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    Advanced modeller, animator and scripter for the BI Community. I am currently finishing high school, then moving on to Uni before joining BIS.

    If you need any help with a particular issue within my area, give me a PM and I'll see if I can help you out. ;)
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    Scripting, Modding, and animating.

    Also planning a career path to go into Bohemia Interactive. :D

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  1. Ranwer135

    [HELP] Tying 2 Module Tasks together

    You could perhaps run a waitUntil on the init.sqf or wherever you have your mission code at, so that when both conditions are met, it can then proceed to where you call "BIS_fnc_endMission".
  2. Ranwer135

    [SP] DayZero [SURVIVAL]

    @Mercenary11 DayZ used to be called DayZero. fyi But yes. Good mission.
  3. Ranwer135

    [SP] DayZero [SURVIVAL]

    DayZ-ero? Why are mods not original or unique anymore? :/
  4. Sorry to revive the old thread, but I am having this same issue as well. The commands vehicleRadio, sideRadio, globalRadio and groupRadio do not work at all in the Intro, Outro - Win and Outro - Lose scenario modes (same applies with kbTell). I have checked (like above) that they have radios, which they do, of course. The only command that works so far, is directSay. Not sure if others are still getting this issue still (or I might be getting my code wrong). But if anyone knows a solution, please post it here. :) Best Regards, Rawner135
  5. Ranwer135

    DSS: The Mod

    I like the idea. :) Currently the system is still being planned, but is something that I managed to come up with: - Hidden currency, known as "Humanity Points" (HP). - 100HP spawn start. - Shops (containing guns, clothing, etc) spawn on Altis, and can only be accessed with enough/positive HP. - If you are fired upon, the attacker gets deducted -1HP. - If you kill someone that has negative points, you gain HP. (and vice versa) - Feeding a handcuffed player gains you 3HP. - Accepting someone to join you as a group will gain you 5HP. - Killing a team member deducts 10HP or more. Also, here is a teaser screenshot at one of the missions being developed for DSS (Warning: For those of you who haven't played the last Official campaign mission..DO NOT OPEN THE SPOILER): It is somewhat a short mission, for now. But it does, however, include voice acting of Kerry, Miller and a few other guys. (voices were remixed with Audacity to create new sentences :lol: ). More photos (depending upon completion) will arrive during the week.
  6. Ranwer135

    DSS: The Mod

    Glad you enjoy Ravage and DSS! :) Regarding AI and Animal spawners. This will indefinitely be developed for the next patch, since the mod's setting is (Campaign Spoiler). In addition, NPCs roaming Altis will decide whether to team up with you or engage you. The loot spawner is to be designed as a universal module, since Tanoa and its new buildings are arriving pretty soon. Hopefully when it is fully developed, you should be able to customize how much to spawn, types of areas to spawn, types of stuff to be spawned, etc. Also, development is underway to manage and balance PVP in DSS, so that killing or befriending a player will have rewards or punishments. Will have more info on that soon in the coming week, too. ;)
  7. They only retrieve the string of the uniform, vest or backpack the unit is wearing. I'll give it a go, thanks! :)EDIT: It works, cheers! :D
  8. Ranwer135

    DSS: The Mod

    Hey guys, My apologies for being inactive for a month or two. DSS development was halted a month ago, due to stumbling on a pressing issue that would require the engine to run on the new inventory menu, which is difficult unless the developers provide documentation. There was also a lot of debate (within steam) about other planned projects I have in queue, too (e.g. Star Trek, Alien, RSPack2, etc). My main priority now is to further develop the mods I have already released, before starting new projects that will rip my hair out. Also, during the months I have been sorting out time consuming music issues with 'PositionMusic' in order to use one of their tracks in a new trailer that is still to come. :P Coming back to DSS. The mod is undergoing heavy development right now, which is kind of creating a completely new mod over the old one. However, since the new inventory menu cannot cooperate with the engine, it will be binded to the TAB key. In addition, the menu (or a.k.a. "Survival Companion") is looking badass in terms of FX, sound and style (plus easier to do tasks). That being said, photos and a changelog of what has been done so far will be revealed sometime next week or so. Best Regards, Rawner135
  9. Hey guys, Is there any possible way to retrieve an array of classnames, consisting of items, magazines or weapons from the uniform, vest or backpack? I already know there are commands like magazines, items, but they only retrieve a total array of the unit's magazines/items. Thanks, Rawner135
  10. Ranwer135

    Whats happened to this community

    Actually now after the past 2 months, some members of this community have actually become rude and arrogant to myself and my projects. Since the last 'incident' occurred, I never returned to this community as my skills felt "unwanted" and "unnecessary". Now I don't know why the hell some of the members think of me as their 'arch-enemy', but I would assume false rumours spread around. I regret everything I said on this thread (except this post) to defend what was pointless, and instead, I throw it against the members that caused me to leave this community. In addition, I strongly agree with the OP as Steam did open up more issues, especially with the erratic behaviour of some members (However, the only thing I am grateful about Steam, is its efficiency of updates and downloads). This post may seem 'threatening' to most/some, but deep down I know this community had definitely changed after ArmA 2. In conclusion, I am just a normal modder that enjoys making mods, so please think before you post rude posts about me. In the time being, I am happy with Frontier Development's forums and members, as they are a lot nicer and 'welcoming'. BTW: In response to the actions of these offensive members, I have ceased development in anything related to ArmA 3. Happy now!?!?
  11. Same thing said for the Titanic. ;)
  12. Ranwer135

    Free Games

    LOL, I thought it was another ArmA competition.
  13. I sort-of disagree, While its content may seem as an inspiration (or an example to learn), it may also encourage them to use it in their missions, addons or mods, The most appropriate and responsible thing to do is release sample content (with a license or given terms) on a website such as on the BIS forums. If they want to learn from you, then they are to PM or ask you directly for guidance and/or help. If you have got it on steam, set it to Private or Friends Only. Else otherwise, you must state your Terms & Conditions for your mission, addon or mod. If you see anything suspicious that resembles your work, you must contact a BIS moderator for help.
  14. Amazing the attachTo command, isn't it. I use it a lot and saves me 5 restarts of the mission. :D
  15. Ranwer135

    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    Some horses in the next ArmA would be great, btw. ;)