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    Being able to walk through walls

    Looking at your pic of the geo lod, and the named selections. Did you: Structure>Topology>Find Components ? When you do, you should see component01, component02, ... Then save & pack.
  2. using something like 'vehicles' would add the eventhander to all 'vehicles' in the scenario. and if you wanted to narrow down the 'all' vehicle list, you could probably weed out want we don't want. side, class, empty....
  3. Here is an idea, add the following into the init statement field for your tank. this addEventHandler ["GetOut", "if (_this select 1 == 'commander') then {dostop (driver (_this select 0));};"]; When acting as the commander for the tank, tank will stay put when you get out, until you order the driver to move elsewhere or to regroup. Didn't test it in multiplayer.
  4. mt_klip12

    Tanoa Trains

    Idea, if not covered already. Explosive detonated on a track destroys that track piece/node. Which slows/halts train, or, train crashes (engine). Engine can drive on own without player, based on script/trigger(s). Allows for scenario where mission is to halt/disrupt rail operations/logistics.