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  1. This is for Take On Mars user made screenshots only. As always, hotlinking images greater than 100kb is not allowed, and anyone breaking this rule will end up with their infraction level raised and the pictures removed. Also: Please, no discussion here about the screenshots. Do not post screenshots that give away any campaign or mission spoilers, doing so risks an immediate ban from the forums. All replies without an image will now be met with warning and then infraction increases, use the Take On Mars Photography : Questions and Comments thread! (Pending) Broke it already !!
  2. Isolda Fleet Beta 1 for ArmAII/OA by Gnat Beta 1 Original OFP and ArmA addon by Sigma-6 Thanks mate! Civilian -> Chernarus -> Ship Features: - 2 berths, pilot, cargo - 6 different ships - Random colour schemes - Random company names - Random waterlines - Damage textures Full Isolda README Beta1 Download ArmA2Base.de Armaholic Armed Assault FILEFRONT Bug reporting always appreciated. Read the Readme before posting feedback. .... if you already have ArmAII, Operation Arrowhead is cheap, buy the bloody thing! Have fun ..... and remember, I do this shit for free! No donations required. Original author should get thanks too ;)
  3. Fast Sea Frame - Assault Craft Beta 3.0 (for ArmA3) by Gnat 4th Jan 2014 .... something a little different for ArmA3. ** Features ** - Walkable decks and gangways (@ 0 speed) - Lights and deck landing markers - Choppers automatically stick to moving deck - 2 crewable Attack boats that can attach and detach - Railings can be stepped over - Armed turret with Titan AA - Boarding ladders - Cargo crew capacity - READ README (and in Download) for more details. - Again, NOT what I would call ArmA3 quality, but its the best at this time, and it really more of a "mobile" experiment :) From the BI Forums, code snippets and Ship inspiration, thanks to; Mankyle, Aplion, Make Love Not War, Chortles, SpectreRSG. Sealife, Hatchet_AS, Kremator, Chops, gagagu & RedPhoenix DOWNLOAD LINKS Fast Sea Frame - Beta 3.0 - 4th Jan 14 Filefront Placing Helicopter onto deck of FSF in Editor - Place Chopper over deck of FSF - In the ELEVATION field of chopper place; 10 NOTES - MAN (and other) class do not stick to moving decks (of any vehicles) at this time. BI need to fix. So, in exchange for me providing this addon, please take 5 minutes to VOTE UP these bug tickets. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=5577 http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=15540 http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=15384 http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=15495 http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=16463 Please report bugs here, and be nice about it.
  4. Wow, thanks for the support here guys. Yeh, I took your earlier directions and did a claim. Between that and your own submissions, must have worked, because its GONE from Workshop. I missed what Very Presidential said but I'm sure I'm not missing much 😉 Gunter, Steve, Vengeance, Goat, FallujahMedic, Beno, StBurr, Sir BadNade .... and .... TankBuster? . ... Thanks again 😄 I'm undecided on the complexity of making further Mods or YouTube tutorials, but still love playing Arma3.
  5. Thanks to those who reached out and contacted me, I'm returning to the forums after a long spell away. This kid on Steam Workshop is clearly a delusional narcissist. The so called "author" is spinning stories and deleting my comments/instructions to remove my addon from the Workshop. Any advice on how to get Steam to pull it down?
  6. B-52 "Buff" Bomber UPDATE - Beta 3 for ArmAII by Gnat UPDATE Beta 3 - Uses XEH (CBA Extended Event Handlers) - Uses GNT_Weapons - Updated to Beta 2 and included - Somewhat improved textures/rvmats - Wreck model - Anti-Dive Bombing script added - Unarmed universal version added - AGM-86 Cruise Missile added to Weapons pack B-52 README Weapons README Test Mission by Mandoble - Uses Mando Missiles - Lets you launch AGM-86 Nuclear Missile and has Tailgunner Test Mission Download Beta3 Download ArmA2Base.de Armed Assault . Info Armaholic ---------------------------------------------- --------------------------- OLD BETA Details ------------------------------------ A quick and dirt beta for ArmAII ! Far from tweaked or even to ArmAII quality expectations. As I head off for a month I thought in conjunction with the beta release of Sands 41km Terrain (See HERE), I thought I might throw this out, as it suits the big terrain of Sands with the airbases. Some changes from the OFP release (wow, 4 years ago!) - Some textures are ArmAII types - Flexing wings - Improved engine cells Only armed with 84 bombs, but damn they sounds great as a distant rumble hitting the ground :D AI are ok'ish at bombing, except the diving looks ugly. More in the README file. check it out. DOWNLOAD LOCATIONS; FILEFRONT DOWNLOAD -- broken Release frontpaged at the Armaholic homepage
  7. Cessna 185 Skywagon - Light Aircraft Beta 2 for ArmAIII-Alpha by Gnat Beta 2 Original FSX addon by JR Lucariny Converted and modified to ArmAII by Gnat with permissions. Various changes including adjusting the 3D model, merging some textures, adding animations, adding damage textures, adding wreck model etc etc CIVILIAN Air -> Cessna 185 Skywagon Air -> Cessna 185 Amphibian MILITARY OPFOR -> Air -> Cessna 185 Armed Features: - 4 seater, 1 pilot, 3 cargo - Working Amphibian version - 6 colour schemes available - Customisable textures. - Damage model and Textures - Exhaust FX - Random Start failure Armed version has 12x rockets Beta2 Download FILEFRONT Armaholic Read the README for more details Bug reporting always appreciated. Read the Readme before posting feedback. Have fun ..... and remember, I do this shit for free, its not perfect, so dont whine. Bunch of things don't work well in the ArmAIII Alpha yet. Examples are sound and tail suspended in the air on ground. Next version, later. >>> BLANK TEXTURES <<< Skin Away ! http://members.iinet.net.au/~nrspence2/ArmAII/C185tex.7z .
  8. Been playing with some old addons, like the An72 Using the old Simulation and no Physx Geo LOD. All fine, flys well etc, except for 1 problem; The centre of gravity (when only on wheels?) is not following the centre of weight in the Geometry LOD. So when its on the ground it constantly falls backwards. Nose wheel in the air. Even when I force the weight CoG forward in the GEO LOD, doesnt change the problem. Oddly I'm not getting the same problem with the float version of the C185, (wont be noticeable with tail-dragger version) Any ideas?
  9. Sands 41km Desert Terrain by Gnat Before I waste too much time on it, wanted to get some feedback on some specific questions. . . . . . IDEA - 5 airbases generally layed out in corners and 1 center - No water - Terrain is 41km x 41km at 100m to 1000m - Its a huge area, best for air operations, not really meant for foot or wheeled/tracked - No towns or other (yet) - No roads - More designed to strategic missions, CTI, warefare or Dynamic missions etc - Infinite terrain works well - I will give plains, ridges and peaks specific names QUESTIONS 1) Five Airbase: is that OK? 2) Didn't think any of the ArmA2 vegitation suited the terrain, so I'm only going to use Clutter. Anyone think of any plants that might suit the terrain? 3) No specific towns, industrial areas or landmarks. Was thinking I'd leave it to mission makers to add "targets". Could use "templates" to generate towns or villages etc. Problem? 4) Simple landmarks: Was thinking I might at a few small random landmarks like a few of the big lattic radio towers on mountain peaks (not the big TV tower, probably). Problem? 5) No roads, mainly because its a huge map and no landmarks except airbases, so there seems little point. Thoughts? 6) Rocks: Adding them will be a problem on such a huge landscape, and they will reduce/kill the very nice FPS its got now. I could add a few "clumps" here and there, but not sure their real worth. Thoughts? As I'm away for work for a month .... SANDS - BETA 0.1 FILEFRONT DOWNLOAD Armed Assualt dot Info LINK Armaholic LINK Also includes a very rushed crCTI Warefare (last tweaked prior by Squeeze) to suit. Air transport added to start, along with cheap Aircraft God knows its probably badly unbalanced :D
  10. Idea: A CaMSO assigned to the ArmA3 mod'ing community - Community and Mod Support Officer from BI themselves (Yes, odd name, but call it whatever you like :D ) Opportunity: Cultivate the community and directly support promising Mod teams with human and documentation resources from the BI team, dedicated to accelerating learning and problem solving of Mod'ers. BI has proven it has a unique formula. Along with benefiting gamers, BI's pockets did well from the free DayZ mod explosion. To name but a few of the mod's, addons, tools or mission packs that keep gamers paying and glad they made that purchase, and the next.... ; Invasion44, Project Reality, ACE, CSLA, Hell in the Pacific, City Life, PwS, JSRS, Blastcore, ACRE, Mando Missile, CWR2, Domination, WarfareBE, crCTI, Wasteland Detail: On the back of Marek Spanel news around releasing tools for ArmA3 and ArmA2 content. 1 or more BI employees or contractors assigned to directly support the Mod'ing community. - Via supporting the Editing Forums - Via Skype channels or similar - Via Biki improvements - Via support to knowledge centres like ArmaStack - Via direct support into the large or promising Mod teams - Via technical blogs Why: Marek Spanel on DayZ in May 2012 Improve ArmA3 (and other) sales along with capturing and delighting gamers world round. The opportunity to grow better, faster, a major community around the BI games, accelerate mod development & releases, inspire innovation. The community is hungry, full of ideas and eager to make ArmA3 the core behind The-Next-Big-Thing (after ArmA3 :D ) (Note: "Mod'ing" has been used here to cover all content development, including scenarios, missions, script packs, addons, terrains, tools etc etc)
  11. Seems no matter how I define light source points; - Points in model skelton - Points in "sections" definition - Animate via "rotation" - Animate via "hide" - Be they "MarkerLights" or ""Refectors" ... none seem to move the points. Any ideas if this is 100% engine design and unchangable or I've just missed a vital factor in my config or model? (anyone ever animated a tank turret light for example?)
  12. Submarine Pack Beta 2 (for ArmAII) by Gnat ** Sub Features ** - AI auto-dive when in danger - Manual dive to 100 meters - Command and cargo space - Walkable hull (mostly) - Deployable Zodiacs - Working Missiles and Torpedoes - 1 working compass on Bridge - radar signature camouflaged when dived - Demo Single Player Mission included: "SubHunterMission" - READ README in Download for more details. - Again, not what I would call ArmAII quality, but its the best I can do. REQUIRES MANDO MISSILE ArmAII addon DOWNLOAD Mando Missle Addon HERE; http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8243 DOWNLOADS Submarine Pack - Beta 2 - Nov 09 FILEFRONT ArmA2Base.de Armaholic Armed Assault Info
  13. Cessna 185 Skywagon - Light Aircraft Beta 1 for ArmAII-OA by Gnat Beta 1 Original FSX addon by JR Lucariny Converted and modified to ArmAII by Gnat with permissions. Various changes including adjusting the 3D model, merging some textures, adding animations, adding damage textures, adding wreck model etc etc CIVILIAN Chernarus -> Air -> Cessna 185 Skywagon Chernarus -> Air -> Cessna 185 Amphibian Russia -> Air -> Cessna 185 Skywagon Russia -> Air -> Cessna 185 Amphibian Takistani -> Air -> Cessna 185 Skywagon MILITARY OPFOR -> Takistan Army -> Air -> Cessna 185 Armed OPFOR -> Takistan Army -> Air -> Cessna 185 Recon Features: - 4 seater, 1 pilot, 3 cargo - Working Amphibian version - 6 colour schemes available - Customisable textures. - Damage model and Textures - CamShake for engine start - Exhaust smoke - Random Start failure Armed version has 12x rockets Beta1 Download FILEFRONT ArmA2Base.de Armaholic ArmedAssault.Info Read the README for more details Thanks to Dimitri_Harkov for the "camshake" tip. Bug reporting always appreciated. Read the Readme before posting feedback. .... if you already have ArmAII, Operation Arrowhead is cheap, buy the bloody thing! Have fun ..... and remember, I do this shit for free, so dont whine. >>> BLANK TEXTURES <<< Skin Away ! http://members.iinet.net.au/~nrspence2/ArmAII/C185tex.7z .
  14. AI and ships dont mix, be they on foot or in the air. Suspect only a highly scripted solution would allow an AI chopper to land on a ship. Try looking for scripts that allow choppers to land on buildings.
  15. Wow, amazing User project/tool. Great job
  16. Lovin the bugs vilas ! :)
  17. [aps]gnat

    Worth trying to learn terrain creation now?

    Absolutely. But of course the number of extra long hour you need to do a quality terrain .... Is much much longer. I didn't do my first terrain until long after I'd done a few vehicles .... Otherwise I'd lost interest years ago.
  18. Chops ship I can't get to work. Mankyles LCS does work. My FSF does work, mostly because I copied the LCS. Download the LCS and look at the models turrets, the model.cfg and the config.cpp. Use as a guide.
  19. [aps]gnat

    Quick Terrain Builder Tutorial

    Great kicker for the community thank Jakerod! Well done. It worked for me, after a couple small hiccups. A couple of your steps seem to be missing/are silent on a couple clicks, but I guessed my way to the next step. I also dropped the author root folder and ran the project in the root of P (in line with everything I've done past). I also saved all material (like the project file) within the same folder. Seemed to work fine. I assume everyone else sees the Stratis road network and names overlaid ingame ....?
  20. This I think you will find is new BI code. Without any mods I tested BIs 2 new aircraft and saw this same effect.
  21. I've seen this in other people projects and for the life of me I cant find the reason
  22. [aps]gnat

    ArmA 2 C-130J and MV-22 Redux

    Super sexy !! .... long way from the OFP version. ;) lol GJ.
  23. Dont model the missile upwards. Used the FIRED EH to run this script example // ------------------------------- // ArmA Multi-Missile Proxy Launch // -------------------------------- // Script by Gnat // 3D pos help from Mandoble //---------------------- //---------------------------------------- // if you use it, credit me as appropraite //---------------------------------------- private ["_array","_weapon","_ammoname","_ship","_missobj", "_acount", "_lift", "_dir", "_vx", "_vy", "_vh", "_vz", "_ux", "_uy", "_uz", "_ur","_zzs","_target"]; _array = _this select 0; _weapon = _array select 1; _ammoname = _array select 4; _ship = _array select 0; if (!isServer) exitWith {}; if(_weapon == "GNTHarpoonLauncher_LAS") then { _missobj = nearestobject[_ship, _ammoname]; _acount = _ship ammo "GNTHarpoonLauncher_LAS"; _zzs = ((getposasl _ship select 2) * -1); _missobj Setvelocity (velocity _ship); _missobj SetPos [(_ship ModelToWorld [-1.7,42.4,-12]) select 0,(_ship ModelToWorld [-1.7,42.4,-12]) select 1,2]; _climb = 89; // Initial elevation _array = _ship weaponDirection "GNTHarpoonLauncher_LAS"; _dir = (_array select 0) atan2 (_array select 1); _vz = (sin _climb); _vh = (cos _climb); _vx = (sin _dir)* _vh; _vy = (cos _dir)* _vh; _missobj setVectorDir[_vx, _vy, _vz]; _uz = sin(_climb+90); // 0.940 _ur = cos(_climb+90); // -0.342 _ux = sin(_dir)* _ur; _uy = cos(_dir)* _ur; _missobj setVectorUp[_ux, _uy, _uz]; sleep 2; _dir = 1; };
  24. Interesting reading the recent/new Take On Mars mod'ing info ........ sounds more like a "space sim" engine than ArmA does : )
  25. And I would suggest neither is the US these days ......... (a good example of democracy) It's government org. spying on domestic and OS citizens ..... sounds like something from the Soviet era. It's gap between the super rich and "average" poor (not even counting the dirt poor) becomes the biggest in it's history. A gap is essential for "growth" but experts are saying the size of the current gap is unhealthy. So when you start judging "democracy" and even "dictatorship", you might want to double check what bench-mark you're trying to use.