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  1. Rydygier

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    In the JR_fnc.sqf there's a function: RYD_JR_LazyTravel Responsible for this feature part in the newest Pilgrimage is this: case (_shift) : { if not (RYD_JR_NoMarkers) then { _gp = group player; _pos = [_pos select 0,_pos select 1]; _aPos = getPosATL player; _aPos resize 2; ((waypoints _gp) select 0) setWaypointPosition [_aPos,0]; _wp = _gp addWaypoint [_pos,0]; _wp setWaypointType 'MOVE'; _wp setWaypointStatements ['true','deleteWaypoint [(group this),0]'] } } Check, if looks same in said port. Not sure, but I hope, it fixes the issue.
  2. Yeah, the main pro of such way is the fun of doing so. 🙂 LOS checks are heavy and when map wide? I wouldn't try to guess, how much, loading screen or without, but if you try such apporach, better prepare some eggs to fry them on that hot metal puddle, where your PC was once. Although terrain-only LOS checks could be not that heavy? BTW https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/terrainIntersect ignores any objects so there would be no false results due to that.
  3. An alternative - likely worse, than checking positions grid, but fun, could be casting dense (like every 5-10 m), map-wide but terrain-only horizontal LOS checks along one axis, starting "for sure too high", then going down with halving the altitude back (if no LOS detected) and forth (if LOS unobstructed) - bracketing of sorts - and narrowing checks down to those axis values, where was terrain obstacle detected... Once you get one coord this way, second one may be obtained in few ways, for example by bracketing down LOS ray ends at this coord.
  4. Well, that's yet another thing, that would need to wait, till I've free mind for it. From you, guys, said it looks like hit-or-miss hard to reproduce problem, so unless I'll have vanilla reliable repro from you (which is hard in this case), I can only try to review relevant part of the code or test myself in hope, I'll by able to see it myself. It may be either a flaw in the script logic, either some quirk in engine-level heli behavior while performing SAD.
  5. Rydygier

    [Alpha] Tiger

    I wonder if that would work (if still works at all...) :
  6. Sorry, didn't read carefully enough. I wouldn't add such a thing to HAS, since in HAS player shapes the flight route using manually placed mid-waypoints. Adding some procedural system on the top of that would seriously complicate things already complicated, while seems redundant, if the player can achieve same or better results via own brain. I did some preliminary tests however if such stuff could be added to standalone CFS at least (as it was interesting scripting topic), but then other matters redirected my attention. Some day I possibly may return to this, who knows.
  7. It was implemented in the newest (IIRC) scripted HAS wip. No official new version incoming for now, so that wip would be the best option to try the two together. HAS 1.96. Explanation in the scripted HAS thread:
  8. In Hermes Airlift Services for that purpose I use brute force, namely setVeloctiy. The trick is to ensure, it still looks convincing enough and does not end with crash. Ripped out of HAS context example of use: _frc = 0.9; waitUntil { sleep 0.1; _alive = (alive RYD_HAS_Chopper) and {(canMove RYD_HAS_Chopper)}; if not (_alive) exitWith {true}; if not ([] call RYD_HAS_ifChopperReady) exitWith {_unable = true;true}; if (RYD_HAS_CallCancelled) exitWith {true}; if (RYD_HAS_AlternativeLanding) then { [RYD_HAS_Chopper,0.5,0,_pickPos,2,3,_frc] call RYD_HAS_AutoGuideB; _frc = (_frc - 0.025) max 0; }; (((getPos RYD_HAS_Chopper) select 2) < _lvl) }; and the function: RYD_HAS_AutoGuideB = { if (RYD_TI_ControlTI) exitWith {}; params ["_heli","_lvl","_var","_refPos","_tol","_vMpl","_frc"]; private _vel = velocity RYD_HAS_Chopper; private _lvl2 = (getPos RYD_HAS_Chopper) select 2; private _vel0 = random ((random (2 * _var)) - _var); private _vel1 = random ((random (2 * _var)) - _var); private _vel2 = random ((random (2 * _var)) - _var); private _dst = _heli distance2D _refPos; if (_dst > _tol) then { private _vect = (position _heli) vectorFromTo _refPos; private _spd = ((_dst - 1) max 1) min 10; _vel0 = _vel0 + ((_vect select 0) * _spd * _vMpl); _vel1 = _vel1 + ((_vect select 1) * _spd * _vMpl); }; _heli setVelocity [((_vel select 0) * _frc) + (_vel0 * (1 - _frc)),((_vel select 1) * _frc) + (_vel1 * (1 - _frc)),((_vel select 2) * _frc) + ((_vel2 + ((((_lvl - _lvl2) max (-(_lvl2 * 0.5) max (-2 min -((_lvl2^0.6)/3)))) min (((_vel select 2) max 0) * 1.1)) * _vMpl)) * (1 - _frc))] }; This should be used instead of (not together with) RYD_HAS_Chopper land 'GET IN';, when LZ waypoint is reached. "Get in" altitude must be same way maintained until ready to take off (so this is not for RTB).
  9. While I do not recall exact details right now, the basic rule is, the bigger will be whatever you put instead of : (((getMass _heli)^1.3)/16) * (sqrt (_velF/100)), the stronger will be the tilt. So first I would put 0 there to see, if the issue is gone, to be sure, here's the right place to tweak. If so, the rest is about testing various values until the tilt is correct. You can work with both, 1.3 and 16, I guess...
  10. To throw at least some guess work here, when TI moves heli forward, it looks like this: _heli addTorque (_heli vectorModelToWorld [(((getMass _heli)^1.3)/16) * (sqrt (_velF/100)),0,0]); _heli setVelocity _velV; So the guess is, the torque added is too big. Formulas was tailored for vanilla assets, most like not universally correct for every model out there. Especially, if getMass is exotic/differs seriously. One could via trials and errors adjust torque value for desired models... Or figure out better formula, working with all stuff, assuming, that's the cause indeed.
  11. Yeah, one never can rely fully on custom assets, so I tend to not bother with them focusing on vanilla. Even if one day I would return to this, since I do not own PF, can't test those for debugging.
  12. Rydygier

    Auto Restart AI Only Mission

    Welcome to the BI Forums! I never tried such thing, I know, there are: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/playMission https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/playScriptedMission but no idea, if/how they work exactly. There's also: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/runInitScript but this does not exactly that. Question is, do you really need to actually restart the mission. Maybe just try resetting everything to initial conditions within same mission (in such case best, if everything is placed/initialized via SQF script). If this is about repetitive simulating something, such solution should suffice (and you don't need any multiplayer set up for it, just plain, local singleplayer). But depends, what exactly you're trying to do.
  13. Rydygier

    [SP] Warping Plague

    Great to see such a news! RPT logs may contain some hint about the cause of the problem. Landlocked terrain may be somewhat harder to explain, how quarantine works etc. assuming, you care about that... If I may advice, if you don't - I recommend to base the port on wip6 linked above. Good luck. 🙂
  14. The good news is, I like the idea of "init code field" and it is most likely doable and easy enough to implement. The worse news is not really a news, because I said that already. I'm occupied with other stuff currently and I've no idea, when I'll be back to the HAS topic.
  15. Things, that could be answered: does it happen in SP, MP or both. Player local/non local. Each try or erratic. Only certain helo class or all helos CDLC/vanilla alike. That kind of stuff.