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  1. Create a ticket and I'll fix it, it's due to the recent tank update changing how Lod viewing works for crew positions.
  2. Internal version/public dev branch
  3. Working on some diving equipment for the brits to use, personally its one of the least developed areas and its rare to see mods for it.
  4. deltagamer

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Would it be possible to have the m1084a1r sov cab on the chassis of the m1083a1p2/m1078a1p2 for troop carriage then? No idea if that's a thing but would be great to have. Also cheers for sorting out my ticket.
  5. There's 3CB equipment, I'm pretty sure they have winter smocks you can use.
  6. deltagamer

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I really like the whole airmobile idea behind some of the vehicles you guys have wonderfully done and I really look forward to seeing more development in that area. I have a question regarding the m1078a1r sov and m1084a1r sov. Are these also considered airmobile? It's an interesting type of vehicle and could potentially be really good especially for airdrops if that's even possible, I saw a slight discussion about it further back but would like to know if the rhs socom versions would be considered capable of lvad. Also is it possible to see an extension to those vehicles, such as having the capacity to carry more troops especially for the m1084a1r sov or even different weapon setups for the m1084a1r sov. I would be happy to help with that if it ain't a priority right now. There's an m240 that can be added to the front of the vehicle from the looks of things: As of now some trucks have issues with loading into aircraft so I made a ticket: http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view.php?id=4477
  7. Yeah dpm and ddpm will both be available with all the older mk3 ospreys on top of that as well.
  8. Yeah I have the source, stalkergb donated it to cup some time ago but its never been fully utilised. I'm currently working on overhauling the whole of baf in cup to make the quality and logic behind their vests etc much better. Regarding the weighing for shoulders, afaik it looks not too bad however some weapon animations can mess this up. Whats your opinion on this, obviously the ubacs model doesn't fit a3 vests however for the baf vests I think its fine.
  9. Not sure what I'm gonna do with gloves yet, as of now there are knee pad versions of all the uniforms so I might add gloves to them. I did use his l85 for the old mod however it ended up getting added to cup weapons so I think i'll just use that and have a dependency. Also if people really want to they can make a config mod to replace the weapons with other baf weapon packs out there.
  10. speaking of news, Taro and his god tier work has given baf a new breath of life with some brilliant quality textures for the ubacs model.
  11. Not entirely, cup baf actually uses a lot of the stuff from DG baf mod + extra stuff others have donated throughout the years. This is mainly an update to my old mod so I wouldn't say it's a lightweight cup baf. However both have similar content and if anything new gets made for this then I'll chuck it back into cup to give cup baf more content. cup weapons will probably be required for both soldiers and vehicles to save me doing duplicate weapon configs, I would be open to ideas however I do see me making it a requirement.
  12. British Armed Forces : Combined Arms Formerly DG British Armed Forces First part of this mod will be released soon This is an update to my previous mod DG British Armed Forces. With all my work that has went into CUP I've decided to release the assets I've worked on throughout the years to kind of update my previous mods. With permission from previous modders who you will recognise from the screenshots below this will be a rehash with some new and ported content making its way to arma 3. Special thanks to all involved who have helped me and donated work to allow me to create this project and support the growth of CUP by donating high quality assets. I'm unsure if there will be any requirements to use this mod, to make life easy for myself I will probably require cup weapons for the units and vehicles as this has a good selection of weapons to choose from. Also other baf related mods are highly recommended to be used with this. DBAF_JointUniforms : UBACS Clothing Osprey MK4 Vest Webbing and Belt System Mk7 Helmet Various Backpacks Berets, PRR headsets DPM, DDPM uniforms/vests Credits: Anyone I forgot to mention and credit please let me know. FAQ: Q:- Do you support monetisation and will you approve it? A:- No sorry. Q:- Can I retexture these assets? A:- yes! and please send any textures my way as I would love to include them. Q:- Can I have the sources of this mod? A:- Simply No, this is because not all of it is my work. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.
  13. We have the source LPD from a2 with permission however we've never gotten round to working on it yet. So in the future it will be a possiblity to see both more areas on the LHD and a LPD as well.
  14. On the topic of updates here's a quick teaser of a future lore friendly cup expansion for the AAF with more vanilla factions getting love shortly! All vehicles can be edited within the Virtual Garage to create many different variants.