohemia Interactive: They own all of the stuff I have retweaked or reworked for this mod! -Lappihuan: He's my personal scripting god. whatever needed to be done, he knows how. -bigmumu: Some textures I sued are from him. And I will certainly use more! -super-truite: Thanks for letting me use and retweak your fuel can script! This mod is licensed under Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA) http://www.bistudio.com/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike Old Post:
  10. Hello There! I've been playing with the Object Builder for a while and had the great idea to make my own car :) (why... couldn't just mind my own business?) I've followed a tutorial on yt (probably you will all know the guy with the delorean) and all went smooth up until I realize that in game the wheels do not spin nor turn. The base 3d model came from the darkweb on sketchup, I've cleaned it a bit in C4D and exported with baked texture in paa to Obnoxius Builder. Side note I'm having issues with trasparency and texture but will fix next time around, this is just a test to know how to process, you will see even the memory points are not really aligned... I'll upload a zip with all the files: -The main P3D (can be opened in Obsure Builder) -Texture (not useful but hey!) -2 CFGs (one from the base testvehicle in arma, one from a car I copied somewhere long time ago, both adapted to work with the car) -Model.cfg (I think here is where the devil is) I've tried multiple ways, naming, weights and bones with no luck, if someone can explain me how cfgs work, at what they point i the LODs, if bones are needed I would be really graceful, I'm not the guy who wants the answer cooked but can be really stubborn to understand things. You can contact me ofc here but also on Steam, Skype, Teamspeak, Discord even Whatsapp. Thanks in advance! I would really like to import this car as is my daily driver and I'm attached to her :P FIxed :D Dont know how to close
  11. Does PhysX have a specific process or .exe in windows that can be set to execute on a specific core?
  12. Good evening, I have been trying to implement physX into my custom airplane, but something is clearly wrong. Not sure if it is a common mistake, so for the time being I'll show you a video of my problem. Whenever I start a game with the airplane, either Editor or Virtual Arsenal, the plane starts moving forwards on it's own accord, with the engine Off. The thing is, the door and cabin close, and the wheels do rotate, so it's not like the model is just "slipping". Here's the vid: https://youtu.be/NcIdnuizh_Q Not sure if it's some basic command I've missed or what but it's driving me crazy. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time!
  13. Hey, I'm working on the config of a model I created but I'm having trouble with the config of the Physx, more precisely the speed. I am aware of the normal reason for this, being that the memory points for the wheels aren't all the same diameter but that isn't the case, the warrior was stuck at about 12-13km/h when this was the case with the sprockets at a different size but after fixing this the new max speed is a whopping 8 km/h! picture of the memory LOD for the axis & bounds: physX.hpp link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_clmWh1yXm2z_BAag3cgdt9eqgLZv-DU model.cfg link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YTLLd0_N6zpp9vNuSeWGRRM9dN2k8ABo The only thing I can think of might be the mass? The mass for the geometry is 25400.0 and the mass for the Geometry PhysX is 6.45. Pictures of both: Any help is very very appreciated!
  14. EDIT: 11/02/2014 New version of the addon. So now: - Upgraded GEO and Textures - Added two working 30 mm Mk 46 turrets to the ship. - 4 PIP screens working - Added more details like corridors and bridge. - Added light emitting materials to lamps (Textures not done yet) - Added position lights https://www.mediafire.com/?4kw2i114qinr4qm
  15. Hi All, I'm having a really minor issue however now i've noticed it I feel like i need to resolve it. I'm creating my first asset (a custom tank using PhysX), and it seems to be prefixing my display names with 'X'. I've noted that changing the simulation from 'simulation = "tankx"' to 'tank' removes the X, so i'm certain that's the issue. Is it possible to remove the prefixed X on each of my vehicle names?
  16. Each time start Arma 3. I get PHYSX By CPU but it is not how I configure my PhysX, It is configure PhysX by Graphic Card. is there any way to configure it in Arma3 to the way i set it in graphic card setting.
  17. Ok, so I have this tank that works fine in Arma 2, and I'm working to get it working as it should in Arma 3. I understand that for a vehicle to have engine sounds, it must have a physX simulation. So in the config, I (to my knowledge) changed the simulation and added the physx properties as they should be. In-game, my troubles are that the vehicle is stuck in the ground, and while the tracks spin, I cannot move anywhere with it. I believe it has to do with it being physx simulation. Originally there was no physx simulation until I realized I need physx simulation for engine sounds to work. Here are two screenshots of what it looks like, if anyone has ideas, please give them to me. I will provide more info upon request. Geometry Phys LOD - It is the same as the Geometry LOD, save that this one has no properties. What it looks like in game - as you can see, it sinks into the ground a few inches, you should be able to see the tracks touch the ground.
  18. Hi, i have this problem since ages, all tanks in random moment seems to have unexpected manner to jump like Hulk in the random direction. I know that most of ussers have the same issue with TRACKED vehicles, my question is - does anybody fix it somehow? Problem is totally ruining gameplay, it happen with all tracked vehicles with and without mods. Problem seems to be totally ignored by feedback tracker, and player need to face with the problem by himself. I see Bohemia is doing some changes, but most annnoying is, they marked solved the issue with tank reversing and it is not fixed. So we have now tanks jumping and crew which cannot reverse the vehicle. What is this, HOW IT COULD BE NAMED SIMULATOR?! Simulator of hulk vehicles? Lets paint all of them green and it will be better lookin.... All tracked amphibious vehicles cannot swim, but developers promissed that will be fixed with Tanoa I am not trolling, i'm just angry that devs are ignoring most gamebreaking issue since all Arma series (yes i know about FPS, but untill new expansion will come out, it will not be fixed), and keep pushing new stuff instead of fixing the basics. And now all RHS Escalation vehicles freeze as well and there is no way to move them. I'm not sure about vanilla tanks Arma version 1.52 Gigabyte Radeon R9 270 oc [2GB] i5 4690, 4 x 3,5 Ghz [3,9Ghz in turbo] 8GB RAM 1600 Mhz [ 2 x 4 GB HyperX in dual mode] 1 TB HDD, 7200rpm All drivers up-to-date (as allways, full version, no beta)