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  1. Wow, great to see this mod still going and now in ArmA 3 ! Very interesting development with the aircraft carrier as well. I wonder if the mod team are thinking of, if they have time, adding any voice acting ? It would be nice to have soldiers saying period accurate orders and comments.
  2. There's a lot of setttings in the menu's (SHIFT-1) that take a while to discover so you don't necessarily have to edit script files. Have not got the game in front of me here, but I always respawn nearby or at an outpost. It's only purchased soldiers/vehicles that paracute in. Also reinforcements (set by default to on, but settable in WLA menu) arrive either by boat or dropped by heli. There's also a "cheat mode" similiar to what you are describing that is selectable in the WLA setup menu when you start it for the very first time.
  3. MichaelZFreeman

    Dynamic View Distance (DVD)

    Is there a toggle for this ? If not I'd like to request a toggle keyboard shortcut so I can turn this off when taking screen shots. I also think it should be released in the A3 forum. Just fired this up in Sahrani and the view distance maximum was lower. I can only set it manually in A3 settings to 1.2km. So it looks like DVD is capable of setting distance above this if the machine can handle it ? If this is what is going on here then another +1 to DVD ? However "overall" should be a max of 4km in the bohemia Visibility settings. A bit confused, not sure what's happened here.
  4. Goodluck with your Unreal Engine project ! Been looking at the free UE4 package and that is some cool stuff going on :) Just so I'm clear in the future, you don't want any modified versions of WLA published in the future ? What about any fixes I may come up with that I apply to my own private copy, OK to publish the fix code here ? One last thing the UI problem cleared up after I updated to a new monitor with bigger resolution so now I can see all of the UI info in the top left.
  5. MichaelZFreeman

    Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    Which island is that ?
  6. MichaelZFreeman

    AI - suppress command

    Thanks. Good. That's means it should not be long until it works its way through to the main build :)
  7. MichaelZFreeman

    AI - suppress command

    Is suppression in the main build, or is it DLC ? I saw Marksman DLC mentioned somewhere.
  8. I wonder if a better place for a lot of the HUD info woudl be in the map menu's ? Might see if I can modify my own copy of WLA to do this. I meant getting the AI to land jets for refuelling repair, buts its not essential. Oh, I luv mai AI camera's ... will try that. Cheers :) EDIT: Yay, got it ! Crikey. The wonders of game design. Reminds me of an interview with Steve Jackson (tabletop RPG game designer, "Fighting Fantasy" books, etc). Might play a tabletop RPG/Strategy one day just to understand the history that we see in A3 with this. EDIT: I'm getting the AI radio spam about running out of ammo which is apparently not the main weapon but too few pistol mags. I was thinking of writing my own script to auto add mags for evrey AI soldier (or just remove the pistol entirely) but ran across this in the WLA addon, Lin 48 of SaOkGearInit.sqf: if (handgunWeapon _this != "") then {if (count (handgunMagazine _this) > 0) then {SaOkGearOther = [SaOkGearOther,((handgunMagazine _this) select 0),1] CALL SAOKADDORREMOVE;};SaOkGearPistol = [SaOkGearPistol,handgunWeapon _this,1] CALL SAOKADDORREMOVE;}; Am I barking up the right tree ? Also I wonder if there is any overview document of how the addon is coded ? Or is it all described "in the code" ? BTW I should add any modifications I make are for my own personal use. I am NOT going to get involved in public releases of updated scripts.
  9. MichaelZFreeman

    Dynamic View Distance (DVD)

    Hi, I tried the addon again after being away from A3 for a while. At first I thought it was no longer working until I tested with campaign and other mods where it is still working fine. The problem was with WLA Amalgamation where DVD was added to an already saved game. It does not initialise. But fixed it by restarting WLA and DVD inits OK ! I thought I'd lost the saved game but WLA asks to "Continue from previous state" on first load and BINGO ! There's DVD. Don't know if this applies to other mods/scenarios and I wonder if it was the @addon load order as well which I made sure was CBA --> DVD --> addon/mod/scenario. So this should be good for making vids in intense (high cpu load) combat situations !
  10. Will do :) Still learning the scenario so may as well find out the cool features before doing the vid. A couple of questions. Can jets be made to land at airports ? Is there a unit camera system like there is in Benny Warfare where you can switch to soldier/vehicle/air unit camera ? I suspect the big map units are often simulated so there would be no unit camera to switch to, but I could be wrong. I guess it could be done for soldiers in the squad. EDIT: Bug ? Noticed this when I wanted to get WLA working with DVD and had to restart the entire thing. WLA asked to "Continue from previous state" and suddenly there are a load of extra icons on my screen; Prestige, Factory, Power (and one off the bottom that is not displayed) and a load of unit icons. Thought I was missing something ! Don't know how I lost them in first place.
  11. Had no problem with it. No crashes and was just in it for ~2 hours. I don't have any other addons activated apart from the animal sounds / voices. Wow, so this time I played I think I got over the hump. It's quite a lot to take in for new players, especially when you get plastered every 5 seconds at the start. But I think I picked a bad insertion location. I've gottta do a youtube vid about this mission. The depth of it is not obvious at the start. I thought those were simulated units moving around on the big map of the island. Then I found out that I can click on them and get a little popout of what the unit is, as well as give them orders (its all in the briefing section in the map menu). I did not realise that the mission is also hooked into map infrastructure so capturing a port and power generation gives access to a factory, etc, etc. Another thing that new players might miss is auto reinforcement (turned on by default). It was quite a moment while pausing with a single squad mate by the beach to, out of the blue, have a boat appear with reinforcements that then joined ! :lol:
  12. Thought I'd follow up on this. It is a confusing process to install the Linux server - see guide linked from my guide here - and it means having to install the full 16 Gigs of A2 and OA. Not viable for budget internet servers, which is why I was looking at windows server. However I now have a Linux PC suitable for running the Linux server on my local LAN (and possibly the net). But I still can't find out if I can install Windows server hyper-v for free and run it for free in Linux without having to install any other licensed software in it. It would be kinda nice to run Arma *Windows* server in Linux (on Hyper-V, MS even provide "LIS" Linux kernel drivers) as I might be able to hibernate the virtual server (not the parent Linux OS) to save non-savable server games.
  13. Ah, right. Should have noticed been a while since I've used that addon. Those are the Bohemia street lamps. TPW House Lights adds window lights in both A2 and A3. But not sure if it works on a server .... sounds like you don't need it anyway.