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  1. I'm not familiar with ACE arsenal, but you have this: //RYD_HAS_SupplyDrop_Prepared = [];//holds optional prepared boxes as supply to be dropped, that will be used before default, spawned boxes So you can pre-place some supply boxes, configure in EDEN whatever you need, put their names into RYD_HAS_SupplyDrop_Prepared array and those should be used by helis. Example: RYD_HAS_SupplyDrop_Prepared = [Box1,Box2,Box3];
  2. The error explains, why it doesn't work. Looks like some sort of syntax error was made while adding to a file. I can only blindly guess here, do you try to merge whole script into some other file? Better don't if so. Leave the logic structure as it is, paste HAS folder into your scenario folder, paste or merge description.ext, then just paste demo mission's init.sqf content, where HAS should start in your code.
  3. Rydygier

    [help]Teleportation effects

    FX part of the code teleporting in some aliens in Warping Plague scenario: https://sqfbin.com/apoyetedipavelabuwip
  4. Rydygier

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    Hi. Cool, you found it then! 🙂 Pilgrimage, being highly procedural, is based on extensive SQF scripts (few tens of thousands code lines or so). Arma Reforger introduces new, very different scripting language (AFAIK mostly undocumented yet). It is also far from stable/fleshed out state, lacking crucial features like AI driving vehicles. At this point making Pilgrimage equivalent in Arma Reforger seems practically not doable. Learning from a scratch that new scripting language alone is a challenge, I'm not willing to attempt currently (if at all).
  5. It gets combatMode "YELLOW" for such tasks. In order to change that you need to edit the script. Namely RYD_HAS_atCalled function at these lines: RYD_HAS_oldBeh = behaviour (leader _hG); RYD_HAS_oldCM = combatMode _hG; while {(count (waypoints _hG)) > 0} do { deleteWaypoint ((waypoints _hG) select 0); }; _hG setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _hG setCombatMode "YELLOW"; Perhaps GREEN instead? Not sure...
  6. Rydygier

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Cool showcase by HazBo:
  7. BTW https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/weaponState was enhanced in this regard:
  8. Rydygier

    [Poll] ArmA Reforger / Arm4

    Since it is almost solely MP (so not for me gameplay-wise), while hardware requirements too high for my PC and also no really funds now for such luxuries, I figured, I'll wait, maybe for Arma 4, maybe just to see, how Reforger will expand... and then it was gifted to me. 🙂 So I own it, I learned, at least on default settings (not so impressive visually) I can even run tutorial to walk around with OK-ish FPS. Also checked tools, namely scripting editor. Of course, there's no more SQF, so after more, than a decade of coding I'm back to not knowing anything about scripting in Arma. New language may be more approachable for programmers, but on the contrary for me. And I'm 11 years older than back in 2011, when I was learning SQF. Not sure if I motivate myself and be able to re-learn scripting from null. Not now anyway, too busy with other works. So I have Reforger, although not bought it, and it seems, I wouldn't do much about it for now.
  9. Also how about applying stopping stuff on AI subordinates, like disableAI "PATH" and/or forceSpeed 0? And if "acting GL" annoys us with his stupid orders, possibly we could make him shut up with disableAI "RADIOPROTOCOL". So he will still give orders around, but silently and those orders should be ignored.
  10. Indeed. Although no idea, when I'll look into it, may take a while - those older reported issues still await too...
  11. Rydygier

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Actually IIRC the author of removed video is the same, as here:
  12. Rydygier

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    This video was made for Armaholic website. I guess, the author made it private after Armaholic was gone. Pity.
  13. Rydygier

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    I don't own it, still I'm curious, why it was a waste?
  14. Rydygier

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    IIRC shop, as the very last feature, was added into regular Pilgrmage after my attempt of making coop version (only half-succeeded as available wip version). Shop was never meant nor adapted to work in MP. Not sure, why exactly it doesn't work technically though, never tried it in MP. Perhaps it would work only for server-side player?
  15. In further tests started from the simpliest thing. Disabled whole code and instead put this into Heli1 init field: this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {0}]; Then tested it with gun fire and satchel charge. Works - damage 0 after satchel explosion. Then piloted the heli1 same manner, as on the footage. Collision made me dead and the heli exploded and was destroyed. So it seems, heli colliding with stuff is destroyed in a way, that ["HandleDamage", {0}] won't prevent. this allowDamage false; prevents that kind of damage though. But it is not selective nor working from inside HD EH, as you tried. Meaning, if you do this in the heli's init field: this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage",{(_this select 0) allowDamage false;}]; then you play, fly and collide - heli's destroyed unless earlier HD EH was triggered with some non-lethal damage (which wouldn't destroy the heli but would execute allowDamage false). Well, at this point I admit, I know no good for your need way to prevent a helicopter from taking collision damage.