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    Assalamo Alaikum. I am a muslim and I like to help people. I enjoy ARMA 3 and impressed by the helpful environment here and I also met a lot of good and helpful people around on these forums.

    I also like to tell people about the truth of Islam, its Prophet Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam with a detailed religious analysis as much as possible :)

    P.S.: I have struggled a lot like any average Arma 3 mission maker in his early days. And Al Hamdolillah I have gotten much better. Not too much on the scripting front though. lol. But yeah I manage to dig down scripts and make them work, Al Hamdolillah.

    Contact me if you think I can help you in any way setting up good SP missions as one of my good friends on BIS forums said, "Me and MP do not know each other very well" :D

    And if you are trying to message me to mock my faith with nonsensical media crap, then honestly please think twice and get educated. Save yourself the embarrassment. For I could care less. ;)

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  1. thelegendarykhan

    DSS: The Mod

  2. thelegendarykhan

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    indian press, british press, american press, pakistani press.. they all birds of the same feather. what do you think? And sharia is a law which is same for every one. from a begger till the king. everyone is covered in it. If people commit unnatural adultery, they are to be punished. But its not like I inform saudi authorities that this guy murdered the other guy and they send a huge man with a sword who beheads them. lmao. That is media story which YOU believe. Only after enough evidence is presented and the crime is proved, then the punishment is given. Its justice for the one who was the deceased. See yourself in the situation. And I have heard that it is excusable should a person from the deceased family pardon the murder's crime. (Only talking about murder) And btw, talking about the smugglers being executed. If any one wishes to travel, they should look into the rules of the country which specifically mention what wil be allowed and what will NOT be allowed and will be dealt with a death penalty in case of not complying. So even after some "wannabe hero" depart for Saudi or Kuwait with drugs in his possession, knowing fully well that that fool will be beheaded for smuggling drugs (as it is clearly mentioned on the visa you are given), its not he authority its that idiot's brain. You get it? Its called getting hoist to one's petard ! Do not bring out the "equality for homosexuals" type of issues. Those things are unnatural. Study "Loot Alaihe Salam" or "Prophet LOT". Here read this. He was one of the messengers and please read what God did to his tribe who had turned to homosexuality. That is the spot exactly where the "Dead Saa" lies. Grow up man honestly. If you are gay, I cant say anything else than, please change. Peace out.
  3. thelegendarykhan

    DSS: The Mod

    Very promising. And I believe, having the player spawn with civilian uniforms initially will suit the survival theme further and he/she may acquire military kit during the game. Seeing a loner wandering in ultra modern defence kit since the start, wouldnt suit the theme imho :D
  4. thelegendarykhan

    Zero Dark Zero

    Use HETMAN and DAC combo instead. The best IMHO. Allows SP save also flawlessly :D
  5. thelegendarykhan

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    HAHAHA you are still clinging to the "Islam spread through the sword" propaganda of media? Good luck man. You're no doubt living in the dark ages. Even the media has now given up on that fabrication knowing that it was more "counter" productive then actually effective. Anyway keep on your research and still, all of the crap you posted doesnt justify the rising revert rate throughout the world. Really man, enjoy Arma for heaven's sake. Thats why every one visits this forum, to play, enjoy and help each other. We discussed what our opinions were and now that should be it. I am sure you are a man of good intelligence. Anyway, if you would like further lessons on Islam, respond. :) Take care and Peace. Btw, "Sweden - muslim "refugees" abuse Christian refugees forcing on them sharia"? :blink: :blink: Fo Real? You sure you are not high my friend? In Sweden, a European country, Muslims, and "refugee muslims" to be precise, forcing other refugees to convert? In Sweden? So I am assuming these muslim refugees had already made some strong financial arrangements from a Saudi Shaikh in sweden (again), so that they forgot about the real problems of arranging food, water etc for their ailing families and instead now converting people? In sweden? :blink: :blink: :blink: Good one. I'll surely show this to everyone. :lol: :lol: :lol: For the love of God, respect Isa Alaihe Salam (Jesus Christ) and be done with your hate already. It wont bring any good to anyone. Live and let live. By the way, how about this for a change? It is taken from yahoo india news today. So happy, Allahu Akbar :D
  6. thelegendarykhan

    Dynamic Player Markers

    Ok how to give this script a sleep timer in SP so that it shows the icons on the map for about 5 seconds so that its not totally spoon feeding but just making you aware about the enemy's position. To avoid wasting a major chunk of time searching throughout the map. Also is there a way to highlight a block of grid instead where the enemies are, and with a sleep timer as explained above?
  7. thelegendarykhan

    Task Module Help

    What is selected under "set task state" in side the create task module? Anyway, I believe best is to take a screenshot and show us here. And regarding your query about "My question is have BI changed the way task modules work?" I wont be sure on that. But I too have experience really annoying bugs when working with tasks "if" I wanted them to start since the start. I would still suggest my approach which I mentioned in the old post: What that did was after about 4-5 seconds (as that was my trigger's time) the tasks which I needed to be created or assigned popped up right away. :)
  8. thelegendarykhan

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Like always, Thank you..
  9. thelegendarykhan

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    Good luck reading all of this. :) Peace.now shush.dont disturb me im gaming.
  10. thelegendarykhan

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    You said "in islamic countries people like me are being killed because some idiots believe in one book ". And a Book which you never even read a word of. Yeah right. That is the perfect definition of a brainwashed person. The last time I saw Saudi Arabia was the safest country with the least amount of crime rate. I have worked in the gulf and most of top management were whites, if that is what u mean by "people like you". And no we didnt kill them.. yawwwnnnn Infact they feel a lot more secure. Read employee testimonials on the website of Alshaya Group Kuwait Like I said, dont embarass yourself no more. I have met enough common and good hearted non-muslim americans, britishers, europeans, asians to think that you guys in entirety are all anti-islamic. Such blatant mesanges like yours can never change my feeelings towards the common civilians. We are all made from the same earth. Same sons and daughters of Adam Alaihe Salam and Hawwa(Eve) Alaihe Salam. Peace.
  11. thelegendarykhan

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    And whatever you have mentioned in your loooong message,firstly i havent even caredto read it.its all fabricated.i have my Bookto refer toabout Islam. Not google atleast. And allthe justifications you are trying to give doesnt justify the spreading of Islam in all directions, Al Hadolillah. Mainly reverts being women whom you believe are with "freedom" wearing bikinis. They have been reduced to nothing but tools of the society and the pleasure to every man's naked eyes. I never spoke for terrorism. You are mistaken.i for one would want the terrorism to bewiped out of the earth. Lets begin with George Bush? Or "satan"yahu? You know what they are doing to the 18 month old "terrorists" in Gaza right? Please dont embarass yourself anymore and get educated. Dont spread hate.
  12. thelegendarykhan

    HETMAN - Artificial Leader

    Hey Rydy, How to ask HAL for support? Like transport repair etc? AIs can order. But how can I? I have put enough support units. And also how to enable the radio comms to show on map with the unit who speaks it? Like in H:WS you can see which unit said what, on map. Very convenient to find out potential threat areas. :)
  13. thelegendarykhan

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    That is your approach friend. It is upto you what you believe in. You have been given a brain with an ability to think. At the end you will be answerable what you believe in to the God you worship. That is IF you do. Still I would say. Educate yourself. Peace :)
  14. thelegendarykhan

    Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    And honestly, I do not watch news now. Its all the usual run of the mill. This is how media earns - Fear and Sex. That is all they have and want to show. No one would care for good honest news. So who is the brainwashed now?