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  1. Something like that. I think so. Seemed OK to me, but I assumed certain amount of SQF scripting involved. Default A3's key mapping options support 2xkey press mapping too BTW, I'm using it for some things. Yep. 2x(KEY1) seems better, than default way to get for example "copy my stance" result - dancing over whole keyboard with 0-x-x menu - (Select (All))->(KEY1)->(KEY2)->(KEY3) IIRC. A general issue become apparent - different people consider different things more or less convenient/intuitive, than default, as for key mapping etc. For me, the less keyboard usage, the simplier/better (thus my ideas utilizing mouse) and the less various keys to be pressed to get something - the better (thus double pressing to get for whole group something similar, pressed one time key do for my character). The less my fingers need to dance on the keybord to get a result - the better to me. As for individual preferences, for example I, probably unlike the most, never use WSAD for directions, so all my most used key bindings are focused on the right side of the keyboard, around cursor keys - these are easier for me, because separated from other keys, unlike WSAD. So, if new solution should be universally benficial, should allow customization and should work well with different key mappings (like whole thing indeed should be based rather on actionKeys etc. than arbitrarily chosen keys). Well, I hope more ideas will appear.
  2. Rydygier

    Detect sea

    Also perhaps this would work: _mapSize = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldName >> "mapSize"); _isSeaOutThere = (count (selectBestPlaces [[(_mapSize/2),(_mapSize/2)], _mapSize * (sqrt 2), "sea", 100, 1])) > 0; As for checking certain positions, surfaceIsWater sounds like a plan, but just in case, possible alternative could be ([0,0,0] stands as an example for any ATL position on the terrain surface) : _isSeaThere = ((ATLtoASL [0,0,0]) select 2) < 0;
  3. Rydygier

    [SP] Warping Plague

    Wip file updated: fixed mentioned error with looting encampment box, few minor adjustments: Warping Plague 1.20 wip3
  4. Rydygier

    [SP] Warping Plague

    Looks like The Fittest looting encampment (they sometimes establish such temporary presence to ransack the town more efficiently, no serious opposition, if player is lucky may even "steal" the box content unnoticed). Possible at day 2. Still, after using "Take the content" action there should be some sound and message about taken content (even, if you had no room for any stuff, it would be like "Food +0" etc.). Marcus there is a coincidence. EDIT: but I found some script error in the code responsible for taking the content from these particular boxes. That would explain lack of any effect (and you would probably see same error log in RPT file). I'll fix that, thanks.
  5. Rydygier

    [SP] Warping Plague

    All right, wip file updated: Warping Plague 1.20 wip2 - new init setting for Zone SFX intensity (previous default is now under "high") - how loud/far, how often; - new init setting for hallucinations (Audio only, visual only, both, none); - new setting for Zone growth rate. There's some statistical spread, but on average: current/default is normal. Very slow - 4x slower. Slow - 2x slower. Fast - 1.5x faster than normal, Very fast - 2x faster, than normal, which means is likely, that for "very fast" around day 20 Arudy will be inside the Zone with all usual consequences of that fact. Note, zone growth isn't exactly linear, in other words, growth rate isn't constant. Daily increments tend to be slightly bigger each consequtive day; - improved "returning to the town" code (safer placement to avoid collisions with nearby vehicles etc); - now crafting magazines costs ammunition, as was intended, not materials. Cost is calculated using bullet/mag characteristics (caliber, typical speed, hit, indirect hit, indirect hit range, magazine mass, bullet count), also (main factor) type of weapon. Ranges roughly from 1-2 per mag (handguns) through around 5-7 (SMGs) and 30-75 (rifles-sniper rifles) to around 200 per MG belt, but what really matters is the cost per bullet, which makes probably the cheapest 0.45 handgun bullet and most expensive - 0.50 APDS sniper bullet.
  6. Rydygier

    [SP] Warping Plague

    Great, you like new WP. 🙂 Thanks for reminding about this. Probably in 1.20 I'll apply to fast travel back to town same code, I'm using with crafting new vehs, that should ensure safe positioning (in reasonable limits).
  7. Rydygier

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    I had no complains about 1.23, so probably will be OK. BTW HAL development is continued by someone else (who takes it in own direction of course), here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/216044-hetman-artificial-leader-nr6-edition/ https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/220327-nr6-pack-hal-artificial-leader-evolved/
  8. Rydygier

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    These values are stored inside Leader's group namespace (each Leader has own, separate value under each variable), not under global variable (mission namespace). To monitor them try (for "A" Leader): (group LeaderHQ) getVariable "RydHQ_Cyclecount" or something like this to get some info, when variable is nil: (group LeaderHQ) getVariable ["RydHQ_Cyclecount","not defined"] Etc. for other variables and Leaders.
  9. Thanks, from what I learned so far about neural network usefulness, I tend to agree, it would be difficult to put nn in any practical use in Arma, at least from SQF level (although in the linked thread, IIRC, there was someone, who achieved that with some external programming). Still, one could think about, simplistic indeed, kind of tactical awareness where code recognizes situation visually, similar, how recognizing letters works. But at this point it is pure fantasy, currently I'm just feeling that special kind of itching curiosity, if I'll be able to actually make it work with any form at all. Arma's SQF is simply the best (the only) tool, I have at hand.
  10. Some time ago I decided to try to understand the concepts of neuron networks (out of curiosity mostly, prior to that day knowing nearly nothing particular about them). After rather extensive google'ing in both my native tongue and English, seemed, I gathered enough info to grasp very basics. Even broke through involved math, at least I thought so, thought, I was ready/able to model a neural network in SQF now. Which I did. Problems however started when it came to proper traininig of such network. While I'm interested mostly in unsupervised learning, tried both, un- and supervised (probably didn't 100% grasp the math of backpropagation here though). Results was IMO either partially promising or a failure (depending on network architecture, input values, learning parameters...), in general not desired/expected by me. Anyway, now returned to this. My problem is, I lack working with 100% certainty SQF reference (while not familiar with any other programming language enough to benefit from available in the internet examples), so I don't know, either I'm doing something wrong, either I expect not, what I should/misuse the network somehow. Is there any good soul, who successfully implemented neural network and trained it with good result using SQF and could share his code here? What I have so far (unsupervised part only, code described mostly in Polish to make learning easier for me): (with the above code I'm for now simply trying to make the nn to properly classify numerical input data (be it 2D coords for example) into few classes by returning distinctive numerical output per category)
  11. Don't know, what listed mods introduce, so not sure, if not duplicating them, but few ideas for streamlining infantry subordinates commanding came to my mind: 1. Selecting/deselecting subordinates via aiming at them while RMB* pressed and/or just aiming long enough (alternative selecting way by "pointing the finger" equivalent); 2. If doable, selecting and/or other commanding options (including those from x-x-x menu) can be available under mouse wheel while pointing at subordinate AI similar, as it is currently with vehicles' "get in" and alike actions; 3. Mouse wheel action orders as above, but available without actual aiming at the AI, for all currently selected subordinates; 4. Stance choice keys (perhaps also some other keys, like rising the weapon etc.) tapped twice in quick succesion (double key press) could trigger "copy my new stance"/"copy, what I'm doing now" order for: - all subordinates, if none selected; - for selected only if any selected. 5. A bit more fancy thing - if any subordinate(s) selected, moving with the crosshair while RMB* pressed over the terrain can define an area boundaries, where selected AIs would then go and pick positions. It may be something as simple as random positions, or with some "pick good cover" stuff going on. *or whatever is mapped for "temporary zoom" I hope, this helps anyhow.
  12. Rydygier

    [SP] Warping Plague

    Welcome back in 2020. 🙂 It's time for... Warping Plague 1.20 wip1: 1. Thanks to awesome contribution from @RZNUNKWN (thanks again, man!) Warping Plague is now enriched with many new, custom sound effects (therefore doubled file size). First part concerns various radio messages background, second are the Zone enviromental sfx, third - see point 2. 🙂 As for Zone's sounds, these are positioned in 3D, and consist constant background hum and also dynamically spawned at random other weird noises. These are planned to be optional (not yet), with customizable volume/density. I appreciate the feedback regarding their general sound, frequency of occurence and volume. Experiences may differ one from another depending on audio settings and used sound hardware, for example music set on loud can drown out these sounds; 2. Hallucinations - both, sound and visual, may appear, if Psyche value drop to "BROKEN" level. A tip: best way to decrease the Psyche level would be, I'm affraid, to kill own towners... Lets leave details as a surprise. 🙂 Experimental - let me know, how it works and what you think, guys. 3. Psyche now divided into two hidden factors (the sum is displayed) - long term and short term. The latter includes currently only one thing: prolonged Zone exploration. The longer Gregory stay inside the Zone, the more prominent will be its negative influence on Gregory's mental state. Probably around one hour may bring Psyche from stable to broken. But the Psyche recovers from that in real time when out of the Zone. Speed of recover depends on current total Psyche and total time (all visits summed up), Gregory spent in the Zone (the longer, the slower recovery). Small part of that Zone influence is long term though.
  13. Rydygier

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Another observations: 1. 2. Regarding stealth/detection system After more tests my guess is, it works based on knowsAbout combined with restricted gear, actions or areas. At least in case of restricted areas seems enough for the AI to have knowsAbout high enough to react on the player inside such an area, no matter, if "physically" this AI possibly could see area violation. It can be behind the wall or watching opposite direction, it will react as soon player enters restricted area. To make it more realistic, I would suggest, script-wise, on the top of knowsAbout add three-step detection check: - distance. If not too far: (inbetween these two knowsAbout condition could be put) - orientation. If inside FOV arc (not behind the AI): - LOS check. If there's not obstructed LOS: reaction. 3. Regarding "phones' bad timing" - I can suggest, what I did in Pilgrimage. I had two variables. One was true, if the player knew about any enemy, another - if any enemy knew about the player. First one meant "stealth mode", second - "combat mode". In both modes phone calls was rejected by the player, and attempts to make same call was repeated after some time. Here however there's third factor - incognito. Only, if incognito is broken (player is "wanted"), calls should be rejected. But if in the incognito he is not hostile towards AI, then likely there's no "stealth" not "combat" mode anyway. BTW I would suggest indicate somehow level of suspicion somewhere out of the map, otherwise without GPS active, player may have no clue, what's going on until he open the map. 4. Regarding QRF, the chopper. Seems, it does similar thing, the chopper in my Pilgrimage does, namely SAD waypoint. Can't say, what it does next, because in the two cases, I saw, the chopper stuck mid air during SAD and was just hovering, probably indefinitely (I felt merciful and I shot down second one with AT missile to put end on his misery). Same was happening sometimes in Pilgrimage (nothing new, it was so at least since 2015, I recorded a playthrough in this year with this issue shown, it was A3 1.40 stable). I suspect, the reason may be some issue in the SAD waypoint behavior code. 5. Don't know yet, how it will develop, but I wonder, how useful l'Ensamble support is. I mean, if the player can achieve everything alone (so far my case), there may be no motivation to dance tango with Syndicat, and in such case whole, not so small aspect may appear redundant - would be a shame. We'll see. 6. 7. Loading saves takes usually too short for me to read all these interesting hints displayed during that process. 8. I know, it's not trivial, it's hard to do believeably in fact, but I'll note this just pro forma, not expecting any remedy - if I snipe some AI from the safe distance, my preferable way, his comrades does little to none about that. I've cleared the checkpoint that way, one by one, some, from the killed unit's group I guess, seemed alarmed for a while, but in general, all AIs was passive about the situation, just some QRF patrol arrived, which allowed me to assume, they at least called for help. 9. I've rather negative opinion on saving mechanics blended into character's activity. Paradoxically, it breaks immersion in a way. Protagonist does things because of out-of-scenario reasons. Like going to sleep not because, he would in his situation do such thing, but because the player wants to save the progress. I do not like this. It's healthy, IMO, to keep narrative layer (what is going on inside the gameplay) and meta-gameplay layer (save/load, options, settings etc.) separated. 10. Would be useful to have an option to fast travel from anywhere to one of discovered FT points, if it is safe. Without this, so far found no reason to use FT even once (especially, if without my vehicle). Still having great fun (*note, I'm playing with custom mod re-enabling free saves button, condicio sine qua non as for me), I like, how the island is enliven, not desolated. Once I described, what kind of scenarios I would love to see in Arma. That's the closest so far - personal, immersive, open, freedom of the choice, how to approach to the tasks, and all as true singleplayer... Also I like procedural elements, wherever they show up, not sure, how many of them here, but these are great for replayability, as preventing each playthrough repeativity. Anyway, it's definitelly worthy of polishing and adding into official platform. And, if I'm not mistaken, I see number of small mechanical inspirations from Pilgrimage? Cool, if so. 🙂
  14. Rydygier

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    So, tried stealth at night. Slow crawl and darkness seem to help. Perhaps it is based on knowsAbout factor... Not sure, if/how much it is an issue, and how to remedy, if so, but the fact is, checkpoints often can be ridiculously easy bypassed by going offroad etc. If that's a problem, perhaps checkpoint staff should react seeing such an attempt? Also I can confirm serious FPS drops (below 30) at towns (could be Tanoa itself thing). General note about black market economy: there's too much advanced weaponry to be found at the corpses or in the caches. If obtaining advanced weaponry for free is easy, there's no point for buying such stuff (and no motivation and joy when enough money is obtained to buy something fancy). If limiting access to the weaponry is difficult due to realism - many firefights around, each body means a rifle etc. Then ammo can be made rare and/or expensive. Another thing: from my own experience, it could be good idea to make some aspects of gameplay optional/customizable at init. It could work nicely for free saves issue (some people require them to actually enjoy the gameplay, some on the contrary, why not to please both?), there could be an option to choose density of random fights, weapons to be found, enviromental stuff like the weather etc. etc. Also, if that's the truth, what I've read, that fast travel means leaving current vehicle behind, it should be otherwise IMO - currently assigned vehicle should be moved along with me. Player often will have some valuables in the vehicle. So far enjoying this mission a lot. 🙂