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  1. duda123

    Advanced Urban Rappelling

    Shooting while rappelling is only supported if the client has the mod enabled. As far as I know, there's no way to include custom animations in the mission directly.
  2. Using the dev version, here are some scripts you can use: 1. Create a train via script and give it some speed (place this in the init field of any train engine object placed on the map): this call { _train = [_this] call ATRAIN_fnc_createTrain; for "_i" from 0 to 5 do { [_train, "ATS_Trains_AE_Wagon"] call ATRAIN_fnc_attachTrainCar; }; _train setVariable ["ATRAIN_Remote_Cruise_Control_Enabled", true, true]; _train setVariable ["ATRAIN_Local_Velocity", 12]; _train setVariable ["ATRAIN_Remote_Velocity", 12, true]; }; 2. Derail the train (assumes the name of the editor-placed engine is TRAIN) [[TRAIN] call ATRAIN_fnc_getTrain] call ATRAIN_fnc_derailTrain 3. Control who can get in the train: [{some code that returns true or false. _this select 0 is the player},"You need a license to drive this train"] call ATRAIN_fnc_setTrainDriveCondition; [{some code that returns true or false _this select 0 is the player},"You need a license to ride this train"] call ATRAIN_fnc_setTrainRideCondition;
  3. Sorry, published to the wrong steam workshop item. The steam item above is now updated.
  4. duda123

    Advanced Towing

    Yes you can install it as a script without the addon. Your change seems good to me.
  5. Updated version of ATS dev released: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1249410807
  6. duda123

    Advanced Urban Rappelling

    I might be wrong, but I don't believe you can include animations in a mission.
  7. duda123

    Advanced AI Command

    You don't need to do anything special to get it to load. Just launch the game with this mod enabled and start any mission. Then, open your map and you should see icons over each ai group on your side.
  8. All great ideas! Have you tried out the dev build of ATS yet? It's headed in this direction :) Even has train derailments. Creating trains and moving them is possible via script in the dev build. However, I'd imagine editor module-based config would be better for most users.
  9. duda123

    Advanced Rappelling

    Formatting got all messed up, but give this a try. Stick it in your init.sqf. (Haven't tested the code yet) AR_Rappel_All_Cargo_Now = { params ["_vehicle"]; if(!local _vehicle) exitWith { [_this,"AR_Rappel_All_Cargo_Now",_vehicle] call AR_RemoteExec }; private _cargoCrew = (fullCrew _vehicle) select {(_x select 1 == "cargo" || _x select 4) && alive _x}; private _rappelUnits = _cargoCrew apply {_x select 0}; private _unitsOutsideVehicle = []; while { count _unitsOutsideVehicle != count _rappelUnits } do { { [_x, _vehicle] call AR_Rappel_From_Heli; sleep 1; } forEach (_rappelUnits-_unitsOutsideVehicle); { if!(_x in _vehicle) then { _unitsOutsideVehicle pushBack _x; }; } forEach (_rappelUnits-_unitsOutsideVehicle); sleep 2; }; }; AR_Rappel_Cargo_From_Heli_Action_Check = { params ["_player"]; private _vehicle = vehicle _player; if(_vehicle == _player) exitWith {false}; if(driver _vehicle != _player) exitWith {false}; private _cargoCrew = (fullCrew _vehicle) select {(_x select 1 == "cargo" || _x select 4) && alive _x}; private _rappelUnits = _cargoCrew apply {_x select 0}; _canRappelOne = false; { if([_x, _vehicle] call AR_Rappel_From_Heli_Action_Check) exitWith { _canRappelOne = true; }; } forEach _rappelUnits; _canRappelOne; }; if(!isDedicated) then { [] spawn { while {true} do { if(!isNull player && isPlayer player) then { if!(player getVariable ["AR_Rappel_Cargo_Loaded",false] ) then { _player addAction ["Rappel All Cargo", { [vehicle player] call AR_Rappel_All_Cargo_Now; }, nil, 0, false, true, "", "[player] call AR_Rappel_Cargo_From_Heli_Action_Check"]; _player addEventHandler ["Respawn", { player setVariable ["AR_Rappel_Cargo_Loaded",false]; }]; player setVariable ["AR_Rappel_Cargo_Loaded",true]; }; }; sleep 5; }; }; };
  10. Add this to your init.sqf file: ASL_HEAVY_LIFTING_MIN_LIFT_OVERRIDE = 0;
  11. duda123

    Cave System

    Now includes 10 MP slots, enemy and respawn/revive functionality. It's fully playable! Let me know if you try it out!
  12. duda123

    Cave System

    Dev build of Raiders published to steam! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1275691404 Let me know what you think of the cave system!
  13. duda123

    Cave System

    Now uses a custom terrain to get the effect of water on the ground