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  1. Rydygier

    [SP] Warping Plague (wip)

    File updated with variety of balance tweaks and code improvements.
  2. There is. Check the manual, pages 8-9, look for variables containing "SupplyCall" or "SupplyDrop". As for module version those, that aren't arrays, you may find and set also in the module settings. Most of them (arrays) allow to customize contents of the package, one allow usage of manually prepared containers/objects instead, while default spawned container class (type) itself can be customized using RYD_HAS_SupplyCall_ContainerClass (present in the module settings) - using these one can also slingload other kind of object, say a vehicle, as long heli is actually able to lift its weight.
  3. Ah, OK then. 🙂 I'll think about some way to inform, which version is used.
  4. What are your steps exactly? I'm running latest script, I call heli to transport, when it arrive, I choose RTB mouse action, then heli transport me to the base, just like that, all in order, no route plotting after RTB selected. Also it follows properly back the route, if I plotted one from the base to pick up position. I see nothing wrong in my test.
  5. Introduction A singleplayer, semi-randomized, real-time but turn-based open scenario for Malden. You, as the only member of scientific staff, survived inconceivable consequences of the experiment conducted on Malden. Now, while time is against you, try to rescue and evacuate as many, as you can from this surreal disaster. To do so, manage your town, defend it, explore to gather survivors, resources and necessary measurment data. Each day you can perform limited amount of activities and each day situation gets worse, so decide wisely and act efficiently. Download Warping Plague 1.00 wip (Dropbox) Notes Scenario is still under regular development, but decided to release it here already, because I could use some feedback with ideas etc. Ran out of own inspirations at the moment. It's playable, but not 100% tested through yet, so possible are bugs and bad balancing. Please, let me know, if there's any interest in this and if so, what could be improved, added or changed. Also bug reports appreciated as always. In this scenario I'm deliberately vague as for background explanation, I prefer to leave a lot to imagination. Experiencing the unexplained and attempting to understand, what's going on there and how to deal with it is meant to be a part of the gameplay. Meant is also kind of surreal/oniric vibe. Yes, that's one of these weird scenarios rather far from classical milsim etc. As for gameplay dynamics, it starts slow and easy, but gradually should become more and more challenging. Due to exotic visual features, saving the game takes noticeably longer than usual, same, but even more, applies to loading time. To Do Debugging, balancing, waiting for inspirations. Changelog First release Terms of Use
  6. 🙂 There are two alternative, switchable in user config variants: user may use mouse actions to call the heli (then "closest able" helo will be picked automatically), and there are also calls through 0-8 menu instead of mouse actions. It differs, because here in submenu player manually picks which exactly helo should take the task. Before 1.7 wip1 newly added helicopters wasn't listed in these submenus. Now they should be listed. In HAS it looks like this: gunship takes stationary position at given distance from pointed target area, then it climbs up until is able to get unobstructed LOS to each of known (or all present) hostile vehicle targets (but not too high, there's a limit...), then it should begin quite aggresive fire engaging armored and soft vehicles with homing missiles, if equipped, soft vehicles and infantry with unguided rockets and minigun. Used are only weapons firing straight ahead. Especially picking infantry one by one with minigun may take time, helo is quite persistent here, but pilot can decide, it's enough at some point. Same, the caller can cancel CAS any time. Accuracy of not guided fire should improve during the firing, as gunship tries to correct its aim basing on previous shots. It's pure SQF controlled, AI is disabled, it was only a hindrance.
  7. And here is: HAS 1.7 wip1 - when HAS choppers are defined via manual RYD_HAS_allChoppers array definition, its content should be properly checked for CAS-able helicopters; - updated and improved the function that should be used to add new helicopter mid game (this function basically should execute for the heli everything, that's required to incorporate it into HAS logic: //to add new helicopter run this code when no airlift is pending, after assigning the crew for new helicopter: myNewHeliWithCrewName call RYD_HAS_NewChopper; - now above function will not exit when used while call is pending - to test, if that's actually a problem, likely it can be used during pending call without any problems. It also should properly add new heli to the 0-8 menu list; - made modified copy/variant of BIS_fnc_removeCommMenuItem function and used it instead to avoid script errors, BIS function generated when 0-8 menu was empty.
  8. Two things more: 1. In fact best to use dedicated way to add a chopper for airlift: //to add new helicopter run this code when no airlift is pending, after assigning the crew for new helicopter: myNewHeliWithCrewName call RYD_HAS_NewChopper; 2. Even that way, I'm affraid, new chopper may not appear on the list in 0-8 variant (as this list is also constructed only once, at init). So for now only mouse actions variant may be useable here. Soonish I'll try to remove mentioned so far obstacles and when ready, I'll link new 1.7wip script here. These things need to be sorted.
  9. Sadly no. Synced stuff is checked only once, at init (then the code collects all of it and put into same array, you may define manually - and if you do, manually defined arrays overwrite auto-collected ones, after that, one way or another, HAS uses content of these arrays only, doesn't re-check synced objects anymore). All things synced later will be ignored. For stuff spawned mid game array way is your way. 🙂 Let me now about any encountered obstacles, HAS wasn't designed specifically for such use, but I would like to optimize HAS for it, where necessary. As for CAS - sure, just to let you know HAS' CAS differs from vanilla, I believe. It's custom behavior. Better or worse - don't know, but may be worthy to check, which you prefer (or both even) . Anyway HAS' CAS is heli-specific, helo will engage targets or spot from stationary hovering position, no flybys).
  10. Yes. BTW if initially left not defined, this array is auto filled at init with helis synced with the RYD_HAS_Base logic (or with the module for mod version). But also there's another, internal array for CAS helis, RYD_HAS_CASChoppers, and this one is auto-filled only once, at init. So if you wish to introduce spawned CAS heli, add it also into this array. NOTE: it is auto-filled only basing on helis synced to the logic/module. It will not consider manually defined RYD_HAS_allChoppers. So if you manually define allChoppers, you also has to manually define CASChoppers at init. It shouldn't be that way, something to improve for 1.7, I think... RYD_HAS_DoorsToOpen is optional. You can leave it empty, but if you want to see door animations during fast roping, you indeed need to fill it following given example. And whatever heli name you put in it, it has to actually exist in RYD_HAS_allChoppers.
  11. Rydygier

    I love A3 but it goes boring

    Personally I never cared too much about variety of textures, amount of factions or, above all, about MP (could not even exist for me). To me more important is, what interesting stuff I can do with existing content, and there's lots of it. My opinion is, Arma 3 will become boring to me, when I'll be out of fresh ideas, where I could take it with my projects - scripts, scenarios, etc. I think, short answer to "Arma 3 gets boring" is already given: mods. Use them or, even better, create some. Creativity may prove to be more engaging, than playing, as it was in my case. That being said, I truly am looking forward to see Arma 4 one day.
  12. If I may, I tested this a bit on standard Stratis building, noted two things: 1. Wind factor (snowflakes can be carried inside the building by the wind (diagonal falling - generated out of building boundries) - at least tricky to reduce and rather impossible to prevent completely); 2. Without the wind mostly works, but especially in the corners some scarce snowflakes may appear.
  13. Rydygier

    [SP] Ragnarok'44

    Cool, that should solve camera problem.
  14. Rydygier

    [SP] Ragnarok'44

    One thing: in Ragnarok lots in going on in free camera mode. Any snowing solution would need to be adapted, so particle sources would follow Ragnarok's camera, not only player character in incarnation mode. Also with snowing there's always (small, but still) problem when comes to rapid position changes, which happens often in Ragnarok.
  15. HAS 1.6 wip10 Flying to corner of the map behavior should be fixed, also expanded slightly search radius, but reduced search resolution (bigger radius change each cycle) to reduce amount of cycles and added warning hints in cases, where safe LZ not found and heli goes towards unsafe clicked position. But I still know about some issues with navpoints, when user changes destination after navpoints are reached and heli goes towards final destination. - wip10 updated with fix.