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  1. Lack of good usermade SP content

    More effective mechanisms (probably community-based, maybe using exsposure system with weighted voting depending on reviewer reputation built via community votes from players confirming, so "this guy recommends good stuff indeed, listen to him") to exhibit and promote well made Workshop stuff would be most welcome. The idea alone to find just like that anything worthy in this sea of content is... discouraging. Such lists (thanks!) and asking people on the different forums about their personal findings seems the only somewhat effective way for those not willing to spend a lot of time just to sift perls.
  2. Lack of good usermade SP content

    Yes. Indeed, Arma 3 isn't tailored for this kind of cinematic narration, requiring authentic in details, human-like behavior, meaningful gestures, not mentioning facial/body expression. A kind, that mimics movies. Should Arma be tailored for it? Don't know, but IMHO the best/wisest, scenario creator may do (if he is after best result with minimum hassle) is to take into account this fact when planning new mission. Like a sculptor considering, what his new creation will present and in what manner, who has to his disposal only one kind of material, that allows to form only some shapes with limited accuracy and is hard to bend into another type of shapes. Some things are easier to sculpt in the clay, while other - in the wood or stone. One way is to try to bend the material to own vision anyway, while the second way is rather to bend own vision to the material specificity, to use it in the way, where it shines most and expected results are best. One can go both paths, but first one is much more labor-intensive, requires more skill and results aren't optimal. The latter has also this advanage, it helps to find an idea to follow, because it limits possibilites. Like a piece of wood, which shape by its limits dictates the topic of the sculpture. There's also the third way of course - change the matrial. So again, the question is, is Arma a good type of material to shape it into SP scenario without extra hassle and frustration? IMO, depends, what kind of SP scenario. Not the one, I described at the beginning. But often same/similar thing may be narrated using other means. AI not good in acting? Well, use voice acting instead, sometimes text even, as the carrier, of whatever you're trying to tell. Glitches and that kind of unexpected obstacles additionally limit flexibility of Arma, and experience is needed to anticipate and avoid them, to know, what's possible, and what's not, what's worthy of time and effort, and what's hopeless. Anyway, being unable to fulfill own vision due to limitations of the material for sure may be frustrating, discouraging and makes another good reason, why there's so few high quality SP content (or why it is so hard to find in the ocean of... the rest). MP is different story, a story created on the fly by the players, only put into rough frames of gameplay context. Universally easier to do (with exception of MP scripting being harder to handle and less reliable than SP scripting), as the narrative quality of the mission relays mostly on the players, not the creator. Arma 3 seems to be better in this easier path, which is not surprising. Sadly for me. But luckilly personally I prefer kind of SP stuff, that also avoids advanced cinematic dramaturgy and bases rather on "emergent story", driven by imagination, fed by procedural mechanisms rather than hand-shaped, rigid story line. This approach also lifts replayablity higher. But this of course is a matter of personal preferences and taste, also such approach demands more as for scripting skill etc. and in fact may be equally if not more time consuming, depends on the scope of the envisioned concept. Lastly, as for cinematic approach, the higher fidelity of visuals, the higher expectations as for fidelity of the visual narration - the contrast between them provokes mental discomfort. That's the another difference between OFP times and Arma 3.
  3. [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    HWS 1.09 released. Links: HWS 1.09 (Dropbox via Orangedox) HWS 1.09 open (Dropbox) - open folder Changes: - Code fixes and improvements for possibly better cooperation with some custom factions and maps.
  4. [SP] Pilgrimage

    So, enough of betas. Pilgrimage 1.95 released. Links: Dropbox via OrangeDox (1.95) Dropbox via Orangedox (1.95 open Altis) - open folder Dropbox (1.95coop_wip10) Changelog since 1.94: - content from not owned DLC shouldn't be spawned as loot, vehicles or AI units (some mods altering vanilla content may break that filter); - redone inspecting vehicle (each part treated separatelly insted of damage/setDamage approach, no FF taken, if inspecting not possible); - updated credits; - doctors, mechanics, and traders may be encountered as sub-type of "blue exclamation" civilian depending on reputation; - 5 new starting locations for Altis (thanks to major-stiffy); - redone visuals of ADM messages; - added green exclamation mark 3D icon to indicate recruitable POWs positions at strongholds; - various fixes and improvements. Workshop entries updated.
  5. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Reviewed these positions (thanks BTW), and picked 5 of them. I have certain conditions, that position must met to be considered good enough. Mostly - has to be far enough from any point, where enemy may spawn. That means locations (named and hills) and any crossroads, T or X kind alike. Assumed >300 meters minimum. Optimally not exposed from afar, but rather shielded by terrain. Still, should be close enough to some road, to allow convenient hitch-hiking for less patient players. So, these five met such conditions well enough. As for the rest - IMHO are too risky. Apart from that note, in the "R" part some of them you have doubled. If you're interested, the chosen are: [[28329,25187,0],[28347,25187,0]], [[15372,22424,0],[15383,22442,0]], [[2701,22079,0],[2687,22057,0]], [[25704,19497,0],[25718,19483,0]], [[15817,11393,0],[15835,11453,0]]
  6. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Works for me (MPMissions folder in the main game directory, that is)...
  7. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Hey. Thanks a lot for the will of playtesting. :) Frankly - no idea. I only know, I can launch TADST to set dedicated server session with newest 1.95coop_wip9c put into MPMissions in the A3 main directory, then run Arma 3, join that session and it starts properly, although, as for known issues, being client-side I see no yellow actions nor ADM messages. I bet, there's more errors later, especially after latest changes, but for sure I can start it and play it, all works as usual.
  8. [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Empire (blue) doesn't work, because faction name in its units' config doesn't match this faction's factual class name. It is "BLU_F" instead (vanilla NATO, but these units not visible in editor's GUI). For other faction (Republic) I was able to play (although mod generated later more errors, like weird RHS config error message (No entry 'bin\config.bin.RHSUSF_BarrelRefractHeavy'), unwanted dependency or something). Anyway, nothing, I could fix on my end in this case, they just need to sort out their configs. <- post number 4000! :)
  9. [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Tested with vanilla factions chosen, and it worked for me, perhaps my latest, not yet released changes fixes also that. But when I'm choosing blue Empire vs Confederacy, initialization fails with "no force to use" message. I'm investigating that. BTW, I've strong suspition, that SW mod creators either have or will have trademark/copyright legal troubles...
  10. [SP] Pilgrimage

    BTW was testing something requiring ACE mod, and noticed, that ACE changes DLC adherence returned by above code for many stuff to "@ace". That may and rather will make owned DLC filter not filtering properly. Just be awared. I admit, I don't like such... recklessly intrusive ideas in the mods. One need to be careful with them, too easy to break something elsewhere. Unless it is out of author's control.
  11. [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    Not sure, how Alive's custom faction works, never heard about it before. As far I can imagine such feature implementation... well, not trivial thing (dynamic config generation). Also frankly not quite convinced to the idea. As far, as I understood, what I just read about it, this tool doesn't create ready-to-use in game faction (that would be something...), but copies to the clipboard a complete faction config, that need to be pasted into an addon or description.ext, if possible, and that's too far from what HWS is. To me looks like hassle not worthy of required efford, so implementing such thing into HWS is unlikely. I'll try to download and test this Star Wars mod to see, what the problem is and, if possible, improve the code, although the mod seems a bit obcure - hard to find any downloads apart from the link, you gave. Maybe it is just "too wip"?
  12. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Yes, services actions, "Pay for medical attention" too, are visible only, if no enemy knows about you and Alex don't know about any enemy.
  13. [SP] Pilgrimage

    It's all right, found it: :) Checked the code, and this clearly seems to be some glitch. I'll check, if a workaround is possible. EDIT: well, seems, isFlatEmpty returns ASL, not ATL. After height change to 0 issue seems fixed. Also, as I hope, not owned DLC vehicles should be excluded also amongst AI patrols.
  14. [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    As for Fayshkabur: Reason, why there's no battle is, there's no troops spawned. Troops aren't spawned, because at each attempt every position is rejected as being out of the map boundry. It is so, because test, if position is in the map boundries, is based on "mapSize" config entry. In the config viewer I see, this value is 20480 for "Fayshkabur" class, which seems valid. But this: _mapSize = getNumber (configFile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldName >> "mapSize"); returns 2048, not 20480, so each coord > 2048 is treated as out of map boundries. It is because, worldName returns not "Fayshkabur" class, as one could expect, but also existing for some reason class "BMFayshkabur". In the latter class "mapSize" value is invalid: 2048. Bottom line is, HWS will not work on this map due to faulty map config, that I can't compensate with code logic.
  15. [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    So far I do not see this one. Seems code error in rarely used part of the code? Can't reproduce, but I'll correct the code anyway. I'm downloading rest of the RHS components to test more. First issue should be sorted out. But also I see, "simulation" of RHS vehicles isn't standard, thus for example RHS's helicopters aren't recognized as helicopters, thus not included at all. I start to think, RHS may be simply too different from vanilla, too alien to make HWS corrections an effort worthy of attempt, but I'll see, how it goes further. In any case,as for RHS I would suggest rather to use Advanced Setup and paste there old fashioned HAL's manually collected RHQ sets than rely on procedural autofill. Some RHS factions are empty (no units tagged as belonging to this faction). Don't choose for example USA (USMC), but (USMC - W) or (USMC - D) instead. Still didn't encountered scenario loading-stuck error. Is that even A3 map? I can't make it load properly, obviously requires A2 content. (nvm, somewhat works with CUP Terrains core)