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  1. smokedog3para

    Sangin District Helmand Province.V4

    updated sangin Deleted ammo crates random appeared in fields Deleted untextured bridge Deleted blast markers Reverted to old lighting config ca world Tanoa Added Smoke bi key for servers. Lighting is still being worked on same for water if you have a fix and want to pass it over it would be welcomed. If any other one is interested in getting involved in Tactical battlefield Environments we are looking to expand the team . TBE Have a patreon account where you can join to get the extra content to go alongside Sangin and Jalalabad upon release Manuals and digital maps will be available, by joining the patreon we will be giving out early access to Jbad and all our other unreleased terrains once jbad goes beta testing we have Belfast ready in total there are 16 terrains sat here in various states to be ported from A2 into A3 Project Goals To run servers hosting missions with a back story that sits along side each terrain these terrains will have Intel via an ISAF field guide and a Taliban handbook both having intel relevant to the terrain, both sides having intel on each other to a limited degree to use in planning operations working with the story line, time line runs from 2006 onwards using real world data to achieve more realistic campaigns for long term game play we have put more emphasis on supply and infrastructure to give more options for missions to really cripple either faction if the supply chain gets hit power, industry, governmental buildings , fuel over the longer period. TBE Website to keep an updated website hosting latest stats for our server and Addons maps and manuals. incorporating the TBE umbrella all in one place. Mission maker to make real world missions for use on TBE servers using intel from TBE manuals. Texture artist Retexture assets to give more variety to building assets we currently have and any new assets, TBE logo design. 3D Modeler to make a few iconic buildings from Jalalabad. Admin,/Promotions to keep all the channels updated Server updated and monitored Website maintained and updated . What can we offer in return, access to all Jbad and TBE assets, you will be joining a good, team you will get our manuals and maps, Join our dev channel on Discord, and once the digital download maps and manuals go on sale potential profit. I have been in contact with a Map makers to get quotes for making ingame map of sangin and jbad as we will get both made up but may put these up on our website for the hardcore out there to purchase.
  2. smokedog3para


  3. smokedog3para


    Cheers Gunter will have a go and see.
  4. smokedog3para


    hi Gunter yes i did see your message i used the explosion textures and models from a2oa so not sure what is effecting the texture but will try and get that fixed i tested a3 ones in place of the ported a2 ones and had the same result so not sure why they can be placed in game and work as normal but placed in terrain builder has this effect in game on the player.
  5. smokedog3para


  6. smokedog3para


    cheers Gunter comments like this go along way, terrains are time consuming draining really when it is a big one i agree it is all about the community and the open nature of arma to mod and create the nights i have had with gaming units and friends i have never seen will have some long lasting memories and life long friendships come from it, we enjoy seeing all the missions and youtube vids of the community enjoying the terrains once jbad is done i have an extensive list of terrains i made for a2 unrealeased we will work through to bring to arma3 another 12 terrains sat here Belfast being the first one we will work on as i have it in arma3 currently so have enough to keep you guys going for a few years more. I have started the bottom left tile over the last couple of days as i needed a break from the top left which is almost complete just on the tidy up, Sanchez has more time to help out so he is currently on the top right section filling it in game and gets imported into tb which i think works well and is pushing it on , M1lkman is opening up buildings and adding in anything we can make more mission based for objective based objects to interact with so for power station you you can enter and open the breaker box to cut power.
  7. smokedog3para


    Power station has been opened up and has breakers in to cut power destroy in missions, Opx police station got updated nice work M1lk
  8. smokedog3para


    Jalalabad terrain 28km x 28km, m1lkman and myself have been working on jbad for the last 3-4 years so thought it was time to put up a WIP to show what you can expect from the terrain it has large mountain ranges with the river flowing through and a massive Greenzone following the river coarse up to the large city area with Airport and stadium. The terrain will be feature heavy for infrastructure and locations designed for long term missions Alive, we have adapted and opened up the the power station and added in power lines for protecting or if playing opfor destroying, other noteworthy locations are oil drilling facility, fuel refinery, fuel depo's and other such needed services along with governmental offices and buildings with Taliban infrastructure so both sides will have multiple locations and objectives. Currently the first 14km x 14km tile is near ready with another 2 x14km tiles under way just leaving the city to fill once the other 3 tiles are completed. Any questions or for early beta testing when ready jump on the jbad discord to get the latest intel.
  9. smokedog3para

    JBAD Release Thread

    Hi I know there was issues with ai walking through the normal oa taki walls back in the day and i think at times i have seen ai come through gaps may be an option to widen the lods a touch.
  10. smokedog3para

    Sangin District Helmand Province.V4

    alpha male cat done the skybox edit think it is a2 oa tweaked and new cloud, we tested a few versions before we settled with what we have all images of terrain lighting was posted in the sangin discord as it progressed.
  11. smokedog3para

    Sangin District Helmand Province.V4

    lighting is getting rolled back, the uv showing on the uk bridge is being sorted for jbad objects and tanoa is no longer defied in config so update incoming.
  12. smokedog3para

    Sangin District Helmand Province.V4

    Thanks for the sub appreciated i will email you with your ISAF manual asap.
  13. smokedog3para

    Sangin District Helmand Province.V4

    Hi bud yes pita uploading to the forums as no drag and drop but will do some today and upload.
  14. Finally got it out for release https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2258347913&searchtext=Sangin.v4
  15. smokedog3para

    Sangin WIP

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2258347913&searchtext=Sangin.v4 Released today.