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  1. Yes we did, we will try downgrading it.
  2. Since I updated my ARMA yesterday, MCC is broken on our dedicated server and no one cant login again.
  3. sjones17


    For one of our biggest fans; This is for you John :)
  4. sjones17


    I'll try to fix it now.
  5. sjones17


    After 4 hours I've finally made VAQ-141's CAG bird.
  6. sjones17


    Some pics of the squadrons, so far I have 4; RAAF, VAQ-142, VAQ-137 and VAQ-139.
  7. sjones17


    Stand-off jamming can be done for 6 hours or more.
  8. sjones17


    Doesn't make sense, The Growler wasn't made for that, it can defend itself in an emergency but that may never happen.
  9. sjones17


    Of course :)
  10. sjones17


    Is it possible to get a "big screen"-like a tv,for RIO 2:nd seat? Could be useful if we could be directing UAV`s by connecting 10 of them to the plane itself. Then just wp,lase and fly over a target and drop.In case some AA-gunnner knows what he is doing.... What do you mean by that?
  11. sjones17


    It seems a lot you don't know how this aircraft works, A Growler can jam for up to 6 hours or more if it feels like. It can do SEAD (of course), stand-off jamming and escort missions. This aircraft can only jam electronics and nothing else, that's what it was made for and they aren't a lot carried on the ship only 5 cause that's all that is needed for the Air wing, but they are always on a mission somewhere doing stand-off jamming which is their main mission in Iraq and Syria right now. So that is what we will be applying to this aircraft, only realistic stuff. If you have anymore questions, go ahead.
  12. CSG-11 is based around the U.S.S Nimitz. Aboard the ship we have Carrier air wing eleven(CVW-11) we have nine squadrons, four of which are F/A-18s. Who are we?: We are a dedicated Navy group that are trying to simulate the U.S. Navy. What we do: We try to display Carrier ops as realistic as we can, which is our main focus in the unit, but we are trying to push more into enlisted jobs. Time zone: U.S.A and Canada Mods: we have a custom mod pack which is around 4gb Operation/Training days: Training is on Friday @ 9PM eastern and Ops are on Saturday at 8PM eastern Age limit: 15, but we make exceptions Jobs in the Unit: -Naval aviator (helicopter and Fixed wing) -Naval flight offficer (F/A-18F) -Helicopter crew -Air boss -Mini boss -Flight deck officer (Yellow shirt) -SAR swimmer -Enlisted Sailor -Air operations commander -Assistent air operation commander -Command staff -Enlisted deck crew -Boat crew Squadrons in CVW-11 -VFA-146 (F/A-18C) -VFA-147 (F/A-18E) -VFA-154 (F/A-18F) -VMFA-323 (F/A-18C) -VAW-121 (E-2C Hawkeye) -VAQ-142 (EA-18 Growler) -VRC-30 (C-2 Greyhound) -HSC-6 (MH-60S) -HSM-75 (MH-60R) Website: http://csg11.net/forums/ Teamspeak: Promotional video:
  13. Has anyone figured out the login problem on severs? When even the mission restarts it says, "server no longer commander".
  14. sjones17

    POOK SAM PACK (May 2022)

    You just made my day!
  15. Keep an eye on our facebook page for the lastest pics and update. https://www.facebook.com/Sevenseasstudioarma3/?ref=hl