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  1. Thank you for your kind words. It's been a long time so I don't remember exactly that mission. Mission making is more like a practice homework for me, so I learn each release and try to improve on the next release. Problem is, I'm in Laos now and won't get back to things Arma for another month or two. Please feel free to play my other campaigns and comment. I really need to see the bugs and mistakes I've made in order to improve. Cheers.
  2. Kommiekat

    [Camp-SP] ArmA CO - Hammer of Thor

    I actually enjoyed being a machine gunner for a change. I usually kept to the back like a marksman would and had fun picking off enemies from afar. For house searches, one should be using a sidearm anyways. PS to nettrucker You may want to BOLD the 1.62 requirement and warn players "Not tested with 1.63" in your first post.
  3. Kommiekat

    Dark Tides

    Hi, you've been a great help in my early mission making days and I've been a big fan of yours. I agree with nettrucker and tom3kb. Roll it back to 1.62 version and pump that bad boy out. From here on out, keep any future A2 work as 1.62. I just don't see much happening with 1.63 in the future, but you never know. Consider also moving on to A3. Like tom3kb, I have A3 but am waiting for more mods and camps to come out. I've also played the same ones he has and they are damn fine. Cheers
  4. Kommiekat

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Sorry, but I've got the same question. I don't know which it choose and why.
  5. I understand. All my missions and Campaign are either Opfor or Independents. Last few missions were focused on Illegal CIA operations. I fully understand.
  6. Hey Bardosy, There is a possibility to create another campaign from this camp. All you need to do is this time make it on the side of the Independents. You've already got all the units placed done on the maps. Just reverse the story. Naturally the Greeks have to lose this campaign, but it can still be a campaign from their side of the story. You only need to delete the SUCCESS triggers for Opfor and then create SUCCESS triggers for IND. Let's take the first mission for example: Have a team of Greeks defending FERES. Then use a trigger like: Independent not present !alive _units >10...............or something like this. Then new way-point appears with new mission orders to RETREAT to the airport. Have team arrive arrive at airport SUCCESS, then battle at airport. Same trigger of !alive _units > 10, then another new way-point RETREAT to Selakeno. Team retreats to Selakeno and fights again. They are of course over whelmed each and every time, but lastly, they retreat again and, mission SUCCESS and END. You can do this for all the missions............. Fight, retreat, fight retreat, fight retreat.............. Just an idea of-course. The Greeks have to be defeated in the camp.
  7. Hello again, It's about the Icon colors. I understand RED and GREEN and BLUE. Not sure of Orange and Yellow............any meanings to those colors? I see yellow are pier and Orange at factories or airports. Cheers
  8. You may also consider this: Throughout the history of the military, promiscuous homosexuality was rampant. That includes the Greeks, Romans and Japanese Samurai. So that being the case (and fact!) and your mission is full of hunky muscle men all squeezed together in a small camp that they can't help but "bump" into each other, you could create one of those metal containers/bunkers you have used for sleeping in, as a "Pretty Pink Party Hearty Hub" for the men to get together for frolicking. Also, a homosexual relationship that develops between your hero and his Greek side-kick. Should be an interesting mission indeed!
  9. Kommiekat

    ArmA 3 : RESIST

    Just a darn minute! I'm already your friend long before Variable!
  10. Please give a link to the mission. I need to see the problem myself. Thx
  11. But what he said here is very important. NO ONE is going to think nor know to put it in the editor and save it. And what does that mean exactly? Do I have to play it in the editor or after saving it, I can place the missions in my missions folder? You still have not put any directions/instructions in the first post for your thread. It's just as "staggeringly simple" to put instructions on you first post as it is for him (neofit) to place a unit on the editor. Thank you.
  12. Very nicely done! Getting my ass kicked in the first combat scene, but well done. Nice voice, lots of eye candy at the base............enjoying lots!
  13. Nice video there. Well done. You guys speak very good Farsi as well.
  14. As usual, thanks for your help! I seem to have got it working. It was like..................................MAGIC!! I did this before and tonight did it again, put the glasses on and off and on and off.............this time it kicked in. Don't know how. Maybe it was.........................................................................MAGIC!
  15. You also noticed that he cheated!! He DID NOT hide! He anticipated the next move. I"M CALLING THE BIS POLICE AND REPORTING THIS!