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  1. SaOk

    Music Recommendations

    Cool new tracks from Beach House and Grizzly Bear + some GUM
  2. SaOk

    Music Recommendations

    New song from Grizzly Bear :)
  3. Its possible to add translations in stringtable.csv, just need to be sure there is no any symbols missing (" and , in right places), but I havent added everything in stringtable. The GUI cant be translated unless edited to use stringtable too. Havent managed to find any extra time. Started learning 3d modeling/texturing in february which have took much time. The UE4 Project have got much bigger. Still been working on some big issues (just got one big bug fixed that slowed gamethread very much) and should rework on drawcalls next. But hope to have dynamic consept to show in it during summer. Already prepared much for it. E.g. lookout towers/recon teams that report enemy sightings. Camps and other "spawning" stuff will come easily since having all units in pools. Can have life-cycles without any performance drop spikes. Having pathfinding for ai driving/flying ready. Waiting new plugin to replace physX driving with much better system. Should finish military vehicle in houdini soon and also make some flying craft. Still need to learn 3d modeling some more, but can add special map scructures quite easily soon.
  4. SaOk

    Music Recommendations

    Very cool acoustic set from the band that normally is heavy with effects.
  5. The respawn only bugs in SP if using ACE, since the whole respawn is custom made. The MP respawn should work normally. In MP the amount of AI unit dosent scale much up if using more players. Only more camps and some other features might be spawned if players spread around map much. Mostly the mission gets easier unless some players are put in opfor side. Orginally meant the MP version for small groups (~8 players in same team) to play. Made the bigger variants for Dwarden to test his powerfull servers. Mission seemed to run quite good when there was ~20 players. But mostly the consept didnt gather much players in open servers at same time. As side note - Creating my Unreal Engine 4 Project as singleplayer, but would be fun to add coop for it too later. Been gathering buggy WIP progress in my Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRealSaOk
  6. I actually tested headlessclients very long time ago in WLA, when the feature was heavy WIP. There might be some bad code left, so wouldnt recommend to use HC. Had forgotten I even had some HC experiments there.
  7. I made orginally the mp version for dedicated server, but could be its no longer working correctly. ACE can be hard to get working. I made the respawn system to follow damage-eventhandlers. Any mods with similar eventhandlers may cause problems. I dont think there is way to block mod features or make compatible. Wihout editing the mod itself (ACE).
  8. Sure, modify freely. :) The debug window should be in esc-menu. Then just write pisteet = 100000; and press exec.
  9. Nope, I noticed you converted DISWS too. :) Feel free to modify the WLA anyway, but as one thing please dont add ISIS as faction in WLA. I dont like any real terrorist group names (or religions) featured in my work. Forbitted the ISIS conversions also few years ago.
  10. Thanks for offering, :) I havent got game consept yet running in UE4 so bit too early to make homepage. But maybe later in summer or fall. Currently updating game progress only on Twitter and Youtube. Here is the COOP version for editor. Its only for Altis. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zb7xlzhtp3tk3b7/COOPWholeLottaAltis.7z?dl=0 COOP dosent have the tasks updated from SP version. And there is some other features missing like undercover mode. Also dialogs are older and the mod section dosent seem to really work. Been so much time that I dont remember good. SP version of Tanoa is mostly waiting new story and own tasks. And A*-pathfinding would need addition to detect islands. It still shouldnt leak performance, but the map marked teams might not work ideally. I would be good to add air lift teams for blufor too which needs some addition in related functions. The WLT version is the newest, have worked it. New bugs have appear while game have got updates - Both SP versions have random respawn bug that prevents player sometimes getting respawned (if using mods like ACE the whole respawn/advanced first aid get probably broken and not sure if it can be fixed without modifying ACE). The advanced first aid hotkey seem to mix with action menu and GUI sometimes dissapear. Whole GUI would need tweaking. Its not looking good currently. And mod section is very clumsy too. Fireplaces also give some buggy damage for player, its conflicting with civilians throwing items at player. Didnt find solution for that 2 years back, but game could be different for that now.
  11. Thanks :), there is no name set yet for the Project. I will try to have game available later in summer/fall, but depends how it comes. Hope to have proper content from start, even most likely bringing it as early access. Steam is removing greenlight so will see how expensive the new way will be. Not sure if I can afford steam release right away or should I try with some smaller gamesite first. You can freely edit the WLA, there is links for editor versions in my earlier post. But it could be hard to get started. There is so much code and havent kept them organized for 3rd party editing. Notepad++ file search will be essential.
  12. Hi :) you would need to edit Afterloading.sqf. In row 80. under //CTRL + R , you need to change 0x13 (which is the R) to match some other DIK-keycode: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DIK_KeyCodes E.g. 0x14 would T. Here is the open folder version for editor (Altis and Tanoa): https://www.dropbox.com/s/7abb2i9ghajnwmf/WholeLottaAltis.Altis.7z https://www.dropbox.com/s/dks3xz3hbqxlg7n/WholeLottaTanoa.Tanoa.7z?dl=0
  13. SaOk

    Music Recommendations

    New album coming from the Future Islands on 7th April! :)
  14. Thanks, :) you can use shift+1 mod section to change classnames for opfor. Was my early work with dialogs so its quite slow to use. Better maybe first to check the iranian units in 3d editor, where you should be able to see the classnames. Will be faster to find those classnames then in WLA mod section.
  15. You can toggle off the GUI boxbackgrounds in shift+1 options but there is no proper toggle for HUD elements. Before abandoning the Project mostly, I was just updating GUI but I left it bit WIP. Made some tweak last summer in that tiny update, but its stayed quite WIP. DISVAR was the variable. Sent personal message, but if someone else also like to change it. Just set value to e.g. 2000 in esc-menu with DISVAR = 2000; and pressing exec. Normally the value is between 1000 and 1500. The bigger value, the more dramatic spawn radius/FPS hit. That Get Tactical RTS interface looks ultra cool. Definitely trying it if some day playing arma more again. Never made any addons in arma, but I started now to make own 3d models with houdini for unreal engine 4. There is insane good tools today for indie developers so have to try myself too. :) Got Quixel SUITE2 for texturing too but first learning to model tatrapan, riot shield and baton. :) https://twitter.com/TheRealSaOk