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  1. cptdavo

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Yeah had this problem tonight and I couldn't find a way to fix it so I missed out on a tac. :(
  2. cptdavo


    As long as the config includes the units it should be fine. (Looking at the config I'd say it is included so it should be zeus compatible)
  3. cptdavo


    Great stuff mate! Keep up the awesome work! Love the new UH-1N! (Should get rid of the UH-1N Escort and closed variants with my USMC/Navy skin and replace them with the new UH-1N Iroquois variants.)Also the new darker skins would be best suited for the UH-1H variants. (I have also updated my 7z link I gave you with a new set of skins including the shark and medevac versions and I've re-added in the US ARMY Alpha layer.) I've also noticed that you have a whole bunch of textures for the apache, cobra, blackhawk etc. (Do they need to be in the pack?) On another note, would you consider asking Lord Jarhead for his sounds(JSRS 2.1 from A2) for your pack? (Working with him the past, he is fine as long as you acknowledge him and check with him beforehand) I maybe able to help you with them if you'd like.
  4. Now that Kju has stopped work on AiA-TP, will there be a patch by you guys to update it with the latest version of your Sahrani?
  5. cptdavo

    EricJ Release thread

    I did have this problem however after removing the RH config (which is now obsolete I believe) everything seems to be working again.
  6. Yeah I just had a look and the UH-60 sounds beefier.
  7. Fair enough. I'll keep an ear out for any good sounds I find. (Definitely understand where you're coming from) (Though 2 blades should make a more low freq sound as the rotor interaction is less uniform.)
  8. I sent Kimi some darkened textures for the UH-60m and AH-64. (Don't know if they will be added though) Can't say I'm a fan of the ghost hawk sounds for the blackhawk. (Personal taste though)
  9. I have some darkened textures if Kimi will allow it. (An an alternate CH-47F texture)
  10. The HAFM config had a typo in CFGPATCHES has "CH47F" instead of the "CH_47F" (Correct classname)
  11. cptdavo

    ChinookPack - Mod Release

    Hi deltagamer, would you be interested in a modern CH-47F skin? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28653790/Arma/arma3%202014-04-10%2017-42-05-23.jpg (346 kB)
  12. cptdavo

    M1A1 MBT A2 Port

    I understand that, thought you might want to do it. However I'm happy to ask on your behalf.
  13. cptdavo

    M1A1 MBT A2 Port

    Ahh cool. Also would it be possible for you to use JSRS 1.5 sounds for the Abrams including weapons like coax and main gun? (Has much more of a gas turbine whining sound)
  14. cptdavo

    M1A1 MBT A2 Port

    I wasn't questioning you texturing skill. I was asking if it would be possible to increase the texture resolution so maybe others can perhaps work on better textures which I believe pastor399 has answered my question.
  15. cptdavo

    M1A1 MBT A2 Port

    Hi Raid, Nice work. I was wondering if you could possible to upscale the textures for the Abrams to 2k(2048*2048) at least from the default 1k(1024*1024) resolution? (A new paint job/textures would give the model new life.) Comparison with ACE 2 Abrams Texture. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28653790/Arma/abrams%20tex%20comparison.jpg (661 kB)