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  1. interectic

    3CB Factions

    oh ok well have you had experience using sangin for alive?
  2. interectic

    3CB Factions

    does this mod work well with alive?
  3. Just curious if anyone has any any issues with using 3cb factions with alive. I know they aren't a faction that is on the supported list as of right now. Also has anyone had issues with the opfor ai not moving on the A2 sangin map. I would use the A3 version but it isn't indexed yet. Thanks yall
  4. I am looking for an IED script like alive where the ieds spawn when a player goes into that area. I know there are a few random ied scripts out there but ones the ieds spawn then that's it.
  5. interectic


    Anyone else having an issue where when a player gets in a vehicle it turn to a civilian one? The enemies don't shoot unless you get out.
  6. Yeah that didn't work. Vehicle still changes to purple
  7. Anyone know a fix to when my friend and I are playing OPEX and when we enter a blufor vehicle at base the vehicle changes to a civilian vehicle. This makes the enemy not shoot at us. We are playing as blufor as well. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  8. I'm currently having an issue where arma 3 sync wont open because of a java runtime error where it cant find the path. I tried everything and it still wont work. Can someone please help?
  9. interectic

    Simple Call to Prayer

    oh ok thank you very much
  10. So i have found many scripts for this but most if not all are too complicated for me or have some civilian system with them. All I want is for the prayer to be played in a loop or every couple of hours from a mosque that I place. Its for a multiplayer mission on Fallujah. Can someone please help???