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  1. G'day guys, There has been a lot of new threads by newcomers that ask the same/similar questions, found in many other threads. If you are new to ArmA or want to get into scripting, welcome to the forums! :) As you know, there is a search box at the top of the page, it can be used to search throughout every thread what you are after. Bear in mind that it may sometimes not provide you with the proper answer. This, however, doesn't mean that another thread should be opened. In fact, there is a huge library of scripts you probably never heard of. Check it out, there is an abundant of examples provided in each script command: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_Arma_3 It is constantly being updated with new facts, info and scripts by many of our users such as KK. (Killzone Kid) Lastly, here are some basic info and tips on scripting. To create your own scripts, navigate to "My Documents\Arma 3\missions\your_saved_mission". Then, create a text document and rename the extension ".txt" to ".sqf". Once done, open it with Notepad or Notepad++. To run your script in the game, navigate to your mission folder and create a "init.sqf". Open it and put this in: [] execVM "myscript.sqf"; If you want to get a specific unit to do some action (e.g. setDamage or setFuel), give your unit a name but without spaces. Then in a trigger, put this in: myguy setDamage 1; The symbol ";" used after each command, is to separate the command from another. (Think of it as a period symbol)Also, if you are thinking that Steam Workshop is the only place for mods, addons, scripts, etc. Armaholic is the official site for releasing such. You can find it here, they also have a FAQ as well: http://www.armaholic.com If you want to convert a string to code, you can use call compile STRING. This is very handy (and sometimes a smart trick) when passing code around such as lbData. ;) This wraps up the introduction for those new to scripting. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas that may improve this thread, feel free to post here. ^_^ Happy Scripting, ;) Rawner135 ArmA 3 Tutorial Links: Arma 3 Scripting Tutorial For Noobs - forums.bistudio.com [Tutorial] Server Side Scripting - forums.bistudio.com Camera Scripting - www.armaholic.com KK's blog - ArmA Scripting Videos: Modding Tutorials by GameDev Byrne: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqRU_EL4pwOHOJ6L2P5XlpfmNoWqulZqf Other Tutorial Links: http://www.kylania.com/ex/ Conversation System Mission Editor ArmA 2 Mission Editor Triggers OFPEC ArmA 2 Scripting Commands ArmA2 COMREF Forums Post - Classnames ArmA2 Library ArmAholic ArmA2 Moves ArmA2 Modules Description.ext Scripting Topics (Check All Links) Startup Parameters Crash Files Tasks ARMA 2 Functions PostProcess Effects
  2. Hey guys, I am pleased to announce that I have released my Tent, campfire and sleep script, For ArmA 3! So many people are creating post of "Jeez, I wonder if theres a script that will etc. etc. etc.", well now there is :P TENT, CAMPFIRE AND SLEEP SCRIPT By Rawner135 DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/?rr3rb21cyzb8rdz WHAT IS IT? It's basically Scripts that allow you to Pack and Unpack a tent and campfire anywhere. It also includes a sleep script inside "Camp_Script", so you may wish to change the time and date where you wake up. NOTE that you will have to follow my guidelines in the scripts on what to edit and what to not, because if you edit something That I mentioned "DO NOT CHANGE" it may affect the whole script causing it to not work. On the bright side, this script is for those who like exploring the 3 Bohemia Interactive maps (except for VR cause its too flat :P) As a tip, you may want to add the "Acceleration Time" module in the editor to make things more realistic ;) USAGE: Place this into your unit's init within the editor, or into the init.sqf: player addAction ["<t color=""#F8FF24"">" +format["Set Up Camp"],"Camp_Script\spawn.sqf"]; I have also provided in the .ZIP an example mission for you to get started with. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: There is terms and conditions applied to this script, so read the below carefully. (don't play toddler either :P) Any changes, modifications and publications of this script by other people MUST give the author (me, Rawner135) credit or recognition. If used for games, programs, etc (such as GTA), that are not made by Bohemia Interactive, is strictly Forbidden! - CopyRight© Protected under the BI Community - (This means that everything made in BI's forums is CopyRight Protected) EDIT: Updated Download Link
  3. G'day all. What things would you like to see in next version. Ranwer
  4. I'm working on a mission that requirs the module in arma 3. EXAMPLE: If a player picks up a barrier, it gets saved in his construction interface module, plus the module will follow him as well rather than in one spot. Then, from the action menu, he can go into construction interface and build the item. (he can also pick it up again and gets saved in the module again) If theres no script for this, then what about the arma 2 DZS pick up and drop function? Like, the player can pick up the item, put it in the truck, and or take it out and drop it anywhere?
  5. ArmA 3 Report Viewer Designed by Rawner135 About: ArmA 3 RPT Viewer is a tool that eliminates the burning patience of having to go through directories, just to view a .RPT file. With this tool, you can: - Select which Bohemia Interactive Game you want the .RPT list to be populated with. - Select which .RPT file you want viewed, thus displaying it within the tool. - Copy the selected .RPT's content for quick pasting such as for Troubleshooting topics that need to be answered. - Save another copy of the .RPT file to your preferred directory. This tool also comes with a refresh button, if you have relaunched the game while the tool is running. Clicking the refresh button will reload the .RPT content list, in case you have deleted an .RPT/s or started arma again. Instructions: For MAC/Apple Users: - Please note that this tool has only been tested in Microsoft Windows' environment. If anything goes wrong such as tool/app incompatibility, I claim no responsibility for this cause. For PC/Laptop Users: (Windows) 1. Extract 'arma3RPTViewer.exe' to your preferred directory. (You can always create a home folder within "Program Files (x86)") 2. Launch 'arma3RPTViewer.exe'. 3. If you want to access it more in the future, right-click on the running app in your taskbar, then select 'Pin this program to taskbar'. 4. Done! Now get out there, and make some cool stuff for your friends, relatives, community, etc.. ;) Download (Dropbox): (v 2.3) DOWNLOAD (ARMAHOLIC): (v 2.3) Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Terms & Conditions: This tool has been designed for ONLY Bohemia Interactive's purposes. This includes: - Official Forums - Official Community - Bohemia Interactive (BI) & Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BIS) Developers. - Anything related to BI and/or their games. You may: - Use this tool at your convenience. - Use its functions and/or features to help create your content in any way. (This includes sharing your .RPT to forum discussions) - Use the tool to help others and/or Bohemia Interactive's business. (Bohemia Interactive & Bohemia Interactive Simulations Devs are welcome to use it!) You may not: - Use the tool in any way to disrupt or use against Bohemia Interactive and Bohemia Interactive Simulations. - Use the tool for hacking purposes. (If you do so, BattlEye will be aware of it) - Use the tool for other purposes/games such as GTA, COD, BF or any other 3rd Party game/software. - Re-publish the tool for non-commercial/commercial purposes. Only sites, games, etc., related to Bohemia Interactive (such as Armaholic) are allowed to re-publish the tool. - Edit the code/language inside the tool. (If you do so, I also claim no responsibility for any failures) Credits: Author: Rawner135 Cursor: Bohemia Interactive (Arma 3) Logo: Bohemia Interactive (Arma 3) Changelog: v2.3 ~ Stable Added: Functionality - View currently used .RPT file by game. Added: Functionality - Resizing Program. Added: System - Temp .RPT location for faster viewing. Fixed: Crash - Viewing currently used .RPT file by game. v2.2 ~ Stable Added: Category - Arma 3 (Server) Added: Category - ArmA 2 (Server) Added: Category - ArmA 2: OA (Server) Fixed: Bug - Error prompts on unused .RPT if game launched. Tweaked: Code - App is a little faster when using better control structures and functions. Tweaked: List Box - Hides .RPT used by current game. v2.1 ~ Hotfix (Stable) Fixed: Issue - App prompts error constantly if you do not have one of the games. v2.0 ~ Stable Added: New option for Category - ArmA 2: OA. Fixed: App crashes if you do not have a particular game. Fixed: App crashes if you open a .RPT, used by a currently running game. v1.0 ~ Release
  6. Space; the Final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilisations; to boldly go where no man has gone before. - Cpt James T. Kirk Welcome to ArmA 3: Star Trek - Evolution! This mod aims to develop starships and weapons, seen from most of the popular series and titles of Star Trek! The project was originaly inspired of Abs' effort towards his mod 'Star Trek: Road to The Stars', which I intend to keep this at high priority. The project is not only inspired of Abs' mod, but prior to the next movie, "Star Trek: Beyond", which is in cinemas by 22nd July, 2016! In addition, plans are not final and more features may be on the way, this may include: Borg faction, characters, land vehicles and gear. To kick-start the project, below are preview shots on what starships and weapons will be added. Starships: Federation: - Armstrong Class (Finished) - Constitution Class (In Queue) - Intrepid Class (Finished) - Kelvin Class (In Queue) - Mayflower Class (Finished) - Newton Class (Finished) - Saladin Class - Refit (Finished) - Mk. 9 Federation Shuttle (In Queue) Klingon: - Bird of Prey (In Queue) - K'Tinga (Underway) Romulan: - D'deridex (In Queue) Weapons: - Phaser Rifle (In Queue) - Phaser Pistol (In Queue) - Sniper Rifle (In Queue) - Vulcan SMG (In Queue) Also sneak peak at a prototype test for the warp drive system. Disclaimer: - Starships and weapons will be developed from scratch, not ripped or ported (as I already frown upon illegal activity). What this means, is that they will be developed straight from scratch in 3DS Max 2015 (Student Version) and in Blender. In order to construct the models, orientations/blueprints (like all modellers will use) will be used to accurately design the models. If you would like to know where I get most of these orientations/blueprints, you can find them Here. The two weapon pictures you see (Sniper Rifle and Vulcan SMG), however, can be found Here.
  7. Hi guys, Since Eldar and I are creating CSGO missions for ArmA 3, i have a small issue. I have 2 teams: CT (Counter-Terrorists) and T (Terrorists) Now I need a script, dialog or function where if one of the teams win, it adds a point to their team's scoreboard. And as soon as it finishes 22 rounds, the mission ends and displays the scoreboard before restarting the mission 60 seconds later. I have looked at many of the arma 2 ctf missions and theyre no help to me :( Also, if dialogs are very easy to create, maybe link me an ArmA 3 tutorial on how to create one. (I am very used to Visual Basic as well so I happen to adapt quickly to tutorials) Kind Regards, Rawner135 / Ranwer
  8. Ranwer135

    [HELP] Tying 2 Module Tasks together

    You could perhaps run a waitUntil on the init.sqf or wherever you have your mission code at, so that when both conditions are met, it can then proceed to where you call "BIS_fnc_endMission".
  9. Ranwer135

    [SP] DayZero [SURVIVAL]

    @Mercenary11 DayZ used to be called DayZero. fyi But yes. Good mission.
  10. Ranwer135

    [SP] DayZero [SURVIVAL]

    DayZ-ero? Why are mods not original or unique anymore? :/
  11. It has come to my attention that some Autodesk Motion Builder versions do not work for FBX2RTM conversion. The following versions tested do not work for "FBX2RTM": - 2016 - 2015 - 2014 Error displayed is "export error". Log error: ========== FBX2RTM ========== Command line: fbx2rtm.exe -cfg c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\arma 3 tools\fbxtortm\modelbox.xml -skeleton ManSkeleton -bindpose c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\arma 3 tools\fbxtortm\bindposeman.fbx -step Hips -fps 30 -scale 0.010000 -log export.log -output p:\RNW\test.rtm c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\arma 3 tools\fbxtortm\posesbank\bank_20_07_2012.fbx Call to KFbxImporter::Initialize() failed. Error returned: Cannot load scene c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\arma 3 tools\fbxtortm\posesbank\bank_20_07_2012.fbx
  12. Ranwer135

    DSS: The Mod

    Welcome to… DSS (a.k.a. "Dynamic Survival Sandbox") is a DayZ inspired mod that focuses upon survival and skill. Many confused by DSS being a 'Sandbox', DSS is meant to be a massively open world of survival and exploration, which the title seemed fit. That being said, DSS also has easy-to-use modules and units that can be placed in the editor, giving your mission and/or your Unit/Clan some spice. The mod itself is also a constant development, so new features will arrive from time-to-time. The mod itself is in Alpha stage as well, so please show your support and provide feedback on your experience. But best of all, get out there and start surviving! ;) Features: - Different types of zombies with animations and sounds! (SP & MP compatible, can be placed on map) - Smart zombie pathfinding. (Inspired by DayZ SA) - Easy-to-use dialogs for crafting, cooking and more! - The ability to drink, eat and heal using high-quality items from the game and myself. - Stunning custom HUD for displaying hunger, thirst and health. - Over 32 items and counting for DSS! - New weapons to find and possibly craft. - Repair vehicles with tyres, engines and other parts. - Tutorial and sample mission for adding your own items such as for crafting! - Easy to place modules for your own missions. - Beautifully created custom animations when interacting with DSS items. AND MUCH MORE!... (You can find all the latest news Here) Pictures: TUTORIAL VIDEO: (By Evil Organ) Upcoming Features for 2016: RII System: Additions: Items: - Purification Tablets. - Blood bags. - Blood testing kit. - Epi-pen. - Morphine auto-injector. - New model for Soda Can. - New model for Canteen. - More meat models. - New model for bandage. - Rags - Variants of bags of seeds. - Grocery Sack. - Can of Sardines. - Can of Spaghetti. - New models for Cans. - New model for flashlight. - Canned Tuna. - New model for Water Bottle. - Vegetables. - Fruit. - Improvised Splint. - Paracetamol. - Working Defibrillator. - Possibly an Android mobile phone. - Handcuffs. - More crafting resources. - Sandbags. - Metal wire. - Scrap metal. Weapons: - Some that will be ported from ArmA 2 (via the sample downloads) to ArmA 3, such as AKs and NATO weapons. System: - iniDBI2 (By code34, a new database system to replace the older version. This one will work making endless multiplayer happen) - Temperature. - Bleeding. - Blood types. - More interaction options. - Revive system. - Loot Module. - Real Item Interaction (RII) Engine. - Blowout module. - New zombies, preferably called 'mutants'. New AWESOME animations and high-quality sounds will also arrive during the year, including the campaign which is waiting out for Tanoa's release! Improvements: Items: - Many of the items will be updated and improved, due to getting new software. Weapons: - Same for the items, they will be improved on. System: - Complete overhaul on the survival and craft menu (which they will combine together as one dialog), which will look a lot similar to DayZ Standalone's layout. Perhaps throughout due course, the DSS menu might actually become the new inventory, as it will have a drag and drop system. - Different variants of zombies, including the improvement of its code. - Fix up zombie behaviour and loot spawns. THIS IS YOUR WORLD THIS IS DSS Requirements: CBA Weapon Eventhandler Framework HLC Core Trixie's Weapons iniDB [ALPHA] DSS Mission Files DEVELOPMENT TEAM: Lead Developer - Rawner135 / Ranwer135 Member - Corporal_Lib Member - Evil Organ Member - xBowBii CREDITS: TeaCup – Thanks for sharing these excellent Animations! Tonic – For helping with how to use Dialogs, you’re the man! soundbible.com – Providing free-to-use sounds such as eating or drinking sounds. Trixe - Lee Enfield and Sporter weapons. Dan Oberbauer - Ambient Music (You can find his sounds Here) Na_Palm - LS Spawner (Only included in mission, due to respecting AMAR rights) SPECIAL THANKS: Dean Hall – For inspiring me to create this, cheers! Sumrak – For inspiring me to create this as well, congrats! Bohemia Interactive – For providing items and coding for ArmA 3, You’re the best guys! WARNING!!! - MP Mission is known to be buggy (as DSS is an Early Access Alpha), do not use unless you want to help by providing feedback. Thank you - Dev Lead TERMS & CONDITIONS: Under the following conditions, you agree to the following: You may: - Use this mod with your mission, mod (specific mods below are not allowed) and/or Clan/Unit. - Use any media for DSS. (I.e. "Recording gameplay") - Share DSS' media (news, videos, etc) to increase popularity for yourself and DSS. You may not: - Include DSS' content into another mod. - Use the code in any way to help hackers. - Modify my content without my permission. - Use DSS as an extension to the following mods: Epoch, A3L, Breaking Point, EXILE and BattleRoyal. - Use DSS' content for profit/commercial. Questions & Answers Q. I cannot find the new modules, where are they? A. If you press F7, then double-click anywhere on the map, you should see in the categories a section called 'DSS'. Q. How do I open the Survival Menu? A. If you press the key 'H', it should open. (If it doesn't, make sure the DSS module 'Init' is placed on the map) Q. Zombies are not attacking me, why is that? A. Zombies are fitted with the knowsAbout command, as well as distance. They will not attack you if they do not sense you, or at a specific range. However, they can be a little tweaked so they have a better awareness. Q. Cars spawn in the air and sometimes explode? A. This is a small bug, and I am aware of it. I first attempted by spawning it on the road, but w/o fuel, it does not move whatsoever. However, this will be taken as a priority to fix and hopefully be in the next patch. Q. Loot spawns in the air? A. This is a known bug in ArmA 3, as the object weaponPlaceHolder does not support PhysX. I will try and look for a fix, such as having a temporal PhysX object to replace it with, but currently it is an Arma bug.
  13. Hey guys, So I have been looking around the DayZ Standalone files on how they have done their item functionality (e.g. "Canteen bottle moves and rotates with the hand as you drink it"), and I noticed that they have separate .rtm animation files for some of the items? So the point is, how do I get an item to move and rotate with the hand like in DayZ Standalone? I already know that attachTo is an alternative, but it does not allow the attached item to rotate with the host. Thanks, Rawner135 Also: I am reasonably good at animating, so taking hard challenges is not a problem. :)
  14. Sorry to revive the old thread, but I am having this same issue as well. The commands vehicleRadio, sideRadio, globalRadio and groupRadio do not work at all in the Intro, Outro - Win and Outro - Lose scenario modes (same applies with kbTell). I have checked (like above) that they have radios, which they do, of course. The only command that works so far, is directSay. Not sure if others are still getting this issue still (or I might be getting my code wrong). But if anyone knows a solution, please post it here. :) Best Regards, Rawner135
  15. Ranwer135

    DSS: The Mod

    I like the idea. :) Currently the system is still being planned, but is something that I managed to come up with: - Hidden currency, known as "Humanity Points" (HP). - 100HP spawn start. - Shops (containing guns, clothing, etc) spawn on Altis, and can only be accessed with enough/positive HP. - If you are fired upon, the attacker gets deducted -1HP. - If you kill someone that has negative points, you gain HP. (and vice versa) - Feeding a handcuffed player gains you 3HP. - Accepting someone to join you as a group will gain you 5HP. - Killing a team member deducts 10HP or more. Also, here is a teaser screenshot at one of the missions being developed for DSS (Warning: For those of you who haven't played the last Official campaign mission..DO NOT OPEN THE SPOILER): It is somewhat a short mission, for now. But it does, however, include voice acting of Kerry, Miller and a few other guys. (voices were remixed with Audacity to create new sentences :lol: ). More photos (depending upon completion) will arrive during the week.
  16. Ranwer135

    DSS: The Mod

    Glad you enjoy Ravage and DSS! :) Regarding AI and Animal spawners. This will indefinitely be developed for the next patch, since the mod's setting is (Campaign Spoiler). In addition, NPCs roaming Altis will decide whether to team up with you or engage you. The loot spawner is to be designed as a universal module, since Tanoa and its new buildings are arriving pretty soon. Hopefully when it is fully developed, you should be able to customize how much to spawn, types of areas to spawn, types of stuff to be spawned, etc. Also, development is underway to manage and balance PVP in DSS, so that killing or befriending a player will have rewards or punishments. Will have more info on that soon in the coming week, too. ;)
  17. They only retrieve the string of the uniform, vest or backpack the unit is wearing. I'll give it a go, thanks! :)EDIT: It works, cheers! :D
  18. Hey guys, Is there any possible way to retrieve an array of classnames, consisting of items, magazines or weapons from the uniform, vest or backpack? I already know there are commands like magazines, items, but they only retrieve a total array of the unit's magazines/items. Thanks, Rawner135
  19. Ranwer135

    DSS: The Mod

    Hey guys, My apologies for being inactive for a month or two. DSS development was halted a month ago, due to stumbling on a pressing issue that would require the engine to run on the new inventory menu, which is difficult unless the developers provide documentation. There was also a lot of debate (within steam) about other planned projects I have in queue, too (e.g. Star Trek, Alien, RSPack2, etc). My main priority now is to further develop the mods I have already released, before starting new projects that will rip my hair out. Also, during the months I have been sorting out time consuming music issues with 'PositionMusic' in order to use one of their tracks in a new trailer that is still to come. :P Coming back to DSS. The mod is undergoing heavy development right now, which is kind of creating a completely new mod over the old one. However, since the new inventory menu cannot cooperate with the engine, it will be binded to the TAB key. In addition, the menu (or a.k.a. "Survival Companion") is looking badass in terms of FX, sound and style (plus easier to do tasks). That being said, photos and a changelog of what has been done so far will be revealed sometime next week or so. Best Regards, Rawner135
  20. Ranwer135

    Whats happened to this community

    Actually now after the past 2 months, some members of this community have actually become rude and arrogant to myself and my projects. Since the last 'incident' occurred, I never returned to this community as my skills felt "unwanted" and "unnecessary". Now I don't know why the hell some of the members think of me as their 'arch-enemy', but I would assume false rumours spread around. I regret everything I said on this thread (except this post) to defend what was pointless, and instead, I throw it against the members that caused me to leave this community. In addition, I strongly agree with the OP as Steam did open up more issues, especially with the erratic behaviour of some members (However, the only thing I am grateful about Steam, is its efficiency of updates and downloads). This post may seem 'threatening' to most/some, but deep down I know this community had definitely changed after ArmA 2. In conclusion, I am just a normal modder that enjoys making mods, so please think before you post rude posts about me. In the time being, I am happy with Frontier Development's forums and members, as they are a lot nicer and 'welcoming'. BTW: In response to the actions of these offensive members, I have ceased development in anything related to ArmA 3. Happy now!?!?
  21. Same thing said for the Titanic. ;)
  22. Ranwer135

    Free Games

    LOL, I thought it was another ArmA competition.
  23. I sort-of disagree, While its content may seem as an inspiration (or an example to learn), it may also encourage them to use it in their missions, addons or mods, The most appropriate and responsible thing to do is release sample content (with a license or given terms) on a website such as on the BIS forums. If they want to learn from you, then they are to PM or ask you directly for guidance and/or help. If you have got it on steam, set it to Private or Friends Only. Else otherwise, you must state your Terms & Conditions for your mission, addon or mod. If you see anything suspicious that resembles your work, you must contact a BIS moderator for help.
  24. Amazing the attachTo command, isn't it. I use it a lot and saves me 5 restarts of the mission. :D
  25. Hey guys, As the title says, I'm trying to add some textures to a "Land_BakedBeans_F". The problem is, no texture is shown. The texture and script command works on a player or another vehicle, but not this. I also used "getObjectTextures" to find what it is using. Instead, it returns as []. Any ideas how to apply a texture on it?!? Thanks, Rawner135