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  1. interectic

    In game conversation question

    is this a better system that using cfgRadio and then usiing sideRadio or directSay?
  2. Hey y'all, So I am starting a campaign and I just want some feed back regarding in game conversations/text. I normally use the directSay and sideRadio method with the cfgRadio and I know I have to remoteexec it so it works for multiplayer. I currently am not doing voice acting for it but I do in the future. I am torn between using the method I state before or using the BIS_fnc_showSubtitle function that populates the text in the lower central part of the screen. I also don't know if i have to do something special to make that work in multiplayer or not. What do you guys recommend? Thanks
  3. How would you add actual voices to this?
  4. interectic

    Script Blackfish Firing

    Hey I appreciate the advice but i didn't manage to find anything that I haven't already done. Thanks again.
  5. Hello all, looking for some help scripting a salvo from a blackfish towards a target. I attempted to allow the ai to do it but they can't really seem to hit accurately. I was hoping of spawning the rounds and setting their direction towards the target but I cant figure it out. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Hey everyone, just trying to get the AI in the Blackfish to at the vehicle or enemy group I am lasing and I can't find any real successful scripts to do that. I have tried using laserTarget but it doesn't seem to work all the time. Id appreciate some advice. Thanks
  7. interectic

    3CB Factions

    Ok thanks guys Ill take another look. I appreciate the info.
  8. interectic

    3CB Factions

    Yeah sorry i should have been more detailed. ALIVE interaction. When tested they work fine in the editor but when used on the server the civilians no longer have the scroll option to interact with them.
  9. interectic

    3CB Factions

    anyone having issues with the 3cb faction civilians interaction not working on dedicated servers?
  10. will do. Once I can get the files ill start
  11. yeah I know. I wanted to attempt to update it to Arma 3 so I could play it. I have done this with an old Arma 2 mission I made awhile back
  12. yeah i can't seem to find it on there unfortunately. thank you though!!
  13. No i guess not, i apologize if i I posted in the wrong area. I have messaged him but I don't think he has seen it yet