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  1. Wow, thanks for the support here guys. Yeh, I took your earlier directions and did a claim. Between that and your own submissions, must have worked, because its GONE from Workshop. I missed what Very Presidential said but I'm sure I'm not missing much 😉 Gunter, Steve, Vengeance, Goat, FallujahMedic, Beno, StBurr, Sir BadNade .... and .... TankBuster? . ... Thanks again 😄 I'm undecided on the complexity of making further Mods or YouTube tutorials, but still love playing Arma3.
  2. Thanks to those who reached out and contacted me, I'm returning to the forums after a long spell away. This kid on Steam Workshop is clearly a delusional narcissist. The so called "author" is spinning stories and deleting my comments/instructions to remove my addon from the Workshop. Any advice on how to get Steam to pull it down?
  3. AI and ships dont mix, be they on foot or in the air. Suspect only a highly scripted solution would allow an AI chopper to land on a ship. Try looking for scripts that allow choppers to land on buildings.
  4. Wow, amazing User project/tool. Great job
  5. Lovin the bugs vilas ! :)
  6. [aps]gnat

    Worth trying to learn terrain creation now?

    Absolutely. But of course the number of extra long hour you need to do a quality terrain .... Is much much longer. I didn't do my first terrain until long after I'd done a few vehicles .... Otherwise I'd lost interest years ago.
  7. Chops ship I can't get to work. Mankyles LCS does work. My FSF does work, mostly because I copied the LCS. Download the LCS and look at the models turrets, the model.cfg and the config.cpp. Use as a guide.
  8. [aps]gnat

    Quick Terrain Builder Tutorial

    Great kicker for the community thank Jakerod! Well done. It worked for me, after a couple small hiccups. A couple of your steps seem to be missing/are silent on a couple clicks, but I guessed my way to the next step. I also dropped the author root folder and ran the project in the root of P (in line with everything I've done past). I also saved all material (like the project file) within the same folder. Seemed to work fine. I assume everyone else sees the Stratis road network and names overlaid ingame ....?
  9. This I think you will find is new BI code. Without any mods I tested BIs 2 new aircraft and saw this same effect.
  10. I've seen this in other people projects and for the life of me I cant find the reason
  11. [aps]gnat

    ArmA 2 C-130J and MV-22 Redux

    Super sexy !! .... long way from the OFP version. ;) lol GJ.
  12. Dont model the missile upwards. Used the FIRED EH to run this script example // ------------------------------- // ArmA Multi-Missile Proxy Launch // -------------------------------- // Script by Gnat // 3D pos help from Mandoble //---------------------- //---------------------------------------- // if you use it, credit me as appropraite //---------------------------------------- private ["_array","_weapon","_ammoname","_ship","_missobj", "_acount", "_lift", "_dir", "_vx", "_vy", "_vh", "_vz", "_ux", "_uy", "_uz", "_ur","_zzs","_target"]; _array = _this select 0; _weapon = _array select 1; _ammoname = _array select 4; _ship = _array select 0; if (!isServer) exitWith {}; if(_weapon == "GNTHarpoonLauncher_LAS") then { _missobj = nearestobject[_ship, _ammoname]; _acount = _ship ammo "GNTHarpoonLauncher_LAS"; _zzs = ((getposasl _ship select 2) * -1); _missobj Setvelocity (velocity _ship); _missobj SetPos [(_ship ModelToWorld [-1.7,42.4,-12]) select 0,(_ship ModelToWorld [-1.7,42.4,-12]) select 1,2]; _climb = 89; // Initial elevation _array = _ship weaponDirection "GNTHarpoonLauncher_LAS"; _dir = (_array select 0) atan2 (_array select 1); _vz = (sin _climb); _vh = (cos _climb); _vx = (sin _dir)* _vh; _vy = (cos _dir)* _vh; _missobj setVectorDir[_vx, _vy, _vz]; _uz = sin(_climb+90); // 0.940 _ur = cos(_climb+90); // -0.342 _ux = sin(_dir)* _ur; _uy = cos(_dir)* _ur; _missobj setVectorUp[_ux, _uy, _uz]; sleep 2; _dir = 1; };
  13. Interesting reading the recent/new Take On Mars mod'ing info ........ sounds more like a "space sim" engine than ArmA does : )
  14. And I would suggest neither is the US these days ......... (a good example of democracy) It's government org. spying on domestic and OS citizens ..... sounds like something from the Soviet era. It's gap between the super rich and "average" poor (not even counting the dirt poor) becomes the biggest in it's history. A gap is essential for "growth" but experts are saying the size of the current gap is unhealthy. So when you start judging "democracy" and even "dictatorship", you might want to double check what bench-mark you're trying to use.
  15. Try this http://www.ofpec.com/tags/index.php?action=details&tag_id=1405