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  1. interectic

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    does this increase the ai engagement distance and/or ability to engage at night without nods?
  2. interectic


    Thank you very much!
  3. interectic


    I was just asking the question to see if he would know. That's fine and I can wait but it never hurts to ask. I appreciate your feedback along with everyone else.
  4. interectic


    so do you know a fix to this currently?
  5. interectic


    the zombies still had the googles and i do not know if the string changed
  6. interectic


    just tried and it does not work
  7. interectic


    Anyway to stop the zombies from having goggles and glasses?
  8. interectic


    I can not find this antirad_uniforms you have mentioned? I looked in the ravage.pbo for it. Any idea?
  9. interectic


    Any way of determining what clothes will protect against radiation and is their a way to make this mod work with Drongos spooks and anomolies?
  10. interectic

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Hi all, just curious where in the mission file i go to change where the starting fob spawns and can I make a second main base? Thanks
  11. interectic

    3CB Factions

    oh ok well have you had experience using sangin for alive?
  12. interectic

    3CB Factions

    does this mod work well with alive?
  13. Just curious if anyone has any any issues with using 3cb factions with alive. I know they aren't a faction that is on the supported list as of right now. Also has anyone had issues with the opfor ai not moving on the A2 sangin map. I would use the A3 version but it isn't indexed yet. Thanks yall
  14. I am looking for an IED script like alive where the ieds spawn when a player goes into that area. I know there are a few random ied scripts out there but ones the ieds spawn then that's it.