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  1. Yes it's all dry at the moment once we have fixed our water tiles we intend to have rivers and ditches, these models were worked on a long time ago now water is working in A3 it can progress again.
  2. Weekly update M1lkman has been making more shops for the city with the models he finished last week they look great on the terrain he has amassed a large object library all functioning locks doors and breakable glass. With the weather being shit it gave me 100 hours free in the week to crack on with the green zone the fields are done tree lines and hedgerows are in, with the new gates and entrances I have I've started placing hundreds of compounds down through the main strip. I'm probably 90% done on the compounds just leaving the detail and features to go in which I hope to have complete in 2 weeks if time permits, I have pushed it day after day to get this huge project up and moving again in 3 week's I have managed to populate more than I had previously over months of placing objects by hand we have topped over 1million objects to achieve the dense fields of this region.
  3. Update me and M1lk have been bang on it all week I only have about 10 fields left to go through this 15 km long green zone hope to be done by tonight once I get the the updated models I will smash out the hundreds of compounds and add the detail over the next 2 weeks, I am lucky enough to have loads of free time as I only need to work 2 hours a day so I can give it my full attention till it is completed. We have been talking about producing some maps similar to the bi ones which will be purchasable for a small donation both digital and paper print if the interest is there, what would make this slightly different from stock maps is there will be a map for each faction adding intel for each side to use which can be used to great effect. Bluefor will get an intel pack with rough locations of possible caches, opfor local government buildings, suspected ied factory, possible HVT locations, drug labs, and such for some of the feature spots we have put in in adding this vast heavily populated green zone Taliban will get all the information needed for best ambush locations, ied kill zones, cache locations, cave locations and all faction facilities to use as you please these maps and an insurgent hand book will be advantageous for insurgency and alive type player on player missions. you need to know your enemy and the ground you fight on intel is key on this one
  4. yes would be an idea to do the jbad shop signs the same so would make more options to have more stores
  5. last pic of the night we hope to have some H2O available for the river system https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqOXwvWkM9Geg6Ux9RDUDtN5JBHLXQ
  6. few images now i have the roads playing ball game again http://4HunXZycHg https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqOXwvWkM9Geg6Uf-8cRMoQSNQNo3g https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqOXwvWkM9Geg6UgKOcgeoTp48yTgQ https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqOXwvWkM9Geg6UhFBFNLGE8HZitcw https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqOXwvWkM9Geg6UiQJCVSRR2enYecg https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqOXwvWkM9Geg6Uj3UdPgl8jJiNA4w https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqOXwvWkM9Geg6UkG3yHQXwLT34LKw https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqOXwvWkM9Geg6UlIZY-PsMk4hGilg https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqOXwvWkM9Geg6Ums_lA_UJovDuWLQ
  7. Cheers Buckfast I've been away but not out the loop, i see you have been busy well done mate.
  8. Update time I found my way back to my Pc sorry but RL bullshit got in the way for 3 years, I've updated all a3 tools and Jalalabad has been dusted off M1lky has been busy still on making models jbad friendly so we have some new terrain objects, I have spent best part of 30 hours in the last week placing fields and field borders and have managed to get about 5-7km done leaving only a few km of of fields to go to the edge of the first 15km tile, once I put the compounds and detail in we plan on an alpha release very soon. I have to say I am putting all my knowledge I have gained from the community and Ex/military players for ground detail on this one I hope this will stand out for the ground detail and M1lkys models, when it comes time to take cover watch and shoot from murder hole walls to mouse holes the enemy can disappear into the terrain watch out for ied's in walls and on doorways you best be checking all around you including when it comes to compound searches do you really want to open that box or open the lid on that hidden stash spot.
  9. smokedog3para

    Sangin WIP

    Had a lot of RL shit going on ill get back to it, just need to redo the roads and it will be finished.
  10. smokedog3para

    Legal Violations / Realistic cars in Arma 3

    road runner sorry to disappoint you but many A2 assets and OA assets and even A3 are all over the net and have been reported many times and guess what they are still there so i would say BI don't care to much.
  11. smokedog3para

    Oculus Rift & Arma 3?

    I am running an I7 3770 @4.2, 8gb ram, asus sabretooth mobo, ati r9 290x, plays fine for me in Arma 3, but is it worth it £500 sadly not for me it is not, oculus can be so good in some games and so bad in others more worse if you try to stand up so now to be on the safe side i just sit and use kb and mouse over the Delta Six, you have to remember you cannot see the kb with the rift on so not so easy to find keys, with the delta six you need no kb or mouse just set up voice commands but standing makes you VR sick. I do love the rift but also hate it as the more i use it the less i want to use it as the sickness i suffer from it it don't stop when you take the headset off the sickness can last hours when i get that bad i have to go and sleep it off.
  12. smokedog3para

    Fix to the "tetraHedron.p3d" error

    cheers for the info
  13. not sure what fixed it tbh but i see the animations for AI to get in a vehicle make them move through walls to enter from the rear but the only time i see it was entering a vehicle close to a compound wall
  14. music is real afghan nasheeds wanted to make it authentic tbh sounds better than half the shit that is out today lol, just a quick demo of how bad it really is when you got boots on the ground the engagements long and short range are epic i am trying to put in many points to use as firing positions along the ridge down the 611 prime ambush spots ready to take all heavy weapons with rock features for a bit of cover. ill do a vid of the valley up north which is massive and finished the greenzone is what is taking the time miles of it to fill. but with the new models think it makes it feel a bit different than all the current afghan terrains. M1lkm8n did start to do the river system but we held off so not sure where we will go with it now but I think it does need water in it, weather we can achieve such a task is unknown as the river system is easy 60km and then add all the small run-offs and add in the irrigation systems and that is a whole few months work to get right and working.