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  1. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Data needed. RPT log, vanilla repro mission... In general [0,0,0] is characteristic output of the code, that tries to obtain a position of a non-existent (anymore) object (objNull). Question is, why and what is null/not existing. Unless the reason is different in this case. What means recognized? If "sent with some orders", the no, not instantly. In default control mode (and in limited mode if group put into Included array), with the next HAL's cycle group will be taken into account. You can only try to shorten cycle interval, but see description:
  2. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    1. Shouldn't be a problem IMO (if groups, then ExcludedG, I assume?), but not 100% sure. Just try, if there will be a problem, it will leave a trace in RPT logs; 2. It may decrease, if objective once taken is lost. Also currently taken objective triggers should be held here: takenObjectives = (group LeaderHQ) getVariable ["RydHQ_Taken",[]]; (it's internal variable) On the side note, Big Boss mode is different story, above will not indicate properly BB objectives progress, but I assume, you don't use BB. 3. Well, additional stuff to do (drawing and showing markers) has to have some impact on CPU load. How big? Don't know. I guesstimate it's negligible. BTW HAL tolerates well SQF execution delays due to overloaded CPU schedule, timing is not crucial here, just orders and status checks will be more delayed.
  3. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Really that confusing? Basic use is simple: Leader unit, 4 objective objects (+ one init code line, if script version). There's lots more of course, but all optional.
  4. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Indeed. As redarmy said. HAL, with few exceptions, avoids manipulating single unit actions to leave space for low level AI mods, focuses on group as a whole: assigning waypoints, switching combat modes, group formations and behaviors. But if given AI mod manipulates same stuff, as Hetman - yes, you logically should expect inevitable conflicts and mutual group control "hijacking". Don't expect compatibility in such cases - your intuition is right.
  5. Music Recommendations

    Great, thanks. I knew few songs by Faun and really like them. My moods (example: Federkleid), along with irish folk and stuff like that. I know this one: BTW, if we're talking pirates, a sip from different cask of rum:
  6. Music Recommendations

    Shanties anyone?
  7. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Great (indeed, if two mods do analogous/similar thing, in most cases can't be mutually compatible. Conflict seems inavoidable in such case). Glad, I could help. Just remeber, to make IND and BLU enemies in EDEN settings or via script. :)
  8. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    All right, I put HAL scripts inside, run it with debug on. Seems, both sides send recon at respective first objectives, as should. The only oddity I see, is that some idle orders (res) are issued at enem positions. Maybe an issue with debug markers. Are you using any init variables? If so - where are defined? Anyway, try this (pure vanilla, no CBA (but CBA update shouldn't affect IMO, it is used solely to auto-init scripts inside the pbo in addon version), no any addons, HAL in scripted version included, just run preview). Looks that way for me after a short while: RPT is clear - no any error logs so far, the error, you get, comes from EnemyScan.sqf, cyclic code that checks per each group, if there's enough close enough enemies to put it in the "danger" state. Full RPT could tell more about the causes, seems, like _dst is 0 for some reason. Distance between given group and one of the enemies, like for some reason that group is own enemy simultanously, thus 0 dst, but that's just blind guessing... Wait a minute... Oh! I have a theory. Be sure, you've set IND as enemy of BLUFOR and vice versa. If both are mutually friendly (as it is in my case here), in default control mode both Leaders try to control forces of both sides, and what we see, including that "Res" issue, is a result of chaotic fight over the control over every group on the map - each may receive orders from both Leaders.
  9. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Reasons may be many, from certain weird circumstancies (not likely) to naming typos and init setup syntax errors (most often causes of such issues). I simply can't tell by verbal description. I would need vanilla (no mod requirement) repro mission to see myself. From what you said, all blufor gets just so called idle orders, so it seems, BLU Leader doesn't see any objective to take or for some reason considers all as already taken.
  10. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Hovering issue is someting, that wasn't here earlier, but I saw similar issue with attack helos with assigned waypoint in different mission context, this may be the same case. Anyway, cargo orders are also based on waypoints, and, possibly with some rare exceptions, HAL will just wait, till task completed or till he considers it failed (for example if unit doesn't move certain amount of time, probably around 120 seconds for cargo task) before issue another order. IMO you giving own waypoints in the middle of the task should not break HAL. As long unit is moving, HAL probably will consider, the task is pending and leave the helo be. But test it to be sure.
  11. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    The more units required, the more HAL should send, with some additional number depending on circumspection and reclessness of the Leader. If not enough on place, should send more. And in total not less, than 3 (or was that 4?) groups, IIRC. Leader will defend an area around each of already taken objectives, this way you can point up to 4 areas, not counting area around the Leader. Quoting exemplary setup: uses this: As for facing directions, this wasn't working properly earlier, but IIRC I fixed that (?). Note, in defensive mode groups will stay rather stationary, no offensive maneuvers, except for sending defensive reinforcements, if needed. If you need to continue offensive in the same time, you need to divide your forces between two Leaders, one in defensive, and second in offensive stance. As for garrisoning, it is separate thing and may happen dynamically in Big Boss mode. Other thant that - no, IIRC. To point groups as garrisons: Plus two more variables: Details: manual, page 13, chapter 5.6.7.
  12. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Yes, HAL picks up spawned groups (unless excluded, or HAL in limited control mode). Indeed, it affects morale, for HAL such spawned groups are reinforcements basically, so he reacts positively, not an issue IMO. As for performace, HAL is pure SQF, thus rather don't affect FPS directly, SQF is scheduled, queued in each frame with hardcoded piece of CPU power available. Commanded into movement/fight AI will affect FPS though. One thing, I'll say this in advance, HAL is NOT compatibile with almost all groups/units/vehicles caching scripts with probable exception of ZBE caching, if that one still works, or some headless client setups. Each removed unit/group, even only for "caching" purposes is counted as loss, affecting morale and decisions, and, the more, HAL is about war going on no matter, if player is anywhere near (plus things like far artillery strikes) and that's directly against general caching idea.
  13. HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    HAL controls groups via issuing waypoints with chosen combat mode/formation/etc parameters (depending on kind of order, distance to move, kind of group, situation... For example, limited speed is used for some tasks, if target location is farther, than 1000 meters away). Once waypoint is issued one could, I guess, override waypoint movement settings by changing group's behavior/combat mode/speed with respective scripting commands, or using doMove, but in general HAL is kinda independent in his decisions, not really suited for being strictly "led by hand", so such ways are rather "hacking" HAL than anything else. The more precisely you wish to control/bend, how HAL should conduct his troops, the more difficulties of such kind you'll encounter. That said, init variables provide some ways to influence HAL's ways, in this case the solution may be: But note, fatigue/stamina is a factor here. To add some rest stops en route, you may consider this: Reliability of cargo transport indeed varies depending on current A3 version mood, terrain etc. in any case, land vehicle seemed more reliable, than choppers. Cargo transport used to work usually though, but I didn't tested HAL quite long time, so anything possible with all this driving AI etc.
  14. AI face direction

    setFormDir perhaps. It should change facing direction for whole group. If only one AI should change direction, I would try temporary removing him from the group.