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  1. Not to long ago i installed Arma 2 CO and on my ~100 dvd's i have allmost all campaigns for Arma 2 CO from Armaholic (with needed addons): Seal Team Six series, Zipper5, Azcoder or Wiki's campaigns etc etc. My campaigns and mission packs. I also have all campaigns/mission packs for Cold War Rearmed 2. Im a single player guy and dont know if after all those years people are still interested in campaigns for SP? Or now searching in most cases units/vehicles/mods/islands for MP if they are still playing online. Dont know if it worth to check all those dvd's, pack this stuff on some hosting like MEGA.
  2. tom3kb

    [sp_camp] Shadow Fall

    Nice to see you back with new campaign :)
  3. I saw few guys here had problem with only 1 save on mission in OFP, there was quick fix for that. You play the mission and make save, then you alt tab your game, cut savegame folder somewhere and you can create next save. ;) I think there was also "cheat" savegame, you presed Left Shift and Kaypad Minus and write savegame. Whit that you could save unlimited times but overwriting old save slot so better making that when you are absolutly sure that you are save and nothing bad will happend in 2sec ;)
  4. tom3kb

    Downloading without Steam

    You can use your cdkeys from dvd version and add them to steam. Bis made this after Gamespy died, last patch for a2oa was made also only for steam version of game.
  5. tom3kb

    Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    Ok just finished this campaign. Very good work, i liked the story, missions are good but not long. Nice that you added some cutscenes, i only miss that there is no outro on the end of campaign. Campaign is not so hard, i died only few times. Didnt found any bugs in missions or briefings. I had only problems with mission 5 (my earlier post). Big plus that we play as AAF i always liked campaigns where we are "bad guys" and we see the story from 2nd point of view. Not playing as team leader is also nice :) My rating: 9/10
  6. tom3kb

    Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    @up Yes i think standard satchel charge would be better, with that what we have i made only small pufff ;) and only 1 wheel in APC was destroyed :)
  7. tom3kb

    Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    Mission 5 Scape Goat. Ambush on convoy was strange. It looks like AAF soldiers are set to careless? I blow up tire in APC, 3 soldiers jumped from it and nobody do nothing, they didnt shoot. I killed all of them. The same situation with all soldiers in both trucks, killed some of them on trucks, few jumped out but nobody was shooting. Also i think any from my team mates didnt shoot even once i have to kill whole enemy squad alone, i only heard my commanders voice "enemy 1 oclock etc" but no reactions from my squad. Ps. playing on vanila game without any Ai mods etc. I like the story so far in my opinion scenario is good,
  8. tom3kb

    Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    Playing the campaign right now ;) And i must say very nice job. You even added short cutscenes before missions i see this first time in your work from the arma 2 times :) I dont know if this is some kind of bug but in mission 3 after task Execution when i killed one guy first i saw screen with Mission Failed and after a second Mission Compleated, and next mission was loaded so i think all is ok. I really like the story and task so far. Going to play few more missions. :D Big plus that we are not the team leader, at least not in ferst missions.
  9. tom3kb

    Wiki's creations [ArmA 3]

    Thanks for the new campaign Wiki. :) I was waiting for AAF campaign.
  10. Better late than never ;) I'm glad you enjoyed the mission/missions. Ps: In 2015 i released another small mission pack for Cwr2 mod with 3 missions. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/182882-spcwr-2-tom3kbs-sp-mission-pack-cwr-2-remake/ And in my signature you can find all stuff i released for arma 2, i remember that you played some of them :) Ps2: Do you play with "old" Cwr 2 mod or the new beta 1.02 released in 2015/2016 (also with new versions of all expansions). I'm curious, it would be nice if missions made on old Cwr 2 work with no problems on new version.
  11. tom3kb

    Size of Savegames

    Saves were always very big in bis games. I was playing many campaigns and sp missions in arma2 so my folder with saved games was ~5 GB. Its little stupid, You create in editor full mission with many scripts, cutscenes, briefings etc ->max size 500kb in most cases ~200kb (With music or voice acting files it could be xxxMB but basic mission is in KB). You make savegame and you have 30-50MB or more for each saved game :D
  12. @up You have this error becose this is only one SP mission not a full campaign ;) Put it in missions folder.
  13. Red Dawn CWR 2 Remake by tom3kb Description: Single Player campaign for Cold War Rearmed 2 mod (CWR 2). USSR attacked Chernarus. We play as CDF soldier and we try to defend our homeland. Campaign with 8 missions, with intro, outro and few simple cutscenes. Features: [li]SP campaign with 8 missions,[/li] [li]briefing with tasks, overview with picture and short info for each missions,[/li] [li]intro, outro and cutscenes,[/li] [li]you play as: CDF soldier,[/li] [li]if in mission you have optional task, you dont have to finish that task to accomplish whole mission,[/li] [li]bis modules: first aid (not in all missions),[/li] [li]if teamleader (your unit) is dead you must load the game, even if you can teamswitch to another unit in squad,[/li] [li]3 new custom songs from campaign Hammer of Thor by nettrucker[/li] Installation: Put folder "RedDawnCWR2Remake" in your Campaigns folder. If you dont have Campaigns folder, just create one. For example: d:\Arma 2\Campaigns\RedDawnCwr2Remake For playing you need: ArmA2 Combined Operations v1.62 [ Arma 2 v1.11 and Operation Arrowhead v1.62 ] Mods/addons needed: Cold War Rearmed 2 v1.01.2 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14568 Changelog: v1.0 - first release -changes and fixes in missions, cutscenes, briefings etc, -added few custom songs from Hammer of Thor campaign by nettrucker, CREDITS: Alchemy Divine and nettrucker for Hammer of Thor soundtrack that we can use in our missions. More info in: Hammer of Thor soundtrack readme file. Download links: I have virus/trojan alert in my antyvir please dont download this campaign yet.
  14. Hi guys, after long break from editing im back :) Im started converting my old missions and campaigns (all links to my work you can find in signature) for CWR 2 mod. I started with few missions. So here it is. tom3kb's SP Mission Pack CWR 2 Remake SP Mission Pack: tom3kb's SP Mission Pack CWR 2 Remake v1.0 Author: tom3kb ================================================================= For playing you need: ArmA2 Combined Operations v1.62 [ Arma 2 v1.11 and Operation Arrowhead v1.62 ] ================================================================= Mods/addons needed: Cold War Rearmed 2 v1.01.2 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14568 or http://cwr2.arma2.fr/downloads/ or arma2base ================================================================= Installation: Put folder "tom3kb's SP Mission Pack CWR 2 Remake" in your Missions folder. For example: d:\Arma 2\Missions\tom3kb's SP Mission Pack CWR 2 Remake =============================================================== Changelog: v1.0 - first public release, small changes and fixes in missions (story etc) ================================================================= Features: -SP Mission Pack with 3 single player missions, -briefings, overviews for missions, -you can change weapons during briefing, -in few missions player have few optional tasks. You dont have to finish optional tasks to accomplish mission, -bis modules: first aid, civilians, animals, cars etc, -no voice acting :( Ps: sorry for my bad english. ================================================================= !!! IMPORTANT !!! If teamleader (player unit) will die you must load the game. Even if you can teamswitch to another unit in squad. Have fun :) tom3kb Download links: https://www.sendspace.com/file/bh8shj http://www93.zippyshare.com/v/NI9ugxal/file.html Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29052 arma2base: soon... cwr2.arma2.fr soon...
  15. tom3kb

    ArmA 3 : RESIST

    @up Ok, thx for info. So I'm waiting for the full version :)