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  1. MichaelZFreeman

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    Ah, the Jackal. You won't believe the numbers of hours I spent in a Jackal cruising across Isla Duala in A2. Great to see a new version coming to A3 😎.
  2. MichaelZFreeman

    2 Mercian: British armed Forces

    Loving the Chinook . Of course it was in ArmA 2 don't know if CUPS ported it or if it's even comparable in detail to your model (Probably not).
  3. MichaelZFreeman

    Cargo Ship Project (Static)

    Yes, more ships ! The model looks very dramatic . Reminds me of -APS-Gnat and his massive ship building operations. Where did he go ? Anyway Altis has a lot of ocean that could be better used its just that the engine has some hiccups when it comes to ships, especially with the AI unless that has been patched since I last looked at this in 2014.
  4. Is there a clear guide out there that covers how to setup a headless client ? This is for the mission Liberation Tobruk which already has HC support (HC slots are shown in the mission start screen). The whole thing is just confusing me. Do I have to copy across gigabytes of mods if I run the HC on another machine ? Do I *have* to have a separate steam ID ? Can I use Arma 3 launcher to launch the HC, or some other launcher ? Confused 😱. EDIT: Of course as soon a I wrote that I found - https://docs.linuxgsm.com/game-servers/arma-3 - which includes the clearest explanation I've seen so far of an HC plus a handy simple setup system.
  5. I'll try and make a video. My point was that other 4 wheel vehicles have no problem on sand although they are bit slower. I suppose you could argue that the 4 wheeled APC is a heavier, anyway I'll try and show this in a video. Yes, I found your WW2 list. Very useful. You are indeed the uber compiler !
  6. OK, thanks. Will do. Another thing. What is it with the German squad car (the SdKfz 222). The four wheeled one with the open turret. All other vehicles like the Kubelwagan (four wheel drive car) go OK on sand. But the squad car grinds to a very slow crawl if even one wheel is on sand. This is most noticeable at the southern airfield on the Tobruk map. I can whiz up and down the airfield no problem but then it can't make it up sand covered hills, where normal bog standard cars have no problem. I forgot to say that IFA is really floating my WW2 boat in A3 ! I was playing Forgotten Hope (Battlefield 2 engine) but after losing their AI developers many of the maps are buggy and crash a lot. ArmA is much more stable.
  7. MichaelZFreeman

    All-in-One Single-Player Project

    Hi. I tried your command menu mod with Liberation Tobruk and they are made for one another. Playing as commander the mission is integrated into Zeus so HC units can be built so the mod is essential in order to transfer units to HC or nab units off HC units in the field. The vanilla menu's have always been a pain buts its surprising how quickly I can issue a command once I know them. But in the heat of battle I've got confused with every menu item looking the same. The best thing about the mod is the menu icons ! Great ! ... So, I had a unit stuck in a building but unstick did not move the soldier far enough to unstick him, but I just switched to him. Problem solved. Really glad to see a mod unleashing the full potential of the AI like this .
  8. Firing on German army base. Liberation Tobruk ( IFA3_AIO_LITE, Faces of War ).
  9. Hi, I got a crash in Liberation Tobruk [UK Army IFA3] mission after having moved German artillery piece and then using the ballistics computer. Also the computer becomes inaccurate after moving the piece. Rounds are off by ~500 meters or so (probably the distance I moved the piece). Is this a known problem in IFA or something that the mission author should look at ? Cheers.
  10. MichaelZFreeman

    Is Arma 3 a Singleplayer game or a Multiplayer game or both?

    Another comment on this after being away from A3 for a while and fully getting back into this. This based on many hours in Liberation Tobruk. For the first few hours I experienced excruciating frustration and impatience. Vehicles seemed to be ultra slow and getting somewhere took ages. I became aware of the instant gratification that so many ego shooters have entrained me into since not playing arma for years. But I persevered like one of those special forces guys hoofing it up a hill with a heavy pack on. Then I got over the hump and "It" happened (the arma effect). While attempting to take an enemy airfield an enemy aircraft was called as reinforcement. This proceeded to start strafing my position. I cowered in terror, my cheek buried in the desert sand looking for a place of safety. Then desperation set in. Enemy vehicles were captured and bitter fire fights ensued. Suddenly I was in a different world, sort like having escaped from The Matrix or something . Now that's beyond simple MP and SP descriptions. The ArmA effect. What other game even comes close ?
  11. MichaelZFreeman

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Certainly does ! I think I just created what was supposed to be the entire Hell in the Pacific mod from many of those pacific missions. At least that's what it feels like.
  12. MichaelZFreeman

    WARMACHINE - Game mode - SP/Coop/PvP

    Thanks for this. My first game was using WARMACHINE El Alamein - GER vs UK. Everything went great apart from support including helicopter support. I assumed some WW2 appropriate plane would show up but got an actual heli ! I don't know if this because I had Faces of War mod loaded when I started the game. I should probably try it with that turned off. Another thing. I had autonomous AI activated but respawned vehicles were never manned by other AI controlled squads. There were some squads running around the map, but very few vehicles apart from the one's I got my squad members to jump into. I saw a single manned German APC but that was it and could see all the German vehicles sitting at their base unused. Otherwise Warmachine is just great ! I've tried WW2 stuff in A3 before but always went back to Forgotten Hope mod (Battlefield 2). This is going to be a game changer for me as well as providing my PvE game play on other maps and mods. Warmachine is very fast. I did not notice any slow downs but I was not doing any kid of benchmarking. However everything was running ~55fps on my Intel 4690k, AMD R9 380, SSD system. EDIT: OK I fixed the vehicle thing. Of course I just had to turn on AI using vehicles in the mission generator. One thing I'm still having problems with is something I've had happen in some other AI only games out there. The AI rushes ahead and captures everything and the game is over far too fast. Is there any way to have other AI units under my command, in high command for example ?
  13. MichaelZFreeman

    Is Arma 3 a Singleplayer game or a Multiplayer game or both?

    Thanks. I posted. I managed to work out how to get a decent game. I played on Stratis with only 7 towns and things are MUCH faster ! Time to start putting my Lego together .
  14. MichaelZFreeman

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Was an avid player of WFBE in A2. Can anyone explain this "major" AI commander bug as I've been playing the latest UWRE and AI commander units capture towns and all is mostly fine although I only captured about 7 or 8 of the numerous towns before I had to restart due to badly set parameters (game <20fps due to too many AI). The only thing I noticed is that the Commander only ever has a maximum of 6 units listed in his UI. Yet there are another 6 stranded on an outlying island that do nothing. Maybe that is the bug ?
  15. MichaelZFreeman

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Thanks. However the download is no longer available. Can you reupload ?